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[Movie 2013] Top Star 톱스타

Guest Bradamante

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Guest Bradamante

‘Top Star’ VIP Premiere to Be Held

[by Chloe Yun / photo by Jung Young Ran] On October 21 movie ‘Top Star’ held a VIP premiere at LOTTE CINEMA, Seoul. 
On that day, many celebrity guests including Nam Gyuri, T-ara, Taecyeon of 2PM, Joo Won, Choi Yeo Jin, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Yuri, Kim Min Jong, Kim Jung Eun, and Han Chae Young attended, to celebrate actor Park Joong Hoon’s director debut. 
‘Top Star,’ starring Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Min Joon, and So E Hyun, is about a top actor ‘Won Jun,’ and his manager ‘Tae Sik’ who desires to be a top star, Won Jun’s girlfriend ‘Mina,’ and their hidden story of success, betrayal, and ambition. 
Meanwhile, the movie is set to hit theaters on October 24. 

Source: bntnews.co.uk

Source: seoul.co.kr

Source: nate

Source: nate

Source: nate

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Guest Bradamante

김민준 박중훈 영화배우 화보란 이런것[포토엔]



[뉴스엔 조연경 기자]

'톱스타' 박중훈 김민준 화보가 공개됐다.

영화 '톱스타'(감독 박중훈)를 통해 감독과 배우로서 환상의 호흡을 보여주고 있는 박중훈 감독과 김민준이 지적인 가을 남자로 변신, 여심을 설레게 하고 있다.

이 번에 공개된 화보컷에서는 가을 남자로 변신한 박중훈 감독과 김민준의 모습이 시선을 사로잡는다. 두 사람은 시대의 아이콘 스티브 잡스를 연상시키는 터틀넥과 안경으로 지성미를 배가시켰다. 편안한 포즈에 카메라를 응시하는 눈빛에서는 상남자의 포스가 물씬 느껴진다.

오랫동안 절정의 연기력으로 관객들을 사로잡아온 박중훈 감독과 톱스타다운 아우라가 자연스럽게 풍겨나는 김민준은 시종일관 멋스러운 자태와 깊이 있는 눈빛으로 카메라를 압도했다.

특 히 영화를 찍는 동안 현장에서 놀듯이 즐겁게 작업했다는 두 사람의 환상적인 호흡은 완벽한 사진을 탄생시키는데 일조했다. 모델 출신인 김민준은 박중훈 감독을 배려해 '매너다리'를 한 채로 촬영을 진행했고 이는 박중훈 감독의 트위터를 통해 공개된 뒤 많은 화제를 모았다.

완벽한 호흡으로 여심을 설레게 하는 최고의 사진을 만들어낸 두 사람의 화보는 W 11월 호에서 확인할 수 있다.

한편 '톱스타'는 최고를 꿈꾸는 남자, 최고의 스타, 그리고 최고를 만드는 여자, 세 사람이 그리는 성공과 배신, 꿈과 욕망을 다룬 작품이다. 10월 24일 개봉한다.(사진= W 제공)

조연경 j_rose1123@

Source: nate

Google Translation

What movie actor bakjunghun June, pictorial Anything [ potoen ]

[News yen joyeongyeong Reporter]

' Topstar ' bakjunghun June, the pictorial was released .

Movie ' top star ' (Directed bakjunghun ) as the director and the actors to breathe fantasy bakjunghun supervision and June, which shows two intelligent men turn into the fall , and is attractive to the hearts of all women .

Cut open the fall guy this time transformed into a pictorial one bakjunghun supervision and June, the figure captures the eye . Two icons of the era of Steve Jobs turtleneck and glasses reminiscent of the ship was jiseongmi . Eyes staring at the camera in a relaxed pose on the man's force mulssin the felt.

Culmination of years of acting on captive audiences bakjunghun director and a top star down punggyeona June, the aura naturally consistent with stylish appearance, and in-depth look at the camera was overwhelmed .

While filming the scene in the play , especially as two of them had fun working fantastic breathing was perfect pictures to correlate with the birth . June, a former director of the models in consideration bakjunghun ' manners leg' shooting in progress and hold the bakjunghun and director of the public via Twitter after the many topics were collected.

To flutter the hearts of all women with perfect breath made ​​the best picture of two people the W 11 월 pictorial can be found in issue .

The ' top star ' dream of the best man, the best star, and making the best women, three men draw success and betrayal, is a work dealing with dreams and desires . Be released on October 24 . ( = W Photo provided)

Source: nate
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Guest Bradamante

id="post-1054" class="article-title" Films portray underbelly of showbiz industry id="article-subtitle" 10/23/2013 - Entertainment

By Yun Suh-young

After riding cheap cars, ships and electronic devices to economic success, Korea seems focused on fostering a globally-relevant entertainment industry.

