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[Drama 2013] Sword (Knife) and Flower (칼과 꽃)

Guest maea18

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Guest maea18

Title: Sword and Flower 칼과 꽃
Genre: Period Romance/ActionEpisodes: 20Network: KBS2Broadcast Period: 2013-Jul-03 to 2013-Sept-05Air time: Wednesday - Thursday 22:00


The historical drama takes place in the twilight years of Goguryeo. Military general Yeon Gaesomun wants to go to war with the Tang Dynasty, but the pacifist King Yeongnyu opts for diplomacy and national stability, and in their battle of wills the palace council is divided between the "hawks" and the "doves."

Yeongnyu has two children, the princess So-hee, and the crown prince Hwangwon. The king is particularly proud of his older daughter So-hee for being intelligent, assertive, empathetic, and an excellent swordswoman, and he respects her opinion during their frequent discussions about matters of state and politics. Despite being the heir, the younger, more frail Hwangwon acknowledges that he isn't particularly suited to rule, and prefers to quietly read his books in his quarters. Nevertheless, the siblings share a close, loving relationship with each other and their father.

Meanwhile, hoping for an audience with his father, Yeon Gaesomun's illegitimate son Choong arrives in the capital after the death of his mother, a former slave. While on the road, the crown prince and princess are attacked in their carriage; Yeon Gaesomun and his allies had hired assassins to fake a Tang attack, since this could become grounds for war. Observing this from a rooftop, the masked Choong uses his bow and arrow to kill the one surviving assassin in custody, to prevent him from implicating his father. Shortly after, Choong and So-hee meet in the marketplace and fall in love at first sight.

After his father rejects him, Choong decides to make something of his life and becomes a member of the royal guard, with So-hee ignorant of his paternity. When he foils another assassination attempt, Choong gets recognized by the king's nephew Jang as the masked archer, and he is sentenced to death. Yeon Gaesomun preys on Jang's ambitions, and together they plot to save Choong from hanging, unbeknownst to the grieving So-hee, who believes he has died. But Choong cannot resist revealing himself to her, and the lovers joyfully reunite.

Fearing that the general's power and influence are rapidly overtaking the throne's, Yeongnyu orders Yeon Gaesomun to oversee the construction of the defensive wall Cheolli Jangseong in a remote province, which would effectively exile him. In retaliation, Yeon Gaesomun and his co-conspirators plan a revolt; it fails because of Choong's intervention, but the crown prince becomes seriously injured after he falls off a poisoned horse. The king unexpectedly declares So-hee as his successor to the throne, dashing Jang's hopes and causing him to finally shift his allegiance to Yeon Gaesomun.

Yeongnyu asks the Geumhwadan, a secret group of warriors meant to protect the royal family and the citizens in times of uprising and war, to investigate. But they have difficulty finding unequivocal evidence linking Yeon Gaesomun to the failed rebellion. Seeing no other solution to their ideological impasse which is causing political unrest, Yeongnyu decides to have the general and his fellow traitors assassinated. But Yeon Gaesomun has his own carefully laid plans in place, and he warns Choong to correctly choose a side, with his family. He tells Choong to cut off the princess's head to prove his loyalty, and orders a soldier to kill Choong if he acts against them. Enormously conflicted yet unable to betray his father, Choong agrees to join the plot, but only because he's secretly planning to save So-hee from what's to come.

Thus, Yeon Gaesomun, his allies and their troops enter the palace, launching a bloody coup. The royal army stands down under Jang's orders, and the plotters massacre the ministers in the council and the remaining loyal soldiers. So-hee's brother the crown prince is murdered in front of her eyes. The Geumhwadan urge the king to escape, but he stands his ground in the throne room, facing his enemies with dignity. Truly believing that he is doing what's best for Goguryeo, Yeon Gaesomun commits regicide by stabbing Yeongnyu straight through the gut with his sword. Once she sees Choong there, the utterly devastated So-hee assumes the worst that he was part of the conspiracy, not realizing that Choong risked his life fighting his father's own soldiers to protect her.

