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[Drama 2013] The Queen of Office / God of the Workplace 직장의 신

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Guest facing



God of the Workplace/ The Queen of Office 직장의 신


Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network:
Air time:
Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Release Date: April 1, 2013

Jun Chang Geun
Yoon Ji Hee
Airing after: Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek

Temporary employee Ms. Kim (Kim Hye-Soo) does everything at work. She is also shrouded in mystery. Her colleagues do not know her name or her background. Ms. Kim is the center of attention and she is also charismatic and funny.Jang Kyu-Jik (Oh Ji-Ho) is a permanent employee. He finished his MBA in the U.S., before returning to Korea. Ms. Kim and and Jang Kyu-Jik argue about everything.




Kim Hye Soo as Miss Kim

Age: unknown
Affiliation: Marketing Sales Support Department
Identify: unknown

“Do not work for your company, comrades or your seniors, but work only for yourself.
That is the method for you to survive in this world”

In the whole universe, only I exist.

Between heaven and earth only I, allowances and certificate exist.

Miss Kim:The first voluntary non-regular worker in the nation


Oh Ji Ho as Jang Kyu Jik

Age: 32
Affiliation: Marketing Sales Dept.
Status: Team leader

Do you known what are core products of Y-Jang Group?
They are Doenjang (soybean paste), Ganjang (soy sauce), Gochujang (red pepper paste), and..!!
It’s me! Gyujikjang!!
Abolition of school connections, regionalism and blood ties?
Society based on the merit system?
These are self-comforting words of the people who have no backgrounds.
I will share all the joys and sorrows with the company.
So do not infiltrate into my boundary.
Jang Gyu-jik is a man of the company, by the company and for the company.


Jung Yoo Mi as Jung Joo Ri

Age: 25
Affiliation: Market Sales Support Department
Status:  temporary worker with a three-month contract 

“My only dream is to get a dating appointment from a boy I like in a blind date proudly saying “I am working for Y-Jang!” Gloomy young days due to three combos-diploma mill graduate/perpetual single/temporary employee.
Weep only once, forget the loneliness and grief, start anew to become an inevitable employee in this company, more important than gochujang, daenjang and ganjang!   

Jeong Ju-ri is a new temporary recruit who does not know the deep taste of life.


Lee Hee Joon as Moo Jung Han

Age: 32
Affiliation: Marketing Sales Support Department
Status: Team leader 

 “I do not agree to the law of survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle as we are not
cannibal tribe. We are like a family united with not blood but with work.”

Co-operation is better than competition, yield is better than overtaking, together is better than first.

Moo Jeong-han is a man who is pure as nearly as like Cheongcho Ganjang, the top-grade food of Y-Jang.
He is a true salaryman who rushs forward in the competent society.
He is a model man, standard and common-sense of Y-Jang.


Jun Hye Bin as Geum Bit Na

Age: 25
Affiliation: Marketing Sales Department
Status: New recruit

I am a brilliant 25-year-old regular member. Everybody says they are tired with works and the company life is boring, but how about thinking a little positively.
If you have many works to do today, you may delay it and work tomorrow, if you dislike going to the office, you may apply for a leave and if you do not want to take jam-packed subway, you may ride a taxi.
I am proud of my beauty.
It will be fine if I fall down with work documents in both hands. 
OK. I, Geum Bit-na, will laugh also today.

Jo Kwon as Gye Kyung Woo

Lee Mi Do as Park Bong Hee

Kim Eung Soo as Hwang Kap Deuk

Kim Ki Chun as Go Jung Do

Kim Na Woon as Yeo Jang Mi

Na Seung Ho as Shin Min Goo


Original Soundtrack
Title: 직장의 신 OST / The Queen of Office OST
Various Artists
Korean, English
Release Date:
Number of Tracks:
(토탈셋) Total Set, (에이앤지모즈) ANG Mods
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Maybe (아마도) 10cm (십센치)
2. Hello From Far Away (멀리서 안부) Yoonha (윤하)
3. I'm a Fool (나는 바보다) Kim Tae Woo (김태우)
4. Let's Love (사랑하자) Cultwo (컬투)
5. Besides Love, A Lie (사랑 빼고 거짓말) Shin Ji Soo (신지수)
6. Love Is Kim Hye Soo (김혜수)
7. (세뇨리따 김) Various Artists
8. (활약) Various Artists
9. (사랑 그 느낌) Various Artists
10. (해결사 미스김) Various Artists
11. (멈춰진 시계) Various Artists
12. (무서운 미스김) Various Artists
13. (세뇨리따 김2) Various Artists

