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[Drama 2013] Empire of Gold 황금의 제국

Guest facing

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Guest facing


Empire of Gold 황금의 제국


Episodes: 24
Broadcast network:
Air time:
Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Release Date: July, 2013
Jo Nam-Kook
Park Kyung-Soo
Airing after: Jang Ok Jung
Website: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/sbsgold/


A drama about the power struggle within a rich family living through Korea′s turbulent economy of the 1990s. It will cover a twenty-year span from 1990 to 2010, and follow the power struggle between three people for control of one chaebol empire. Jang Tae Joo (Go Soo) is the man who will build up his so-called empire of gold from nothing and raises his little sister on his own after their father dies. He fall in love with Choi Seo Yoon (Lee Yo Won),an chaebol heiress. But his biggest rival is her cousin Choi Min Jae (Son Hyun Joo).


Ko Soo as Jang Tae Joo
Handsome, smart, tough, he’s such a perfect man. But he doesn’t have one thing : money.
It brings lot of humiliation and disgrace. He lost his father because of poverty and he doesn’t want to have the same fate. Then he joined an enterprise, Sungjin Group, and hoped to build a success story. But his job was only a guard and the future heir of the company bullied him and betrayed him. Tae Joo started to grow ambition and moved with dangerous plot.
Lee Yo Won as Choi Seo Yoon
Second daughter of Chairman Choi Dong Sung, owner of Sungjin Group. She has pride and brave.
When she was in junior high school, her father was in the list of 10 wealthiest men in South Korea. She never watched price tag whenever she bought something.
People said that Sungjin Group is a golden enterprise but Seo Yoon knew what the truth behind the gold.
There was a shadow of betray, trickery, conspiracy and blood. She wanted simple life than a princess of an empire of blood.
But , when she saw her incapable brother and childish older sister, she knew that she’s the person-in-charge for the empire.
While she stood against storm for her empire, she also slowly exhausted.
At that time, Tae Joo appeared.
The tragedy of a princess, who loves beast, starts.
Son Hyun Joo as Choi Min Jae
The son of the vice president of Sungjin Group, Choi Dong In. Nephew of the chairman of Sungjin Group, Choi Dong Sung.
He’s intelligent, courteous, he doesn’t easily show his emotion.
He keeps both ambition-of-being emperor and smartness of hiding it.
The original son of Chairman, Won Have is more stupid that he thought.
But his uncle, the Chairman, removed him (Min Jae) to protect his real son.
Min Jae battles against Seo Yoon fiercely but he starts to scare when he fights against Tae Joo who joins the empire.
Jang Shin-Young as Yoon Seol Hee
Tae Joo’s senior in high school. She’s poor and wanted to be free from poverty badly.
Using her beauty, she starts real-estate consulting business.
Men are her tools to reach her dream, but it changes after she meet Tae Joo again.
She loves him.
Ryu Seung-Soo as Jo Pil Do
Former gangster, now real estate developer.
When he run real-estate consulting company, he often quarreled with Tae Joo.
But after Tae Joo saved him from bankruptcy, he becomes Tae Joo’s right hand man.

Sung Jin Group
Park Geun Hyung as Choi Dong Sung
Kim Mi Sook as Han Jung Hee
Uhm Hyo Sup as Choi Won Jae
Go Eun Mi as Park Eun Jung
Shin Dong Mi as Choi Jung Yoon
Jung Wook as Son Dong Hwi
Lee Hyun Jin as Choi Sung Jae
Jung Han Yong as Choi Dong Jin

People around Jang Tae Joo
Nam Il Woo as Jang Bong Ho
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Tae Joo's mother
Yoon Seung Ah as Jang Hee Joo
Kim Kang Hyun as Na Choon Ho
Lee Won Jae as Kim Kwang Se
Kim Jung Hak as Shin Jong Ho

Choi Yong Min as Park Jin Tae
Park Ji Il as Kang Ho Yun
Jin Seo Yun as Jung Yoo Jin


5Mins teaser

황금의 제국 OST Part 1 / Empire of Gold OST Part 1
  • 가슴에 새긴다(Lodged in My Heart) by 연규성(Yeon Kyu Sung)

source: http://asianwiki.com/Golden_Empire_-_Korean_Drama
character description: http://allkoreandrama.com/empire-of-gold/
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Guest facing

Ko Soo : starring a leading role for drama "Golden Empire" after three and a half years
Article by Kstyle
Translated by Wid KS

Actor Ko Soo is likely to be appointed as the male hero role in "Golden Empire" (working title), a SBS drama that scheduled to be broadcast in Korea on July this year.

