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Guest minlove918


  • [*]
Acted in Salamander Guru (cameos) as siblings.
[*]The youngest virtual 'couple' on the show so far. Episode 1   130427  : First meeting at Jeju. 
 Episode 2   130505  :
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Guest minlove918

Hello everyone! I hope we all get along well! :) I made this thread solely dedicated for the two! I find their couple cute since the first episode! :) I hope they get a lot of support and love from us! Taemin & Naeun, hwaiting!

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Guest minlove918

Good morning viewers, guests and everyone! *bump* for this thread! I wonder why we're getting views but no one's posting yet. ㅋㅋㅋ

I'm quite amused at how 'compatible' they are. Taemin and Naeun have lots of things in common. I really like that 'the first button fits' comment from one of the MCs since their first meeting was really great, they discovered their compatibility too. :)

I really think Taemin compliments really well. SHINee hyungs shouldn't be worried at all since maknae is doing well on his own. He's manly and cute at the same time.

Naeun was very shy, it's cute. She can't even look at Taemin's face while talking. ㅋㅋㅋ But I think she's great sense of humor, I'm looking forward for more cute interactions and moments! :)

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Guest littlebiebie

hi, all ^^  *wave*
@minlove Thank you for making this thread. I checked here yesterday for TaeEun's thread but wonder why there is none (sorry, I just don't know how to make it).. he3x..

I am more into kdrama than kpop so I've never been following Shinee or APink and of course never know both Taemin and Naeun personality.
But became interested when I saw their 1st meeting pic..  They look adorable :D
Watched it, smiling throughout the ep and here I am.. searching for any news about this couple :)

I don't know how to make gifs or capture pics so I am just going to share opinion regarding this couple. Let's spread love for this couple ^^
Here are some of my fave parts on their first ep :
1. Key is so funny with his advice and Onew chicken obsession LOL XD
2. I LOLed when Taemin suggest horror and extreme sport for their first date.
3. I love how Taemin was so talkative and forward by saying Naeun is one of his ideal type, etc. I think It helps to overcome their awkwardness.
4. Taemin's failed seatbelt attempt XD
5. Their black room interviews. I am glad there is so much black room interviews for both of them.
I hope wgm pd continue to do so because I can see Naeun kind of introvert or shy so we might know what she felt or think.
But she seems open for any new experiences (in dating) which is good.

And someone please post pic or gifs of Taemin's blackroom interview..
He looks so happy and cute there. Thanks... ^^

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Guest emma86line

@wtimes3 Yes, I said I would, now where's @chrysalis1110, we need some more flavah in here.

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*waves all*

I'm really happy the couple thread is finally here (btw is it "Taeun" couple or else?), the first episode was like the cutest thing ever with my favorite moment being Taemin moving his face a little bit closer to make eyecontact with our super-shy Naeun (cuute <3) I'm more of a lurker, but I wanted to share some love for the new couple lol

credit minhoink@tumblr:

Loyal Husband Taemin (Excerpt from MBC Yeong Hoon’s Radio 130502)

Q: Female idol you wish to spin a ride with? (Choices: IU, Suzy, Seohyun, Son Naeun)
[Other than Naeun, Taemin have forgotten the rest of the names so he asked the DJ it repeat it once more.]
Without thinking, Taemin replied “IU, Suzy, Seohyun”.
DJ: “So Naeun is first in place?”
Minho: “..because he has just gotten married~”
Then DJ asked if IU was in 2nd place
Taemin replied that he actually only wants to be with Naeun.


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Guest minlove918

Taemin is such a flirt~ 

"Seriously, he’s making it really obvious that he likes Naeun and he’s definitely a pro at making girls wet with his words but I think he’s not her type?

I’m not saying that she doesn’t like him or something - they’re only just getting to know each other and I think he left a good impression on her so far - but it seems that her ideal man is someone more manly and handsome like Jonghyun or Minho whereas Taemin is a mischievous, silly and flirty flower-boy.

Well, I’m still shipping them. They have too many similarities for me to pass up on this otp and he’s kind of breaking her shell which is good, but his straight-forwardness really caught me off guard today. I didn’t expect to see this side of him at all."

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@minlove918First thank You for making this thread LOL
I think if the PD don't mess with them too much they will have a good following and run on the show.
I wasn't surprised Taemin was able to handle this situation on his own well but I have to admit was taken aback when I realized that Taemin may have been crushing on Naeun for a while.
I am actually glad Naeun is a bit of an introvert and hard to read. That will make this process a lot more enjoyable and the challenge will be good for Taemin
I also share Naeun skepticism about Taemin lack of experience maybe he hasn't been in a serious relationship but he has dated. I still give him the benefit of the doubt right now.
I know  a bit more about Shinee then APink, so I am excited by the prospects of learning more about both groups through their time on WGM.
tumblr_mlwr2aHvrK1qlpcino1_250.giftumblr_mlwr2aHvrK1qlpcino2_250.giftumblr_mlwr2aHvrK1qlpcino3_250.giftumblr_mlwr2aHvrK1qlpcino4_r1_250.gif source:yookyunq
PS: Can Key make a lot more appearances on their cut? He was a riot.

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Guest emma86line

Is she hard to read? I thought she was fairly simple to read but maybe you meant from Taemin's POV.

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