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[Movie 2013] Top Star 톱스타

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class="tit_detail"‘Director debut’ Actor Park Joong-hoon praises Ha Jung-woo by saying “I am looking foward to him”

by pyn9167 Editor - September 26, 2013


An actor and a director Park Joon-hoon told he is looking foward to Ha Jung-woo as both of them are releasing movies in similar period.

Park Joon-hoon praised Ha Jung-woo’s acting and movie directing skills during the production presentation of movie ‘Top Star.’

He is challenging for the first time as a director by movie ‘Top Star’ and will be released in October 24th. Ha Jung-woo meanwhile will be releasing his own movie ‘Fasten Your Belt,’ which indicates the competition between the two movies.


Park Joong-hoon told “Ha Jung-woo is my college junior but I never met him. We actually met after I watched the movie ‘The Terror Live.’ I can’t really decide him as a director since I didn’t watch his recent movies. However I thought he was smart and clever in ‘The Terror Live.’

‘Top Star’ is about a man who starts off as an actor’s manager but goes on to become a famous star. It will be the debut work of Park joon-hoon.

Source: kofan.com
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Guest Bradamante

Park Joong-hoon debuts ‘Top Star’Friday, 27 September 2013 19:11 | By Korea JoongAng Daily


Cast members of the movie “Top Star” and its director, Park Joong-hoon, gathered yesterday to promote the upcoming film set for release on Oct. 24.

Uhm Tae-woong of 2012 movie “Architecture 101” takes a leading role, along with So Yi-hyun of SBS drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” and Kim Min-joon of 2012 film “The Concubine.”

The movie is a directing debut for former actor Park Joong-hoon.

“It is my first time to attend an event as a director,” Park said during the press conference at Lotte Cinema in eastern Seoul. “Although I’m comfortable working in a movie, it feels weird to take a seat as a director.”

He said working with fellow actors and actresses encouraged him to be more confident in his work.

“Top Star” tells the story of Park’s experiences working as an actor in the local entertainment scene for the past 28 years.

By Lee Sun-min [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

Source: entertainment.xin.msn.com

Park Joong-hoon, "I didn't like the word 'director' at first"



Actor Park Joong-hoon, now a director revealed his new movie "Top Star" in the SBS TV show "Good Morning".

He said, "The word 'director' was very awkward at first but now I'm used to it. The cast couldn't eat properly because they were afraid their faces would swell but I ate well".

He added, "I think Eom Tae-woong is an amazing actor and it was an honor working with him".

So I-hyeon said, "It was an honor working with Park Joong-hoon because my childhood movies were all of those with him in it".

Meanwhile, "Top Star" is about a loyal and hardworking manager Tae-sik. It tells the real story of Park Joong-hoon and his 28 years of entertaining life.

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c... ( English )

Source: hancinema

cast topstar So Yi Hyun-Uhm Tae-Woong Kim Min
Joon press conference


















































Source: nate

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Guest Bradamante

Actors make directorial debuts at BIFF


A scene from “Fasten Your Seatbelt,” directed by Ha Jung-woo. (BIFF)Korea’s biggest annual film festival opens in Busan today, featuring a total of 301 films, including 95 world premieres from 70 countries, and two highly anticipated directing debuts by prominent Korean actors.

Part of the lineup of the Korean Cinema Today section are actor Ha Jung-woo’s (“Love Fiction,” “The Chaser”) directing debut “Fasten Your Seatbelt” and veteran actor Park Joong-hoon’s (“Nowhere to Hide,” “Radio Star”) directing debut “Top Star.”

Ha’s “Fasten Your Seatbelt” is a comedy about a Korean hallyu star who gets on a plane from Tokyo to Seoul and encounters severe turbulence during the flight due to a typhoon.

Ha reportedly wrote the script of the movie based on his friend and actor Ryoo Seung-bum’s real-life experience. According to Ryoo, the turbulence went on for almost seven hours ― it normally only takes about two hours to get to Seoul from Tokyo ― and he genuinely thought he was going to die. Actor Jung Kyung-ho (“Herb,” “Sunny”) is playing the role of the pompous hallyu star caught in trouble.

A scene from “Top Star,” directed by veteran actor Park Joong-hoon. (BIFF)Meanwhile, Park Joong-hoon’s “Top Star” tells the story of an entertainment agent who dreams of becoming a famed actor. Starring Uhm Tae-woong, So Yi-hyun and Kim Min-jun, the movie is loosely based on Park’s 28-year career as a film actor in the local entertainment industry.

