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[Drama 2013] I Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려

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Look at an episode #无秘密的你# , remake Korean drama # hear your voice # . Originally because the original  Lee Jong-suk over words and British sister play, I feel insurmountable been very resistant, to # # Qi Wei still chase the. The plot is highly restored and very moving!
To go to the original Korean brush again, and I miss my second master ah [heart than Mickey] L LLAN_ leaf aunt microblogging video[Good love]

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李钟硕超话, there is no secret you have recently broadcasted, and it has evoked my deep memories of Park Xia Xia. As a witch, Mr. Li’s drama can be remake first and some angry (inexplicably, there is an angry 嘻嘻嘻) After that, it is full of pride. When someone sees you without a secret, the inner OS: This is a remake of my family's drama Li Zhongshuo! ! 
the show actually for me even many witches who are into the pit to start Lee, has a special significance. Because Li Zhongshuo started to contact the Korean circle, began to pay attention to the many dynamics of the Korean circle, began to chase the Korean drama, and began to know a lot of different things...
I will try my best to like Li Zhongshuo, and Li Zhongshuo will always be the dream of my suit.[heart]


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