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I really enjoy this couple.  After each episode, I keep on wanting to see more of them; so while waiting for the next episode to come, I would re-watch from episode 1 until the last one I just finished.

With this couple, there is always this feeling of 'when' or 'how' - when they are going to feel less awkward and how they are going to feel more comfortable around each  other.  There is always this feeling of anticipation.

I think TaeMin got so overwhelmed when he first met NaEun.  We already know he had his eyes on her prior to their being paired as virtual husband and wife - and reality seemed to have hit him when he saw her at their meeting place.  Notice that big smile on his face as he was approaching her and the smile faded away when he finally saw her face - like he couldn't believe his eyes.  I think him being aggressive is a form of excitement - first time dating - in public - something he wanted so much to do.  I love it when he said he is doing what his heart is telling him.

There's so much to expect from this couple.  Next episode is when they finally move in together in their house - I want to see how they will interact inside that house.  And they have already filmed episodes in the park, doing more daring things - and - they even spent some time with the other couples in Japan.

Progress - progress - progress!!!!  


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@littlebiebie...thanks dongseang for all the info...so Na Eun have a loyal fanboy...ohh I felt sorry for him =((...keke but ottokkee Taemin and Na Eun are so cute together  8->...honestly I really have less knowledge about both Taemin and Na Eun...so I really appreciated it... ;;)
@mguemon...chingooo I really like all your POV about both of them and the gif...am so glad that Taemin is straight forward so we don't have wondering around...and yeah I can see that the studio member are alive now...keke
@viyra...progress...progress...am so anticipate with their interaction when they move in to the couple house...
I think Taemin didnt aspect to be pair with Na Eun and when he saw Na Eun he was sooo happy why not she is his ideal type...keke...eventhough the just met but the time they spend for filming are long and they seem happy together....and about their couple things at first I don't know why Taemin choose Yellow casing for Na Eun why not the white casing that Na Eun take...haha he matching up the casing with the his sock...haha so cute....
I really support this couple...if they really dating for real...I will give my blessing to them... =D>

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Guest hannaveron

Hi Gals!  :D
I'm new here at Soompi and this is my first time posting. Actually, I just made an account so I could discuss with you guys. I hope I'll fit in. As I'm totally into to the this young couple. My first and last WGM was the Goguma Couple. I never thought, I would be so into Taemin and Naeun. 
I love how their WGM story is unfolding. And as what many of wish...I hope the PD wouldn't budge in. Just perfect for two young people exploring 'love'. And we can all agree that they give the vibe of the FIRST LOVE. It brings back memories. Awww. *slap self*
About the 'no dating experience' of Taemin, whether its a show or real, it shouldn't matter. And, we should be reminded that Taemin is the son of Key and Jonghyun. Key alone can brief and teach Taemin the do's and don'ts of dating. I love Key and Onew's appearance on the first episode. Key's disappointment in the invitation was hilarious. Maybe, he'll be frustrated so he's instructing his son? Uhh. Just an imagination. Hihi. I can't wait till the rest of Shinee appear in WGM. Imagine Onew, Minho, Key, and Jonghyun watching their maknae adoring his wife. I'm so excited, especially on how they'll treat their little sister-in-law. Kyaahh.
Son Na Eun is so pretty. She's like a fairy. She's a level up to Taemin's beauty. My gesh. How could she be so sweet looking?! Na Eun being so embarrassed with Taemin's sweetness is so cute. I love how she's innocent and her laugh...it's so precious.
At episode 1, I love the Shinee's appearance so much...that's why I can't wait till they appear (as I've mentioned). I will also agree to the girls who said that the studio family has been alive, though Taemin and Na Eun is my second WGM. I can just see the excitement in their eyes and the way they talk. Way to go.
Taemin peeking from the side of her wife is so lovely.  Excitement and surprise is written all over his face. The smile plastered on Taemin's face...totally priceless. The eye smile, the high cheekbone. Okay, boy we know you're happy. Taemin got the moves, smooth and cool. Especially, when he tricked Na Eun to feed him. Hahaha. I've watched that repeatedly. Way to go! He's a total revelation in this WGM. He being so straightforward about his thoughts and moves is just surprising, but cute. Especially on the latest episode, their talk at the restaurant. He's like a very bloomed man. His sweet words made Na Eun so embarrassed to the point that he can't look at him. I love that part. The exchange of little 'missing you' talks. Awww. 

