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(OFFICIAL) Micheoseo Couple T♥G Taecyeon ♥ Gui Gui; Global Couple Thread !! TaecGui ♥ YeonJie Part 1

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To all of us here....This is the msgs that we had collected all Thru out the WOrld.....
Remember this that we reach 1000th pages with the love of everyone !!! :D that share the same love that is TaecGui!!!!
cr: @fanfromsoutheastasia who had sacrifice her sleeps!!!

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GG: ( @packmule3 ): So, tell me about this Kimberly that you were seeing while I was gone? 

TY: ( @b8l8 ): whaaaat? (laughing) no! what are you talking about.GuiGui (softer voice) are you being paranoid again? There are no other girls.  (looking at GG straight in the eyes) It's just you. 

GG: ( @packmule3 ): Just kidding, Oppa. But you always have lots of girls all around you. And SeuLong said he has many many stories of you. One word from him and you're out. Finished. Caput. Then I read the allkpop and it said there that you had coffee with Kimberley at Cafe Schneeballen. That's our cafe! How can you bring another girl there?!! 

TY: ( @b8l8 ) : but that's for work. just like you and ---(insert the co-star's name who was  seen pulling GG's ears). How about next time, i'll bring you to this cafe that serves themacarons you love. remember, in jejudo? when I got youbreakfast? we had macarons for dessert? you love macarons and i love anything sweet, so its perfect!

GG:( @pluie625) :  Oh but I don't feel like having macaroons right now, since GWGM ended, lots of macaroons were sent to me by fans, so I still have tons at home. I want something more salty?  What do you think?

TY: ( @b8l8 ): you want to eat something salty. hmmm. Oh I know a place. There's a place in NampoDong i just went to. Their  Jokbal Naengchae (pork with cold vege) is really good. We can go there,  then next time, we'll eat something sweet. ok?

GG: ( @charliew): Jokbal Naengchae..hhmm thats sounds good, Oppa....'ive been craving pork since a few days ago. Kachaa.. By the way you never take any girls to this place, right, Oppa?

TT: ( @packmule3 ): No, Guigui, I've been there only 3 times and never with girls. First time was with 2PM; Second time was also with 2PM and 3rd time with Guigui. [grins] Are you hungry already? Did you want to go there straight? Or can we pass by an Apple store first? I'd like to get us both new phones so we can have couple phones and have unlimited text. Do you like that? 

GG: ( @angelangie): Jjinja oppa? You pay??

TT: ( @packmule3): Yes oppa pay.... **sigh**

GG: ( @angelangie): Yea Oppa pay... Kaja!!! ((off they goes))

GG: ( @b8l8) kamsamida oppa. (hugging taec)

TY: ( @b8l8) iphone 5c is out, you can pick the colors. ok?

GG: ( @pluie625 and @packmule3): Oppa, after we buy phones can I also have a happy gift? Can we do something fun?  ...how about we go horse riding? I learned how to ride a horse during filming my period drama... Oppa Please? (pouting while batting eyelashes)

TY: ( @mikoshine) *looking worried* Ride a horse? how about we go there and you go ride the horse while i just watch you, ok?

GG: ( @pluie625) What? Oppa jinja? you will watch while I ride? Oppa, read my lips ok? B O R I N G BORING!!!! Oppa happy time remember? I want us to ride together, if not then let's just go home! 

TY: ( @packmule3) But Guigui, I'm scared of biiiig animals. Riding horses is your method of relieving stress. You go, "giddy-yap, giddy-yap. Oppaaaah."  [packmule3 smirks here] But for me, riding horses will give me stress. How about we go to the night market, and we'll stroll together, hand in hand, and we can try the games there. I'll win you a big prize this time.  

GG ( @129alphabet ): I like animals~ rawr! Don't worry oppa... I will protect you! *hug* but you like night market? Okay... If you like, I like! kachaaaa~

TY ( @mikoshine): ok, what do you want to play first?

GG( @angelangie): lets play Kai Bai Bong, loser decides what to play

TY ( @thetwitch):ok gui gui we'll play Kai bai Bo but no "oppa " "oppa"... When you loose!

GG ( @lmangla): (to herself) what I am not supposed to use my charms? thats what women do everywhere, hello!

TY ( @lmangla): what you murmuring?