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Guest facing

Lighthearted first teaser for KBS’s God of the Workplace by javabeans


The first teaser is out for KBS’s upcoming office drama titled God of the Workplace, and so far it looks light and funny. The drama had initially been called Please Come Back, Miss Kim, and after seeing the short-n-sweet preview, I do wish they’d kept the title. Or tweaked it, perhaps. But God of the Workplace just sounds so generic.

In the teaser below, we start out with office employees responding to a question about Miss Kim. (We’ve got Jeon Woo-chi’s Lee Hee-jun, no longer rocking the wizard wig; Jeon Hye-bin of Yacha, Jung Yumi of The Crucible; Oh Ji-ho of Chuno; and idol Jo Kwon.) We don’t hear the question, so the editing is cut up to give us only their reactions, which start with a lot of hemming and hawing. We get a lot of “Miss Kim? Umm…” and “Hmm” and “Don’t ask me about Miss Kim.”

Thus it sounds like they’re refraining from badmouthing her, until they finish their sentences and the sentiment turns around on its head: “Wonder Woman? Batman?” “My hero and mentor?” “A really cool person.” “A god-like presence.”

Then Kim Hye-soo informs us all, “I am Miss Kim.” Jaunty smile.

So… it doesn’t really tell much about the show itself, though we have the plot from earlier descriptions. Based on a Japanese drama (Pride of the Temp), God of the Workplace will be a cute and funny look at life in the modern workplace, with the super-competent Miss Kim at its center.

This writer previously wrote the Drama Special The Great Gye Choon-bin, which starred Jung Yumi, which was a very sweet, small story about two quirky souls finding each other. The writer then went funnier and trendier for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Its PD previously directed family drama My Precious You and the darker Resurrection. It’s an eclectic mix of shows, but I hope those credits bode well for this one.

God of the Workplace will follow Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek and premieres on KBS on April 1.








Via Review Star


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Guest facing

More stills from God of the Workplace by javabeans


Office dramas can be hit or miss, but I’m keeping one eye on KBS’s God of the Workplace because when they hit, I find them light and funny and simple. (When they miss, they can be boring and dry. But then I think fondly of the good ones like Dal Ja’s Spring, which is my favorite of the bunch.)

Based on our stills for God of the Workplace, it’s going for a rom-com trendy vibe, which could make for a cute watch. Kim Hye-soo plays a fiercely competent employee, Miss Kim, whose very name inspires awe in her co-workers, as we saw in the preview — even her superiors are afraid of her.

I wonder if that includes Oh Ji-ho, who’ll butt heads repeatedly with our heroine before the romance blooms. Does his brand-new ajumma perm counter his status in upper management? Heh. At least he’s not the same ol’ sleek and starched Darcy businessman hero, which is getting rather old hat. He’s pictured below with co-star Lee Hee-joon, who is his his colleague and friend and opposite in every way. Oh Ji-ho is the hotheaded guy who puts everything on the line for his work, while Lee Hee-joon is the cold guy who… doesn’t. One’s upbeat and energetic, the other one is serious. And so on and so forth.


That diametric-opposites dynamic repeats on the ladies’ end, where we have Jung Yumi and Jeon Hye-bin playing two employees hired at the same time. Jung Yumi came out of a third-rate university and has poor specs on her resumé, and thus is only a temporary hire. She tries her hardest at everything and only makes mistakes, and lapses into Saturi in crucial moments. Ha.

Jeon Hye-bin has a gleaming resumé, first-rate education, and everything going for her. She’s hired as a regular employee and happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Oh Ji-ho, whom Jung Yumi has a crush on. Okay, this is gonna be one of those tangled romantic webs, is it? Fine, bring it on — I refuse to be foiled by your complicated lovelines! *Gets out relationship chart and colored pencils*

I get that contrasts are fun, but wish we didn’t have to be quite so black and white with the setups. Still, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good, straight-up funny romantic comedy — why do they all have to get so melo and twisty? or dumb and nonsensical? — and I’d be glad if this one could fit the bill. Hope springs eternal.