Yeon Gaesomun installs Jang as the new king Bojang. But he is only a puppet king, and Yeon Gaesomun becomes the de facto ruler and dictator of Goguryeo. Believing that So-hee had died, Choong reverses his earlier stance and joins Yeon Gaesomun's cause in order to gain power, castigating himself that if only he hadn't been powerless, he might've been able to save her. But So-hee is alive, and being hidden by the Geumhwadan. She renames herself Moo-young (meaning "shadowless" because she no longer exists in the world), and vows to avenge the death of her family.

Cast:Uhm Tae Woong as Yeon ChoongKim Ok Bin as Princess So Hee/Moo YoungPark Soo Jin as Mo SeolLee Jung Shin as Si WooChoi Min So as Yeon GaesomunKim Young Chul as King YeonryuLee Min Ho (1993) as Crown Prince Kim Sang Ho as So Sa BeunGoo Won as Ho TaeOn Joo Wan as Jang (King Bojang)Yoon So Hee as Nang Ga
Production Credits:Director: Kim Yong SooWriter: Kwon Min Soo
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Guest maea18

130411 Uhm Tae-woong drops Yi Sun-shin, considers Sword and Flower

So remember that Yi Sun-shin drama that Uhm Tae-woong was supposed to star in? Not so much anymore, since that production stalled in development (which explains why theCity Hunter PD who was attached is now doing the new Hong Sisters drama.) But never fear, because busy busy Uhm Tae-woong already has a new prospective project lined up, as the star of the new sageuk romance Sword and Flower, due out this summer. Can’t really complain about more Uhm Tae-woong on the small screen.

It’s a Romeo-and-Juliet love story that purports to be in the vein of The Princess’s Man, this time set in the Goguryeo era. The heroine, the daughter of King Yeong-ryu, falls in love with the son of her father’s enemy: the illegitimate son of the military dictator, Yeon Gae So Mun, who overthrew the throne and killed the king. The two fall in love anyway, and struggle with feelings of love and loyalty versus piety and revenge, in a “melodrama about espionage and chivalry.” So… You killed my father, prepare to die… or kiss me?

He’ll be teaming back up with PD Kim Yong-soo, of Equator Man and White Christmas, who is definitely a director to watch. Writing is Kwon Min-soo of Mom Is Pretty Too and Love Needs a Miracle. The production is still in the throes of heroine casting, and Uhm Tae-woong is “considering favorably” for now.

Sword and Flower will follow Mandate of Heaven and premieres in July on KBS.

Source: Sports Seoul

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Guest maea18

130428 Uhm Tae Woong cast in upcoming drama, ‘Knife and Flower’

Actor Uhm Tae Woong has been cast to play the lead role in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Knife and Flower‘.

The new drama will be a suspenseful, martial-arts historical drama revolving around love, jealousy and revenge between a daughter of a murdered king and the illegitimate child of his murderer.

The drama will be directed by Kim Yong Soo, who also oversaw the production of last year’s acclaimed ‘Equator Man‘.

Playing the role of Yun Choong, the illegitimate child, Uhm Tae Woong defies his father’s orders to murder the daughter and travels between his love for his prey and his fealty towards his father.

‘Knife and Flower’, currently wrapping up its casting, is expected to begin broadcasting in July following the final episode of ‘Mandate of Heaven‘.

Source: TV Report via Nate

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Guest maea18

130429 Uhm Tae Woong to Star in Upcoming KBS drama ′Knife and Flower′

Uhm Tae Woong will be joining the staff of KBS2′sThe Equator Man for another upcoming drama.

On April 28, Uhm Tae Woong′s agency Sim Entertainment announced that "Uhm Tae Woong has been cast for Knife and Flower, the drama scheduled to air from July following Heaven′s Order."


Knife and Flower, an action/spy/romance drama, is set in the Koguryo period. It is about how Moo Young, the daughter of King Young Ryu, falls in love with Yeon Choong, the child Yeon Gaesomun had with a concubine. But Moo Young debates whether she should have her revenge, as Yeon Gaesomun is the man who killed her father.

Uhm Tae Woong will be playing the role of Yeon Choong, who was born between a father of noble blood and a servant mother. Despite his talent, he finds he cannot rise higher in rank due to the fact that he is a concubine′s son. He is later ordered by his father to kill the person he loves, and comes into inner conflict.