GG ( @lmangla): kwenchana....

TY ( @mikoshine): ok. Kai bai bo! *paper*

GG: ( @packmule ): Kai bai bo  [rock] 

I lost, Oppa! I get to choose want to play.  Hmmm...[looking around]  You try this High Striker game, Oppa. I want that big Hamtaro stuff toy. Please.please.please.please.please. You take this mallet… this big hammer. Tcha! Hold it, Oppa. Then you hit this spot and see if you can shoot the thingy all the way up there. See? The bell on top will ring if you hit the spot strong enough. [squeeze his arm muscles] I know you can do it. Oppa. Fighting!

TY: ( @angelangie): Dont worry baby, i will get it for you, this times something big to go with that small one i gotten you previously. Here hold my jacket for me

**shrugging off the jacket and handing it to Gui Gui and roll up his sleeve alittle, and muttering a small prayers, he really need to proof it!**

GG: ( @packmule): Oppa FIGHTING!!! 

**with that Taec shut everything out and only kept the target on his focus and swinging that mallet with all his force, bring right down onto the spot Gui Gui pointed out**

TY ( @129alphabet ): *hitting the target, with a cramped bicep as result, a small metal flew up toward the awaiting bell on top... guigui eyes were closed with both hands clasped, waiting to hear the magic sound... But after a while; there still was no sound? she opened her eyes and looked at taec...*

GuiGui... (Sweet, soft, embarrassed tone) I think this too is a money eating machine... ottokae? Do you want me to try again? He said with a grin...

GG: ( @packmule3 ): GG: Aawww, Oppa. [pouts]  Gwenchana. Let’s try other things. How about this Photo Booth? [tugs him behind the curtains] We’ll take pictures of us in different backdrops. Here, you sit here, Oppa.

TY: ( @packmule3)  No. You sit here, Guigui [he lifts her onto his lap].

GG: (@packmule3) [just smiles at him. Then looks at the screen.] Hmmm… So many choices, Oppa. Do you want this one at the Colosseum? Hmmph! But you’ve already been there, so let’s skip that one. How about this one… riding a gondola in Venice?  Or do you want this one, Oppa, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? Oooh!  How about this one? This!  With your OkCat and his girlfriend Ms. Okcat!!! Do you want this one?

TY ( @angelangie ): okie....this looks good.... 

**wincing, did she forget that I'M NOT GOOD WITH THIS RIDE???!!!**

GG ( @packmule3 ): Oppa you okie?

**a gleam had enter her eyes, she remember that Taec is not good with ride like this definitely, but he did left a messages that he will do it if they ever came across another like this with her**

TY ( @angelangie ): Gwenchanna....i'm okie.....lets go Kaja!!! 

**trying his best to sounds brave for all he did is totally zero**

TY ( @angelangie ): okie....this looks good.... **wincing, did she forget that I'M NOT GOOD WITH THIS RIDE???!!!**

GG ( @packmule3 ): Oppa you okie?**a gleam had enter her eyes, she remember that Taec is not good with ride like this definitely, but he did left a messages that he will do it if they ever came across another like this with her**

TY ( @angelangie ): Gwenchanna....i'm okie.....lets go Kaja!!! **trying his best to sounds brave for all he did is totally zero**

GG: ( @pluie625) Oppa, Are you really ok? (holding Taec's hand tightly)

TY: ( @pluie625) I'm ok, gwenchana...GUIGUI SARANGHAE!!!! (Taec screamed at the top of his lungs at the highest part of the roller coaster)

GG: ( @pluie625) aaaawwww Oppa kandong! OPPA SARANGHAE!!!! (Guigui too, screamed loudly)

TY ( @angelangie ): so happy now? **they got of the train, and Taec could barely stand*

GG ( @packmule3 ): Yes oppa. **smiling and tilting her head to a side with a smile that always melt Taec heart**

TY ( @angelangie ): lets grab a bite shall we? I'm famish.

