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[ variety ] Strong Heart 2 / Hwasin / Incarnation ( 화신 - 마음을 지배하는 자 )

Guest Littlezaznangel

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Guest Littlezaznangel

Title: Strong Heart 2 / Incarnation / Hwasin: Controller of the Heart
Broadcasting Network: SBS
Broadcasting period: 02.19.13 - Present
Air Time: Tuesday
Official Website: http://hwasin.sbs.co.kr/

Hwasin - Controller of the Heart is a South Korean talk show which began airing on February 19, 2013 on Tuesday nights at 11:15 pm KST on SBS. It is hosted by comedian, Shin Dong-yeop, actress, Kim Hee-sun, and singer, Yoon Jong-shin. Hwasin has several meanings, including God of Tuesday and God of Talk, as well as Shin Dong-yeop and Yoon Jong-shin's Shin, and Goddess Kim Hee-sun. The program is referred to as the second season of Strong Heart, but with a different format focused on exploring lifestyle differences between generations through surveys to viewers.

Every week, thousands of viewers respond to surveys asking about different lifestyle issues. The different topics are reenacted through sketches with the hosts and guests. The guests must guess the #1 answers of different generations of viewers (10s to 50s). Incorrect answers will be punished with a blast of air. The format is similar to past popular SBS talk shows, Ya Sim Man Man and Shin Dong-yeop & Kim Won-hee's Hey Hey Hey, combining a ranking talk show with comedy sketches.


배역 이미지
Kim Hee Sun

배역 이미지
Shin Dong Yeop

배역 이미지
Yoon Jong Shin

[ guest ]
ep 1: Lee Su Geun, Eun Jiwon , Kim Jong min , Jun Hyun moo
ep 2 + 3 : Park Ji Young, Kang Hye-Jung , Jung Man Sik , Hong Seok Cheon, KwangHee ( ZE:A )
ep 4: So YiHyun , Bae Soo Bin , Im Seu long, Kim Je dong
ep 5: Kim Bum Soo , Kim Taewoo , Kim Eungsu , Park Gyuri ( Kara )
ep 6; G-Dragon & Daesung ( Big Bang ) , Kahi, Kim Kyung Ho , Noh Sa Yeon

ty to semi-fly who provides the links... ( this link is the torrent version all the files should be there including new ones ) just sort it by date and the newest one should be on top

available on viki and dramafever

ep 1:  part 1:    |   part 2:      pass: baochuongsone
ep 2:   part 1      |   part 2    pass: baochuongsone
ep 3: part 1part 2           pass: baochuongsone
ep 4  part 1   |   part 2   pass: baochuongsone
ep 5:credit to kpopella  http://uploaded.net/file/377f07g6/from/gxc21e
ep 6: credit to kpopella http://uploaded.net/file/zsmhryil/from/gxc21e
ep 7: credit to kpopella http://uploaded.net/file/v3halou4/from/gxc21e
        raw: http://kdrama-stream.com/watch-tag/incarnation-kim-woo-bin

Soompi news

ep 6


ep 5


ep 4

ep 2


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Guest Littlezaznangel

Actress Kim Hee Sun hilariously put her jealousy towards Kim Tae Hee on display as she decided to replace her name in place of the latter actress while reading her cards.

Kim Hee Sun, one of the MCs for SBS‘s ‘Incarnation‘, showed her wit on the April 2nd episode while reading out loud one of the common lies that men tell their girlfriends. #7 on the list was “You are a hundred times more beautiful than Kim Tae Hee.” However, rather than reading what is actually stated, Kim Hee Sun read, “You are a hundred times more beautiful than Kim Tae… Ah I mean Kim Hee Sun.”

MC Shin Dong Yup definitely did not let this slide as he pointed out right away, “It is written as Kim Tae Hee,” Kim Hee Sun responded, “I think maybe they might have written it wrong.. I saw the ‘Hee’ and thought it was me.”

With laughter increasing Kim Hee Sun read the sentence again, but replaced Kim Tae Hee’s name with the word ‘celebrity’ instead. Shin Dong Yup insisted she reads it correctly, but Kim Hee Sun hilariously refused and tried to negotiate with him, saying, “I rather say Song Hye Kyo then since I know her,” causing much laughter.

credit from allkpop


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Daebaksubs just release the links, but some of the episodes were hidden because of DMCA (Ep. 3 & 5)


If you want the hidden episodes, just go here :


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Guest sexy4yennie

I like the new concept fr Hwasinquest and MC so closelyso they can talk comfortable each other
and now they have 2 new MCKim GU Ra and Bong Tae Gyu

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Agree with you. The new concept is much more enjoyable but I don't like Kim GuRa. I want Yoon Jong Shin back.....
Kim GuRa seems like the main MC now. Shin Dong Yup rarely gets to say anything anymore. 4 hosts is 1 too many.

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I rewatch the family outing episode after watching the Hyori episode on Hwashin where Sandara Park commented on her stint in Family. What is she talking about? Everyone helped her. She was the one who didn't help herself get more noticeble....

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Guest personalgame

Hwasin - Operator of the Center is a Southern Japanese discuss display which started broadcasting on Feb 19, 2013 on Wednesday evenings at 11:15 pm KST on SBS. It is organised by comic, Leg Dong-yeop, celebrity, Kim Hee-sun, and musician, Yoon Jong-shin. Hwasin has several definitions, such as God of http://www.solorsgold.com/ Wednesday and God of Talk, as well as Leg Dong-yeop and Yoon Jong-shin's Leg, and Goddess Kim Hee-sun. The program is generally known as the second year of Powerful Center, but with a different structure targeted on discovering way of life variations between years through reviews to audiences.Every 7 days, a large number of audiences reply to reviews asking about different way of life problems. The different subjects are reenacted through blueprints with the serves and visitors. The visitors must think the #1 solutions of different years of http://www.mmo2buy.com/RS2007-Gold.html audiences (10s to 50s). Wrong solutions will be penalized with a boost of air. The structure is just like past popular SBS discuss reveals, Ya Sim Man Man and Leg Dong-yeop & Kim Won-hee's Hey Hey Hey, mixing a position discuss display with funny blueprints.

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Do you like Strong Heart 1 or Hwasin (Strong Heart 2)? I like Strong Heart 1 more but very sad when it's gone. I'll miss LDW. Excellent MC(not to mention the others as well).Never fear! At least I got to see LDW in other dramas like MG, SOAW and Partners. Hope to see LDW in more dramas and in more TV shows! :)

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