God of the Workplace premieres on April 1, following the end of Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek.









Via Osen, TV Report, My Daily


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Guest facing

Prayer Ceremony
source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130318n09250

Some stills
source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130319n09991

source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130320n20886

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@facing   thanks for starting this threadI watched the Japanese version, I liked it.  Kim Hye Soo is a respectful actress. Looking forward to watching this drama.  Here is a poster and some still cuts
credit:  mydaily 
credit:    http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=1965057&categoryCode=DR


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Guest facing

id="watch-headline-title"KBS월화드라마 직장의신 ( THE QUEEN OF OFFICE ) 메이킹 5탄 (Making5) id="watch-headline-title"

manyearsago said: @facing   thanks for starting this threadI watched the Japanese version, I liked it.  Kim Hye Soo is a respectful actress. Looking forward to watching this drama.  Here is a poster and some still cuts
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DRAMA CASTING & NEWSKim Hye-soo juggles 124 talents for God of the Workplaceby javabeans


Only a couple weeks till KBS’s God of the Workplace lifts its curtain, and from all the promo materials we’ve seen thus far, it looks like we can anticipate a light, upbeat workplace rom-com. I understand that the Japanese drama on which this is based (Pride of the Temp) is slice-of-life and light on the romance, but you can bet a trip through the K-dramafication machine amps up that romance factor and heightens the conflict. That’s just the way we roll, for better or for worse. (And you know, sometimes it IS for better. Let’s hope this is one of those times.)

With Kim Hye-soo in the lead as the frighteningly competent Ms. Kim — possessor of a whopping 124 certificates and licenses — I think we can expect to see her in a number of unusual situations (and kicking butt in all of them, naturally). Some of those come from in expected fields like word processing and office work, but her background is a whole lot more diverse than clerking work. It also explains some of the seemingly random stills we’ve seen, whether it’s of Kim dancing the salsa, piloting a helicopter, or bull-fighting.


So with all her myriad accomplishments, the question I’m asking the show is why the venerated Ms. Kim is a mere contract employee, here on temporary terms. Why bother coming to work at this ordinary office when she could be out there with her more exciting pursuits? What is Ms. Kim’s baggage — or is she like a Mary Poppins for the salarymen set? Swoop in, fix things, swoop out with a song and a twirl?

Oh Ji-ho, meanwhile, takes the role opposite her as one of the higher-ups at the company, with a hot-headed temperament and rather childish mentality. I wonder how he’ll fare when his temp upstages him — because with this setup, how can she not?

God of the Workplace will be KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama after Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek wraps. That’s a show that’s gotten some faint praise, but hasn’t made much of a dent in the landscape with its dismal ratings in the 3% range. Ouch. Surely God of the Workplace can improve upon that, right? The drama premieres April 1.








via: Dramabeans

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Hello facing. Thank u for creating this thread. I guess there r a lot of lee hee jun's fans here? I wanna share this link.


U guys should check this drama in kbs website. The site was awesome!

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Guest facing

Kim Hye Soo Apologizes about Her Thesis at Press Conference for ′God of the Workplace′

2013-03-25 22:00  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim  
Kim Hye Soo apologized in person at the press conference for God of the Workplace on her plagiarism case.

The actress attended the press conference with fellow cast members Oh Ji Ho, Lee Hee Jun, Jung Yu Mi, Jeon Hye Bin and 2AM′s Jo Kwon.


"I tried to be careful about appearing on the small screen as an actress," she said. "I′m very intimidated right now for causing concern with my own personal mistake."

Kim Hye Soo was recently criticized when it was revealed she had plagiarised from various texts for her master′s thesis. She immediately apologized through her agency after the reports were issued.

She added, "I′m worried I′ll be a nuisance to the actors and staff who are working hard on set. It′s my problem I have to overcome, and I′ll work harder. I′ll do my best to bring more people to relate to [the drama] through my acting."

The actress took on the role of contract worker Miss Kim. She boasts great skills in her work despite being a contract worker.

The drama will air its first episode on April 1.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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Here, u will get to see pictures around the press conference. I must warn u guys, that this link has longer teasers, if u like surprises, don't click the vids.

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