The producers of the drama will be those Uhm Tae Woong previously joined in 2012 for the KBS2 drama The Equator Man.

Uhm Tae Woong currently appears in the KBS2 variety show 1 Night, 2 Days, and is busy shooting the film Top Star.

Source: Enewsworld
Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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Guest maea18

130429 Actress Park Soo jin, like a first love icon in fashion pictorials

Actress Park Soo jin donated her facial credit to social entertainment magazine and express lovely spring mood in pictorials.

Park Soo jin, who is currently working as show host in ‘Tasty Road,’ once played first love character in dramas ‘Boys before flowers,’ and ‘My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’ were beloved by many men audiences.

Therefore, in the May edition of ‘Big Issue,’ Park expressed ‘first love icon in spring’ as a concept. As the concept is dimmed recollection of first love, she emphasized amorous eyes in the shooting. 

In the interview that was held during shooting, she answered the question of whether she was a first love for someone else. She said that “I grew up like a tom boy because of my brother. I got fan letters rather than getting love confession.” 

She continued to talk about shooting short film with director Kim Ji woon. “I had such a great time since I have always admired him. The period of shooting the film was short but I felt so happy every time I was at shooting places. I want to try for more various characters.”

About being a show host of ‘Tasty Road’ for more than four years, she said that she feels so much love in what she’s doing. Her friends always ask her when looking for tasty restaurants. 

Meanwhile, Park was recently chosen as a main character in KBS’ new series ‘Knife and flower.’ The magazine in which Park Soo Jin is a cover model, will be released starting on May first in major book stores. (photo by magazine Big Issue) 

source: Yahoo

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Guest maea18

130424 Park Soo-jin to star in "Knife and Flower"

Park Soo-jin is starring in "Knife and Flower".

Park Soo-jin will star as the lead character Mo-seol in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama.

"Knife and Flower" is a martial arts mellow drama about a girl falling in love with a man who kills her father.

Park Soo-jin is currently practicing horseback riding and martial arts.

Source: Newsen

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Guest asyree

class="headline"Kim Ok Bin to Play Uhm Tae Woong′s Lover in ′Knife and Flower′

By Jeon Su Mi | CJ E&M enewsWorld

Kim Ok Bin will be returning to the small screen for the first time in a surprising seven years.

The actress′ agency MASK Entertainment announced on April 30 that "Kim Ok Bin has confirmed her appearance in the upcoming KBS2 drama Knife and Flower."

The piece will be her first drama since MBC′s Over the Rainbow, which aired in 2006.


Knife and Flower is set in the Koguryo period, and is about how King Young Ryu′s daughter Moo Young is forced to choose between love and revenge after she falls in love with Yeon Choong, the son of the man who killed her father.

Kim Ok Bin will play the main lead Moo Young. She used to be a smart and kind princess, but she loses everything following her father′s death, and becomes a spy to have her revenge.

Kim Ok Bin said, "I′m nervous, but I′m also looking forward to being in my first drama in a long time. I want to act as a Moo Young that can have many relate to her heartbreaking love and her thoughts of revenge."

Knife and Flower will be directed by Kim Yong Soo of The Equator Man, with a script written by Kwon Min Soo of Even Mom is Pretty and Bodyguard.

Uhm Tae Woong and Park Soo Jin have already been confirmed for its cast, and the drama is set to air from July following the conclusion of Heaven′s Order.

In the meantime, Kim Ok Bin is busy shooting for the film Minority Opinion. Another film starring the actress, AM 11:00, will premiere in the latter half of the year.

Photo credit: enews DB

Source: Yahoo

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Wait, is Kim Ok Bin the lead female, or is it Park Soo Jin? I see that there are two princesses in the casting, so I'm not sure which princess will fall in love with the hero.

Never mind, Kim Ok Bin and Uhm Tae Woong sound interesting as a couple. I'll look forward to this drama. :)

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Guest maea18

ebulli3nt said: Wait, is Kim Ok Bin the lead female, or is it Park Soo Jin? I see that there are two princesses in the casting, so I'm not sure which princess will fall in love with the hero.

