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[C-Drama 2014] April 2014 (Gong 3) Palace: The Lost Daughter 宫3: 宫锁连城 or 凤还巢之连城

Guest livon123

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Guest livon123

The third installment of Yu Zheng's Gong series. (As is just finished filming in mid April, it will be a while before it airs. However, there are a lot of articles out and some relationship info that I gathered, and I AM TOTALLY looking forward to this series because of the ancient outfits are so beautiful. I think of the three Gong, this one is very interesting, the cast is nice, some veteran actors and actress. 

  • Title: 凤还巢之连城 / Feng Huan Chao Zhi Lian Cheng
  • Also known as: 宫锁连城 (Gong Suo Lian Cheng) / 宫3 (Gong 3)
  • Previously known as: 宫锁幂缘 / Gong Suo Mi Yuan
  • Episodes: 45
  • Broadcast period: 2014
  • Air time: 19:30


    At birth, Lian Cheng was exchanged for a baby boy Heng Tai. From then on their fates became totally different. Lian Cheng grew up in the streets and worked at brothels, while Heng Tai grew up in the majestic Wei'e general's mansion. By a mysterious coincidence, Lian Cheng and Heng Tai meet and gradually fall in love, resulting in Lian Cheng returning to the general mansion, her birth home. However, their love is not looked upon kindly, and meet with several obstacles along the way.


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Guest livon123

Here are some more pictures. From what I know there is going to be a square love, triangle love, real love...and many one sided ones.
Female lead (Lian Cheng played by Yuan Shan Shan and Yu Xiu played by Yang Rong)bb076cc8jw1e3nwcxq678j.jpg
Third Female lead Xing Dai (Princess Dai)8427eedajw1e3i9ko2p88j.jpg

Male lead Lu Yi (Heng Tai)8903fe15tw1e3i31c5h79j.jpg
Second male lead Yi Chen (character name)6fe6b187jw1e3kg7q3izwj.jpg

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Guest livon123

To all to the info. I think this is the love relationships!
Lian Cheng and Heng Tai are the OTP, they love each other.However, the emperor give royal marriage order to General Heng Tai so he married Princess Dai. They play a bickering pair that also love each other HT and Princess Dai.Yi Chen is Heng Tai's adoptive brother, also each other's biggest enemy. Yi Chen likes Lian Cheng, but also like to be a womanizer to Yu Xiu and Bai Yue, etc.Yi Xiu falls for Yi Chen, but (I am guessing Yi Chen likes Lian Cheng, so YX begin to see her as an enemy then) somehow she and Lian Cheng and Heng Tai also have a love triangle.
So if you think about it. Heng Tai have 3 girls going after him, that is a square love. Add Yi Chen and we get a pentagonish love drama, bound to make everyone fall for different pairings.
Personally, I am excited about a lot of the pairings. On chinese weibo a lot of people are rooting for the bickering Princess and General Pair. I am okay with either Heng Tai pairing, they have special moments each. But OTP is kind of interesting so I will have to see... and I am trying to figure out how Heng Tai and Yu Xiu get involved also. So far there are no pics of Heng Tai and Yu Xiu except the official poster. But I am actually very curious about Yu Xiu the character, she looks like the villain in here, but at the same time she is not completely evil? (I heard there might be a scene where the two girls switch identity..) I saw these pics, and I think Yang Rong the actress is underrated, she is a good actress and very beautiful. Her character seem to be the most complex in the series... Anyone read the book before?
Lian Cheng, Heng Tai, Yu Xiu0ddcbc0e7bec54e7e9285e79b8389b504dc26af0


Yu Xiu and Yi Chen (both villians lol)bb076cc8jw1e3usfxkwstj20g40o676n.jpg


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Guest livon123

Pics of the OTPNot sure if there is a time travel element, but I think there will be since, GONG the franchise all have time traveling.bb076cc8jw1e3unikb978j20g40aq0tu.jpg




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Guest livon123

@arjoon no problem :D It will be a while before it air, since it just finished filming, but I am excited with all the pics. The casting this time around is pretty good. I think it will be better than gong 2, up to par with gong 1.
The Dark Couple6fe6b187jw1e40lzje7thj20c80hn77m.jpg
^ Not sure why, but while Yi Chen likes Lian Cheng, he is forced? or needs to get close to Yu Xiu. His first love is also a girl from a mountain bandit. 
King and HaDai8903fe15tw1e3b5wgyi2oj.jpg

HaDai and wife8903fe15tw1e33df3cmabj.jpg

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Another one, how many have they been so far. 2 dramas, 1 Movie, 1 Addendum. Hmm, actually not as much as I thought, I guess it just seems like there are so many Gong's floating around. At least this one seems to have a higher budget, so that's an improvement.

