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[Drama 2013] Master's Sun 주군의 태양

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Posted by goodange on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 · Leave a Comment 

Gong Hyo Jin‘s Tae Kong Shil loses a shoe while desperately fleeing a scene, and in her urgency, she uses the most convenient replacement nearby … Is that a tissue box? Because that looks less strange than being barefoot? Meanwhile, the one shoeless heroine grows even closer with her gositel neighbor Kang Woo (Seo In Gook), as they return home from the bus stop.





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Posted by leila108 on Monday, August 12, 2013 · Leave a Comment 

Another year when a sure Hong Sister’s drama will be shown. 2013, will you be the year when the sister’s can redeem themselves?

Strike two for the Hong’s since I was literally heartbroken (Best Love) and disappointed (Big) with their last two dramas. Having said that, I kinda lowered my expectations on their new drama and will let it be. This is how I move on. Besides, everyone deserves a chance, crossing my fingers they do deserve it.


I find the first week really engaging and heartfelt. I’m so easy to please you know. Without further a do, let’s dig in!

Week One:


Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) is your regular house keeper and for the nth time, she was again asked to clean Room 404. This room was always vacant, as tenants never seem to stay long. It seem that the room is haunted, or should I say that Gong Shil attracts ghosts like a magnet. Gong Shil looks nervously around the room as she was cleaning when a granny ghost came to view. The next thing we see is that she’s being chased. Her surrounding turned like those abandoned building, with all the flickering lights. Gong Shil hurriedly run into her room only to be confronted by granny again.

The ghost that Gong Shil saw at Room 404 never intent anything bad. She was there to simply ask  for a favor, that is to give her savings to her family. Gong Shil went to the wake and did exactly as she was told. Granny is not affluent but managed to save enough to pay her own funeral expenses and debt, just to lighten the burden from her children. Poor soul, its heartbreaking to see the siblings fight over money and care less about granny.


Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub), CEO of Kingdom Group, is making a business deal, buying a land for his golf course. The owner refused despite the good offer, saying that his late wife disagreed to sell their property. However the cold and arrogant Joong Won can’t simply let this one pass. He managed to force the owner to sign the contract by pissing him off, cutting his wife’s favorite rose plant. Joong Won always get what he wants, his way. Worse ego. What a way to introduce him.

Joong Won and his secretary heads back to Seoul. On the road, Gong Shil waits for a ride and tried to hail Joong Won’s car as it pass. But His Royal Coldness asked Secretary Kim not to stop. Suddenly something passed in front that forced Secretary Kim to a halt. Funny how Gong Shil entered happily inside the car thinking they stopped for her. Good one. A ghost again appeared and caused Gong Shil to scream because of fright. But when she held Joong Won, the ghost immediately disappeared. Strange. So Joong Won is her bulky ghost repellent?? *glee*


Gong Shil’s life is nothing close to normal. She has been fired time and again because of the ghosts she always encounter in work, even her dates are ruined by them. This has become part of her living that its wearing her out. It seem that her life includes fulfilling a mission set by the ghosts.

Onto her next assignment, this time it involves two famous stars . A wedding is set but the groom is being blackmailed by his past love. One stormy night, he was seen digging beside a tree, looking for an important box. He found out, it wasn’t already there. The groom looks like a gloomy husband-to-be forced to do something without his heart fully on board.


Before we go further, it’s time to meet Kang Woo (Seo In Gook). He is the newly hired team  leader of Kingdom Group’s security and also the new tenant of Room 404. Now, I’m beginning to be a happy camper.  He toured the apartment and saw Gong Shil sleeping at the rooftop after finishing her laundry. The sun was shining brightly, so he sweetly covered her using the clothe hanging by. Gong Shil suddenly woke up and was startled to see a shadow by the clothes. And there you have the classic meet-cute plus few flirty meowing. I will be flexible and go easy with this.

Going back to the mission. Gong Shil was invited by the bride, Tae Yi Ryung, to attend the wedding. She used this opportunity to finally meet Hye Sung and convey an important message. Gong Shil brought with her the box that she got from Mi Kyeong’s crypt. When she finally met Hye Sung, she told him the truth about Mi Kyeong’s death. This is such a moving story.



I cried watching this scene raw. Well done, the beat was so nice that my tears flowed naturally. No words needed to convey such a beautiful message. True love can’t be separated even in death. How amazing to know that this can be true in life too? Hye Sung finally discovered that his very own Manager was the one blackmailing him after all. Greedy with money much Ahjussi?? You deserve that punch! Since Tae Yi Ryung is the classic *itch in a Hong Sister’s drama, I care less that her wedding was ruined. At least her life is saved from marrying a man who does not love her, and never will. Fate is fair.

