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[Drama 2013] Master's Sun 주군의 태양

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...Ahhhh..thank you so much @mabelialong, its always good to know when one misses that TMS spirit, you are always here to cheer us on with your many beautiful posts/vids/and pictures...
Though these two amazing and beautiful individuals have continued to move on and become successful in their own right throughout 2014, with their many activities and projects, one still has a lingering thought....will 2015 perhaps bring them together again in another project, or otherwise...Selfish me...missing the glory days of TMS, the chemistry that was, the hype and fascination of it all, the glamour and the possibilities of what could be, the fashion.....sigh!! Those were the bestest days, absolutely...!
Thank you @everyone for continuing to return to our once 'lively' safe haven where ordinary people from all over the world, came upon this thread and started a new family all for the love of TMS....and I think to be honest, that is why this couple will continue to remain in our hearts, because quite frankly, they started it.....LOL!!
Happy Holidays Everyone!...Be safe where ever you are, and pray for those around the world who have succumbed to so many tragedies and sadness in 2014....FIGHTING!!
>:D< >:D< >:D<

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