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[Variety] Barefoot Friends 맨발의 친구들

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@princessviolet I read somewhere that the BFF filming is scheduled on Fri, Sat or Sun. But sometimes they are skipping a week like what RM did. RM's filming sched is M\T every other week. I hope that if they will film on Saturday, it will be a different project already.

From Eun Ji Won's schedule no BFF filming for Saturday is mentioned, or maybe the next project is filmed individually like what happened on the "My Story" project. On Hyunjoong's schedule they didn't put BFF for Sept.22 so maybe Hyunjoong won't appear on the next episode.

I don't know how to put this in spoiler so I will just colored in lighter and please highlight them to read.
Read on an article that HyunJoong's drama "Inspiring Generation" was postponed to January next year. I am kind of sad regarding this since his last drama City Conquest did not push through.


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@fenchfries well,i believe that sometimes,they didn't include a complete info about their sched.just like on Uee's sched for last week.there's no BFF filming in her sched.but then again,she did have a shoot for BFF as we can see her pic that has been taken by her fans after BFF filming.

btw,why there's only 5 members on that banner(?)??i know that eun ji won is not a permanent member.but what about eunhyuk & bum soo??
and can we have eun ji won as permanent member already??and how i wish se yoon to be back in BFF.i really like his mischievous act.

edit: yeah.i think Hyun Joong is not going to appear on next ep.coz i can't see him on next ep preview. and that ep probably has been recorded on 14th sept where Hyun Joong was sched to take his flight to Japan for his concert.

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@shoyunnie what I meant is that on Ji Won's sched they didn't include Saturday for BFF filming, while on Hyun Joong's sched they didn't put BFF on Sunday schedule which is for the showing. So maybe, Hyunjoong won't appear on the episode on Sunday. And maybe Ji Won's schedule is not updated or he's done to shoot for the next episode.
Regarding the banner, I am not sure on what is SBS trying to imply. When you click on the website  still eight (8) of them is there, I mean the original members. As for Ji Won, I don't know if he is a permanent member already. But his September schedule has BFF filming. For Eunhyuk and Bum Soo, I also don't know when they are coming back. Bum Soo is back on his radio show already.

@princessviolet thanks for the info. Maybe that's is why sometimes we got shock that they filmed already and we are unaware of it.


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Barefoot Friends E22 Softsubs
English Subtitle by DramaFever
Edited Version by rphere

*for HDTV 720p ver.

*you can try with another version.
*edited by some punctuation and pronouns call hyung, oppa, noona and much more.
*link error please PM me.
*cr to dramafever via adskingofbeer for original version.

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i've been waiting for the eng sub. and finally i can understand what hyunjoong said about uee during the quiz game...

HJ: i feel relieved because uee is here.. i'm better than her

naahhh... as hyunee shipper, i don't buy that excuse.. :)) i think he's happy because uee was there :))

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I'm watching the latest ep now w/ eng subs.. Jiwon totally does this thing in which he asks what the food is if he wants to get a taste. Like just what he did with Jongshin.. so he could sneak a taste he would pretend to ask what that food is even if he already knows it. I just remembered a somewhat similar thing that he once did. In 1n2d, he failed the morning mission so he's not supposed to eat breakfast. Kim C was the one who won but he would rather sleep. Jiwon was so close to taking Kim C's spot when Kim C decided to eat anyways... so when Kim C was breaking his fast, he'd ask Kim C... "what's that? what's that?" while pointing at this and that.. and mama bear would end up feeding him. :D
too bad, the trick doesn't work with jongshin :))

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i know.. sayuri was so funny and crazy at the same time! i find her quite relatable, she‘s lovely.

As for jiwon, he didn‘t use to cook much in 1n2d before, but when he does it turns out good. but the resident cook back then was mc mong.

I think the reason why he‘s so good at it stems from the fact that he‘s very picky with what he eats and has a very childish taste. so he knows what he wants.. and perhaps he has a certain standard on how his food should taste. no matter how unconventional that might be.

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