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[Drama 2013] The Virus 더 바이러스

Guest YunRa1430270238

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Guest YunRa1430270238


Title: 더 바이러스 / The Virus
Chinese Title: 病毒
Genre: Mystery, Investigation, Thriller
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2013-March-01 to 2013-May-03
Air time: Fridays 22:00


This drama centers around the scientists at the ‘special infectious disease crisis response team‘ lead by Lee Myung Hyun (Uhm Ki Joon), who investigate a mysterious infection case where the virus has a 100% fatality rate. While investigation, they faces the truth and fights against the power of evil.


Uhm Ki Joon as Lee Myung Hyun
Lee So Jung as Jeon Ji Won
Lee Ki Woo as Kim Se Jin
Ahn Suk Hwan as Kim Do Jin
Jo Hee Bong as Ko Soo Gil
Kim Yu Bin as Lee Joo Young
Park Min Woo as Bong Sun Dong
Hyun Woo as Kim In Chul
Oh Yong as Jung Woo Jin
Song Young Kyu as Yoon Il Joong

Production Credits

Director: Choi Young Soo
Writer: Lee Myung Sook


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Guest Tamar1973

According to Koreandrama.org, the channel which The Virus will air (OCN) is a pay-channel, similar to HBO in the USA, so a lot of people might not know about it, "This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating."

Hope they post this drama on Dramafever ASAP!  [-O<
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Guest ChoBap

Hey guys~ I'm joining in for this drama~ I was really contemplating on watching this as I was still not over KOD, but it's Uhn Ki Joon so why not. Hmm, it seems that no one is subbing this because its a cable drama? Well, if anyone wants it, I can post recaps of the episodes (Subbing is way too time consuming... and plus.. I hate timing.. ;P) ... Just finished episode one and it seems pretty good so far~ It has a real bitter and cool feel to it, which seems to be working really well~ 

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ChoBap said: Hey guys~ I'm joining in for this drama~ I was really contemplating on watching this as I was still not over KOD, but it's Uhn Ki Joon so why not. Hmm, it seems that no one is subbing this because its a cable drama? Well, if anyone wants it, I can post recaps of the episodes (Subbing is way too time consuming... and plus.. I hate timing.. ;P) ... Just finished episode one and it seems pretty good so far~ It has a real bitter and cool feel to it, which seems to be working really well~ 

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Guest ChoBap

Here's my recap for episode 1 ~ 

The Virus: Episode 1

We start with our main character Lee Myung Hyun played by Uhn Ki Joon trying to run away from the police and is heading up the stairs. Well, he basically is kicking butt and he continues to run up the stairs. The screen turns black and we are provided with a caption saying “Virus Uprising D-24. He continues to run and he finds himself at the rooftop of the building that has a helicopter landing pad and everything. But he’s surrounded by the police. They tell him to put his hands and his head… but women comes running yelling Teacher! Teacher! He tells her not to approach him, and she tells him to calm down. He tells her that there’s evidence that they’ve missed for sure, and they need to regroup their evidence. The police continue to approach him and you can even hear the helicopter in the back. The helicopter shines the bright spotlight on him and suddenly we zoom into Myung Hyun’s eye and some weird stuff inside his body is starting to happen. His organ seems to harden or some sort, and blood is flowing out of his eyes. The woman looks in horror and the police start moving back. He faints to the floor. We hear in the background, “the suspect has been infected”.  (with some dubstep in the background as well)

Well, what a start. Right now, I’m here thinking, wow, so I’m about to start a drama where the main character dies? And basically, we get to find out? Alright.  Brush away all that emotional angst and move on. But nooo Uhm Ki Joon…

23 days earlier… Fire truck sirens are screaming as the caption says 2013 February 6th 5:20 am. The trucks pass a sign that says Hwasung Sangrock Medical Centre. It looks like a small hospital, but the fire is pretty big and the whole place is going down in flames. Firefighters rush inside but more things start explode and the fire gets even larger. They head in and see a man lying on the floor. It’s a doctor, and the firefighters ask if he’s okay. He has blood dripping out of his eyes and the only thing he whispers is “run away.” They bring him out and the ambulance truck takes him away. The crew inside the ambulance try to save him but he bleeds our more blood through his eyes and mouth, getting it all over the crew.. yuck. The ambulance passes by and we see a hooded figure (Hyun Woo. My gosh I remember him from Pasta, he’s so cute) on a bus. He looks really suspicious, but at that moment a woman and her baby daughter sit next to him. He starts to cough as well. (Highly suspicious).

