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Just like what Danny (MC) said, the other Shinee members don't have to worry about their maknae - he is doing fine on his own.

I think he is excited about the fact that he has somebody younger that he has to protect - so the real man TaeMin is coming out of being the maknae.

Hopefully some more fans of this couple would come out and support them.

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annyeong haseyeo!!!
finally found this thread..i was actually gonna open since i thought no one would like to share thoughts about this cute couple. but then here i am...kkkk let's keep this thread alive! ok?! i only ship YongSeo before but now i love this First Love couple ♥ TaEun ♥♥♥ seems like days of YongSeo.. Taemin looks so manly now..who would've thought that he can get a long with this shy girl Naeun... he doesn't have experience?? eh?! he somehow know how to make girls ASDFGHJKL kkkkk... i wonder what Key Umma will say to him kkk....as of naeun, she's very cute..the innocent type..they are the perfect couple..first and second episodes jjang! they already have a lot of common in their personalities.. i ship this 첫 사랑 kkkkk.... hwaiting!!!

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It was a short episode but I enjoyed it.  How come I don't see TaeMin as a maknae anymore?  He just seem so happy and manly as soon as he comes around NaEun.  Hopefully the next episode would be longer.

I think WGM is now giving more time to the musical couple who might be tying the knot while in WGM.

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I can't open the subbed episode - and also I learned there are so many hate comments about these two - poor thing!  I hope these haters eat their words at the end because they are hurting their idol TaeMin.  Also, some haters are going to as far as filing a petition to remove TaeMin from WGM so that he won't be paired with anybody.

I hope WGM don't listen to these haters and bashers - just leave TaeMin and NaEun alone - and this is just an imaginary thing.  Fans of idols always think they own their idols - they are not your boyfriends - not your husbands - and not your possession so please let them be happy with what they are doing.

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Guest emma86line

Looks to me like they're starting to get a little smitten with each other although Taemin more so at this point but you can tell Naeun is heading in that direction as well. Ahhhh young love how I miss my dating days...

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Hello everyone. Just found this thread :)
Actually, I have no idea about both of them at first (In A Pink my bias is Eunji and SHINee? Just knew Minho and Onew), but am trying the first episode and so loved how the match each other. Maybe, it doesn't neccesary coincidence bcs the team behind has already set this condition.

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I was surprised at how NaEun clearly remembers seeing TaeMin for the first time - I am guessing she already had a crush on him from when they were in school long time ago.

And since both of them think they seem to be fated to be together, I would think so - too many coincidences and that is something real amazing.

Now who's not gonna be proud to have a wife like NaEun (TaeMin already said he is so proud of her in the beginning) - aside from her being innocent (just like how TaeMin sees her), she was also a model student - always in the honor roll.

I'm really looking forward to see how they develop into something deeper and show their appreciation to each other.

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I just watched the episode 3 and I enjoy watching them together. Taemin is really trying his best to make Naeun comfortable during the meeting and did you notice the rosary ring he was wearing on his finger the same finger Naeun puts her ring rosary ring also. You can notice the ring when Taemin was looking at the present of Naeun and even the gif posted by @memey07 you can notice his ring. I remember that he was happy to see on their first date the rosary ring she was wearing and looking at him now he also wear a ring on his finger but not quite sure if it was a rosary ring but definitely he is wearing a ring same place she wears it. Looks like Taemin is the 1st one who will invest his real emotion on this show.

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Yes, @shymaldita28 - he wore it this time.  The first time they met, he had a rosary bracelet - this time he had his ring - I think it is also a rosary ring

I am really looking at the younger version of Dimple Couple here - I like it when TaeMin said he wants to protect NaEun from the haters - he was worried also that she'd be waiting at their meeting place since he's running late.

I like the part where they were chatting at the foot of the stairs.

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hello I'm newbie here :D

I'm teukso and yongshin shipper but when i know and see taemin and naeun I also like them I-)

for me LEETEUK-SORA like Adult couple for real husband and wife

YONG HWA-SHIN HYE like campus couple for marvolous friendships bonding

TAEMIN-NAEUN like Teen couple when you feel first love in high school

So for me those couple perfecto 8-> :x :\"> :P

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Guest kirane

Hello Everyone,

I really like this pairing, watching their first three episodes, totally beyond my expectation. Seeing them, make me smiling all the time.~^^
Before WGM, I already watch some variety with SHINee as guest, Taemin barely speak during the show. But I am totally have no idea about Naeun (and Apink). Recently I watched SHINee' One Fine Day & Apink News, here's some things related to their appearance on WGM:

- Taemin' eye smile whenever he excited or liking something & his never ending love towards extreme sports (finally find his match, Naeun!). Maybe they should try amusement park date (seems Naeun not really liking a scary ride).
- Naeun totally the same: girly, calm but can be playful sometime. Her ideal type (APN season 3): bad boy style, eye smile, manly, handsome & tall. She said she want to be a good house wife.
- Apink members are very hilarious, I really anticipated for their house-warming party.
-Probably Naeun remember Taemin during their middle school days because Taemin transferred to that school at third year (so he's quite famous).

One of my favorite part is when they left testimony (black-room interview) for that day date & WGM crew show some unseen footage, which actually really sweet (in my opinion). Can't wait to watch their Myung-dong date this week.

Happy Midweek!

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Guest nanzkee1

If you bash Naeun, Taemin will be even more worried. He will think often of his wife.
So, should we partially thank Bashers?


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