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[Drama 2013] I Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려

Guest facing

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Nobody has posted in here in forever.  Yeah, she's a married lady, and he's got two rumored girlfriends, but honestly, there is just something about this drama that sets it apart from all of his other

Me too!!! There was something magical about these two. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

Would any of you believe that I am watching this yet again?!  I usually watch the Director's cut now, but believe it or not, there are some scenes from the origional that are not there... mostly the epilogues.  So, I'm watching this again... so I can see the epilogues.  But it's still amazing!!!  I miss the whole thing.  Like seriously miss things!!! :'(

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[interview] FtoF April/May 2014 Interview

[T/N: I’m not sure if this has been translated before but since I saw it, might as well. Translated from the Chinese translations, and according to original post, it’s mainly about IHYV because IHYV is showing in Japan right now. FtoF is a Japanese magazine.Stupid tumblr didn’t let me publish it I have to re-translate everything. Pardon my bad English.]

Developed the habit of staring at people after the drama ended

Q: How have you been after the drama, “I Hear Your Voice”, ended?

JS: After I Hear Your Voice, I did promotions for the movies “Face Reader”, “No Breathing” and “Hot Blooded Youths”. “Face Reader” was my first attempt at a historical project. It was very meaningful to be able to work with so many senior actors and I’ve learnt many things from them. “No Breathing” and “Hot Blooded Youths” were projects with other actors my age and I had a fun time filming those. I’m currently working hard for my upcoming drama, “Doctor Stranger”, which is scheduled to premier in April.

Q: Introduce “I Hear Your Voice” and your character, Park Soo Ha.

JS: I Hear Your Voice is about a lawyer, Hye Sung, and a teenage boy, Soo Ha, who had the special ability of listening to other people’s thoughts just by looking into their eyes. The story is about how they met and how Hye Sung slowly grew and changed, the two of them subsequently solving many problems together. My character, Park Soo Ha, is a highschool student who had the special ability of hearing what other people were thinking just by looking into their eyes. He promised to protect Hye Sung when she overcame her fear and testified in court for him 10 years ago. 10 years later, when they met again, Hye Sung was an unmotivated lawyer and very different from the Hye Sung in his impression. Soo Ha stayed by Hye Sung’s side and persistently helped to change her. Soo Ha was such a person.

Q: What was your thought when you first read the script for “I Hear Your Voice”?

JS: I felt very attracted when I first read the script. The character in “I Hear Your Voice” is not one which you would usually imagine under normal circumstances. This made me spend a lot of effort preparing for it. When I decided to take the role of Park Soo Ha, the way I look at people changed. I would take special notice of the way people spoke and their body language, and develop deep thoughts about them. Another reason why I took up the drama was because of the best and straightforward love in the drama. When Hye Sung testified in court for Soo Ha’s father’s innocence, she had left a deep impression in Soo Ha’s heart. I feel that the Soo Ha who stayed by Hye Sung’s side and protected her all the way was very charming.

Q: I Hear Your Voice just started its run in Japan. It’s slightly worrisome that you have been taking on a lot of roles of High School students. Even then, what was the reason you decided to take this role?

JS: Actually when I decided to accept this role, I didn’t completely resist acting as a high school student. Although I was a high school student in my previous project, School 2013, this was a different character. Especially in “I Hear Your Voice”, in contrast to the identity of being a high school student, the identity of being a person with special abilities was stronger. Hence I didn’t really mind acting as a high school student. Is it suitable for me to wear an uniform at this age? Of course I have had that kind of a worry. The uniform is a special privilege for teens. (laughs)

Q: What’s your impression of Lee Bo Young?

JS: Lee Bo Young is just like a real sister. The way she helped me during filming and our perfect chemistry - these are things which I feel like I can boast about. She had given me a lot of advice about my acting. What was even better was that our interactions outside the drama were very comfortable as well. I could be around her comfortably just like a little brother, and the entire filming was really relaxing and happy.

Q: What kind of special preparations did you make for Park Soo Ha?

JS: I didn’t make any special preparations, but I developed a new habit of looking into people’s eyes when we spoke. When we have daily conversations, I will look into people’s eyes out of habit. I didn’t realize it until the people around me asked why I was staring. It was probably a new habit developed from acting as Soo Ha. The way people reacted to it - looking like they didn’t know what to do- was very interesting, so I decided to keep the habit.

Q: What’s the biggest similarity and difference between you and Soo Ha?

JS: Soo Ha is the kind of person who has absolute trust in the people around him. This is very similar to me. The biggest difference is that Soo Ha has the ability to listen to other’s thoughts and I don’t.

Q: Soo Ha’s special ability gives him some benefits but also makes him easily hurt. How do you portray something so intricate?

JS: In the drama, Soo Ha doesn’t form his understanding of people based on what they say, but instead, based on what he hears. For this, I’ve practiced a lot of eye expressions. I worked hard on my eye acting, to be able to show the other person “I can hear your voice”. Like when facing Min Joon Gook, Soo Ha has the expression of “I know what you’re actually thinking” but when facing Hye Sung when she rejects him, Soo Ha’s eyes say “I understand”

Q: “A little arrogant but unable to be disliked, like a little brother but able to be relied on.” This is Soo Ha’s charm. Did you discuss with the director and writer as to how to portray this?