Gong Shil was so damned tired completing mission after mission. She badly needs sleep and her idea of a good one is beside Joong Won. Not bad gurl! However, that could just be a dream since he’s not giving in that much. Like, his Royal cold body can’t possibly sleep with her. At least, not for now. We will all patiently wait for that. For the meantime, Joong Won has a past that happens to take his heart with it. Basically he is living without it right now, that’s why he can manage a successful business without care who gets hurt on the way. Also, he’s suffering from dyslexia caused by the traumatic kidnapping incident.


Apparently, students do have class at night. They were busy doing a spirit-of-coin kinda thing, instead of studying notes. Good thing their teacher appeared just in time to stop what they are doing. This leads us to the next case about a student and her mean girlfriends. Rumors are starting to spread when a certain photo was leaked through the internet involving the Kingdom mall’s fountain area. A ghost was seen at the fountain where a trio of students took their photo.

Gong Shil saw an advertisement for a janitorial job at the Kingdom mall. Nice, a way to get closer to His Royal Coldness. I’m glad she’s taking one step at a time. Of course, Joong Won isn’t happy to see her working at a place where he’s always at. He’s continuously having a bad day and her presence just adds wood into the fire. Because of the fountain ghost rumor, Joong Won’s past got mixed in with it. They say that Joong Won’s dead girlfriend is the ghost lurking around the mall. This is the kind of advertisement that Joong Won isn’t fond of much.


At night, Gong Shil tried her luck at ghost hunting thinking this will be a way to keep her by Joong Won’s side. She’s not only the person lurking to find one, since the students are there too. Amidst this, I’m glad to see Kang Woo there just to lighten up the mood in this scene and to further show us how charming he is, he escorts Gong Shil as she tried to find the student ghost. Well, Kang Woo obviously has a hidden agenda tucked neatly in his sleeves. But I’m going to forego that for now as I enjoy him being the gentleman who makes Gong Shil smile. Also, add me.

The trio went near the fountain area and Kang Woo shouted as he saw them. Of course the trio run away. This gave Gong Shil and the student ghost named Eun Seol a chance to talk. Kang Woo looked around to find the girls but they were no longer in his sight. As the students were about to leave, Gong Shil caught up with them and handed over the photo.

I’m not yet that invested about Joong Won’s kidnapping case. I have my own guess that I’m saving for later. For now, I think what matters to me is knowing he’s not really a cold, filthy rich guy to the core. He just has a stumbling block that needs to be broken so that Gong Shil can pass right through. That aside, Gong Shil met up with Joong Won to let him in to what she has discovered. They both went to school of the students. Then we learn more about Eun Seol’s life there serving the mean girls with all her heart and yet they don’t really care much about her. Sad.


The day of Eun Seol’s accident was the day she discovered the true colors of her friends. Eun Seol really took this to heart and died in a car accident. Tragic. The mystery behind the fountain photo was uncovered when Gong Shil asked one of the students that found Eun Seol’s mobile phone. She also witnessed the accident plus how badly Eun Seol was hurt by the trio. The truth poured in wrapped with hatred. But when reality finally sets in, at least everyone learned and redeemed themselves somehow. Again, this is such a moving scene especially when the students sincerely asked for Eun Seol’s forgiveness. And the fact that Eun Seol freely gave it was so sweet. The story didn’t end in a bad note and I’m happy. It’s the realization of your mistake and making it right that is more important than anything.

Tears accompanied me here too. Am I going to be invested in the story like this? Heart, how glad I am that you are present.

That is another mission done. Gong Shil is now glad that she can stay as a janitor at the mall. As long as she won’t get near the snarky boss and go at the fourth floor office, she can retain her job. I’m liking Secretary Kim too because he’s seeing Gong Shil in a different light. I’m delighted she has an ally in Ahjusshi.

Anyhow, Joong Won may seem that he does not care about Gong Shil, like he can easily leave her. But truth be told, I think he’s just being careful. I know he has a loyal heart and I can’t wait to see it back loving again. Well, Kang Woo can already sense that Gong Shil is going to play a role in Joong Won’s life. Seeing Kang Woo make Joong Won jealous is such a nice icing to this cake. I smell a jelly fish in Joong Won and I’m delighted knowing where this is heading.


Personal thoughts:

First stop, I’m not a fan of horror or suspense-thriller, at all. My imagination is really strong so I steer clear off stuff I could possibly dream of at night. Having said that, I’m taking a major risk on this drama despite of it’s theme. Hoping (and praying) that it’s more than just another ghost story.