Both Ha and Park’s movies are scheduled to hit theaters nationwide after their premiere at BIFF.

The upcoming film festival will also be the only chance for many who live in English-speaking countries to see the original version of “Snowpiercer,” as the film is currently being re-edited for its North American release.

A special retrospective of Korean veteran filmmaker Im Kwon-taek will feature nine of his works, including “Seopyeonje” (1993), “Ticket” (1986), “Seize the Precious Sword” (1972) and “Chunhyang.” (2000).

A number of famed cineastes from home and abroad, including Hong Sang-soo, Bong Joon-ho and Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke, will talk about Im and his works after the screening of the films.

During this year’s edition, Im is also scheduled to announce the details about his upcoming film “Hwajang.” The film, which will be Im’s 102nd movie once released, is based on famed author Kim Hoon’s award-winning short story of the same title.

It tells the story of a middle-aged man who spent most of his life working for a cosmetics company and his cancer-stricken, dying wife. The story’s title “Hwajang” is a Korean word with two meanings: makeup and cremation.

A Bhutanese film directed by a Buddhist monk, titled “Vara: A Blessing” opens this year’s edition, while Korean director Kim Dong-hyun’s indie movie “The Dinner,” a drama about an ordinary family facing a series of financial and other misfortunes, will close the festival. The closing film is being screened as a world premiere.

Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan, a six-time Academy Award nominee known for films “My Left Foot” and “In America,” will be throwing a Master Class for cinephiles during this year’s edition.

Celebrated Cambodian director Rithy Panh will be awarded the festival’s Asian Filmmaker of the Year award. The 49-year-old filmmaker, whose works have largely focused on the aftermath of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in his home country, won the Un Certain Regard award at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival for his latest work “The Missing Picture.”

The Busan International Film Festival runs until Oct. 12 at Busan Cinema Center and other venues in the city. For this year’s full lineup and ticket information, visit www.biff.kr.

By Claire Lee (dyc@heraldcorp.com)

Source: Korea Herald
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Guest Bradamante

Park Joong-Hoon, "'Top Star', the next work will be difficult if it gets refused"


Park Joong-Hoon, "'Top Star', the next work will be difficult if it gets refused"
Park Joong-Hoon, who starts directing through the movie 'Top Star', mentioned about the obscure future of the next work.
On October 5th, in Busan Haeundae-gu Udong BIFF village, the open talk of the movie 'Top Star' was held. Park Joong-Hoon, who debuts as the director, and the actors Kim Min-Joon, Um Tae-Woong, So Yi-Hyun attended. Park Joong-Hoon, who has vistied Busan for the first time as the director, through the directing work 'Top Star', received the question about the plan of the next movie, from an audience on this day.

He said "even if I wanted to, if this movie results in devastating state, or gets refused, it would be difficult to make the next movie, especially in the reality where the commerciality is dominated. It is the matter that I cannot make decision now", boldly revealing his thoughts.

About the chance to direct 'Top Star', he confessed "I debuted when I was 20, and have acted for 28 years. Wherever I went, many people shouted for me and liked me, so I got myself into narcissism. I had thought that I was a great person."

Having said "I gave a lot of thought to what would result from the overflowing self-consciousness of people", he continued "I have seen countless successes and failures, and also have seen people's attitudes being changed at those times, and people who are not always the same", recalling the long life in the entertainment world.

The debut work of Park Joong-Hoon as a director, 'Top Star', describes the plot of Tae-Sik (played by Um Tae-Woong), the manager of the top star Won-Joon (played by Kim Min-Joon), making his dream as the actor realized, and relishes the highest popularity.

Source: innolife

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Guest Bradamante

Uhm Tae-woong caves to the dark side of showbiz in Top Star

by girlfriday
| October 7, 2013


Among the many films that are currently debuting at the Busan International Film Festival, Top Star seems to be getting a lot of fanfare and positive reviews. The trailer and stills show a much darker story than I had anticipated, about a top star’s manager who dreams of becoming an actor, and grows dangerously ambitious after one taste of fame. It’s basically All About Eve the male version, and it looks like a dark twisty portrayal of celebrity and showbiz.

The casting’s always a head-spinner in these movie-about-movies projects, because of course you cast the bigger star in real life as the underling in the movie. So Uhm Tae-woong (Sword and Flower) headlines as the lowly manager with a lifelong unfulfilled dream of becoming an actor, and Kim Min-joon (Romance Town) plays the top star he and everyone else in the country idolizes. So Yi-hyun (Who Are You) plays a drama producer and Kim Min-joon’s girlfriend.