GG ( @packmule3 ): Sure **with that Taec pick up Gui Gui hands and give it a little swing as they proceeded towards the food court towards the west**

TY ( @angelangie ): take a seat here shall you, i will go and get some food for you and yes i know no spaghetti 

GG ( @packmule3 ): okie oppa, i shall wait here for you, come back quick k?

with that Taec left Gui Gui at the table and take a slow peek as he went towards the food counter and pretended to order food, while at the same times he saw his members had all arrived and giving him a sign that everything is in order.......with that he slowly make his way towards his member and got into positions, he had everything taken care of, even the pd-nim is there.....

just as suddenly, the speaker release the music....."10 points out of 10 points" !!! startling Gui Gui.....and with that....the whole of 2pm group came up onto the stage .....Gui Gui was shocked and then went into a surprise thrills.....as when they were dancing and singing in between it was not their original dance....but her dance......her make up dance of 2pm debut song, and now the whole of them dance it the way she love it best with the biggest smile they could muster up on their face......and she was laughing with tears streaming downs.....for once in her life there is no words she could utter.....

as the song finishes.....pd-nim walked out of the room holding a hamtaro so big that it almost covered him.....passing it to Taec which Taec brought up to where Gui Gui was standing....

TY ( @angelangie ): Gui Gui this is the Hamtaro i promise you

GG ( @packmule3 ): Oppa....Gandong...

TY ( @angelangie ): Well Gui Gui for one thing for sure, you have changed me as much as you had changed for me... and the sacrifice you did, with that i know one thing for sure.... **getting down on one knee** Will you marry me?

GG ( @packmule3 ) : ....

GG: ( @129alphabet) Op..pa... where did you get this? she asked, barely being able to hold the stuffed toy in her embrace...

TY: ( @129alphabet) (scratches his head... giving out an awkward, embarrassed laugh) uhh.. well.. I...

The 2PM boys looked at them in confusion. He just proposed to her...and she's asking where the toy came from?

GG: ( @129alphabet) Ah! Ani... Gwenchana, gwenchana.. You don't have to tell me.. Thank you, oppa... Chincha kandong!

TY: ( @129alphabet) Uh... yeh... (He said, cupping her face as he wiped the tears with his thumb) So...?

GG: ( @129alphabet) (after realizing the situation; her cheek instantly blushed.. she looked around and saw everyone awaiting for her reply... she also looked at Taec, anxiously waiting for her to speak...) uhh.. how could I say 'no' to this? (She grinned.) now, i got an engagement plushie!!! She exclaimed...

TY: ( @129alphabet) That's a yes right? He asked...

GG: ( @pluie625) uh hmm...But can I change my mind later?

TY: ( @pluie625) Change your mind what? later? Mworagu? But why?

GG: ( @pluie625) hahaha Oppa just kidding! 

TY: ( @pluie625) Yah! duh jinja!... and cupped her face and went for a kiss :-* for all to see :-O

GG: ( @pluie625) :\">

TY: ( @pluie625) Oh wait! there's more, pulled the ring out from the plushie's hidden pocket... And slipped it to her finger

GG: ( @pluie625) :x >:D<

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my very own msg to TaecGui and also the very one pictures that I love of TaecGui :)
they had not only bonded them but also all of us together :) and here we are being as crazy as we can get but staying rational all these while....
what will we do if not for all of you :) that stood with each other thru it all..... :)



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Guest spicystrawberry

I promise to thought of Taecgui whenever I heard people say - Oppa~ , Ganbei, Scrooge, Sliver Shoes, Hot Cocoa, Jump, Mermaid, Murmur and more to add ~~~

Edit : I promise to thought of Taecgui whenever my quiz result got 10/10. =))

I promise to thought of Taecgui when I see caterpillar and small size girl with big size jacket.

Anything else, michose fans to add??

Congratz!! 1000th pages! :x

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a lil screen shots to all the msgs for TaecGui from all over the world :) lets us bask in all this in our 1000th Pages celebrations and a toast to all and well done @BiruAngel you hit it right on the nail :D

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The message videos brings so much memories.I hv never good with photo editing tho i am in IT but i do servers,so to do photo message and poll for Taecgui really proves that i am michoso...so girls and guys,lets be michoso together...lets celebrate many more coming thousandth pages,cheers.. And please no more poll... =)) 10a88490deaeaf923a6baea4812cd48a.jpg

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Finally we have reach our 1000 page. I would like to thank each & everyone for their effort & support for our lovely TaecGui Forum.  
Thank you

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Guest minshariff

Despite of my cold and headache I tried to stay awake to celebrate Taec and Gui Gui's 1000th page. Firstly, I want to say I really, really, really miss the both of you and I wish everyday that MBC will bring you both back. Taec and Gui Gui, I have traveled miles just eat the Schneeballen Cookies that you both ate, I search all supermart for the vinegar drink that you drank (and I got it too and still drinking it until today), I have watched all episodes over a hundred times and still am watching.  TAECYEON & GUI GUI there are many nice couples on WGM but none left an impression on  me as the both you. TAEC & GUI GUI FOREVER!!! YOU ARE BOTH AWESOME!!!

