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[Variety] Barefoot Friends 맨발의 친구들

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Guest mtdt

I just watched Epi 6....

wah I declare I have a new oppa... Kim Hyun Joong!

He is sooooo man in the show! the Gedong and the rock lsland really shows it all!! :P

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Guest xopo17

rating for ep.7 :
SBS barefoot friends of 5.2%  >>>>  sighhhhhhhhh

i can't say anymore. ep.7 is not good enough , anyway its that a definition for a variety show to visit member's house ?? and seeing their room or their wife, kids ?
to me : its not variety show like i used to watch on korea variety show ! 

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Barefoot Friends E07 Softsubs
English Subtitle by DramaFever
Edited Version by rphere

*for HDTV 720p ver.

*you can try with another version.
*edited by some punctuation and pronouns call hyung, oppa, noona and much more.
*link error please PM me.
*cr to dramafever via @adskingofbeer for original version.

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I don't know why but BFF now seems lost. They don't make a strong concept from the first time. Now, whats their concept? With Yoon Se Yoon look like going to drop out from BFF after his recent DUI.

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Guest xopo17

Eun Ji-won courted to replace Yoon Se-yoon on Barefoot Friends
by girlfriday 

Eun Ji-won and Kang Ho-dong reunited? Baby Bear and Papa Bear, together again? I love a lot of variety bromances, but this is one of my all-time favorites. Word is that Eun Ji-won (Answer Me 1997) is being courted to join the cast of Kang Ho-dong’s SBS variety showBarefoot Friends, following the exit of comedian/MC Yoon Se-yoon from the cast due to his recent DUI. Wait… does this mean I have to start watching this show? Uh…

Yoon Se-yoon was issued a DUI for drunk-driving on May 28, and has since dropped out of his variety programs including SNL KoreaRadio StarKnee-Drop Guru, and most recentlyBarefoot Friends. He was reportedly only going to be on a temporary leave from Barefoot, but SBS has announced that the exit will be permanent, and that Eun Ji-won has been cast to replace him. Eun Ji-won’s reps say they’re still considering.

.............. For the complete news then go to http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/06/eun-ji-won-courted-to-replace-yoon-se-yoon-on-barefoot-friends/

credit : dramabeans

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Guest xopo17

hai @dreamdoll and @missgirlalu : nice to meet u in here beside in JOJ thread, keep posting in here guys

Rating for 130609 :

1. DWAWG : 16,0 %  >> congrats !!!

2. Real Man = 14,5 %  >> effect from Jang Hyuk 

3. Running Man = 12,8 %

4. 1N2D = 10,7 %

5. Mama Mia = 5,6 %

6. Barefoot Friend Ep.8 = 5,6 % >> atleast there is a rising 0,4 % from last week . 

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