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[Drama 2013] Goddess of Marriage 결혼의 여신

Guest jobogae

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Guest jobogae

결혼의 여신
Goddess of Marriage
Nam Sang Mi4jwy.jpg

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Relationship Chart:
Title: 결혼의 여신 / Goddess of Marriage

Chinese Title: 結婚的女神
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 32 (To be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-June-29 to 2013-Oct-13
Air time: Saturday Sunday 21:50


This play explores a definition of matrimony by a storyline of a lead.

Radio module author Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi) has a pristine outlook, that could be construed naive, though also self-assertive. She dreams of a honeyed and pristine love, though worries about a disproportion between existence and an ideal love. Then, She falls into adore triangle with dual men, Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) and Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon).


Main Cast

Nam Sang Mi - Song Ji Hyue (송지혜)
Lee Sang Woo - Kim Hyun Woo (김현우)
Kim Ji Hoon - Kang Tae Wook (강태욱)Lee Tae Ran - Hong Hye Jeong (홍혜정)

Supporting Cast

Jo Min Soo as Song Ji Sun
Kwon Hae Hyo as Song Ji-Sun’s husband
Lee Tae Ran as Hong Hye Jung
Kim Jung Tae as Kang Tae Jin
Jang Young Nam as Kwon EunaHee
Jang Hyun Sung as No Seung Soo
Shim Yi Young as Nam Mi Ra
Lee Sung Min as Cynthia Jung
Lee Se Young as Kim Ye Sol
Go Na Eun as Han Se Kyung

Production Credits

Production Company: Samhwa Networks
Director: Oh Jin Suk
ScriptWriter: Jo Jung Sun

FM http://thekoreandrama.com/korean-drama/goddess-of-marriage.html

Official SBS Web Page


Viki (Thanks to the fans for providing subtitles!)

Raw English Subtitles (Thanks Darksmurf and Rispana!)
http://rispana2.blogspot.com/search/label/goddess of marriage

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Nam Sang Mi is alright.  She doesn't have strong screen presence but if it's a good story I think it'll be okay.  Though I want Lee Sang Woo as main guy but it seems he may be 2nd lead again.  He's my sole interest in this but will only watch if he gets the girl. 

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Nam Sang Mi  , still remember her from time between dog & wolf ,, such an amazing drama .. and in Sweet spy.. she was so perfect that really she did annoy me with her stupidity ( the character ) ..  

and she is a beautiful actress  :x

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How annoying that this tread moving so slow.
is no one there that support uri Nam Sang Mi, Lee Sang Woo and Kim Ji Hoon...

Ok I'll start the topic about GoM. Did u think that GoM will be an interesting Drama? How about the story line?
Share ur though ...

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I think GoM will be an interesting drama (I'm a fan, haha)
1. because Nam Sang Mi on there
2. because I never see Lee Sang Woo and Kim Ji Hoon's dramas before
3. because it has 'good' storyline, and I hope it will be 'best' storyline after airing
4. I love underrate drama with good quality than overrate drama that so-so, haha

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Nam Sang-mi becomes Goddess of Marriage for SBS

New drama alert! It’s called Goddess of Marriage, and this one headlines three stars I like very much, which automatically makes me sit up a bit straighter and hope a little harder for a good result. I mean, I always hope for a good result, but when you’ve got Kim Ji-hoon (so gruffly sweet, as in Flower Boy Next Door), Nam Sang-mi (warm and earnest in an endearing way, as in Light and Shadow), and Lee Sang-woo (so awesome as the best oppa ever in Thousand Day Promise) — well, you really want the drama not to waste all that collective charm.

It’s a weekend series for SBS, and as you may surmise from the title, the story explores the meaning of marriage through the storyline of its lead, a radio writer played by Nam Sang-mi. She dreams of a sweet, pure love and falls into a love triangle with our two men, with the ensuing romance looking at the reality of love versus the ideal. It’s not clear which guy is the bigger lead from the descriptions and both actors are on similar levels of fame, so we can’t start crying yet about the one who gets left in the cold. I suppose we could wish for nobody to be left out of the romance, but I’m pretty sure that’s a different kind of drama entirely, and maybe not one we get to see on family-friendly weekend broadcasters. So crying it is.

There will be a number of other characters and love triangles featured, as the show follows four women all dealing in some form with the question of what marriage means to them, a concept that calls to mind the cable drama Marriage Plot (though hopefully in a more cohesive and skillful way). That means that we’ll be getting a balance of personalities and romantic experiences… or we will if the drama does a decent job with the premise. And despite its slot on weekends, it sounds like Goddess of Marriage skew more toward being a modern trendy careerwoman drama, as opposed to the usual multigenerational family sprawl.

Goddess of Marriage comes from the PD of Brilliant Legacy and will follow the upcoming series Birth Secret, which places its premiere all the way in July. It plans to begin filming at the end of April, though, which does give the show a pretty roomy head start to film and prepare — let’s hope it uses that time wisely.

Via Star News

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Guest jobogae

Casting news ... SBS confirms that Lee Tae Ran joins Goddess of Marriage!  Great actress .. love her in Yellow Handkerchief -- totally dating myself LOL. :P

이태란, 상위 1% 청담동 며느리로 SBS 결혼의 여신 합류 관련 이미지

배우 이태란이 SBS 새 주말특별기획 ‘결혼의 여신’(극본 조정선/연출 오진석)으로 안방극장에 컴백한다.

29일 이태란의 소속사 스타페이지 엔터테인먼트는 “올해 초 중국 절강TV에서 방송된 중국드라마 ‘봉황모란’의 홍보와 중국드라마 촬영을 마치고 귀국한 이태란이 국내 복귀작을 신중히 검토 중 오진석 PD와 조정선 작가의 ‘결혼의 여신’의 출연을 확정했다”라고 밝혔다.

‘결혼의 여신’은 결혼의 진정한 의미에 대해 고민하며, 각각의 인생관과 결혼관이 다른 커플들의 갈등과 사랑을 통해 결혼의 소중함을 그릴 드라마다. 이태란은 이 작품에서 가난한 집안에 장녀로 태어났지만 청담동 며느리들 중에서도 상위 1%를 차지할 정도의 신분상승을 이루는 전직 아나운서 출신 홍혜정 역을 맡는다.

소속사에 따르면 이태란은 ‘결혼의 여신’에 출연하며 한국과 중국의 주말 안방극장을 모두 책임지게 됐다. 이태란 주연의 중국 드라마 ‘구름위의 유혹’이 중국 위성TV인 호남방송에서 매주 주말 밤에 방송되기 때문.

지난 22일 전체 대본연습이 진행된 ‘결혼의 여신’에는 이태란을 비롯해 조민수, 남상미, 김지훈, 이상우 등이 출연한다. 방송은 ‘출생의 비밀’ 후속으로 오는 6월말 전파를 탈 예정이다.

[사진=스타페이지 엔터테인먼트]


(SBS 통합온라인뉴스센터 강선애 기자)

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Thank you @jobogae for creating this thread. Honestly, Kim Ji Hoon is the only reason for me to watch this drama. I do hope KJH to be first male lead. The story line is not so interesting for me (just yet). Perhaps it is too early to judge. Let's wait for more information. 

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Nam Sang Mi start filming with KJH & LSW
Check the news at: http://koalasplayground.com/2013/05/03/nam-sang-mi-starts-filming-goddess-of-marriage-with-kim-ji-hoon-and-lee-sang-woo/

Can't wait to see her in fresh drama...

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