JS: I had explored a lot about how to best portray Soo Ha. I’ve also discussed a lot with the director and writer before the filming, and I tried my best to meet their expectations. I feel that the character Park Soo Ha was completed with the love I received from everyone.

Q: With a highest rating of 24.1%, what do you think is the reason for the popularity of I Hear Your Voice?

JS: A teenage who can listen to the thoughts of others…. I think it is this special ability which caught the interest of the audience at first. When child Soo Ha had the shocked look on his face when he heard the thoughts of his uncle, and when Soo Ha blocked out the sounds by putting on his headphones, so as to hide his hurt past - I think scenes like these brought out the motherly nature of the audience.

Q: You received an excellence award at the end of 2013. How do you feel?

JS: Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude once again to the people who loved me and supported me, even though I’m still lacking and have a lot to work hard on. I’m not matured enough, it was really good luck to have received the award. Also, it was because it was a good script, and there were good actors and staff, so I managed to get a good award. I’ll continue working hard to portray a good image to those who are supporting me.

Go Nam Soon left the deepest impression

Q: Which character and project left the deepest impression on you thus far?

JS: Go Nam Soon from School 2013, a project before I Hear Your Voice. This project was a very important project for me. Probably because this project was themed about “friendship”, so I related more to it. The solid friendship between Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo left me with a very deep thought. Also, because of the drama, I was very lucky to have been able to form a very develop friendship, just like Nam Soon and Heung Soo.

Q: As an actor, who is your role model?

JS: Kang Dong Won and Rain. Kang Dong Won sunbae had portrayed many different characters through his projects. He has an elegant appearance and his acting is recognized by all. Rain sunbae is an actor and a singer, and he had done well in Hollywood. When I saw Rain sunbae on television, I had the thought that I also wanted to be an actor. I’ll try my best to become as good as the two sunbaes.

Q: What’s your goal for 2014?

JS: In the past four years since debut, I’ve tried various kinds of projects like movies, dramas and sitcoms. Without much rest, I’ve shown the audience many different kinds of characters. I’ll consider my future projects carefully. In 2014, I don’t wish to have too many projects, but rather, I’d like to show actor Lee Jong Suk’s acting through a drama and a movie.

Q: For fanmeeting or personal schedules, when will you be visiting Japan?

JS: I’ve been to Japan a couple of times before. I really want to meet my fans in Japan. I’m really grateful for the warmth you’ve showered on me, and I’m always ready to go to meet all of you. Please anticipate it.

Q: Why should people watch I Hear Your Voice?

JS: The existence of Park Soo Ha is like poison to some people, but to others, it’s like a crucial medicine. The main point here isn’t about who gained what and who lost what, but that Soo Ha can hear people’s thoughts. The concept is about the idea that “I wish someone can hear my thought”. This is something that is not possible in real life. People will not understand what you’re thinking if you don’t say anything. This is in contrast to Soo Ha’s ability where he can listen to what other’s are thinking. I think the contrast between the two is very interesting.

cr: sophiell_247蘇菲@weibo for Japanese to Chinese translation

translated by: 07160914  

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-weight: 400; font-size: 1.4em; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: none; visibility: visible; width: 850px; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap;"The 7 Best K-Drama Couples of 2013-2014
The 7 Best K-Drama Couples of 2013-2014

No matter the genre of the drama, romance is often, if not always, the most important component of the storyline. Accordingly, in the romance at the center of the drama, there must be great chemistry between the two main characters.

For the past two years, with great dramas we have seen great couples and love stories, through which we’ve been able to vicariously fulfill our grand and unfortunately unrealistic desires: a love story that transcends worlds and planets, one that transcends the gap between the rich and the poor, one that takes us back in time.

So which are the greatest on-screen couples of 2013-2014? Through the research panel Tillion, 10,853 netizens voted on their favorites. Think you can guess what they are? Go on to page 2 to start at number seven!

The 7 Best K-Drama Couples of 2013-2014

7. SBS “I Can Hear Your Voice

Lee Jong Suk (Park Soo Ha) and Lee Bo Young (Jang Hye Sung)

5.3% (571 votes)

It was a concern before the beginning of the drama if this couple would have good chemistry, as they are ten years apart. But with each episode, their chemistry became stronger and stronger and viewers’ love for the couple grew more and more.

Lee Bo Young played the selfish government lawyer Hye Sung, and Lee Jong Suk played Soo Ha, a high school student with the power to read other minds. It was the little things, Lee Jong Suk using his powers to get a seat for Lee Bo Young on the bus, him walking Lee Bo Young home at night, and their little antics living together, that made them a fun couple to watch.

full article here: http://www.soompi.com/2014/04/08/the-7-best-k-drama-couples-of-2013-2014/2/   

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@Rania, it's not your fault... Not really.  I'm the one who keeps coming back here. :D  I managed not to watch it last night.  I went to bed instead. :D  But, I probably will rewatch it again..... I have the Director's cut DVD.  I'd better watch it... for all the money I spent on it. :D

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darcydevenus said: @Rania, it's not your fault... Not really.  I'm the one who keeps coming back here. :D  I managed not to watch it last night.  I went to bed instead. :D  But, I probably will rewatch it again..... I have the Director's cut DVD.  I'd better watch it... for all the money I spent on it. :D

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