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[Drama 2013] Ugly Alert 못난이주의보

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Guest IemanAdnan

anybody knows the song played in episode 50 when doo hee was driving after know jun su has criminal record,?

and the song again in episode 115 start at 7:24

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I was just browsing some Im Joohwan's drama and I encounter this drama. At first I was in doubt whether I should watch it since it's 133 episodes as this is a daily drama and daily drama tends to be so makjang until it gave you headaches. However, I took the challenge an tried first 4 episodes and i just cant stop... just at episode 4, the drama has caught my feelings and my tears. Now, I've finished all 133 episodes. This drama is great. 

It was my first time watching Kang Sora, Im Joohwan, drama... and I think I've missed a lot. 

They're totally great actor actress :D

I'm going to watch their others drama now.

This drama bring tears to my eyes, laugh, giggling, squealing, and I'm just happy watching this heartwarming drama... I know that most daily drama have strong family values in it but this drama just so great in that department. The family values that being shown by Junsu towards his brother and sisters is rare and something that we all should learn. how he value and appreciate his family. I just love this drama. I'm glad I was browsing through Im Joohwan's drama and decided to start this drama. A total worth it. :) 

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