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what's a girl's 'ideal' body measurements?


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Guest LiIy

Isn't the "bust" part of your bust-waist-hips measurement the measurement at the fullest part of your bust? Like, the fullest part of my bust is 36 inches and I'm a 32DD so I'd be 36-26-36 not 32-26-36 or 32DD-26-36. The bust number isn't part of your bra size at all (i.e. a 34AA will have a completely different bust measurement from a 34DD even though they have the same band size).

Oh, and this isn't related to the thread topic at all but since everyone else is doing it: I'm 5'5 and 115-120lbs.

For models (source), the ideal measurements would be 34-24-34 and at least 5'8. For normal people, it's all about proportion and ratios, so I think the ideal waist-to-hip ratio would be around 0.7 and the bust about equal to the hips.

Meaning, I'm fine with what I have now but I'd love to lose 1-2 inches off my waist. ;D

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Guest Music.plus.life.equals.perfect

Not sure what exactly a girl's ideal body measurements are, but honestly it really depends on the person.

My measurements are 34-26-36 and I'm 5'4" and my weight fluctuates from 120 to 125...so ><

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Guest Cossette

My waist is 23.5 and I'm 169 cm (5'6.5) I don't know about my bust or waist though :(

I have this friend who is super tall and is thinner than me. They call her ant-waist cause she has proportions like one :lol:

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Guest PonyPuffs

I don't believe that there is an "ideal" set of body measurements. Women come in different shapes and sizes and that's what makes them beautiful.

Bah. Sappy and corny. Yet true!

Anyway. Here are mine.

Height - 61 inches.

Weight - 95 lbs.

Bust - 30 in.

Waist - 25 in.

Hip - 30 in.

Sad how my bust and waist are the same size. Wish I had a donk.


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Guest lunastelle

it definitely varies for everyone, we're not all the same height. i'm a 34/23/33 at 5'4 but since i've been growing now i'm not too sure o.o

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Guest helloitsme93

I'm 36-26-34

Honestly I like the 34-24-34, not on a a really tall person

but I think it would look really nice and proportional for people

around the 5'2 and 5'4 height, which I find most asian girls to be around.

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Guest kRaZiExLaDiE

i'm 5'6...34-26-34

man i would LOVE to lose 2 inches off my waist & add it to my height :D haha

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Guest desertrose1290

HAHA my hips are huge omg :[

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115lbs

Measurements: 32-26-36

I'd like a smaller waist and my biggest problem would be my actual CUP size. Some people's rib cages are just huge, but they don't got the boobies -___-

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Guest lec8504

I'm 5'5


It really depends on your body type but I think everyone wants that hourglass physique. I'm working on losing a few lbs esp around my hips/butt area.

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Guest lalaiam__XD

I don't really think there's an "ideal" body measurement...women come in all shapes and sizes, and they should just stick to body measurements that they feel is most flattering on them. As for me, I'm 5'5, and my measurements are 34-25-36, and I weigh about 103 pounds. I'm a pretty thin girl, and most people who see me for the first time think I play sports, but I'm a complete couch potato, I'm lazy to even walk in school to my classes, LOLOLOL. I didn't really know about my current measurements until my physiology class did it as a lab. I was sorta shocked to hear that my hips were 36 inches, since I'm really skinny.

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Guest glamfabx3

Mine are 36-28-39 and i'm 5'4" and weigh 130.

I'm happy with my measurements but I do wish my waist was around a 25 or 26 but eh. I've always been "pudgy" around my waist since I was little haha.

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Guest AyumiExclusive

I thought the ideal was 36-26-36 .

I'm 120-125 pounds . 5'4" 34-24-37 .

Sad part is my ribcage is tiny . I can fit into a 30D bra =_=

I'm a 34-25-37

Personally, I'd like to get my waist down to a 24. There's nothing to be done about the back besides tone it <img src="http://cdn.vanillaforums.com/soompi.vanillaforums.com/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="<_<" border="0" alt="dry.gif" />

I'm also at 5'7" and 135lbs

There are no "ideal" measurements really. They fluctuate with the ages. 36-24-36 has been populare recently, but in the past it was something like 38-22-36 or something.

Hey your measurement are almost like mine . Just that you're taller and weigh a little more :P

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