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★ The Official ChangToria Couple Thread ★ ★ Shim Changmin & Song Victoria ★

Guest YunRa1430270238

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Guest YunRa1430270238

★ The Official ChangToria Couple Thread ★



Birth Name: Shim Changmin 심창민
Also Known As: Max Changmin / Choikang Changmin
Birthday: February 18, 1988
Genres: Pop, R&B, Dance
Occupations: Singer, Actor, Model, Songwriter, Dancer, Composer
Years Active: 2003+
Labels: SM Entertainment, Avex
Associated Acts: TVXQ, SM Town



Birth Name: Song Qian
Also Known As: Song Victoria
Birthday: February 7, 1987
Genres: Pop, Dance
Occupations: Singer, Dancer, Model, MC, Actress
Years Active: 2008+
Labels: SM Entertainment
Associated Acts: f(x), SM Town

★ Relevant Facts ★
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f(x)'s Victoria and TVXQ's Changmin are Dating?

Earlier today f(x) member Victoria updated her weibo account with a photo that was taken down within minutes. What caught the eyes of fans was that you could see a person’s reflection in the silver spoon on her table. The reflection looked eerily similar to TVXQ member Changmin.

Since than, many rumors have been swirling with people commenting, “Are they dating?“, “Wait, that does look like Changmin“, and “Another couple in 2013?”.

To everyone’s surprise SM Entertainment just released a statement saying, “It’s true that the reflection of the person on the spoon is Changmin, but they were not alone and their staff were present. It’s just the reflection only caught Changmin“.

Source: Star2day via Naver

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f(x) Victoria Posts First Update After Scandal with TVXQ Changmin


f(x) Victoria updated her fans for the first time after the spread of scandals with TVXQ Changmin.

Recently, Solbi posted on her Twitter, "With the pretty girls of f(x)... Please keep up your support for Hidden Singer," along with two pictures.

In the picture, Victoria is sitting in between Solbi and f(x)'s Amber, and she has her long wavy hair down. She showed off her beauty through her round, big eyes and clear skin.

Solbi also revealed a picture taken with Victoria, Amber, Jun Hyun Moo, and Jang Dong Min. All of them held up a V with their fingers.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Please tell us the truth" and "So pretty. If you're pretty, everything is forgiven."

Photo Credit: Solbi Twitter

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The Power of Fans and the Internet, 'Evidence Photos for f(x) Victoria-TVXQ Changmin Become a Hot Issue'


Recently, rumors of f(x) Victoria and TVXQ Changmin has been gaining much attention online.

Victoria had recently posted a picture on her weibo account of her in China, but fans were more interested in the reflection of the person in her spoon.

It was revealed to be TVXQ member Changmin. Due to this, many fans believed that the two may be dating.

However, SM Entertainment made a statement that the two were just friends and that during the time of the picture, the staff members were there as well.

Still, many internet users could not let this issue go as they searched the web for clues and evidence to prove that the two had something together.

Many online community boards are now revealing images that fans have found through the internet of 'evidence' that the two might be more than just friends.

From same accessories and clothes to images of them looking very close, many photos have come up online.

Some of the first photos to pop up were the same cell phone accessory charms they had on their phones.

They also discussed the fact that within the group f(x), Victoria's nickname was 'Vic Umma' ('umma' meaning mom in Korean). In their 'thanks to' section of their album, member Luna had expressed her thanks to TVXQ and had specifically written, 'Thanks to Changmin, who is always like a dad to me'. Many fans are wondering if them being called mom and dad by the group may have some connection to them dating.

Another piece of evidence from fans online was that Victoria is often times called the innocent version of actress Han Ye Sul, because of their similar features, only Victoria's is a little more soft and sweet looking.

During one interview online, Changmin had revealed that his ideal woman type was Han Ye Sul.

A screenshot from the show, "Happy Together" was also revealed. During a game, the guests had to fill in the blank for a sentence. The sentence was about f(x) and how member Sulli could not sleep because of something Victoria did. Changmin, who was a guest that day, answered the question correctly.

Many other pictures were also revealed of the two having the same back packs and shoes.

Some pictures of Changmin holding a clothing store bag at the airport was seen as well. Later, another picture of Victoria wearing clothes from that brand was seen. This speculated that maybe Changmin had bought her the clothes as a present.

Other pictures also revealed the two standing next to each other during a broadcast, showing their closeness.

Some pictures also looked as if the two were holding hands, making fans very suspicious as well.

Another internet user even drew a picture of how the situation would have looked like when Victoria was taking the picture of her food with Changmin in the spoon's reflection, showing the internet fan's amazing ability to find and determine these evidence photos.

Although their agency has stated that the two are just friends, many sources of evidence online make it hard to believe.

What do you think?

Credits: KpopStarz

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Guest Sammie277_x

Vicky is tall, beautiful, and a good cook. She matches Changmin perfectly! No surprise here that they are together. Stupid SM must always deny when their artists date each other.

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Guest hyunfans

wauw ,so quiet here.i was shocked with their dating rumour.i like dbsk and changmin off course.not a big or huge fan but i like them.just random opinion.sorry

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Guest jenpinkpumpkin

Well I like Victoria being linked with Changmin than Kyuhyun... I am happy I got to read this article. I got assured that there is no KYUTORIA. :)

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Changmin take care of our Queen Victoria :x

I see really it is a good point that he loves eating and said one of his important points in his dream girl that she cooks well.. and yes Vic is a good cook ;;)

I am a khontoria shipper but For real life , I am all ok for this shipping .. Changmin is my bias in TVXQ & Victoria is one of my biggest bias in SME & all Kpop female idols ..

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Outside sources reveal that ChangToria have dated before Victoria participated in WGM, but it's uncertain if she's still dating Changmin.

I think it's hilarious that a lot of folks on Twitter speculate that ChangToria are the next target of Dispatch or Sportsseoul.

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