48 hours after Virus Uprising…

The ambulance crew that was trying to save the man are in their changing room after a tiring morning. He changes out of his clothes and he’s continuously coughing. He goes to take a shower and he’s still coughing. Then, all we see is dead body with blood coming out of his eyes. The other crew member is in the other room, lying dead as well. And the last ambulance crew driving the vehicle? Crashes into to truck at full speed. As if that wasn’t enough, the next scene is that mother on the bus with the little girl, she’s at dining table head down with blood dripping out her eyes. The little girl doesn’t even know. What is going on here….

Virus Uprising D-3

We’re back to the now burnt Hwasung Sangrock Medical Centre. Reporter Jung Woo Jin from World News is practically begging to be allowed in the site for an inside scoop about this disease that has been floating around. The member of the CDC team, Go Soo Gil (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is clearly annoyed and tries to shoo him off. Jung Woo Jin continues to poke at him and he finally explodes yelling at him that if he knew what kind of disease it is then… Ah, Jung Woo Jin finally digs something out. They don’t know anything about the disease. Now he’s really pissed and he’s just about to drag him out of the area when a car arrives. It’s Myung Hyun. The reporter bugs him to answer his questions and wittingly enough, he is shooed away.

They start to investigate the burnt down medical center, but absolutely everything is burnt so there’s not much to find here. Soo Gil thinks that it might be some disease that came in from overseas, but Myung Hyun says that if that were the case, it would have appeared already. He finds it so odd that a deadly disease could start in a medical center so small with no factors that could have sparked such a virus. It is so out of the blue and the center itself… there just seems to be no reason. There seems to be no CCTV’s either. They head out after inspecting the building when Myung Hyun gets a call from HQ. It’s Bong Sun Dong, a team member. He tells Myung Hyun that he should come in urgently. It’s really important and he should come right away.

Next we’re at the main entrance area of the Nasan Isolation Ward Hospital. Myung Hyun asks Sun Dong what the matter is. He says that they’ve tested this new virus with all the virus tests and that there were no reactions or anything. However just in case, Doctor Kim ran some H5N1 tests. To their surprise, some protein on the virus was found. What’s even worse is that this virus transmits directly. Myung Hyun cannot believe what he is hearing, but in comes doctor Kim Se Jin (Lee Ki Woo) confirming so himself. He explains it seems that the virus is associated with another virus from 2003, but now, with a few changes in its amino acids, it has become devastatingly stronger. Also, the symptoms of the virus are expanding continuously. It doesn’t attack one organ at once. It attacks them all simultaneously. Myung Hyun is still in disbelief, but Sae Jin shows him pictures. On all the animals they’ve tested it took not even a day for the symptoms to spread and kill the animals. Myung Hyun asks if the virus reacts with Oseltamivir, an antiviral drug that slows down influenza, but sadly, nothing seems to work. It only takes 2 days for the virus to reach the lymph nodes and from then only 1 more day for the virus to fully spread. Luckily, on the mice tests they found that it did not spread through the air, but it is not confirmed.

Meanwhile, the little girl from earlier (on the bus with her mom, mom died) is lying in a hospital bed and the blood oozes out from her mouth and she too dies. Myung Hyun is giving a presentation to the heads of the Health organizations which includes the head of the CDC, Shim Tae Jin. Unfortunatly, the people aren’t too convinced with Myung Hyun’s ideas to take action right away as they see it controllable for now. Myung Hyun argues with them and things get really heated. Really heated. They leave the room and Shim Tae Jin is furious at him for being so disrespectful, his name is also on the line too…

So now we’re at the CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention, where Myung Hyun’s team is assembled and ready. He gives the team specific orders such as investigating any food markets for fish and meat, tracking down where the infected and dead people have been, and investigating the hospital and the workers. He tells the team that they are the last chance. If they cannot find anything, devastating things will happen. There is no cure or vaccine for this virus, and once contracted, there is no chance of survival. They are also not allowed to inform anyone else of this virus.