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Guest livon123

I am watching it right now, I hate how it is only like 30 minutes each episode, but at least it airs 3 episode a day, with an exception of 2 episode on Fridays.... I like the development so far, but I think the most boring line is the lead don't know why. The second OTPs are even more interesting. I am rooting for these two, the two baddies!! So far 17 episodes aired. It just started getting interesting now.


NG for another scene that comes lateraa3871e5gw1effcdctd5pg20b4069kju.gif

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I heard it is a big rating since it is aired. However, I do not like the first female lead, she is in everything nowadays. Her acting is nothing to comment on. People said that she is improving this time around, not too forced but more natural with her character. The second female character might be more interesting since I have never seen any dramas that she's in so will give a try just for her and Lu Yi. 
@Livon123, could you do more reviews and updating as you watch the rest of the episodes please? I really want to know why and how Yu Xiu and Heng Tai get involved with each other, and how the romance plays out before actually checking it out. 

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Here are my thoughts so far about the drama with minimal spoilers
After the first episode, I saw a close resemblance of the storyline to that of 'The Tattooed Flower' (Mei Hua San Nong). While finding it somewhat cliche, I watched on. The romance that blossomed between the two many characters was quick and I found the storyline moved fairly quickly in the first few episodes, which I really liked. 
I like Jiang Yu Cheng's character who seeks out revenge, which we don't find out until much later (although the blind hate storyline is not fully believable). 
There is the quick falling in love of the Princess and Heng Tai and I really like how they met and the little trick she played on him to test his intelligence. 
The implications that JYC caused for Heng Tai's family escalated throughout the episodes and this kept the show interesting. 
The latest turn of events where Lian Cheng enters the palace puts the title of the drama into perspective and I hope some interesting and new events take place within her time there (although I'm not sure how claiming print making as a "lian cheng" concept will go well with history).
I guess I'll live through it since I've already gotten over how so many people in the Qing dynasty had discovered UGG boots.
Some things that don't work for me are:
YSS is okay as a lead, although she has never stood out as an outstanding actress, but her character was a strong and interesting one. But as the episodes progressed, I became less fond of her character. I am also not fond of her pairing with Lu Yi as something just doesn't feel that right.
As for Lu Yi's character, there's nothing that makes him truly loveable (and I'm talking character, not actor). His on and off cold shoulder around episode 22 was not realistic. I especially had issues with him treating her poorly where he took her by force then came out with a small smile while thinking how it was better for her. The way he treats the Princess is also quite inconsiderate. 
In comparison, I find Princess Xing Dai more interesting to watch, except her character has been wasted away into the typical jealous woman role by the time we get to episode 28.  
Something that's new:
Lian Cheng not being discovered yet as the "lost daughter". Each time she gets whipped or hurt, I imagine the mother discovering her identity. I'm glad they are holding off. But the mother hasn't exactly been nice to Lian Cheng so far and perhaps will need to double redeem herself afterwards. 
In comparison to the other 2 palace dramas, this one perhaps has the better outfits. 
But all in all, I'm still watching, so there must be some power in the storyline :)

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@Mangoberrie, I guess I will just give this drama a pass since Bu Bu Jing Qing is airing soon and the story line is not that great either, but thanks for a quick recap anyways. I am actually interested in Yun Zong Ge (Song of Clouds) more plus Angela Baby is very pretty and watchable than YSS 

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class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 26px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Chiung Yao's plagiarism case accepted by courtChiung Yao's plagiarism case accepted by court

It was revealed that a Beijing court has recently accepted the plagiarism case submitted by well-known Taiwanese romance novelist-producer, Chiung Yao.

Previously, Chiung Yao accused Chinese producer-scriptwriter Yu Zheng for plagiarising the storyline from her own novel, "Plum Blossom" and incorporating it into his own TV series, "The Palace 3: Lost Daughter".

The Taiwanese producer also demanded that the broadcaster, Hunan Satellite TV to halt the airing of "Palace 3" but to no avail.

Filing a lawsuit at the Intermediate People's Court of Beijing on 27 May, Chiung Yao said that the defendants had gained huge profits from plagiarising her works and has hindered her own progress in the pre-production work of adapting "Plum Blossom" herself.

In her indictment, Chiung Yao demanded that Yu and the five television companies to stop broadcasting the series on TV and the Internet, halting from releasing any copies of the TV series, and for the Chinese producer to make a public apology.

Chiung Yao also demanded compensation of RMB 20 million yuan (USD 3.2 million) and for the defendants to cover all the plaintiff's legal fees.


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