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Guest Mademoisella

I wanna goo soo bad..

but i dunno if i'll have a ride, I'm begging but I dunno if it's working..

who knows if they'll do this next year... *tears*

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Guest ticklemejerome

i'll be going.

i just need to find when and where its going to be.

and if we want to audition do we just show up on the date and place or do we have to send stuff in before?

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O___O Atlanta? they're coming to Atlanta? ANY STARS COMING? LMAO.. if there is, I'd force someone to drive me up there. :P hahah... too bad I don't sing, can't dance, not qualified. :( lol.. good luck whoever is going.

I think JaeHee/KISS:MINT is going... or was it something else? maybe she was sending a tape in to BROS. ENT. instead, or was it both?

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Guest annabeelee

omg i want to go!! haha i cant sing or dance very well ^-^ so if i audition i guess ill model?? lol itd be a good experience anyways do any of yall know where its going to be?? like downtown??? but im still confused about the applications can someone pm me about it?? like the best way to do it?? iono~~ hehe this is exciting ^0^

bo banna

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Guest spfork

I'M GOING!!!! ^^" Me and my friend Jinn are trying out... well, she's trying out in Korea and I'm trying out here in ATL.

Heh. It's mainly for fun, so why not? ... Exciting too


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