Thankfully, it is!

I’m uber glad this did not scare me as much as I thought it would. I enjoyed it more in fact and loved that the background story of the ghost is filled with heart. The story made it bearable to watch and if this theme continues, I’m all in. 


Seo In Gook, oh how much you’ve grown babe! Now that I know what the Hong’s can do to my second-lead-heart-bias, I’m more than prepared to get my heart broken by you, it’s a privilege Seo In Gook. But please, I hope this will be a gentle blow. If there is such a thing. His character is mysterious and yet very lovable. And the fact that he can make His Royal Coldness turn into a mushy-jelly substance, all the more better! I’ll be cheering you on the side.


What a revelation. I can’t believe So Ji Sub can make me laugh, big time. Mr. Sarcastic is so damn cute when he’s not even trying. I’m super enjoying his persona. So Ji Sub surely knows how to layer his character cleverly and effectively, showing us how he can make Joong Won’s ordinary character come to life in a very intriguing way sprinkled with humor. Joong Won simply keeps on living, but reality is, he’s more dead than those actually are. But I love him despite that he is naturally arrogant, snarky and sarcastic. Also the fact that he’s funny without him knowing it. He has a very gloomy past that he’s trying to forget. But like his shadow, its never going anywhere.

He is my favorite character by far. I know that week one or even week two, we’ll be seeing more of his flaws. But I’m more excited when he can finally show us the man he truly is. I’m positive, he deserves to be loved by Gong Shil. The attraction isn’t just merely to repel ghost away from Gong Shil. Surely there’s more to that.


I love Gong Shil so much! Just the fact that she’s so eager to be with Joong Won, not because he’s handsome and filthy rich, but simply because she wants to live normally and sleep soundly, is a gem to be hold! Maybe a good reason too, for him to fall for her since she isn’t superficial. Though for now, that’s to her advantage, like she badly needs rest and she thinks Joong Won can provide her that. The conflict is, he won’t give in easily. Hahaha! Such a push and pull of character that I enjoy, as good as bickering done another way.

Gong Shil’s simplicity is really endearing, that Hyo Jin innately have. This fact actually makes Joong Won notice her and slowly she’s getting in his system. She’s not trying to flirt with him just to get his full attention. But it’s the thing she does that remains unseen to her that makes him curious. It’s a delight how giddy Gong Shil is just seeing Joong Won. And her eagerness to keep him close, makes my heart flutter. Moreover, if she’s going to make his life shine brighter, count me in!!


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cr:The Master's Sun 주군의 태양
'The Master's Sun' is another Hong Sisters' hit drama.


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Who else thinks GHJ is pretty? she looks gorgeous on the posters with her makeup n lipstick

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missabeat said: @Lmangla: oh, good for him. Swimming is a great sport. I've never thought of So Ji Sub as a fish though lol. I always think he's attractive, I remember having a light crush on him way back in Glass Slippers. It's tragic that his character died in the end OTL. Then I saw him again in Gege no Kintaro, in which he played a long haired villainous youkai <3


Aaaand the man died again OTL I heard he died quite regularly in his projects :\

@Onion: "promiscuous sexy woman" is a dangerous place to tread. Because it could easily fall into "richard simmons-shaming." While some women prefer to be intimate with very few people in their life, there are others who enjoy active (and protected) sex life, and there's nothing wrong with it either. What I'd agree with you is that the emphasis on a woman's virginity, or the lackthereof, is a patriarchal concept that should be overthrown.

Most of the time, i got so tired of having sexism in my romance dramas that I turn to watch kid shows (super sentai, anyone?) Lo and behold, gender norms are there too. Female rangers can only come in Yellow and Pink, with the later one being my least favorite color ever when I was totally clueless about gender stereotypes. I just don't like Pink for no particular reason. Anyway, the color coded thing is something I can live with, but I think it's still hideous and even more dangerous in that subtle and non-threatening way.

Oh look a bunch of old grumpy women have made this rom-com thread so depressing.

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Guest filchiny

rrmski said:

@adlyn13 and @filchiny: It's good to see you here. I miss our Faith days :)

From the preview, I think that our lead still has hope. I know he'll probably ruin the moment by saying something rude or evil once again, but I think that's a good start for him.

Possible spoilers:

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@moodypie: lol I thought of Kim Nam Gil too. I think SJS is still a few deaths behind compared to KNG (that sounds wrong). Gege no Kitaro was a mediocre children show and SJS's role was short-lived, but the man was both charming and intimidating. I'd recommend you to check it out if only for SJS.

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