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[Variety] Mission... COMPLETE!! (An American take on Korean Variety)

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Hey guys, some of you may know me as one the main subbers for X-Man back in 05-06 (along with coolsmurf), but I'm here to share with you guys a fan inspired version of Korean Variety known as Mission... COMPLETE!!


Mission... COMPLETE!! (Created by Mark Gadia and Ivan Li) is a San Diego, CA fan production inspired by Korean variety shows such as Running Man, X-Man and Infinity Challenge. Other groups have tried to make their own versions of Korean Variety but none have actually tried to replicate its format. This is our attempt at it. You may not know the people you see on screen but we do hope that what you see is enough for you to continue watching.

Here's Part 1 of the Pilot Episode

Starring (from left to right)
Fernando Jay Huerto, Natalie Cisneros, Rian Gadia, Keith Hammond (Host), Neil Aguilera (Me), Eunjae Kim, Rita Quach

Featuring Special Guest
Eunyee Kim

The last 2 parts will come out in due time. Comments and critiques are always welcome. I hope you guys enjoy!

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Skipping 7 months ahead, here's the latest installment of MISSION... COMPLETE!

For those wondering what happened to the initial episode, our director/editor decided to scrap the episode as he felt that there were a lot of technical issues amongst other issues that he didn't like in the episode. That and also because it was our first time filming a show like that, the rest of the crew pretty much saw it as an experiment to see what needed to be fixed for later episodes.

And so we bring you this episode to help commemorate San Diego's first ever Night Market. We hope you enjoy!
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