Myung Hyun is in his office with Soo Gil, and he orders him to transport all the infected people to Nasan Isolation Ward Hospital. But Soo Gil tells him sincerely that he should call his wife… He tells him that nobody is going to judge him for doing that because none of the team members have had family pass away because of a virus… (Oh no… some back story to follow hopefully). Soo Gil tells him to call and quietly leaves the room. Everyone is doing their tasks, collecting samples from animals, local markets, checking out the town people. And meanwhile the hooded figure from earlier is walking through the streets. Unfortunately nothing seems to be linking, and Myung Hyun can only feel frustration.

Virus Uprising D-6

At the Nasan Isolation Ward, Doctor Se Jin is looking at a patient with the virus. Unfortunately there is no cure, and he can only give the patient some medicine for the pain. He leaves the room and the nurse tells him that the department head is looking for him. So the department head is just bashing on the committee saying that they rejected all his requests for vaccine tests, and now they’re mad at him for the lack of vaccine development. If only two years ago they… Se Jin gives him “the stare”. Something must have happened 2 years ago… The department head tells Se Jin that he put his name on the research paper for sure, but somebody tampered with it. He asks Se Jin if it was not his intention to go to Johns Hopkins? Se Jin tells him that that project was  a failure. But the head mutters if only that treatment would have been approved by now it would have come out…. ( I really thought this scene was very extra… )

Back at the CDC, Myung Hyun is explaining to the head, Shim Tae Jin that there have been no hospitals that have reported this virus. Nobody knows where it came from. But something definitely isn’t right here. Myung Hyun says that they urgently need to notify the people. Shim Tae Jin says he knows, but he can’t do anything about it right now and they can only follow orders. He pulls out a folder, and it’s for a new member for Myung Hyun’s team, she just been hired. He tells him that she’s just come back from working at the WHO for two years now, and she should be very knowledgeable. Myung Hyun complains that she has now field experience, but Tae Jin assures him that she’ll be able to learn quickly. Myung Hyun leaves and heads to where all his members are.  Sun Dong introduces their new member Jeon Ji-Won (Lee So Jung). She introduces herself, but is interrupted as he just throws the folders on the desk. Rude… He tells her that all the stuff she did at the WHO is not important here as time is of the essence. She tells him she knows… this isn’t like any pattern of viruses or diseases. But as of right now it isn’t a terror or emergency situation, therefore, it’s still just a virus. He has nothing to say…. Myung Hyun ask for the results, and Sun Dong replies saying that there were no traces found in the birds. Soo Gil can’t believe that the virus would only be in humans and not animals. So basically, the virus was only found in the medical center and has only been transmitted to other humans. Ji Won says that there were some bodies from the medical center that haven’t been autopsied yet… but Soo Gil replies that they couldn’t because nobody has come to act as the legal guardian… Myung Hyun explains that the chances of a patient having the disease inside that small medical center (btw, it’s worded kindly as medical center, it’s more like a mental rehab center.) is very rare. Myung Hyun says the need to investigate again, and Ji Won asks if they have to do those themselves too? Beside her, the computer whiz Lee Joo Young (Yu Bin) is not impressed with this girl. At all. Myung Hyun explains that they are the investigation team and this is because they cannot disclose any information. He gives his orders and he takes Ji Won with her to the site, and they leave. Sun Dong talks about how he likes the new girl a lot, and Joo Young is not impressed. She comments that she seems so plain and boring, but Sung Dong has no problem with her. He even asks  Soo Gil.. and Soo Gil… is… pretty okay with her too. He quietly walks away.

