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[Drama 2013] The Queen's classroom 여왕의 교실

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

Date of airing : 12th June 2013
Broadcasting station : MBC
Time of airing :
9:55 pm (Weds/Thurs ) (korean time)
Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/qc/
English site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/13/2254126_49043.html
Writer :
김원석 Kim Won Seok
PD :
이동윤 Lee Dong Yoon
Eps: 16 (70mins each)
Main Cast : Go Hyun Jung

Supporting Cast : Ricky Kim, Choi Yoon Young, Yoon Yeo Jung
Student cast : Seo Shin Ae, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Hyang Gi
, Lee Young Yoo


Story : Adapted from the J-drama with the same name, "The Queen class room" is about a tough female teacher, Ma Yeo Jin (Go Hyun Jung) with a sad past who forms a strong barrier and enforces strong rules on the class of students that she is teaching to. Although she may seems like the a teacher from hell at first to her students, one of the them unexpectedly finds out the other side of her well meaning education methods and grows up mentally as well when she is faced with the lessons and the reality of the society and life thrown towards her before her school graduation.



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Nate news link
Aja Aja's DL links (Raw + OST) for members only

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Guest yeohweping

기사 이미지

Go Hyun Jung confirms casting as Ma Yeo Jin, a devil-like teacher who masks her good intentions behind her tough teachings.

기사 이미지


Julien Kang cast as a teacher again in MBC "The Queen's classroom".

기사 이미지
His highkick co-star, Jin Ji Hee joins castings as a student as well

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Go Hyun-jung to play role of teacher

Apr 13,2013
Go Hyun-jung
Go Hyun-jung is returning to dramas for the first time in three years, her agency said, ?after her previous? work in the SBS drama “The President” in 2010.

In the upcoming MBC drama, tentatively named “Queen’s Classroom,” she will play a teacher trying to discipline and educate her students for a year.

The teacher named Ma Ye-jin has a charismatic but cold character.

“This drama came fresh because it looks like it has a different style and concept from any other previous drama featuring incidents at a classroom,” the agency said.

“And [Go] was interested in acting as a teacher as she has never played the role before.”

The agency added that Go is excited about the drama as she will get to closely work with the youngsters.

As ?she has decided to take part in a school drama, it is expected that the piece will create a social debate on Korea’s education system and everyday life of students.

It will be aired in mid-June, after the ongoing drama “When A Man Loves” is over.

By Lee Sun-min
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Guest manquant

Queen's classroom Grade 6 section 3 
List of Child Actresses and Actors:

SanDeul Elementary School 6th Grade 3rd Class:
Kim Hyang Gi as Shim Hana (Kanda Kazumi)
Kim Sae Ron as Kim Seohyeon (Shindo Hikaru)
Seo Shin Ae as Eun Bomi ( Baba Hisako )
Lee Young Yoo as Go Nari (Sato Erika)
Byeon Seung Mi as Hwang Soojin
Choo Ye Jin as Han Seonyeong
Jeong Ji In as Seon Hwajeong
Kang Ji Won as Choi Byeongna
Jeon Baek Ijin as Yoon Jimin
Mang Saek Kyeong as Kim GaYool
Kim Jeong Yeon as Lee Dain
Shin Lee Jun as Pi Eunsoo
Cheon Bo Geun as Oh Donggoo (Manabe Yusuke)
Kim Ji Hoon as Kim Taeseong
Ryu Heok Hyeon as cho Yeonhoo
Kang Hyeon Wook as Song Uibo
Lee Ji Oh as Cha Jeongsoo
Yoon He Seong as Yoo Seok Hwan
Kim Ji Seok as Kang Minjae
Park Hoo Ra as Kwon Seokpil
Son Seong Joon as HanGyook
Kim Sang Woo as Park Gyeonghoon
Haek Seok Jun as Lee Dongjin
Lim Jae No as Jeong Samtaek

credits : Queen's Classroom Philippines fb

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[20130515][The Queen's classroom 여왕의 교실] Teaser #1

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Ko Hyeon-jeong, a powerful and charismatic teacher

Source | 2013/05/14 | 48 views | Permalink | 1 Comment



Ko Hyeon-jeong was a queen, a president and now a teacher.

MBC drama "The Queen's Classroom" revealed official pictures. Ko Hyeon-jeong takes on the role of Ma Yeo-jin the teacher. Her cold eyes and smile put on a different atmosphere from the usual teacher image. Her slick hair, black suit and black shoes earns her the name 'witch', 'gumiho' and 'psychopath'.

"The Queen's Classroom" is about the events that happen between teacher Ma Yeo-jin and her class grade 6-3. She is fatally realistic and sharp. She becomes the authority of an unjust society and doesn't fear threats and hypo criticism instead of protecting her children.

However, the class of 6-3 counters with her no matter what. They betray each other and reunite with each other, realizing what's real on the way. The set up of this drama is very different from the usual concept of teachers comforting their students with love.

The process of Ma Yeo-jin creating a high wall between her and her kids and the kids who don't want to lose to her will eventually bring inspiration.

To be aired in June.


Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )


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Guest yeohweping


[Class of the Queen] A special teacher is coming

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