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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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I just finished watching episode 140.  Great match for the Cool Kiz Judo Club (especially Jota) although they have lost to their opponent.   Jota really fights fiercely on the mat, defending with all his strength and giving all his best.  It is just sad that his hard work did not have a good outcome particularly to this episode where Madtown members came to watch and to cheer him on.  He reminds me of Sunghoon who also shed tears when he lost to one of his opponents.  

Do not be disheartened Jota, win or loss, your still the best!  Hope you will be a regular member in Cool Kiz.  All the best for you and Madtown.  Fighting Jota!  

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volleyball new sport for cool kiz -feb 2016 -

Lee Jae-yoon- Jota -Otani RyoheiHakjin (he from sidus hq agency)







final match for them yesterday epi at korea... next week turn coach lee & cho and korean judoka 





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Volleyball would've been an awesome sport to incorporate some ladies but *sigh* looks like the sausagefest is gonna continue. :mellow: i hope at least Cool Kiz brings on Kim Yeon-kyung on or something. I remember she was the celeb du jour after the Olympics but fell off the map lately.

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Guest pink_dolphins

Yes! Jota is still in! :smiley: I want to see him how he will do in other sport other than judo. Can't wait to watch the new players - i hope it will be as hilarious as the judo team. :tounge_wink:

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kbs2tv 23 jan 2016 (2 week) table tennis special 

-KANG HODONG- JO DALHWAN- OH MANSEOK(ACTOR= WANG FAMILY AS Se-dal) - JO DONG HYUK (ACTOR) - BOMI A PINK -Son Dong-woon(BEAST)-Kang Kyun-sung- Yoo Jae Hwan (source facebook)



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 11th :  volleyball 8 march 2016


kang hodong with their coach   Kim Se-jin current with OK Savings Bank team





kang hodong - main mc 

lee jaeyoon (swimming -judo -volleyball) 


jota (judo- volleyball)



oh manseok (tabble tennis special - volleyball   +++  come on play against col kiz time during foot volleyball session 


Jo Dong-hyuk (table tennis special + volleyball )



new face 

will ace their team becoz his experiance on this sport... active play volleyball 




hakjin (model - rookie actor 




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Lookinb forward to good athleticism from Jaeyoon n Jota - these two are competitive n can give a good show. But curious to see how Kang Nam n Hodong would struggle to keep up, or they might end up taking a backseat. Most of the others seem quite solid in technique and powerful jumpers already. 

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I really wish LSG to come back on CKOB. He's the best partner for KHD here since Donnie left. It's possible now that kbs had lifted the ban (shown his face and not blurred anymore with 1n2d footages shown on HT Ep. 440) and giving him a new show which will be showing on March 30.



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@beyaruth That video...ROFL! Hak Jin's spikes are really hard and fast, I'm glad it didn't break Jaeyoon's beautiful nose. 

I miss Sugeun too. Liked him here and on 2D1N. He was always interesting to watch. Though he's pretty good at games, he could be so human too. His big bowling miss under pressure was one of the memorable moments for me in the series. 

This week's episode was good. The sauna bit was fun (though the prank got old really fast) -- there are really more untoned bodies than the toned ones on the team! On the match, I would have liked the mothers to win, just for kicks as I'm gender- and mother-biased, lol. Am still proud of the ladies; they did put up a pretty good fight, even when they were outgunned by the power from Hak Jin. 

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Hai Everyone.... I love to watch this Sport Variety Program but only stay for my fav. sport only... (at first bcoz of Max...hohohoho)

I'm love, enjoy and wish to update any info on Volleyball and the player with my unprofessional analysis for every game but my Final Exam just around the corner.... this Friday... i can't afford to spend much time, but I'm thankful to @beyaruth for keep update on the show~

for ep 150.... the 3rd official Game.... my thought was..... the reality on having "A great Teamwork and a Great Head Coach"  


with new players and new coach, the player on panic mode, each of them want to show their can survival without each other (previous player and coach) .and lose in 1st set with less than 5 point means it was mess~ ( the main reason I post this... i'm so speechless like " This what i'm waiting for a week? this kinds of game?..... but honestly, when the recruit take more than 20 minutes of airtime... the game result can be predict all ready...)

I love if the PD can show more trainning time~ wish to see their progress and what different between Korean Volleyball training session with others...:wub::wub:

+ next week the woman professional player teach them to dig the ball on court...by flying their body.... (it remind me of top seeded World Badminton player... LCW)

++ the funniest thing about this game around is the "Jargon" term the MC is used previous... it take me 2 episodes to understand....their used "Counter" no "Hit" or "Blash".... and i'm just like " Who make the Counter Attack? It was totally Spike Attack from HJ?"... and my friends just ignoring me~ :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:




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Guest adikkeluangman

g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung doesn't get to sleep next to his wife because of this sad reason

On April 5 broadcast of KBS2's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education', g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung joined the current volleyball team for a special episode. 

Before the team got to work training, MC Kang Ho Dong asked Park Joon Hyung about his life as a newlywed! The 1st generation idol married a flight attendant back in June of 2015. 


Regarding his marriage life, Park Joon Hyung revealed, "Because my wife is a busy flight attendant, I don't get to see her often. That's why when I do see her, it's more meaningful." 

But when asked by single members of the volleyball team what it's like to sleep next to someone, the idol drew laughter by saying, "I don't have anyone beside me. I sleep out in the living room. I found out that my wife would go out to sleep in the living room in the middle of the night because I snore too loudly. I felt bad, so now I sleep on the couch." 

Poor guy! Maybe he should try investing in a humidifier? 


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@adikkeluangman Thanks for posting the article! 

ParkJoonHyung is so candid discussing this. People don't usually talk about it, because it can be such a private thing. It's actually a very common problem for older men. Older couples tend to sleep apart, not because they stopped being lovey dovey, but it's out of consideration for the partners. PJH's snoring is really quite bad; in that episode of 2D1N when he guested and stayed over, other guys in his room couldn't stand it! Pity he didn't get to play much in the match, because of his knee problem, but he was still active on the sidelines, and did his best to be part of the team. 


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Done watching ep 151 with sub last week but busy with life to update here... to be honest; I don't watch woman league... except World Championship so I was like blurring all the time and the game only take about 40 minute or less... not an entertainment episode for me...

In world ranked South Korean Woman team are much better position than the man (in no 9) but I am fan of USA and Japan Team for Woman and for man I am a huge fan of Brazil and Japan... as for Volleyball league only watch Italy Man League only.... so none player catch my eye... except the one player that has viral video about dancing after score a point... but honestly I don't like the way she provoking other team... it totally not professional... 

So, I look forward this week episode to watch.... what Korean Man League can offer... the visual and skill.... maybe I can add up the team to support next session...:P:P:P

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