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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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Korean Title:

우리동네 예체능

Translated: Our Neighborhood Variety Sports / Cool Kiz on the Block (KBS WORLD TITLE)

Sports variety program which the celebrities take on neighborhood sports clubs/teams consisting of everyday people.


Hosts: Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seugun, Max Changmin (TVXQ/DBSK)

Regulars: Park Sung Ho (Gagman), Jo Dal Hwan (Actor)


EP01-02: Ping Pong/Table Tennis vs Sangdo Neighborhood Table Tennis Club Guests: Park Sang Ho, Minho (Shinee), Kim Byung Man, Jo Dal Hwan

EP03-04: Ping Pong/Table Tennis 2 VS Mokdong Ping Pongs Guests: Park Sang Ho, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jung Eun Pyo (Actor) Special Coach: Lee Soo Yeon

EP05-06: Friend Special and Bowling Guests: Choi Siwon (Super Junior), Lee Sang Ho, Lee Sang Min, Han Min Gwan, Ha Dae Sung (Soccer Player), Seo Jang Hoon, Woo Ji Won (Basketball Players), Kim Yong Chul, Jong Guk Hwan. Bowling: Alex (Clazziquai Project), Lee Byung Jin, An Hyung Joon (Actor)


EP 01-02 Lost

EP 03-04 Won


Official YT:



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They revealed who they will be facing in the bowling challenge in the next episode. It will be Wolsang-Do United from Daegu. Today was just a training episode where we finally see Lee Byung Jin and see how good Alex and Ahn Hyung Joon were. The core members were also fitted for new bowling balls, which kind of messed up Sugeun at first. Lee Byung Jin became the team's coach and was teaching them proper techniques of bowling.

At the end of the episode, I think that they made a bet with the PD's that if they win 4 times they get to go to Sochi for the Olympics, or something to that nature. The PD's suggested 8 wins which would have been better, but settled for 4 cause of the cast. Im guessing that the teams they face from now on are going to be even more difficult.

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Lol I feel the same. They revealed today that the PD in charge was the Music Bank PD, sO I'm sure that guy could have turned this into a Girl Group show of "sports" but its cool for now, I guess, better than what it replaced.

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More bowling, but no real competition yet. They showed more of the travel to Daegu than actual bowling. There was this whole thing about teasing Ho Dong about being super feminine, carrying a purse, running the way he does, and his general mannerisms. When they do get to Daegu, they go straight to the bowling alley and start their practice. KHD, Ahn Hyung Joon, and Jo Dal Hwan improved since the last episodes. Alex looked to have suffered an injury from overpracticing, and started using too much rosin on his hands to cover for it. LBJ points out that the lanes are extra greasy and he and LSG had trouble finding their lines catching the front side of the pocket between the 1 and 3 pins. Then the 예체능 team's coach, Park Kyung Shin a KPBA pro bowler, came along and gave tips to them about becoming more consistent.

For the actual competition, they were told that they were competing in a 3 frame game consisitng of frames 8, 9, and 10. So the highest score they could get was a 50. The first match was between LSG and the leader of the Daegu United team Choi Jae Ik.

Lee Sugeun lost to Choi Jae Ik 37 to 19 after LSG rolled a gutter ball in the final frame, losing any chance of him winning. Pretty sad.

In the teaser, they show LBJ tearing up and then getting all excited, due to Changmin giving him hope. I wonder how the drama will turn out.

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New episode uploaded by KBSWorld:

I really enjoy this show and I can´t believe PD Yuu, the rookie PD who got bullied by Kang Hodong in 1N2D season 1 is now the main PD of this show.Cho Dalhwan is seriously charming and I love watching him in this show. I hope they will make him a permanent member of this show.
I hope they´ll suceed in their mission to get 4 wins in a row to be sent to the winter olympic. I think it´ll be awesome to watch them there :D
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Lee Byong-jin Emerges as Savior for Arts and Sports Team


Comedian Lee Byeong-jin re-born as a master of bowling.

In the episode of KBS 2TV's "Cool Kidz On The Block" that aired on May 14, Lee Byong-jin displayed his surprising bowling ability and became the bowling master of the arts and sports team. The art and sports team was very delighted to get the bowling master Lee Byong-jin, following table tennis king Cho Dal-hwan.

The arts and sports team entered into a special bowling training session in preparation for the coming match against Daegu Wolsong-dong United. The team members, however, became very discouraged when they saw Allex and An Hyong-joon's poor bowling ability. But Lee Byong-jin appeared as the savior of the team. Armed with capabilities in both theory and practise, he created a lot of excitement in  the arts and sports team.


However, Lee Soo-geun complained, "It's not certain that Byong-jin will win the match. Who knows - maybe I'll win." At that, Lee Byong-jin became hot-tempered and said, "Under any circumstances I will beat you."

After that Lee Byong-jin clashed against Lee Soo-gun in the bowling game, a sport that requires such concentration that it is called a 'mental sport'.

Lee Byong-jin endured distractions from Gang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun with excellent concentration and in the last 10 frame, he succeeded in getting consecutive strikes, to the surprise of the arts and sports team. Gang Ho-dong called him "Respect Lee" as he emerged the true bowling master of the arts and sports team.