Myung Hyun and Ji Won visit the security company responsible for the security in the medical center. The employee confirms that it had been a three year contract and they have been legally responsible for that. Myung Hyun asks about the CCTV’s but the employee says that they couldn’t even access anything because the area had been already taped over. He explains that they asked someone to check for the cameras and tape, but they couldn’t find anything, which was indeed very odd for them as well. Ji Won asks if they can access any files, even the ones that save automatically and as well any other security videos related to any of the victims. The employee says that he’ll ask the team that handles that.

We see a woman with flowers walking towards… a funeral home. She looks at the picture of her daughter, who passed away, and in the family picture… le gasp! It’s Myung Hyun, so she must be his wife. We zoom in on the picture of the happy family. There’s a flashback, and it’s the three of them walking through the park. Daddy is blowing bubbles and she has her teddy.. it’s just so cute. We go back to Myung Hyun now, who is debating whether or not to call his wife, (we’re not sure if they divorced, I think they have..) but decides not to. They receive the video file, but it seems all broken and even the employee doesn’t seem to understand either. All the other videos seem perfectly fine, but it’s only the files from Hwasung Sangrock Medical Centre that seem to be corrupted and broken. Myung Hyun calls Joo Young and asks if she can be able to recover the file. We can see parts from the broken video, and it’s that hooded figure again. He’s taking money out of the bank machine, but the file becomes chopped up again. Unfortunately, Soo Young says she can’t do anything anymore, and there’s no way she can recover this. They’ve just wasted a day… But she does figure out something odd. There were 17 bodies that were found at the hospital after the fire, but on the hospital records, it states that there are only 15 people in total including staff, doctors, nurses, and patients. Soo Gil asks where the other two are from… and Myung Hyun starts to figure something out… As of now, they’ve assumed that the people in the medical center all died in the fire, and they’ve never considered how many extra people such as relatives or guardians were there.  What if, someone had escaped the fire?

The next scene is the hooded figure! He’s walking down the street, and in the background we hear Soo Young say “Wait, so there’s someone who escaped the fire?” Myung Hyun says that there has to be someone who left that hospital. The hooded figure enters the small convenience store. And there’s another customer there too…. It’s Myung Hyun’s wife! (Oh gosh, I have bad feeling about this..) She’s buying a few things and just as she’s about to grab the raymun, the hooded figure grabs onto the raymun first. He sheepishly apologizes and she says its fine and tells him to grab it first, but then he coughs on her. This is not good.

Back at the CDC, it seems that news has been released about the virus, which is very concerning because that’s the worst situation to be in. They don’t want anybody know about this…. It’s reporter Jung Woo Jin stating in the article that on February 6th, the special control disease team held a secret investigation at the Hwasung Sangrock Medical Centre on the possibility of a new deadly virus. One of the team members even confirmed that they did not know anything about this virus (Lol, Soo Gil). Soo Gil calls Jung Woo Jin with rage, and Myung Hyun snatches the phone from him. He asks him to take down those articles at once, and Woo Jin denies. Myung Hyun tells him that he has no idea what he is talking about. If he takes down the article at once, he’ll reveal some information to him. Woo Jin is excited and he decides to take the article down. His phone buzzes telling him he has an email, and he decides to open it up. The title says “ Fire in Chuncheon Nam-do Nursing home”

Back to the hooded figure, who is still coughing is walking somewhere… It turns out he’s heading to this house? And his friend is there too… His friend tells him that he’s found place for him to work at and he can start tomorrow.  He’s really worried though because the police might find him.. (Technically.. he’s supposed to be dead) but his friend says it’ll be alright. But his friend tells him he was really worried, and he rally thought he died. He  asked how he escaped.. and we flashback to the burning hospital. The doctor is there on the floor grabbing his leg, and he shakes it off and runs away. He replies that. it kinda just happened…. Then we see that his friend is starting to cough…

Virus Uprising D-7

The team is still working late, and Sun Dong sees Ji Won working hard. Ji Won thinks that Myung Hyun doesn’t like her that much.. but Sun Dong reassures her that she just needs some time to get adjusted, he was on that same boat too. And plus, the only reason why Goo Sil supports Myung Hyun so much is because Myung Hyun saved his life a couple of years ago… Ji Won asks if Myung Hyun is married.. but Sun Dong replies saying… “yes.. he was..” Ji Won is curious, and Sun Dong explains that three years ago, there was a virtually unknown influenza that was going around.. and unfortunately his three year old daughter died… Sun Dong explains that Myung Hyun was a mess afterwards. He got divorced, and they barely brought him to where he is today.