Never mind, Kim Ok Bin and Uhm Tae Woong sound interesting as a couple. I'll look forward to this drama. :)

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Guest maea18

130425 Sword and Flower lands one lead, still casting others
Casting continues on KBS’s Sword and Flower, with one actress confirming and another issuing the usual “maybe, we’re considering it, nothing’s final” statement. This is the show looking to reunite Uhm Tae-woong with his Equator Man director, although Uhm is not yet confirmed either; it’ll be a sageuk set in the Goguryeo era with lovers torn apart by family strife and revenge. The plot centers around the heroine’s father being killed by the illegitimate son of his enemy, and then the kiddos falling in love.
The first to confirm is Park Su-jin, who is an actress I can take or leave; I always want to like her more, but she always plays the same bratty role. Flower Boy Next Door and My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, for instance. But on the upside, although her role is described as a leading one, it isn’t the heroine and Juliet figure in the main romance. She’ll still have some sort of loveline with our hero, though I suspect it may be a one-sided variety (Park tends to specialize in those), and as she’s currently training in martial arts and horseback riding I’m guessing she plays a bodyguard or tomboy sort.
Kim Ok-bin is the other actress being mentioned, and her reps are taking a much more careful stance in saying that this is just one of several projects she’s considering. I like her much better than Park Su-jin, and would love to see her opposite the Uhmforce in a melo sageuk romance; she’s one of those actresses who started out rather rough but has really improved over the years (past projects include the films The Front Line, Thirst, andActresses). She hasn’t done a drama in years, not since 2007′s War of Money, although she was just in the drama’s weird “Bonus Round” afterword; her last full series was the really boring idol-dancer-wannabe series Over the Rainbow in 2006.
Sword and Flower will take up the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot after Mandate of Heavenwraps, which could be a nice baton pass from one well-produced thriller sageuk to another. It’ll premiere in July.
Source: E DailyJoy News

----------------------------------------------The three of them we're now confirmed,of course Uhm Tae Woong playing the male lead.  we're down to these two girls, but base on the synopsis i think Kim Ok Bin will be the female lead and Park Soo Jin will be the 2nd female lead.

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Guest maea18

CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin Cast in New Drama with Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin
Challenging himself with a new role, CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin has been cast in the new KBS drama, Knife and Flower 
On April 9, FNC Entertainment announced that CN Blue’s youngest will be taking up the role of Si Woo, a skilled and charismatic warrior, who′s also a hopeless romantic when it comes to Moo Young, played Kim Ok Bin.. 
Unfortunately for Si Woo, Moo Young has her eyes on Yeon Choong, played by Uhm Tae Woong.
Knife and Flower is a story about Moo Young, a princess from the Koguryo period, who loses everything when Yeon Choong’s father kills her father. After she falls in love with Yeon Choong, Moo Young is then forced to choose between love and revenge. 
The drama is scheduled for broadcast in July, following the conclusion of Heaven’s Will. 
Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment 
Source: Enewsworld

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Guest maea18

CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Cast in New Drama

CNBlue‘s bassist Lee Jung Shin has been cast in his second drama after the national hit, “My Daughter, Seoyoung.” He joins Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Ok Bin in the upcoming KBS drama, “Sword and Flower.”

Lee Jung Shin will play the role of Goguryeo’s greatest swordsman, Si Woo. Si Woo is described as a “pure” character who is normally charismatic but is infinitely romantic to his beloved Mu Young, daughter of King Young Ryu and played by Kim Ok Bin. He protects her like a shadow and has only loved her his whole life.

Lee Jung Shin’s rival in love is played by Uhm Tae Woong, who takes on the role of Yeon Choong, the son of the concubine of Yeon Gaesomun. Yeon Gaesomun is real-life historical figure who was a powerful and controversial military leader during the Goguryeo dynasty.

“Sword and Flower” is directed by Kim Yong Soo who led Uhm Tae Woong’s previous drama, “Equator Man.” It is expected to premier in July 2013.