The news said," Still in adjustment stage. The detail stated that they proposed Ko Soo for starring and he's positively considering it. He's expected to become the leading role, as long as there is no obstacle."

In "Golden Empire/Imperial Golden" we can expect the work of Cho Nam Kook and producer Park Kyung Soo, who produced blockbuster movie last year "THE CHASER" to hit it off again. The story is about the Korean economy situation 20 years ago.  It's the political drama about the early 1990s when Korea were facing turbulent period, depicts the unfolding battle between family over the seat of the emperor.

If his appearance in this drama finalized, Ko Soo will encounter TV viewers after three and a half years since his last drama on January 2010 "Will it Snow in Christmas?"

Currently, Ko Soo is working hard to finish the shooting of his upcoming movie "The Way Home" with Jeon Do Yeon and Director Pan Eun-jin.

source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=1966251
translated by @widahk at Ko Soo thread

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Guest guadi

Yayyy!!! I've been looking forward to this show since it was mentioned last year that Writer Park Gyeon-soo will write this script. His show, the Chaser, was one of my favorite shows last year. Incredibly gripping and intense. 
The plot for Golden Empire is interesting. I have no doubt this writer will delve deeper into Korean chaebol system and politics of the 1990s. Looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the table. Also, so good to see Go Soo back. I miss him and his incredibly expressive eyes ;;)
Mister X wrote this lenghty and interesting profile on Park Gyeon-soo last year. Click Here if you're interested in reading about his background and writing style.

Sample of Park's writing from The Chaser

Take the seemingly endless list of amazing lines the great Park Geun-Hyung got to utter in this show as the formidable chairman of Hano Group – a role which reminds of his own character in The Sandglass, but also of the great Hollywood villains of the pre-blockbuster era, like a more parochial and perhaps resonant version of Don Corleone from The Godfather. With only a few words, you can deduce the character’s past and what built his current personality, not to mention his view of the world, of politics and all the ethical brume surrounding it. It is dialogue too rich to effectively be rendered in another language, but let’s just mention a few of the most memorable.

AKR20120718002600005_01_i.jpgEpisode 11

“혜라야. 내가 우째 술을 배웠는지 아나? 스무살 때 옆집 딸내미를 좋아했었다. 그런데 그 딸내미가 다른데로 시집을 갔다아이가. 마음 쓰리고 그래서 술을 배웠다. 그런데 두어달 지나니까 그 딸내미 잊어버리고 술 먹는 버릇만 남았다. 지금은 그 딸내미 이름 기억도 안난다. 그래도 요즘도 술은 먹는다. 꿈도 그런기다. 처음엔 페어한 세상을 만들겠다, 뭐 하겠다고 하면서 정치판 끼어들지만 이제 니는 내가 잊어버린 그 딸내미 이름처럼 처음 뭘 하겠다는 것도 잊어버리고 권력을 갖겠다는 욕심만 남은기라.”

“Hye-Ra, know how I first learned about the charms of the bottle? I fell for my neighbor’s daughter back in my twenties. But what do you know? Turns out this lass was going to marry someone else. The heartburn was so painful I drowned all my regrets in that bottle. Give it two months, and I’d already forgotten who that lady even was, and all that survived was my obsession with the bottle. I don’t even remember her name now, but you sure can bet I still remember how that bottle tastes like. It still keeps me company to this day.

Know what? Dreams are the same thing. First you fill them with great intents, and say things like “I’ll build a fair world for everyone to live in” as you enter the world of politics, filling your mouth with promises. But give it a few years, and those promises end up becoming like the name of that lady I can’t remember, vanished from my memories like the love I felt for her. All that remains is your thirst for power.”

Episode 12

“내 말 잘 들어라. 자존심은 미친년이 머리에 꽂고 있는 꽃과 같은기라. 왜 시골 마을에 꽃 꽂고 다니는 미친년 안 있나. 그런데 희한하제. 암만 얼굴을 만지고 때리고 그래도 하하 웃던 애가 머리에 꽃을 만지면 살쾡이로 변해서 덤비는기라. 지한텐 머리의 꽃이 지 몸보다 중요한기라. 사람들은 미쳐서 그런갑다 하겠지만 내가 볼 땐 다 똑같은기다. 사람들은 머리에 하나씩 꽃을 꽂고 산다. 아무 쓸모 없는데도 지 몸보다 중요하다고 착각하고 사는 게 하나씩 꼭 있다. 니한텐 그게 자존심이다. 닌 가만히 있어도 서동환 아들이고 한오그룹 회장이 될기다. 동윤이 저 놈이 아등바등 기어와 대통령이 되고 뭘 해도 니 발꿈치에 못 따라오는 거다.”