Meanwhile, Myung Hyun is mapping out where the virus has been. He starts to connect the dots, and it seems like the virus is following a road. It’s Ji Won who figures it out! It’s a bus route. Myung Hyun orders Joo Young to figure out which stop it is. It’s the 400 and 400-4 bus. Myung Hyun heads over to the transit station and he asks if anyone has reported sick or has appeared unwell, especially any drivers for the 400, 400-4 buses. The head does remember that someone did report in sick, and they haven’t been able to contact him since. They head over to his house.. and they see the man lying on the floor with blood oozing out of his eyes.

Jung Woo Jin is trying to track down the IP address that sent him that mail. It seems that there is no way of tracking it and he’s pretty mad. Dr. Kim seems to be testing things as well… The hooded figure is back on the bus and this time an old man is about sit next to him. He quickly gets up from his seat, but a young woman who forgot her stop rushes to get off. Turns out, it’s a video from way back, and they are analyzing it. They see the little girl who died just a few days ago. Someone on that bus transmitted the virus… But who… But more importantly, is there anyone on that bus that looks like they ran away from a medical center? Ji Won thinks that the medical chief of the center might know, (he’s that dead doctor in the beginning..) and her and Myung Hyun head over to his house to inspect. They talk to his wife, and she explains that he was unusually quiet in the past few weeks… They inspect his room, and Ji Won reports that there doesn’t seem to be anything. She asks Myung Hyun if there is anything on the computer, and he replies that there’s only some medical papers.. but then… ! He finds a study on the body that is H5N1 centered. They view the most recently saved version and they conclude that the doctor knew about the virus. Myung Hyun gets a call from Sun Dong telling him that there’s been a reported group of infected people. Myung Hyun instructs Joo Young to look through the videos. It’s for sure been transmitted through a person. The isolation hospital is busy too… Ji Won asks Dr. Kim, and he says there are currently 12 people with the virus here. They are confirming with other hospitals if there have been any reported cases in their hospitals.

Soo Gil is at the scene where the group of infected people are, and he asks the guardians of these people to put on masks and to follow Sun Dong. Just then, he sees a student filming, and he snatches the phone and deletes the video. The student points to his friend, and Soo Gil tries to grab his friend’s phone.. but.. the student avoids him.. and basically humiliates him until he can only yell at Sun Dong to chase the boy. The news report comes in and it’s a family of four who has been the latest victims. The news report says that the CDC have not released any statement, and are trying to prevent any information from spreading. Cue the whole scene of Soo Gil chasing the guy. Yeah.. Myung Hyun isn’t happy about that at all. He starts to yell at them.. but he gets a call from an unknown number… but Joo Young interrupts with some important news. They rush over to her computer and she’s found a connection to all the videos they have. The bank, the hooded figure. But the hooded figure should be dead as well. Not unless he carries the virus… but that means he carries the vaccine as well. He could also just be another victim. But regardless, they need to find this person while he’s alive.

The hooded figure is waiting for the subway. The train comes and he looks at the security camera and we flashback to the hospital. The staff injected a needle into him, and when the fire happened, the doctor only whispers the words… …Run away…... He enters the subway.


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Guest boredfilmmaker

Episode 1 is also out on Hulu for those who have access to it. Subs are from OCN/CJ Entertainment themselves and hardcoded to the video.

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Guest fire89

I think for a beginner Yubin's doing pretty well.
when she told her his text seems natural, it is not recite all the.
I think she should just get better side facial expression
but Yubin daya in dramas and improve his game

Yubin fighting

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