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Guest b8l8

pluie625 said:here unni @packmule3 I want Taec to kiss Guigui like this...It's perfect for them, same as Inhyun couple's height difference too...and since Guigui is short, she can do a tip toe kiss like them, right? hahaha

ok time for me to power off!

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This was drew into the restaurant wall by a TaecGui fan in Hawaii....and if im not wrong....hehehhehe....it @minwooluv78 art works....that means we have TaecGui as part of the restaurant art works where it allow patroon to draw and leave their memories there :)
so yes our TaecGui had reach Honolulu, Hawaii too :D one of the most beautiful island in the world :)
cr: @minwooluv782013-07-14-01-23-23_deco_zps716353b5.jpg

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Guest idabalingit

Happy 1,000 pages!  Michoso family!  TaecGui Forever! 

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Guest b8l8

SURPRISE!!!! For the 1000th page, I gathered most of our first posts. The very first time we decided to de-lurk, to join the conversation and to become a part of this micheoso family!!! If you were not included here, pardon the oversight. let me know so I can edit to add you!!!

I like gui2.. She's so adorable.. She tried her best to communicate with taec, though its so funny, but its cute!  i bet this couple will be the cutest couple ever later! @nalikahibar April 23

 I am soooo digging the cuteness of this couple!  And Taec is finally loosening up with  Gui. They definitely are the fun loving couple who are cool friends.   @sshevolkth May 22 

honestly.....i smiles every times i see them together.......somehow they always brighten up my days and i really love seeing them together.....they just give off this silly vibes and maybe like what Taec said when he first meet Gui Gui 'It like something bright had enter the room’ @angelangie, May 23

taec's proposal was quite sweet; it was really cute when he said, "lets have a fun and beautiful marriage"... aww super cute @Lmangla, May 24 

Taec does seem a bit stiff, literally.  He couldn't do the stretching exercises very well, but eventually he got better after drinking that awful looking vinegar drink.  It's like their relationship.  He is stiff in the beginning, but now he seems to be loosening up a bit and enjoying Gui Gui's silliness and child like ways. I hope their relationship does go further.  They look so cute together.  Gui Gui seems good for Taec because he needs to be a little silly and not so serious at times. @Goongfan, May 24 

 I’ve become very fond of Taecyeon and Gui Gui, as individual persons BUT more so as a couple!  I would be lying to myself and to all of you if I say that these two aren’t meant to be anything else outside of this “show”….Taecyeon and Gui Gui must be very good at doing what they do to project such heart stopping, breathtaking scenes that we will surely never forget…     These two are and will be forever engrained into my memory.    It’s a great feeling to finally have a forum all to these two! They deserve to be loved and supported by their most ardent fans. @miz-emMay 27 

Haiiiiiii taecgui lovers!!! Nice to finally have a place with my fellow shippers ^o^.  @nicolemae24, May 29 

Hi all just a very short post I just wonder after the filming he had never mention guigui anymore and is bit strange ! @lauramcfarlane, May 31 

They ate breakfast together for the first time.  He did the thing that he didn't like in their 10 comments.  for sure he will remember a lot of things he did with GuiGui .  GuiGui also said that after she spent 3 days in Jeju with Taec she felt something in her heart, seem like or love. @bibidep, M ay 31 

When i found out this threadI'm so happyNice to know you all>< @avrilcassiopeia, May 31

..I love this couple and do hope that they will be a real couple as i can see that taec is really happy with gui gui around him.. @Zila Elina, May 31

I just love how cute and fun they are, while waiting for the coming episode I always watch the previous episodes because I love seeing how much they have progressed throughout the show and how much more comfortable they are and are more and more like a couple each episode. They make me feel so happy. I'm going to cry when it ends, because I feel like they made me feel stuff I haven't really felt before. @jazcabbb, June 1