Until now Lee Byong-jin displayed witty speaking skills as the commentator in such programs as "Fly Shuttori" "Invincible Baseball Team", and "Start Dream Team". Called "Joonggye (relay) man" before, he now showed brilliant bowling capabilities and left as deep an impression on viewers as Jo Dal-hwan in the table tennis.

Lee Byong-jin expressed his self-confidence after the match, saying "I am really pleased. I have a 20-year career in broadcasting, but there has never been a time when I've engaged myself so energetically. It's really thrilling."

Lee Byong-jin showed his true value in a crisis not with words but with his deeds. His emergence foretells a green light in the coming match between the arts and sports team vs Wolsong-dong United team.

After the broadcasting, there were diverse responses on the community site; "Lee Byong-jin looks like entirely different man when he bowls." "Table tennis king Jo Dal-hwan, bowling king Lee Byong-jin", "Lee Byong-jin ascended the throne of bowling. He is top." "It's exciting, Lee Byong-jin."

kbs global

[Cool Kiz On The Block] Alex and Ahn Hyung-joon Steps Up


Who will be the next sporting superstar to follow in Jo Dal-hwan and Jeong Eun-pyo's footsteps?

It looks like we have the answer in the May 14th episode of KBS 2TV "Cool Kiz On The Block

They are none other than Alex and Ahn Hyung-joon.

So far the show has helped unveil the athletes within the stars including Jo Dal-hwan, Jeong Eun-pyo and Rainbow's Jaekyung.

And now, as a the team takes on bowling, many are expecting a brand new lineup of bowling stars to emerge.

Alex told everyone that he never experienced so many pressure situations in his life, and that he felt he has gotten at least 5 years older after the first filming session was over.

The first stage which is the tryout phase was already a grave obstacle for Alex.

Kang Ho-dong who initially worshipped the ground Alex walked upon, decided to show no more respect after Alex failed to have 3 straight strikes,
Ahn Hyung-joon received similar treatment, this time from Max Changmin and Kang.

As Ahn failed to take down the spares, the two hosts displayed their frustration and disappointment with a dramatic dance.

Unlike how he performed during the table-tennis episode, Ahn provided lots of laughs for the viewers and participants.

Plus, Ahn turned out to be an even more entertaining participant than his predecessor Jo Dal-hwan.

He was a master of physical comedy. In many situations, he created many comedic scenes with the host Kang Ho-dong.

Although many expected the new addition to the team to help out with flawless execution on the bowling alley, they provided barrels of laughs with their inability to step up and deliver. But this is just the beginning.

Although Alex and Ahn were not the best performers among the lot, there is time for them to practice hard and get better.

Many fans of the show and Ahn and Alex are showing a lot of support by posting encouraging words on various websites.

"Our Town's Physical Variety" is winning over new viewers each week with fun and exciting sporting action.

Catch our team taking on the Daegu Wolseong Dong United team Tuesdays at 11:10pm on KBS 2TV.

kbs global


[Cool Kiz On The Block] Daegu vs Arts and Sports Team First Bowling Game

  • [2013-05-22]

The first bowling away game of the Arts and Sports Team will be held in Daegu City during the seventh episode of KBS 2TV’s “Cool Kiz On The Block” that will air on May 21. 

Daegu is a city where there is an amazing level of sports activities for the average people in their daily lives.  And people in Taegu have so great interest in bowling that bowling competitions are broadcast  live via Daegu Broadcasting.  Kang Ho-dong was discouraged when he asked a taxi driver in Daegu “Can you play bowling?” and the taxi driver replied that his average is as much as 160.  In Daegu where even an average taxi driver is a talented bowler, the art and sports team was shocked at the unexpected bowling capabilities of their rival team Wolsongdong United.

The away game in Daegu also provided an opportunity to find great popularity of “Cool kiz on the block”. Over 300 citizens were waiting for the art and sports team in a long queue in the plaza of the bowling alley prior to the game.  Even after the game began at 8 p.m., citizens continued to enter into the alley, displaying a fever of excitement for bowling.   

The fever continued throughout the game.  Citizen wearing T-shirts cheered both the Wolsongdong United and Art and Sports teams singing rooter’s songs. The enormous power of Wolsongdong United, of which members included a middle school physical educator, representative of a textile company, and a middle-aged woman at a shop in the bowling alley, foretell a rough road toward the fourth consecutive title by the Arts and Sports Team.   

The production team for “Cool kiz on the block” said, “The Daegu game was meaningful as it was the first away game for the Arts and Sports Team and it was a buzzy festival both for athletes and citizens. We can understand why Daegu is called a mecca for life sports. We all were surprised at the energetic and active attitudes of the citizens toward the game.”

Can the Arts and Sports Team garner one win against the Wolsongdong United?  Viewers are looking forward to seeing the rival game and the dramatic stage of bowling, a mental sports.

 kbs global

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1st articel from kbs global about this show

[Cool Kiz On The Block] Kang Ho-dong's Table Tennis Ranking?