Uhm Tae-woong’s big break comes one night when Kim Min-joon causes a car accident on a rainy night, and manager Uhm Tae-woong steps up to take responsibility in his place. In exchange, the big star gives him a small role in an upcoming project, and Uhm Tae-woong’s star begins to rise. It eventually reveals a frightening ambition to overtake the top star’s status, but also to have everything that was his, including the girlfriend. Once Kim Min-joon realizes what he could lose (because his ex-manager knows the truth about the accident), he’ll stop at nothing to protect himself. Yeesh, I’m not sure which one is the scarier of the two.

The film is the directorial debut of actor Park Joong-hoon (Arrest King, Haeundae), who also penned the script. Hell, if anyone should know what life as a top star is like, it’s the guy who’s headlined movies since the mid-eighties. Though I sincerely hope this isn’t a ripped-from-the-pages-of-my-diary kind of thing, because, uh, scary. Park Joong-hoon does a lot of comedies, so it’s a bit of a surprise that his first outing as a director is so dark, but I’m definitely intrigued by the insider look at the glitz and glam (and seedy underbelly) of show business.

Top Star opens in theaters October 24.

Source: dramabeans.com

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Guest Bradamante

So I-hyeon in her swimsuit



So I-hyeon displayed different looks from swimsuit to office-look.

Stills of Kang Mina played by So I-hyeon in the movie "Top Star" were released yesterday.

Mina is perfect all the time. The way she drinks coffee in her boyfriend Jang Won-joon's (Kim Min-joon) house in his T-shirt with her hair rustled and the way she's sunbathing all makes her look simple but secy.

Mina becomes a business woman when she casts Tae-sik (Eom Tae-woong) who is slowly becoming famous. She's about to weaken his heart too.

"Top Star" will be released on the 24th of October.



Original source: newsen.com

Source: hancinema








Source: hancinema
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Guest Bradamante

REVIEW: 톱스타 | Top Star

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 11:59 pm | Posted by McGarmott


This is the twenty-fourth film I saw at the 18th Busan International Film Festival.

As I type this, I have already seen five commercial films by Korean directors, and all of them were very good to stellar. I don't generally pay attention to Korean films, and it seems that while I was looking away mainstream Korean films have achieved a consistency in quality that has surpassed that of Hollywood cinema. (I'm saying this based on a relatively tiny sample though. But that's how it feels like being at this film festival.)


Won-joon is a bona fide movie star, and knows how to carry himself in the industry, without being a richard simmons to people. His manager is Tae-sik; though it feels like Koreans have a different definition of a manager than, say, Hollywood, where the term PA/runner would be more fitting. Tae-sik harbours dreams of becoming an actor himself, but his background isn't exactly perfect. However, when Won-joon accidentally knocks a commoner down, Tae-sik takes the fall and in return for his unyielding loyalty, Won-joon rewards him with a role in a TV series, and soon enough, Tae-sik's star begins to rise, to the point that he will become Won-joon's rival in a couple of years.


I really like Uhm Tae-Woong, who plays Tae-sik. In the first quarter of the film when he is just a lowly manager, he has the affable demeanour of a country boy, albeit with ambitious dreams. When asked to make an acceptance speech to humour Won-joon, he recites Kate Winslet's Oscar acceptance speech. He's likable and humble, even though a few people around him accuse him of being overly greedy, a charge neither Tae-sik (nor I) understood. Then the film cuts to two years later, and my, what a transformation. It is remarkable because we see that Tae-sik is at core still the same man, some ounce of humility and compassion that we see in the man before, despite the very stylish make-up and hair and dress sense (though those sometimes veer on the artificial and grotesque, reflecting the changes broad about by the lifestyle of a movie star), but he is also definitely corrupted by the excesses of the industry. The rest of the film details how he increasingly loses touch with that core and finally becomes a destructive movie star, a process that's quite depressing to watch.


The other characters don't fare as well. Won-joon's personality seems over-nice for a movie star most of the time, and treats Tae-sik almost like a brother, except when the plot required him to be a richard simmons to Tae-sik, which is the final straw that drives Tae-sik to abandon the restraints of his conscience and commit a despicable act; soon after that, tragedy strikes, and then suddenly Won-joon is a saint again. Most of the other characters are fairly one-dimensional, though perhaps it just reflects the shallow world of the film and ad industry, except maybe Tae-sik's fat friend, who plays the standard sidekick role you see in Hollywood films, that is, he's the comic relief, until he's required to deliver the moral lesson to the protagonist because the protagonist has forgotten who he is.