Okay, lastly about the bad boy image that Na Eun likes. I just can't stop thinking about it and link it to the the cap he gave to Taemin (nice guy). She said that bad guys are charming, but they are not made for her. She could insert, "Maybe nice guys are that's why I gave you the Nice Guy cap." Hahahaha. Nothing but a thought. 
I still want to write long, but I'm afraid you'll get bored and eventually kick me out. Hahahahaha. Thanks.

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Guest ice308

Hello! I'm glad more people are posting here and writing their thoughts! I love reading all of your posts! :D I hope we continue discussing their love story while it unfolds.. :x
Speaking of the MCs, I love MC Misun's reaction when Taemin was almost choking on his water. :))d6017d28-ccbf-4fd7-85e4-0778de86bb28_zps

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I got so curious on NaEun's backroom interview regarding the internet search she did on her husband TaeMin - she said 'she found the related items - and she cares about honesty - but what can she do, they are already married.

So what I did, I searched and I found out the related search or items that NaEun was talking about - and the ones that TaeMin mentioned that she must have seen - shows with fi(x) where he carried Krystal and kissed her.  This was while performing in SMTown.

Well, since that happened on stage, I would still believe TaeMin - that was a performance and didn't mean they dated.  But - he might have to do a lot of explaining to his wife.  Let's see if this will come up later on now that they will be spending a lot of time together in their house.

It's Friday in LA - can't wait for tomorrow's episode.

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This episode made me smile from ear to ear - from the start to the finish.  I can tell TaeMin is getting serious on each episode - and being very vocal also. 

Well, he must have seen the last broadcast when NaEun said - she hopes oppa keeps on knocking until the door is open.

Another similarity to my Dimple Couple - they both play the piano.

And - don't forget the bedroom - with a single bed! 

The décor in their house fits them - they're young and the décor is for youngsters.

Good job, WGM!!

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Ok am late...I havent seen  their WGM but I can tell this ep 5 are the upgrade version of ep 4... :x :x :x
Am waiting for my d/load to finish before I can watch...yes it raw but who care...as long as I can feel the heat...kekeke
@viyra...from what u write I can tell our couple are making progress.... =D>
@semi-fly...thanks 10000x for the download link... ^:)^

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@shirunsaadon - progress it is!!!  With husband's new hair color, he now fits the title 'husband'. 

He started playing the piano and asked his wife to sit next to him - which surprised the WGM MCs.  She did and they played the piano together.

Just like what @nanzkee1 said - TaeMin is getting so into NaEun!!!

Question:  what is the title of that song TaeMin played while they sitting at the beach in episode 2?  He played it again when they were sitting next (and real close) to each other in their house.

Funny scene - They wore their couple socks - TaeMin  wore his backwards.

