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[Drama 2013] Master's Sun 주군의 태양

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I was looking through the final compiled The Master's Sun project book version earlier today.. it reminded me of the fun times we had & all the wonderful people we interacted with during the project .. That project made TMS even more meaningful to me! A big thanks to everyone on the thread for these beautiful memories and of course to Joo-goon and Tae-yang for making us all fall in love with them!
here's some of the fanart i created for the project - 


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@sunshine15Thank you so much for sharing the fanart from the TMS project book once more with us... they are gorgeous and bring back all the wonderful memories, not only of this amazing drama, but also the incredible experience of being a part of this thread, and contributing, in some small way, to the project book. Thank you all for your passion that made, and continues to make, this thread a haven to hang out in for all TMS lovers.
SBS One started airing TMS again in my country... Ep1 being aired last night. Watching it is like a breath of fresh air... reliving once more the magic that was Joogoon and Taeyang. And I also had a lot of fun switching between the multiple dubs - Malay, Chinese, then run scrambling back to the Korean. Nothing beats the original for sure, and JW's kyeojo will always be memorable only when said by SJS. Truly miss them all... 

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