Hello everyone!! Since finding this thread a week ago, I've been checking several times a day for updates.[-O<  He said that she doesn't have to be Korean...but it would be nice if she was and that she spoke Korean, English and Japanese like him ^^ @minwooluv78, June 1

Just wanna say hi to all the Taecgui shippers! Great forum and happy to see all the conversation here. Let's have Happy Time here. Together. Fighting. @bladerunner, June 1 

@angelangie Hi! I'm sorry to cut your post but here's a link as to  why he's covering his left arm and you can see Taecyeon's big scar on his left armand if I remember it right, it's a scar from a broken bone surgery (correct me if I'm wrong). And I noticed during their performances and promotions, he's the only one wearing long sleeves while the rest were wearing if not short sleeves, sleeveless shirts. @pluie625, June 2 

...she's a happy, bubbly, non-pretentious girl. Her smile & laughter is nfectious...haha..[After Jejudo]…Taec has loosened up a lot and is definitely enjoying himself more. He's also become more aggressive...hehe. Their skinship (LOL on this Konglish word) is super cute & even more natural now…..They are so cute, LOL, sweet, & romantic  ...I am seriously gonna miss them when it's over... ...they're so handsome & beautiful and they match perfectly...face, height, everything! @bluemoonlight, June 4

I think TY and Gui2 are really just a perfect match, i mean they both looked so much more good looking when they are together rather than when they were alone or with other persons.... right? HeheheheheStay happy and positive all!!!!! @yokalana June 9

hi all..i am not new to this forum but after the BTS of ep 10,i wanted to give some points..i feel so sad too watching BTS ep 10..the 2 looked so distant from each other..like 'okay,lets finish it up quickly'..gui gui wasnt herself on ep 10.....but i hope everything will be fun and lively again this Friday... @akasia, june10

Frankly, I have been addicted to GuiGui's cuteness and clumsiness after watching an episode. Because of GuiGui, I explored who Taec is and who 2 PM is and how many members in the group are…As I become one of GuiGui's fans, whoever she chooses and whoever can make her happy, I am more than happy to accept that person and support her choice . @femeka, june 10 

To look at his[Taec’s] face now on variety shows, his face is still glowing this shows that he is in the love zone now , whose is that girl , maybe ..... g... @cj2057, June 10 

Hi guys I'm Taiwanese and I'm so excited find here, coz there also a lot of shipper of TaecGui in Taiwan, we all like GuiGui and really hope TaecGui can date in real.  @Mi June 11

they are so cute..just love to see them together@elis luvgeunscouple, June 13 

 I like Taecgui very much, they touched something inside my heart and I really hope the One up there, who has given Taecgui the lovely weather and lovely beach wedding at Jejudo, will continue to shower them with lots of blessings and love <3. Great job guys, cheers!!! @bluemoonrising, June 14 

Yes...no matter what happen, let us all pray that things are working out for both of them and this couple has all our blessings..@bouquet78, June16 

... hahahaha... i can't get enough of these two and i love reading all your comments here... i'm always checking this forum every few minutes... LOL @mikoshine, June 17 

hi everyone I'm the one of silent reader here. i'm loving these couple..taecgui fighting! @ardorie28, June20 

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your efforts of bringing the latest news about this couple. I don't understand korean or mandarin, so everything you post is very helpful. @Iulia Stefania, june 22 

Hi.. I'm Fika... I'm newbie in this forum but I hope I can be part of this amazing, creative and warming taecgui forum.. @Belle, June 22 

I love TaecGui!!! I totally ship them! I'm a bit annoyed that the videos that I watch on youtube are cut and whenever I see a pic I say "Hey, why I didn't see that in the episodes that I've watched?!?" *throws up the table*  @chu3x  June 24

I showed the selca pic - one at everland to a friend who has never seen or heard korean or taiwanese artists... the first thing she said, they looked alike and if married it will be a good match. I was so happy to hear [that]… Goes to show that both of them are projecting their mutual attraction and its visible to all! @Imofan, june 29

I find her [Gui Gui] very cute, very sincere and like Taec said bubbly, bright. Her smile can lit up the world like the sun.. @xybershock, July 2 