Source: Soompi

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ohhhh this series looks sooo cute and incredible.. I have to watch it, because I admire so much to tae woong.. I´m alredy finished the equator man.. amazing serie really great! I love it so much really.... and I like to follow the tae woong´s work... ahhh he is sooo great actor a genius ufff... hehehehehe I want to see this....

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Guest manquant

I've been wanting to see Kim Okvin in a drama since seeing her in the movie Actresses. And what more can I say about Uhmforce, Taewoong-ssi? Just daebak~ ^:)^ Seems like 2013's third quarter will be filled with sageuks, can't wait. 8-> ;;)

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Guest YunRa1430270238

Choi Min-soo cast as Uhm Tae-woong’s father in Sword and Flower by girlfriday | May 14, 2013 | 34 Comments


Now that’s one badass father-son pair. Choi Min-soo (Happy Ending, Warrior Baek Dong-soo) has been cast in the new KBS sageuk Sword and Flower as Uhm Tae-woong’s father, and one of history’s baddest mofos, military dictator Yeon Gaesomun. Even though he’s only twelve years older than Uhm Tae-woong in real life, he’s pretty perfect to play a power-hungry murderous dictator. Also, I’ve never met a drama that isn’t made better by Choi Min-soo, because he’s just plain awesome.

The Goguryeo-era drama stars Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Ok-bin as star-crossed lovers doomed by their fathers’ epic battle for political power. Kim Young-chul (the IRIS franchise’s Baek San) will play King Yeong-ryu, Kim Ok-bin’s father and the 27th king of Goguryeo. Uhm Tae-woong plays the illegitimate son of Yeon Gaesomun (Choi Min-soo), a military general who came from a long line of political players. It’s less a case of Good Daddy vs. Bad Daddy, since they each tried to kill the other for political control, but maybe more like Baddest Daddy Of Them All goes down in history as the evil dictator. For instance.

It’ll be a palace intrigue melodrama, with Yeon Gaesomun’s coup as the historical backdrop during Goguryeo’s twilight years. After her father’s death at the hands of Yeon Gaesomun, the heroine will vow to avenge her father, and then fall in love with her enemy’s son. The drama is described as “the tragic love story of a man and a woman’s strife between the sword and the flower.” It doesn’t sound happy, but it sure does sound dramatic. And now we have Choi Min-soo’s evil dictator to look forward to, among other things. I really can’t wait to see how crazy he plays it.

Sword and Flower follows Mandate of Heaven and premieres July 3 on KBS.

Via Star News

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Guest maea18

Kim Ok Bin ruptures ankle ligament while filming ‘Minority Opinion’ action scene 

Mask Entertainment reported on the 18th that actress Kim Ok Bin ruptured the ligament in her ankle while filming her latest movie. 
The agency stated, “Kim Ok Bin, who’s filming for the movie ‘Minority Opinion’, suffered a ruptured ligament in her ankle shooting an action scene.” 
Kim Ok Bin is said to have suffered through the pain and only left for a closer examination of her injury after filming was finished. The doctor found that surgery was unavoidable. 
However, because the wrap-up date for the movie filming and the shoot for KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Knife and Flower’ is rapidly approaching, Kim Ok Bin decided to delay her surgery and treat herself with medicine until after she finishes her scheduled drama filming. 
Mask Entertainment added, “We apologize for causing so many people to worry. Kim Ok Bin is shocked over her sudden injury, and she’s disappointed that she’s in a situation where she must receive surgery. Despite all that, Kim Ok Bin is insistent on not being an [inconvenience to the projects]. Following the doctor’s orders that it’s not necessary to undergo surgery immediately, she’ll be sticking with the filming schedule as long as it’s not too hard on her.” 
Get well soon!!!
Source: Allkpop

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Rookie Goo Won Cast for KBS "Knife and Flower"


Rookie actor Goo Won has been cast for the KBS drama "Knife and Flower".

Goo Won landed himself in the role of a warrior Ho-tae. He said, "I wondered what I would look like with a moustache. It's my first historical and I am always going to do my best".

Goo Won was spotted in the movie "Fist of Legend" as Yoo Joon-sang's younger role.

Meanwhile, "Knife and Flower" is about love and revenge based in the times of the Goguryeo starring Kim Ok-bin.

Credits: HanCinema

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