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Guest kellybag

@viyra the song is called Blue Night of Jeju Island (: Btw annyeong all, i was gonna be a silent lurker for this couple as i used to ship for yongseo and much before, i used to be a fanatic supporter of joongbo couple... But ive calmed down much now since those days.. Too much time invested in them is not too healthy So now am im just happily enjoying these two young loves with not too much expectations... Just watching them interact and progressing each week is a treat. Previously i didnt know anything abt either of them nor the groups they belong to but now im quite interested to learn abt shinee and the members. Getting back to this week's episode im so glad TM coloured his hair, didnt really like that synthetic blond, it reaaly doesnt suit asians too much. TM is soo into NE in an v obvious way... and im glad he does not try to hide it in any way whatsoever. Notice in this ep when they got to their new home and both were a bit lost and awkward exploring the house, TM sitting on the rocky horse, then moving on to the single ottoman, then slyly moving onto the sofa and plants his bum v close to the sofa and as he does that he is left once again witha massive smile on his face whilst with NE u can see her takes a slight gulp (perhaps out of shyness). Actually i also think TM is v shy in this new relationship but him being a MAN and v young one too he cannot control his harmones lol which is prob abt to explode if you pardon the expression :)) Anyways i love all the innocent sweet conversations between the two and esp love how TM constantly gaze lovingly and affectionately into NE eyes. NE is and im pretty confident is too loving this attention but just this moment cannot return the gaze just purely out of shyness but she will have the courage and im sure it'll be not too long now.... Yayyy fighting for these two young loves❤ Oh there i go again rambling when my sweet intent was just to answer @viyra :-\" Looking forward to the sub versions now... Goodnite all

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Guest kirane

Whoa, good episode (again).

#One thing caught my attention, most, when Taemin play piano for Naeun. Out of many song he knew, he choose "I'm in Love" by Ra.D (lyrics: http://goo.gl/Dn7u2) & he wondering himself why he felt nervous (before playing it). You can see Naeun also surprised with his song choice.~^^

#When Naeun asked why he changed his hair color, Taemin (cheesy) answer: "To look good for you". And it's really cute to see when Taemin bit upset towards Naeun because she didn't say anything about his new hair color. (in BRI>> Naeun told she likes it, but she's too shy to tell him that he looks good/handsome).

#In BRI (after play piano), Naeun said as expected Taemin is a singer (so he can figured out the chords immediately in one go). She said Taemin looks great & she felt proud of him.

#During conversation on bedroom, Taemin purposely to joking around because both of them felt embarrassed by (the fact) of single bed. Ah, one of Naeun' sleeping habit is she sleep with eyes opened (Taemin joking again by saying, maybe Naeun is sleep talking now).

#It's very nice of Eunji wrote letter for Taemin Jebu (brother in law) giving him many information about Naeun' personality & how Chorong gave them pressure cooker (?) because Naeun scared of fire.

#Taemin didn't cry when he saw a sad movie (note: in real life he said he won't cry easily). Then he said (in the future), he might cry (because of Naeun). Taemin emphasize again, that he really feel happy (when he's with Naeun), he express his feeling most towards her (compare to normal) & he want to be more honest.

#Taemin asked whether Naeun good at cooking rice? Naeun answer "is it only put rice & water then close the lid" (done?). Then he mention several food (like stew & spaghetti) to checked Naeun' skill & practically she doesn't know how to cook (at all). At the end, Taemin offered next time he'll cook his (infamous) ramen recipe (please don't).

#And seems Naeun will start to learn how to cook, because Taemin directly tell her that one of his fantasy is to woke up in the morning by his wife saying "여보 (honey)~, wake up~" (when breakfast is ready).
(kirane: I think she will learn fast because she had Eunji & Chorong to teach her.)

@viyra, actually Naeun pretty cool about Taemin' related search (BoA & Krystal). She said she do care about it, but it happened before they got married, so she couldn't do anything about it.

Woo Hoo. Done. Happy Sunday ;)