Those contrivances aside, I really felt taken in by the way the film charted the journey of a simple, good man who gets sucked into a world he's always wanted but from which he couldn't escape from the inevitable change of behaviour that world would elicit from him. We want him to realise his mistakes, even as we start to dislike the person he has become and one by one the people around him start giving up on him.

Perhaps it's not a great film, yet I think I will remember it in years to come. Perhaps that's partly because I feel like I can relate to Tae-sik, if only a little.

How Good I Think It Is: 7.5/10
Did I Fall Asleep: Nope.

Source: filmgarmott.blogspot.it
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Guest Bradamante

[포토] 엄태웅-소이현-김민준-박중훈, '톱스타의 주연들~'



아주경제 이형석 기자=배우 엄태웅, 소이현, 김민준, 박중훈 감독이 16일 오후 서울 광진구 롯데시네마 건대입구점에서 열린 영화 '톱스타' 시사회에 참석해 포토세션을 진행하고 있다.

‘톱 스타’는 최고의 스타 원준(김민준)의 매니저로 시작한 태식(엄태웅)이 원준의 도움으로 드라마에 출연하면서 스타로 거듭나는 과정을 다뤘다. 스타와 매니저의 관계, 화려한 모습 뒤 배우들의 이면과 소속사, 제작사, 감독 간의 관계를 사실적으로, 때로는 과장되게 표현했다.

‘톱스타’ 박중훈의 모습을 접한 네티즌들은 “박중훈의 ‘톱스타’ 기대된다”, “‘톱스타’ 박중훈 어떨까” 등의 반응을 보이고 있다.

[아주경제 ajunews.com] 무단전재 배포금지

Source: nate

Google Translation

[Photo] Uhm Tae Woong - soyihyeon - June, - bakjunghun, "starring top stars of the ~ '

Grassland is very economic news = actor Uhm Tae Woong, soyihyeon, June, you bakjunghun director, Gwangjin Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul on the 16th afternoon at the entrance that opened the movie 'Topstar' premiere attended the photo session is in progress.

'Topstar' the biggest star wonjun (June,) started as manager of taesik (Uhm Tae Woong) appeared on the show with the help of two wonjun and dealt with the process of become a star. Star and manager's relationship with the agency, if the actors behind the colorful look, Publisher, Director of the relationship between the real and sometimes exaggeratedly expressed.

'Topstar' netizens facing bakjunghun the appearance of "bakjunghun's 'top star' is expected", "" top stars "Why do bakjunghun", etc. are showing response.








Source: hancinema

class="post-title"BIFF 2013: Top Star (톱스타) – 5/10top-star-ed86b1ec8aa4ed8380.jpg?w=432&h=
Top Star (톱스타)

Actor-turned-director Park Joong-hoon (박중훈) has crafted a highly polished and glitzy directorial debut with Top Star (톱스타).

The heavyweight actor – who has hit films including Haeundae (해운대)Radio Star (라디오 스타) and Nowhere To Hide (인정사정 볼 것 없다) in his back catalogue – has clearly exercised his connections within the industry as Top Star features an assortment of high profile names from Korean cinema.

Unfortunately however, while there is enjoyment to be had in watching the beautiful faces, lavish lifestyles and celebrity scandals, there is precious little substance beneath the glamour. Director Park has clearly aimed his debut at a broad audience and in doing so he has produced a competent, though unremarkable, film about the nature of stardom.

Diligent manager Tae-sik helps superstar Won-joon at every turn

Superstar Won-joon (Kim Min-joon (김민준) has it all – good looks, a career in film and television, an expensive lifestyle, and a beautiful girlfriend named Mi-na (So I-hyeon (소이현). Yet behind all the glitz and glamour, Won-joon is taken care of by an agency, particularly by diligent manager Tae-sik (Eom Tae-woong (엄태웅). Tae-sik’s adoration of Won-joon leads him to help cover up scandals and, in helping in one case of some magnitude, Tae-sik suffers great personal distress. Stunned by his selflessness, Won-joon grants Tae-sik a sizeable role in his latest television series and is happy to see his ambitions of becoming an actor finally materialize. Yet in discovering fame, Tae-sik begins to change, leading him into a rivalry with Won-joon.