Taec  mentioned  in his  interview that he also felt that  someone above(HEAVEN) has  blessed  them blissfully  and it was a scene  of such  domestic bliss….I fully  wish  them  well  whichever way  that bring for them in real life happiness.  @Shermaine Leong Yi Fang, July 3 

Taec has said many times that his private life and privacy is very important to him….you will notice that his comments were very personal about his feelings for GuiGui for the first few [episodes] and then after Jeju Island, he was very careful with what he saidI take this as a good sign that his intentions with her go beyond this show. Hopefully, someday, this would lead to a real wedding. @jcruz, July 5

I think the reaction that Taecyeon had in the show in ep 14 was a typical reaction a capricorn guy would have. I can see that he is sad and he has his own way of expressing. He is trying to stay neutral to lead the show in a way. Guys are usually calm and girls will be sad and crying. People, i know all of you are extremely devastated that the show is ending...I teared as well while watching them but try not to get too carried away by Taec's reaction/emotion, he's a guy! @JenJ, July 5

I REALLY HOPE TAEC WOULD ACTUALLY KISS GG on the forehead for the last episode.. on the lips also can right? patapata kiss  *faint* kekkeke @BubbleGG  July 8 

I came home from a vacation and saw the mass hysteria about Taec.  What was that all about? Why were people coming with their pitchforks ready to burn him at the stake for not “comforting her enough”? Was there a new planetary realignment that disturbed the collective feminine mood and logic? Or are people just being overly sensitive because it's the second to the last week? I hope we don’t have to suffer through that again this Friday. It’s hard enough to see Taecgui separate without having to defend their actions/decisions against the antis. @packmule3, July 9 

just wanted to say that the conversations here are just as interesting as our taecgui couple... Luv them to pieces and would want them to be for real @Thet del Rosario /@Thet Witch, July 9

I've been a fan of Guigui since her blackie days... then........ news came about GWGM and there she was!!! I was overly excited about it... My initial thoughts were: OMG! Taec and Gui~~~ he's going to be soooo amazed~~ and when I was watching them, I can't help but fall in love... It's like you can relate to them... like their actions reach out to their viewers.... and sure enough, they hit it globally... I'm so proud... now that it's coming to an end.. it also is bittersweet for me... I never imagined guigui to be part of korean shows but I'm so glad she married Taec… I LIKE TAEC NOW! Seriously... I could never look at both of them the same way again... THEY COMPLETE each other.... Nothing will ever be the same anymore... THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER!!! *ok, now I'm desperate* FIGHTING EVERYONE!!! Let's be with each other until the Last episode airs and hopefully until they announce their real wedding date!!!^_^ @129alphabet, July11

I was watching the other episodes again and just realized that when Guigui placed the three eyed monster on their shoes, it's still on that laces on some of the episodes. So cute!! @shiirlaaay, July15

I've been watching Taecgui couple since ep 1 but didn't follow this forum until ep 14...should have done so earlier.  Love all the comments here!  ^^It made me laugh too about the sibling comment.  I surely don't look at my brother that way or vice versa.  Who in their right mind will think that way?   Now that it's the last ep, I'm not sure what to do!  Ha haaaa  Taecgui basically took over most of my free time.  Crazy indeed. @chinly Lin, July 15 

This couple, they don't seem to say very much to us, but somehow they understand each other very well; and that's what makes them so special to all of us. Even words can't describe ...All in all, i'm really happy that they ended on good terms.  Thanks to Taec.  Lots of respect for that man.  Actions speak louder than words.  This guy is all about actions.  @Thao Huynh, July 15 

Hi people! Ive been lurking around for quite some time and really a big fan of taecgui till 'A.d.t.o.TG ! What did taecyeon said to Guigui while he did the last hug to her? Something like 'cheriso' ..? 'chelkehso'? What does it mean? @lamey, July 16 

Hello everyone, I'm new here(: Hopefully I can become friends with you guys. And last but not least, I'm a TAECGUI SHIPPER! @amylove, july 18 