2) [Cool Kiz On The Block] Chang-min of TVXQ Uses his Body for Laughs   click to read

[Cool Kiz On The Block] The Result of the Table Tennis Tournament?   click here


[Cool Kiz On The Block] Chang-min's Honest Confession Shines Amid Loss


Cool Kiz On The Block] Kang Ho-dong Battles a Table Tennis Master

[Cool Kiz On The Block] Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-keun, Max Changmin bring reinforcements[2013-05-08]


[Cool Kiz On The Block] Choi Shi-won makes TV appearance without make-up[2013-05-09]

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fanpic time table tennis


fanpic --bowling 1st games -daegu...  (i see fanpic  2nd games no more alex & Ahn Hyung-joon but Kim Young-chul in their pic... 


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  • [Cool Kiz On The Block] Max Changmin’s Heartfelt Tear[2013-05-31]

The eighth episode of KBS 2TV’s “Cool Kiz On The Block” that aired on May 28 featured a 4-0 defeat of the Arts and Sports Team in a bowling competition against Daegu Wolsongdong United.

Members of Arts and Sports Team were shocked at their perfect loss and they could not bear to leave the locker room after the game. Lee Byeong-Jin, the team senior and resident ace, could not but help shed a few tears, making the members solemn.

And viewers felt sorry when they saw Max Changmin’s heartfelt tears. He felt really sorry for the elder brothers, saying “I became a burden for the brothers who could not engage in their own drill for coaching me in bowling.”

In fact, Max Changmin had been a burden to the team since the table tennis game in which it suffered an 11-2 loss. Following that game, he also had to receive separate coaching from the team brothers for the bowling competition as he was a rookie in bowling. But his true feelings were displayed in his silent cheering and praying for the team as like reserve players who could not play in the game.

The elders knew his true feelings and so felt sorry for his tears after the defeat. They knew he was much concerned that his inability might harm the team’s athletic power. After the game Ahn Hyung-joon warmheartedly hugged  and consoled Max Changmin. Lee Soo-geun and others also refrained from mischievousness and consoled him.

The trailer for the ninth episode that aired at the end of the eighth episode heralded the hellish bowling training of the Arts and Sports Team. Following the game against Wolsongdong United, it will enter into a drill for “seven members simultaneous strike hits”.

In the trailer, Max Changmin caught the eyes of viewers as he was reborn as the team ace through the hellish training.

Until now Max Changmin has engaged in strenuous training in the midst of his busy schedule. He practiced table tennis during his spare time, placing a table tennis table in his practice room. When he had no schedule prior commitments, he would practice bowling until he was sweating.

Max Changmin. who has displayed his entertainment capability with his devoted body comedy act, is now resolved to show his different athletic capability in the next game against Incheon Dongchundong Heroes.

kbs global
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Guest delightful

Yeah, I kind of felt sorry for Changmin during all the competitions. He is so busy and always overseas that he can only practice by himself. He's a strong and able young man, but he just doesn't have the time. This is what happens when SME signs him onto a program which he clearly doesn't have the time for. I hope to see him in the next game and hope that he can do better. 

So far I think the gathering for the the bowling game is really funny. Starting with them calling their friends to come meet them. When Siwon showed up all shocked and unshaven, I laughed so hard. And the nation's referee!!! I wasn't really sure who it was until Kang Hodong started to look funny, then 1N2D came to mind. He is really funny. Then when Alex and the other actor got kidnapped! LOL! They were called 'masters' until they showed off their 'skills'. 

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Finally got to watch the last episode. Man I really don't like the double dipping on missions, but I guess it gives them a chance to use all that practice they do before the first event. In the teaser I heard a female voice so maybe they get a female coach this time around. I will update the first post when I get back home and have the files.

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line up  epi 09(130604)  ....

rating this week epi09
6.3% (2013.06.04 닐슨 코리아 제공)

6.9% (2013.05.28 닐슨코리아 제공)

epi 07
7.4% (2013.05.21 닐슨코리아 제공)

epi 06
7.5% (2013.05.14 닐슨코리아 제공)

6.7% (2013.05.07 닐슨코리아 제공)

7.3% (2013.04.30 닐슨코리아 제공)

7.0% (2013.04.23 닐슨코리아 제공)

6.2% (2013.04.09 닐슨코리아 제공)
epi 01
6.2% (2013.04.09 닐슨코리아 제공)

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Oh man we are totally destined to be! I bowl too. Lol I don't see Ahn Hyung Joon so she must be his replacement. Makes me wonder what that whole Jo Dal Hwan thing at the end of the episode was about. He becomes a bowling god?

Shinhwa challenging them too, nice!

Im digging the teaser so far. For me its all about that rage face Soyou has before they get to the red scene.  :x

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Guest asadal

Lee Sugeun looks like he's checking out Bora's backside. Not that I blame him or anything but it's all about subtlety. Use your peripherals man!


although have you seen his wife?


oh Sulli goddess

I think he's an ass man.

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i was so happy when i read that Bora will be the guest on this show coz finally i can see Bora-Minho interaction. but i then i don't see Minho in the pics. i thought he was part of this show.. :(

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