The country’s movies, television shows and pop music are indeed beginning to find stable demand internationally and this leaves giddy policymakers naming everything K-this and K-that.

Of course, there is a darker side to the country’s showbiz boom, which some critics claim are based on the exploitation of labor in both artistic talent and production staff.

And for every star who makes it big, there are a significantly larger number of dreamers who never make it.

As if on cue, there are three different Korean movies currently in theaters attempting to provide commentary on the underbelly of Korea’s entertainment sector.

Two are dramas while the other is comedy. They all attempt at conveying an intelligent message, but to varying degrees of success.

Top Star


The directorial debut of veteran actor Park Joong-hoon, “Top Star” is another grim description of the entertainment industry. It’s more bearable than Rough Play because it conveys its message through sarcasm rather than shock.

The movie follows the story of Taesik (Uhm Tae-woong), the agent of top entertainer Wonjoon (Kim Min-jun). After Wonjoon creates an incident because of drunk driving, Taesik volunteers to falsely confess to the crime and serve the jail term instead.

After serving his term, Wonjoon gives Taesik a small role in a film, as he has always dreamed about becoming a movie star. In what would be predictable to any theatergoer who wasn’t born yesterday, Taesik rises to stardom and begins competing with Wonjoon for roles on television, films and commercials. And his vanity proves to be a bigger threat to him than Wonjoon is.

Of course, no conflict between male characters is complete without a competition for women. Taesik develops a desire for Wonjoon’s lover, Mina (So E-hyun).

Park shows some rough edges as a rookie director and his work doesn’t benefit from the unimaginative plot. But it seems that Park’s two decades of experience in the movie sector has allowed him to produce a realistic portrayal of how things are once the cameras go off. Park admits that he based the film on many of the real-life stars he has seen and worked with.

This seems to be one of those movies where the parts are better than the sum.

Genre: Drama
Release date: Oct. 24
Entertainment: 3/5
Cinematography: 3/5
Rating:15 and over

Source: koreatimesus.com









Source: hancinema

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[HanCinema's Film Review] "Top Star"



The immediate sparkle "Top Star" brings to the surface is just how glamorous everything looks. The life of a screen star is a shiny, fabulous, fun place to be. Just in terms of sheer attractiveness the actors in this movie look great, in perfectly made-up form, and for once the narrative actually justifies why we get to look at so many beautiful people. This is the film industry, where appearances are everything. Even Mina (played by So I-hyeon) looks fabulous, and her job is to work behind the scenes.

But underneath this beautiful appearance lies...well, nothing all that serious actually. Anybody who wants to see a takedown on the more grotesque warped aspects of screen acting, "Rough Play" is your film. "Top Star" takes the very different approach of using the screen industry as the instrument which defines the friendship of established actor Won-Joon (played by Kim Min-joon) and ambitious amateur Tae-Sik (played by Eom Tae-woong).

An obvious comparison rises between the two. Won-Joon is not a good person, and seems to value Tae-Sik mostly because the latter is so subservient and eager to please. All of this is true- and yet strangely, these facts don't define or disparage the friendship as much as the audience might expect. However, as the film goes on, Won-Joon and Tae-Sik themselves become more aware of this clear power imbalance, particularly as Tae-Sik's career improves to a position comparable to that of his idol.

The conflict that wages from this point is less about the debasing nature of the acting as it is about how friendships - normal, real friendships between everyday people - can end up disintegrating when changing events threaten the apparent foundation. The stakes in "Top Star" are extremely high, largely because in the world of screen acting, it's possible to ruin careers at a much deeper long-lasting level than is capable for a normal human being. The choices the lead characters make are questionable but understandable- vengeance doesn't wait for the tool than enacts the least permanent damage.

And this is where the beauty of Choi Seok-hwan's screenplay shines- it's when we see that the apparently permanent rift that is torn between Won-Joon and Tae-Sik may not be so permanent after all. There's a genuine hope and optimism here that's surprising. While these men had every possible reason to bear an eternal grudge, "Top Star" makes the statement that appearances and enmnity alone don't prove that a friendship was always worthless and meaningless. How we choose to view past and context is important- and even though this film has multiple downfalls that are both tragic and probably well-deserved, none of this means that the story of Won-joon and Tae-Sik requires a villain.

Director Park Joong-hoon is to be given credit for "Top Star"'s deliberate focus- it's all too easy for film professionals to get overly self-indulgent and pretentious regarding the industry that makes up their livelihood. But the story of Won-Joon and Tae-Sik goes beyond their lives as screen actors, and instead exposes them as genuine human beings. This movie may not make any particularly strong artistic statement, but its down-to-earth use of the plot device of entertainment industry spectacle is a touching one that's well worth watching.

Review by William Schwartz

"Top Star" is directed by Park Joong-hoon and features Eom Tae-woongKim Min-joon and So I-hyeon.

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