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Guest honeyuu

Hi all!  I just made an account so that I can post here. I've forgot the password for my old account since I rarely visit here. Anyway, I'm so happy that I found a thread for Taeun Couple here. Firstly, please excuse me for my bad English.
Where do I start? When I heard the news that Naeun was going to be in WGM with Taemin, I was kind of being sceptical whether or not they can pull the show well. From Apink News, I could see that Naeun didn't talk much. To be paired with Taemin, they would be the most boring couple. 
I think almost everyone has the same thought like me. Now, that they have proven us wrong, I believe that this couple has so much to offer in future. The concept of this couple is FIRST LOVE, which is refreshing. For I believe this couple reminds us so much to OUR FIRST LOVE. 
I want to express my concern here. Despite all my excitement towards this couple, I'm worried what will happen to them at the end of the day? People have been saying that this show is scripted. I, however, don't believe Taemin's sparkling eye smile, his honest feelings towards Naeun, Naeun's shyness, etc are scripted. Even if it IS scripted, how can you not develop even slightest feeling towards each other? I'm concern on how will they deal with those feelings?
I think Naeun is somewhat being cautious. It's not just about her personality. You know, being paired with someone from a top company with large amount of fans, wouldn't she feel worry about the repercussion of being too close with him? She's a strong girl. If I were Naeun, I might have been crying the moment the haters said those bad things to me. But she's not. She has job to do. In the black room, I don't believe her when she said she didn't hear those words. She's lying to not make things worse.  :(( :(( :((
Taemin-ah, please take care of our Naeun. I believe that you can melt those walls and barriers Naeun has built inside her heart. Taeun Couple fighting! This unni and noona will always watch over you two. 
I've talked too much. Please forgive me! *bow* 
Nice to meet you, fellow Taeun shipper! ^^

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Guest honeyuu

Someone needs to slap me hard. I've keep playing the last part on episode 4. WHY YOU SO DIRECT TAEMIN-AH?! *melting* :x
I'm not a Shawol, so I just realized Taemin's eye-blinking habit. lol. So cute!

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@kirane and @shirunsaadon - thank you for answering my question regarding the music.   

Anyway, @kirane again - thanks for a translation of what NaEun said regarding the related items of husband TaeMin.  Also, thanks  for a recap of this episode - my hanggeul is not  enough  yet for me to be  able to understand everything.  Really - another good episode!

@honeyuu - people always speculate WGM is scripted.  It is a reality show and all they get from the PD is assignment or mission.  They make their own conversations.  One example is Shinee members' worry if their maknae is going to be alright once he meets his wife - and it turned out, like what the MCs said, TaeMin don't need his hyungs - he is doing just fine all by himself.

The blushing from NaEun, can that be scripted?  Their backroom interviews are what makes them amazing - they are honest about their feelings. 

This couple is actually not  the first young couple.  There was David and Sari (?) who only lasted a few episodes and wasn't well received. 

When  I found out about this young couple being on WGM, I made a comment  in one  site, saying this couple is too young to play  the roles of husband and wife.  But like what the MCs at WGM  said, me,  like them, spoke too soon.  I don't watch the other couples anymore - my attention is focused on this Innocent Couple.

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Guest nancylee

I was just a lurker here too, but then I figured I should finally make an account and post something because this thread needs more life!! But OMG, this couple is sooo cute! I seriously rewatched their episodes a million times and I think I need to cool down my obsession a little...LOL.
From http://fyshineefacts.tumblr.com, it says that Taemin thinks a girl is prettiest when she's embarrassed or panics! Taemin must love it when Naeun gets embarrassed then, like in episode 4 when he asked her if she thinks about him or not. Soo cute!
I read some fan accounts saying that Naeun and Taemin don't interact at all when they're not filming...I really don't want to believe that though! There's definitely something there between the two of them and Taemin is totally head over heels for Naeun. And unlike other couples, Taemin seems really honest in his interviews and he talks about how he used to think that WGM was just a show, but then now that he's in it, he's starting to develop feelings for Naeun.
I ship them sooo hard!
I really wanna believe Taemin...but then in an episode of Weekly Idol (

05:03), he said that he probably tells more lies than he does the truth........And there were rumors of him having a non-celebrity girlfriend and him going on WGM to try to shut those rumors up.. Also, in the video i linked, Taemin didn't sleep in his dorm nor did he sleep at his parent's house....so where else could he have slept??...perhaps a girlfriend's house?...or maybe Exo Kai's house since their best friends...I dunno..
Anyways, I guess I'll disregard those rumors and just wish Taemin and Naeun the best. Hopefully we can see their relationship develop even deeper and I'm totally looking forward to this couple every saturday!! <3
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