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[Drama 2013] I Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려

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Bo young Speech 
It has been one year since its first broadcast. This is a drama I won’t be able to forget. To be able to win a big award like this, I’m very grateful to the directors. And to my best partner Jongsukkie.  Every time I win something for ‘I Hear Your Voice’, Jongsuk is by my side. I feel a little lonely that he isn’t here this time…. The staff who have been working hard with us, and to the fans who showed us support, I’m very grateful. I’ll work repay all of you with even better acting.


Lee Bo Young for Best Actress (TV Category) at 50th Baeksang

(translations via JessyYang@weibo)  

English trans by : 07160914


cr lby dc 

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Nobody has posted in here in forever.  Yeah, she's a married lady, and he's got two rumored girlfriends, but honestly, there is just something about this drama that sets it apart from all of his other

Me too!!! There was something magical about these two. 


 I'm up for a re-watch any time... this is going to be the drama that will teach me korean!!!!! I'm going to use is as my main textbook for real life conversation... well, almost real life!  I can't wait!!!  It's going to take forever to set up, but it'll totally be worth it!!! ^^

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Guest tkdandelions

my Lee Jong Suk obsession started on this drama.after finishing IHYV i immediately watched School2013,then No Breathing, The Face Reader, Hot Young Bloods and finally my current addiction - DOCTOR STRANGER. 
gosh! why is he so good looking?!10418347_223786887830605_819782122303897

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why my heart cant get over for hyesung n sooha...they absolutely pure lover...this drama my favourite all time and i missed all my time i spend here...its so great journey here... i like sooha more rather than park hoon...

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my heart is racing when i first watched this series I want to feel that excitement again please kdrama writers another series like this. I watch the heirs, man from the stars, master sun and secrets but this series just got me smiling like a stupid... I want Jong Suk to another drama like this. T.T

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