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Mika Nakashima - Yuki no hana

Guest fantasiimaker

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Guest babiixru

i know you sang it lol =) i thought it was your best song at the time i heard it. who cares! you don't have to imitate her vibratto, you use ur own, that what makes your singing original! :D anyway, i meant i was expecting to read your replies to what we said >_> LOL haha

oh well, chinese is harder to sing fluently or at lesat some what fluently if you aren't chinese than it is for japanese or korean haha. but it's possible!

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Guest babossagaji

ur not japanese? I've only heard you sing Japanese songs. Wow!

Anyways, I love your singing, very nice on the high parts! But there was only one part I didn't like....the very last part....

You sing very good overall.

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