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OTP: Choi Daniel & Jang Na Ra (Baby Faced Couple)

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Choi Daniel (1986) & Jang Nara (1981)

They worked in the same drama together

twice and continuously!
2011 - Baby Faced Beauty (drama)
2012/2013 - School 2013 (drama)

This OTP is pretty unique
Jang Nara is older but has a baby-faced look
while Choi Daniel is 5 years younger but he has older look.

But despite the age gap
these couple has a great chemistry

Baby Faced Beauty

a story about 34 y.o fashion designer (Jang Nara) who hides her identity as a 25 y.o to work in a fashion company
Choi Daniel plays a 27 y.o Managing Director in the company who without realizing, fell in love with Jang Nara's character.

They're both so cute and adorable in this drama!









School 2013

Jang Nara plays Jung In Jae (31) a literature teacher
Choi Danie as Kang Se Chan (35) previously an illegal tutor who now also a teacher
Both are homeroom teachers for the same class 2-2.

They're not romantically involved in this drama (or not yet)
 but still they look so adorable together.







More pics & videos on the reply. :)
Please share too if you have more pics of this OTP.

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Guest hiddenflea

BTS Pics of School 2013 / Choi Daniel & Jang Nara
School 2013 farewell party:

Jang Nara treats the school 2013 staff & cast to dinner buffet :

BTS Pics of Baby Faced Beauty


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I get what you mean. They seem like a good pair with chemistry to me too. I haven't watch Baby Faced Beauty but I watched School 2013. They were really adorable together. :D But I'm really picky when it comes to couple with big age gaps. I dislike myself for that too. D: So.. I can't say that I ship them, but that doesn't mean I don't ship them too. I guess I'm in between, huh?

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Ahhh. I thought this couple doesn't have thread in soompi.
I really like both of them since Baby Faced Beauty. :D
I think they look cute together too.

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i realy like them but in school 2013 i thought they came again as a couple but its seems they are not in couple also in this show this is really bad i just hope they come again as a couple..
Fighting chingus.. 

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