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[Drama 2013] The Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi 불의 여신 정이


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Guest MGYlove

class="entry-title"News : XD

Lee Kwang Soo is gifted by the ‘God of Variety’ on ‘Running Man’


Lee Kwang Soo cemented his reputation as the ‘Unluckiest Person Alive’ on the latest episode of ‘Running Man‘.

On their way to the final mission, ‘superpower karaoke’, the cast and guests played a simple game where every member would take turns smashing eggs on their foreheads. There would be a single raw egg mixed into the batch of boiled eggs, and the one who cracked the raw egg would be the loser.

As an aside, Ji Suk Jin said, “These things usually happen to Kwang Soo“. Imagine his surprise when it turned out that Kwang Soo had, indeed, grabbed the raw egg and smashed it on his face!

That wasn’t all, however – on the second round, Lee Kwang Soo was chosen to go first. Can our viewers guess what happened? That’s right – he ended up picking the raw egg, on the first try, as the first contestant.

This unbelievable chain of events, which caused even the staff members to gasp out loud, caused Yoo Jae Suk to exclaim, “The God of Variety is on your side!”


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Guest MGYlove

Moon Geun-young, Lee Sang-Yoon, the goddess of fire, ' historical ', aired in July confirmed

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Guest MGYlove

Concerning Kim Bum: [ ONEWS] having had a phone conversation with a person in charge of his agency King Kong entertainment declared that kim bum is  the positive study for " Goddess of fire ", at the moment he is in Japan, is returns in 2 days or more!

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Guest MGYlove

class="content-title"“Icon of Betrayal” Lee Kwang Soo Becomes “Icon of Fashion” Kwangsoo-2-e1367305924422.jpg

People who are familiar with the variety show “Running Man” will recognize actor Lee Kwang Soo as the “Icon of Betrayal” for his many acts of disloyalty on the show. With his witty remarks and willingness to bear the brunt of jokes, Lee Kwang Soo has gained world-wide popularity and that popularity has been recognized even in the fashion industry.

Lee Kwang Soo, who started off his career as a model due to his tall height, has became the face of the global fashion brand Mambo. Mambo is a clothing brand that originates from Australia and focuses on casual wear. Mambo will be launching in Korea this May.

In related news, Lee Kwang Soo has been confirmed for a supporting role in “Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi,” featuring Moon Geun Young as Joseon’s first female potter.



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ah...sorry to say but it's about time KIM BUM actually have a drama of his own. I love the main leads already but I just couldn't help wondering why in the world haven't anyone ask Kim Bum if he ever want to be the leading guy in a drama. He proved numerous of time that he can do it. 
But anyway I'm looking forward to this drama since I love both of our leads :D 

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Guest MGYlove

Kim Beom To Play Moon Geun Young's Love Interest?

A love match between Kim Beom and Moon Geun Young? It could happen as Kim Beom is currently considering a leading role in the upcoming MBC drama, "Goddess of Fire."

As more members are confirmed for the cast, the popular actor is reading the script and deciding whether to take on his first saeguk role. It will be a last-minute decision as cast members for the 32-episode drama have already attended some group script readings. Beom can afford to be choosy as he just finished appearing in one of the year's most popular dramas. The young actor first appeared as an F4 member in "Boys Over Flowers," and then as an indie rocker in "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" but he has been taking on increasingly serious roles, as an angel in "Padam, Padam" and gambler in "That Winter The Wind Blows."
"Goddess of Fire" will follow the story of Baek Pa Sun, the first female ceramic artist in Joseon times. The china maker for the royal family was one of many artisans who were captured during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. She helped create many new types of pottery then considered Japanese works of art.

Moon Geun Young, who starred in "Cheondamdong Alice," "Mary Stayed Out All Night," and "Cinderella's Sister," will play Baek Pa Sun. She is already perfecting her pottery skills for the part.

Lee Sang Yoon, formerly in "Seo Young, My Daughter," will pay Gwanghee Gun, a Joseon-era king who was deposed after a15-year rule and sent to Jeju Island.

The latest cast member to be confirmed is Lee Kwang Soo, who starred in "Nice Guy." He will play Lee Sang Yoon's older brother.

Han Go Eun, who appeared in "Me Too, Flower!" will play royal concubine and political schemer Kim In Bin.

Park Geon Hyeong, who played the blind date doctor in "I Do, I Do" will play Lee Yook Do, the eldest son of a prestigious potter family.

There is no word on who Kim Beom will play but rumors say he will be Baek Pa Sun's Japanese love interest, a man so devoted he is prepared to die for her. And other rumors say he will become her husband. Netizens have expressed some excitement about the possibility of this onscreen pairing.

Kwon Soon Gyu has written the story. He was the writer for "Warrior Baek Dong Soo," another saeguk that Kim Beom considered playing in. The director is Park Sung Soo.

"Goddess of Fire" follows "Gu Family Book" and will premiere this summer.


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Guest MGYlove

Smartest actor in Korea Lee Sang yoon to reveal macho style pictorials
Actor Lee Sang yoon shoot fashion pictorials with W magazine and showed charismatic charms that he never showed before.

Actor Lee Sang yoon was first known for his smart brain. It is officially known in Korea that Lee went to number one college in Korea, Seoul National University. Then he played ‘nice son-in-law’ in mega hit drama ‘My daughter Seo young’ which ended with the highest view rate.

Therefore, Lee is an actor who has familiar neighbor-like image for all Korean. However, his pictorials in magazine W Korea are completely different from how he looked before. He turned into a macho guy with tough charisma. He shows poses and facial expressions like a real model, and he avoided clean suit style like he showed in the series.

In one photo, he put on a shirt with suspender and matched with a clutch bag to look sexy and charismatic. In another one, he put on a knit that reveals his body line and he matched it with half pants and ivory colored back pack. The bags he is holding is known from brand Couronne, which is men’s favorite brand.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang yoon is in preparation for a new series that is set to be aired in the beginning of July, and he will be acting with famous top star Moon Geun Young. (photo by W Korea)

For more: bntnews.co.uk
contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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Guest MGYlove


Jung-yi (Moon Geun Young):1561-1656

Lord Gwanghae (Lee Sang Yun):1575-1641 (<-love interests->) Jung-yi

Yi Yukdo (<-competitor->) Jung-yi

Inbin Kim: 16th King's mother

Yi Sam-pyeong:1580-1655

Fuka Umi:1557-1618

문근영 문스클럽 MOONSCLUB

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Guest luvmoon

Anyone knows whether Kim Bum has actually confirm his role in Goddess of Fire? Crossing fingers he'll take up the role....

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Guest yokari

@luvmoon hi chinggu.his agency havent confirmed his casting yet but they're positively considering it.i think they're goin to confirmed it once Kim Bum came back to Korea from his commitments in some Asian countries.im also looking forward for their announcement.let's just wait for now and hope that he'll never turn down the offer.

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