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[Drama 2013] : Two Weeks (투윅스)


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Another Detail

Press Conference: July, 31 2013
Official Site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2w/index.html

- Note -

- Drama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The Queen's Classroom"

Credit : Asianwiki

- Cast -


Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San

A guy who is falsely accused of murder, discovers that he has a daughter who is suffering from leukemia 

and he has only two weeks to save her and himself.



Kim So Yeon as Park Jae Kyung

An investigator in charge of  Jang Tae San’s murder case. She needs to catch Tae San,

but it’s likely she’ll find out that he’s really innocent and help him with his cause.



Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye

Jang Tae-San’s first love he can’t forget. Jang Tae-San gets falsely accused of murder.

Jang Tae-San abandoned Seo In-Hye, but she is raising his daughter.

The two met after 8 years and are risking themselves to save his daughter.



Ryu Soo Yong as Im Sang Goo

A talented detective born from a long line of policemen in his family.

He tries to put Jang Tae San away behind bars,and enters a love triangle with Tae San and Seo In Hye.




............................ Two weeks ............................



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News update now!!

이준기, 오는 8월 MBC ‘투윅스’로 안방극장 복귀


배우 이준기가 오는 8월 MBC 새 수목드라마 ‘투윅스(Two Weeks)’로 안방극장에 돌아온다.

‘투윅스’는 ‘내 딸 서영이’, ‘찬란한 유산’, ‘검사 프린세스’ 등을 집필한 소현경 작가와 ‘개인의 취향’ 등을 연출한 손형석 PD가 의기 투합한 작품으로, 이준기는 극 중 백혈병에 걸린 딸의 존재를 알게 된 후 딸을 살리기 위해 2주 동안 고군분투하는 장태산을 연기한다.

특히 ‘투윅스’는 소현경 작가가 지난 2007년에 저작권 등록까지 미리 해둘 정도로 애정을 가진 작품인 것으로 알려져 더욱 기대를 모으고 있다.

이준기는 “소현경 작가의 작품을 시청하면서 기회가 된다면 꼭 함께 작업해 보고 싶었다. 큰 기대감을 가지고 있다”며 “배우로서도 더욱 성장할 수 있는 캐릭터라 생각된다. 차기작에 목말랐던 만큼 빨리 현장으로 복귀해 많은 것을 발산하고 싶다”고 소감을 전했다.

한편 ‘투윅스’는 ‘여왕의 교실’의 후속 수목극으로 오는 8월에 편성될 예정이다.

동아닷컴 원수연 기자 i2overyou@donga.com


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class="content-title" Lee Jun Ki Confirmed for MBC Drama “Two Weeks”
Lee Jun Ki Confirmed for MBC Drama “Two Weeks”

Good news for Lee Jun Ki fans!

On May 6, Lee Jun Ki’s agency IMX announced that Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed for the upcoming MBC drama, “Two Weeks,” which will be written by So Hyun Kyung.

Lee Jun Ki has come back to the small screen for the first time since his military service discharge through the MBC drama, “Arang and the Magistrate,” which ended last October. His success through that drama is raising the level of anticipation for this new drama.

“Two Weeks” is said to require complex and emotional acting skills as well as intense action scenes.

Through his agency, Lee Jun Ki commented, “As I watched So Hyun Kyung’s previous works in the past, I really wanted to work with her if I had a chance. I am very excited to be working with such a great writer,” and “I think my character will allow me to mature more as an actor. I will pour out my passion and try my best give a high-quality performance.”

So Hyun Kyung worked on dramas such as “My Daughter Seoyoung,” “Shining Inheritance,” and “Prosecutor Princess.”

“Two Weeks” is expected to air in August.

Credits: Soompi

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Lee Jun-ki picks Two Weeks as next dramaby javabeans | May 7, 2013 | 6 Comments


Lee Jun-ki has announced his next drama project, and it’ll be a thriller for MBC called Two Weeks, which may sound familiar as it’s the drama from the 49 Days, Prosecutor Princess, and My Daughter Seo-young writer that takes place within a two-week time span.

Yay for Lee Jun-ki coming back to television… though I’m a little disappointed that this means he won’t be taking that other project he was considering, 1930s action noir Age of Feeling. Both projects have their merits so it’s not that he’s chosen badly; I just really dug the idea of a period noir set in Shanghai and thought he’d be a great fit for it. (As far as I can tell, Age of Feeling is still in the planning stages and hasn’t secured a broadcaster yet.)

No matter, since it’s Two Weeks he has confirmed, which on paper sounds vaguely likeMandate of Heaven mashed with 24: The hero gets slapped with a false murder charge and learns that he has a daughter with leukemia, and spends the next two weeks in a life-or-death struggle to save himself and the girl. On the upside, thanks to the time period I don’t actually think the contemporary Two Weeks will be just like Mandate (though there are the obvious similarities, of course). And while the time frame doesn’t equate to a real-time scenario like 24, I do think cramming an entire drama of roughly 20 episodes within 14 days makes for an interesting storytelling format. Plus, I just really like Lee Jun-ki and would be happy to watch him on my screen again; he was so great in Arang and the Magistrate and conveyed a sensitivity that I haven’t always felt from him (usually because he tends to push, emotionally, rather than letting moments breathe), and I want to see him keep up that growth.

Two Weeks will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama that’ll follow Queen of the Classroom(which follows gangster melo-romance When A Man Loves). It’ll premiere in Auguest.

Via Joy News


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Guest sicknine

@wisteria7 We will watching the same dramas I guess in the future :))
@miky88 Yeah. I read the synopsis. Almost the same with Heaven's Will if you didn't mention it.

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Guest missm

how soon usually before the first script reading? 2 months , 1 month before the drama starts?  lol.  i'm just too excited. can't wait for more news. they haven't even casted the other characters yet.   :))

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