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[Drama 2013] Gu Am Heo Joon 구암 허준

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omg... the famous evil actor....... you didnt know?
he play villain in sungkyunkwan scandal-ministry of war, deep rooted tree as ministry of something(i forgot but hes evil too) and i think hes good side actor on jeon woo chi drama
a fan of saguek and taeha must remember this old man lolto proof what i talk http://asianwiki.com/Lee_Jae-Yong_(1963)

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Just for the first episode, the scenery in this drama is beautiful.  As well as the realistic sets and scenes portrayed.  It is more like a prime time drama than a daily drama.   It'll be interesting to see if this quality continues throughout the entire 120 episodes.

I wonder how long they'll have the childhood portion before getting into the adult characters.  And, as with all dramas, we start immediately on the jealousy and back-stabbing aspects of the drama. 

Frankly, 120 episodes is a way beyond my endurance.  :P

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