One of the great benefits of having a veteran actor step behind the camera for Top Star is that the portrayal of the world of celebrity is convincing. The conversations and behind-the-glamour events clearly come from a person of experience, from discussions in limousines and public-relations meetings to relaxation at home portrayed with insight. Director Park does well in balancing the realms of stardom and downtime, conveying the former as merely attractive but shallow superficiality and working to build character in the latter. It generally works well, although the script routinely employs cliches and contrivances that have been utilised better before, as in 200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워). Foregrounded, however, is the rivalry that develops between Tae-sik and Won-joon that occurs in both worlds, which is also where the more interesting events transpire.

Tensions build as Tae-sik and Won-joon clash in the bid for superiority

The initial friendship between Tae-sik and Won-joon is articulated well, as the manager idolises his talent by helping to cover up scandals with no questions asked. Yet the story does become somewhat absurd as Tae-sik suffers a great personal burden in order to provide an alibi for one particular scandal, one that stretches believability almost too far. As Top Star is clearly marketed towards family audiences, director Park omits psychological exploration of Tae-sik’s adoration, yet while it is arguably ‘dark’ material it is depth that is sorely required as the film is so concerned with his unstable personality. Still, sequences in which Won-joon advises Tae-sik on the merits of acting are enjoyable and humourous as their camaraderie deepens on the set of their TV show. Yet just as the story begins to get interesting the film jumps years into the future, bypassing all the fascinating moments that have transpired to trouble their relationship and instead placing audiences in the distressed middle period.

As such Top Star loses all momentum, and the film is forced to reestablish itself once more by reintroducing characters and their new situations. It’s an event from which the story never fully recovers and as the film once more sets up events and attempts to take a belated darker tone, they lack the potency they would otherwise have contained. Additionally the (again belated) inclusion of melodrama amongst all the protagonists is horribly cliched and detracts from the viewing experience. One of the major benefits of Top Star‘s second half however is the greater screen time afforded to actress So I-hyeon as TV producer Mi-na. The role is wafer thin and one-dimensional with So I-hyeon very much required to be just a pretty face, although the actress stretches the material as much as she can and is quite charismatic. Yet undermining everything is the manner in which the story wraps up, as it is far too neat and with little – if any – ramifications despite all the wrongdoing. Top Star is great in representing the glitz and glamour of the movie business but, try as it might to explore the nature of celebrity, the film crucially lacks any depth to do so.

Tae-sik’s longing for Mi-na and Won-joon’s life in general clouds his judgement

Top Star (톱스타) is a highly polished and glamourous directorial debut from veteran actor Park Joong-hoon (박중훈). The film attempts to explore the nature of celebrity as a talent manager turned actor desperately works to retain his fame, even creating a rivalry with his idol. As director Park aims Top Star squarely at family audiences however, he doesn’t delve into the psychology of his protagonists resulting in a film that is wonderfully glitzy, but lacking in any real depth.


Source: hangukyeonghwa.com

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Guest Bradamante

"Top Star" Kim Min-joon claims Park Joong-hoon adores So I-hyeon



Kim Min-joon from "Top Star" claims director and actor Park Joong-hoon adores So I-hyeon.

He claimed that she was an unexpected one at the production conference of the movie "Top Star" on the 17th.

He said, "She looks proud but she's not at all. She's very tough and simple. Everyone including Park Joong-hoon adores her and when she's around, the atmosphere is just great".

"The director treated everyone else differently from when he was with her. I even felt like I had to move away to the side when she was done filming. I even blocked the wind for her when she was sitting inside the tent".

Park Joong-hoon said, "While there are people who limit themselves in the characters given to them, So I-hyeon knows how to expand it. She's got a really nice personality too".

Meanwhile, "Top Star" is about a man named Tae-sik (Eom Tae-woong) who dreams of becoming the best, top star Won Joon (Kim Min-joon) and the woman who makes the best and Won Joon's long time lover Mina (So I-hyeon). Success and betrayal, dream and passion are hidden behind the fanciness of their lives. To be released on the 24th.

Source : tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read... ( English )

Source: hancinema

[bnt photo] Kim Min Joon returns with a new work 'Top Star'


[by Cho Suyoun] On October 16, press conference of upcoming film 'Top Star' was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University, Seoul.
The main casts Uhm Tae Woong, So E Hyun and Kim Min Joon are posing together for photo time.
The movie is directed by Korea's leading actor Park Joong Hoon, and it is his debut work as a director. 'Top Star' is about a manager who wishes to become the best star, a woman producer who makes others to shine and a current top star. The film will hit theaters on the 24th of October. (photo by bntnews DB) 
contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

Source: bntnews.co.uk

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