“Listen well, son. Pride is like a pretty flower a deranged wench sticks on her hair. You know the type… Head to a small town and you’ll find a lass or two putting on flowers and prancing around as if it made any difference. Know what? You can slap the tar out of them and they’ll keep going Hahaha as if nothing happened. But dare to touch that little flower and they’ll jump at you like some kind of ravenous wildcat. They’re telling you the flower means more to them than their own body. People will say it’s because they’re crazy, but I’ll argue it’s the same for everyone else. Every single one of us prances about with one of those flowers on our heads, that kind of useless little something we carry around and consider more important than our own selves. And your flower is pride. Just stay put, do nothing and you’ll still remain Seo Dong-Hwan’s son, and the future chairman of Hano Group. That Dong-Yoon can do all he wants. He can hurt your pride. But even if he becomes president, he won’t hold a candle to what you’ll become. To what you are.”

Episode 16

“내가 소학교 다닐 때 산 넘어 학교 가다가 책 하나 안 주웠겠나. 우찌나 재밌든지 읽다가 나무에 부딪치고 또랑에 빠지고. 내도 영욱아, 글쟁이가 되고 싶었데이. 그칸데 위로 형 둘이 징용 가서 죽어뿟제, 아버지는 간도가 자리 잡는다 하더니 연락도 없제, 동생 넷 하고 다리 저는 어매만 남았는기라. 고 때가 내 나이 열두살이었데이. 그래가 학교 작파하고 지게 지고 역전에 안 나갔나 내가. 집에 들어가면 어매하고 동생 넷이 내 주머니만 보는기라. 오늘은 얼마나 벌었을까, 쌀은 몇 되나 살 수 있을까. 요라고 보는기다. 요 때 생각했데이. 사나이는 돈을 버는 것이 다인기라. 자식 굶기면서 옳은 소리만 하는 것 그것만큼 큰 죄는 없는기라. 내는 이래 살았다. 동생 넷하고도 갈라섰다. 어떤 놈은 날 보고 괴물이라카고 어떤 놈은 악마라카고, 이 나라에 손가락 가진 놈 치고 내한테 손가락질 안 한 놈이 어데있노. 그라고 앉은 자리데이 여그가. 그런데 영욱아. 이 자리 딴 놈한텐 못 준다 내가. ”

“Think I never got hold of a single book when I had to cross those mountains to get to school? Some were so fun, I’d hit trees while reading them, or fall down the creek. Know what, Youngwook? I wanted to become a writer, too. But turns out my two older brothers get drafted and die in the war, my father leaves for Gando (Jiandao) saying he’d bring us over there when things settled down and then he disappears, and all I am left with are four young siblings and a mother who limps her way around. I was only twelve at the time.  What else could I do, if not quitting school and finding myself a job? Whenever I got home at night, all my mother and siblings looked at were my pockets. “How much will he have made today? How much will it take to buy some rice?” That’s all they wanted to know. That’s when it dawned on me: making money is all that matters for a man. Because there isn’t a greater sin than throwing fancy principles at the wall while your children are starving. That’s how I lived my life. I even had to part with my siblings for that. Some called me a monster, others a demon, and everyone in this country who has fingers pointed them at me at least once. But that’s what brought me here, what put me on this seat. So listen well, Youngwook. I’m not giving this seat to anyone. Anyone.”

That’s just three examples out of so many you could fill a book, for every character, in a way that strangely fits their personality like a glove. It’s the kind of dialogue that makes your hands tremble when you hear it, because you don’t get to witness this kind of quality all that often. Sure, Jung Ha-Yeon does it. Sometimes Noh Hee-Kyung does. Dialogue is not exactly Kim Woon-Kyung’s calling card, but he’s obviously good at that. But this kind of dialogue from someone who for all intents and purposes is still a glorified newcomer? Someone who’s too much of a perfectionist to even call himself a writer (he thinks he’s still a 작가 지망생, a hopeful. Someone who will be a writer when he grows up)? That kind of complexity, of social commentary and respect for genre tropes is something that today’s young blood completely ignores, perhaps because those who came before them (and now often act as their superior) wouldn’t even bother asking for any such effort.

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Guest happyjh

considering that Lee Yowon just finished a 50 episode drama & two movies, she might consider resting for a while, but it will be a great news too if she will take the offer.

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Guest loveitall

Is that him & Lee Yowon? Didn't know about that & I have never seen any of his work. If ever Lee Yowon will do this drama then I will be able to see him. I will be waiting for Lee Yowon, but it's alright if she decides not to participate in this drama too. She had been so loaded lately & probably would like to rest.

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