I love the interaction between GuiGui & Taec in Global WGM.  Despite the language barrier, they do have a special way to communicate (i don't know what it is but they managed to somehow) a touch or a look perhaps.  But they do need a common verbal language to communicate deeper thoughts and feelings with each other.  In order to make their relationship work, if they gonna date for real that is, GuiGui needs to brush up her English/Korean and Taec, his Chinese. @BiruAngel, July 19 

they complete each other, they balance each other out, they are in perfect harmony with each other. I really do hope they end up with each other but no rush. I prefer that they deepen their friendship because it would really take a strong foundation to withstand the challenges ahead. @b8l8,  July 19 

I just soo adored this couple Thank you gals for lighting up my world and glad to know that we're on the same board as a TaecGui shipper Keep posting. Make this thread alive. @Gigi Desmarais,  July 23

Finally, I've decided to join because my family, especially my husband, thinks I'm crazy when I crack up laughing at some of the posts yous have made. Like literally.. silently reading then all of a sudden bursting out, rolling on, then falling off, the bed laughing.. so I figured since they think I'm already crazy I might as well join your crazy familyAnd omg.. those stories/fan fics! Oh Lord have mercy! Hahaha they were hot! @leechalee, July 27

Been following & reading the all the insights about TaecGui couple. I really enjoy it. Once I started watching the WGMG last 2 weeks ago, I'm hooked and I even watched it a few rounds. Anyways, I've always been wondering that if at the last episode, GUI GUI decides to take the earlier train, the last gift from Taec may not happen at all! @Jennifer Lum, August 1 

BY FAR, this couple has been my fave.  It more has to do because of GuiGui, she's definitely a breath of fresh air, and exactly what taec described her as.. bright and full of energy….. The break up episode is probably the most memorable part for me, and is really the only way I remember GuiGui.  Sincere and heartbreaking, from seeing her laugh and smile so much to crying so muchIf Taec was in the right mind, he should keep in contact! Cause she's a keeper! But realistically.. it's hard to have a long distance relationship with someone in a different town/city let alone an entirely different country! @drft, August 7 

I am not exactly new to the forum as I have been following the forum since it was first started 'secretly'. However, rest assured I am not a spy - hehhehehe... would prefer to remain in the 'dark' actually but cdbarzun you made me break a promise to myself not to de-lurk until Taec & Gui Gui made an official announcement that they are dating (wishful thinking). So, here's Ganbei to the micheoso family.  @minshariff August 10 

I just discovered them yesterday and i watched all episode yesterday until 430am this morning hahahha.. i just could not help it.. i fall in love with both of them instantly!! The last episode was breaking my heart. this is the first time for me crying watching the variety show i mean its not drama or movie...@charliew, August 11 

Hi! I'm newbie here...I always love to read/watch anything about taecgui here...@luvtaecgui , August 12 

This is my very first posting....I just want Emma to be happy and to all her anti/haters, pls leave her alone @alisonchua, Sept 2 

O..geurae..?arasso.. @gil-noona, September 7 

Heyyyyy 미쳤어 people, >< I couldn't resist anymore!! Resigter an account and join you guys!  So, hihi!!!  @spicystrawberry, October 2 

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TAECGUI FANFICS authored by the Michoso Family:






authored by the "Dumb and Dumber Dynamic Duo" or 4-D's Twin sisters
@packmule3 versionhttp://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/26499520/#Comment_26499520
@pluie625 versionhttp://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/26502593/#Comment_26502593

other fanfictions:

@thetcha_witch @thet_witch @thetdelrosario  I can't find your fanfic in the asianfanfics...please give me the link so I can include it here...thank you

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Guest bluemoonlight

Wow!!! I didn't realize it was already the 1000th page!!! \:D/ 
Congratulations TaecGui shippers! <:-P 
Thank you to everyone who has contributed (even lurkers)! And we won't stop...many more pages to go! ;)  Taec & Gui Gui...we love you! :x ...and really hope you two love each other too! :D 

Woohoo...let's all dance to "10 jeom manjeome 10 jeom!"
Here's the "Limping" version :))

...and "Happy" one! :D
cr: orig. uploader
I love both versions! :))

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Congratulations Taecgui shippers, we've reached 1000 pages!!!  
Yay!!! I'm first on the 1001 page!!  =))   =))
Miss them both very much and really really hope to see them together again.  :x :x

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and lets us see their letters of words towards each other :) this will forever be very first love letter they wrote to each other in my eyes :)
cr: as taggedFanMix00017_zps435e4bf3.jpg

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