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[Variety] Barefoot Friends 맨발의 친구들

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Hello everyone! I watched episode 1 and found out that this show is quite interesting. I also like the casting and I hope that eventually the rating will get higher.

Anyway, I am pretty amused also to Hyun Joong when he emailed UEE, looks like he's interested with her. :)

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Barefoot Friends E01 Softsubs
English Subtitle by DramaFever
Edited Version by rphere

*for HDTV 720p ver.

*you can try with another version.
*edited by some punctuation and pronouns call hyung, oppa, noona and much more.
*link error please PM me
*cr to dramafever via @adskingofbeer for original version
*resync for 720p HANrel ver.

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Okay... they are here!XDD ahahhaa... Unbelievable! Yoon Shi yoon is here! They've already arrive at Adi Sutjipto Airport. The airport is such a crowded and esp Malioboro and street arround. They said now its lot of traffic jam XD

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