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[Drama 2013] Cruel Palace / War of Flowers 궁중잔혹사 / 꽃들의 전쟁


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Guest itsajklmnop

LHRCN said: @itsajklmnop I hope to see Nam Hyuk+ Lady Jo love scene too, specially when she became the king's woman, she having an affair Nam Hyuk is scary when she is already a concubine, i mean you could be killed if youre having an affair, i know 50 eps are so long, if i could do a marathon, 50 eps are nothing to me, but right now we have to wait weeks for weeks to watch each ep, it would be a long run, for about 6 months.

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Guest Kite-Nature


In the official record, the crown prince died of some disease. But,  it is said that he is poisoned to death. Jo and Kim were behind the scene, possibly with Injo's permission. In 'Horse Doctor', the doctor Lee Hyung Ik  killed him with a needle.

Yes. Jo was really an evil based on history. Jo and Kim tried to make one of her sons a king.  I  dont know if Kim really had a daughter. In the drama, I think he adopted Jo as a  daughter. Otherwise, Jo's name should be changed to Kim. Kim is definitely a  jerk in the drama as your comment said.

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Nam Hyuk is playing a small role in this drama, i dont know if he had some romantic scene with Lady Jo or not,
I hope there are more scenes of them because i love them too
yeah the bed scene with Injo would be awkward, OMG hope there are some behind the scene
well i think 6 months is too long, but seeing KHJ every week make me happy
I hope she appears on Variety shows too, love her on game show.

thanks, the story is slowly clear to me. now I got why she ordered her mother- lover to the palace to be royal doctor
so the doctor Lee Hyung Ik is side with Lady Jo and Kim Ja Jeom is behind her too
wow she really got a lot of power from the men. besides that she has Nam Hyuk who is willing to help her anytime.
yeah wikipedia said crown prince is poisioned with some ink. and No one really knows the true reason why he died
history only said his dead body was found in the King's chamber. and since Lady JO is the king's woman, she could be there by the time.

[NEWS] First ep of JTBC Cruel Palace got over 100.000 views in 4 days


The news said that JTBC released ep 1 online on the 19th, just a few ago after the release they got over 43.000 views.
And till today 4 days after the release they got over 100000 views and said that the drama is very popular among netizens
which is a good sign.
its said that the drama touch people heart with its realistic story.
soucre: naver

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Guest Kite-Nature


I also read that entry of wikipedia. Some of the contents are not reliable according to history. It is just some 'people say' or guess. The guess of 'heavy ink stone' is unfounded.  Indeed, in many historical dramas, the king hit or threw inkstone to someone made him angry.  But, I dont think this is one of the cases. Qing is sided with the crown prince, and Injo didn't have the gut to punish him directly.

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its also said that after crown prince returned to Korea, he brought western culture into Korea, which made InJo didnt like it
he got into many conflicts with Injo and that is why Injo killed him

so Crown prince is sided with the Qing? History sure is interesting and until now, nobody know what exactly happened that night.
I already watched ep, but I am still excited for the airing to night, its 8:45PM now in korea, its almost on air.
cant wait to see the result.

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ahh Ep is just ended, cant believe it i just watched ep live stream on JTBC, ( I already watched it)
but just watched it again, because I was waiting for the preview of tomorrow ep
it got a huge response online, King Injo was trend at Naver search
Lee Duk Hwa's acting was praised, and I cant deny it, His acting in ep was excellent. cant wait to see more

Cap of ep 1


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Link to watch ep 1 Online

here are the dailymotion link
part 2

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[NEWS] JTBC Cruel Palace/ War of Flowers scored high, has a good start

‘꽃들의전쟁’, 첫 방송 3%대 ‘순조로운 출발’
24 일 시청률 조사회사 닐슨코리아에 따르면 23일 첫 방송된 종합편성채널 JTBC 새 주말극 ‘궁중잔혹사-꽃들의 전쟁’(극본 정하연ㆍ연출 노종찬ㆍ이하 꽃들의전쟁)은 시청률은 3.058%(전국 유료방송가구기준)을 기록했다. 전작인 ‘무자식 상팔자’ 첫 방송 시청률인 1.432%보다 1.626% 포인트 높은 수치다.

<저작권자 ⓒ 인터넷한국일보, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지>

According the the news, Cruel Palace/ War of Flowers got 3.058% for ep 1 and its 2x higher than de first ep of the succesful ''Childless comfort'. Childless comfort ended with 10% with its last ep, so it marked a good start for Cruel Palace with this rocking Ratings.
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Guest Kite-Nature


Injo is surely a weak king. It seems that Kim Ja jeom got released in EP02.  I dont know why it is so soon. Also, some new characters appear in the preview.

The development looks very quick. Nam is deemed to be a minor and tragic role.

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In drama, concubines compete for royal love

'I am quite worried about the level of body exposure.’ - Kim Hyun-joo
'궁중잔혹사' 김현주, 이덕화 품에 기댄 채…

Mar 22,2013


Actress Kim Hyun-joo, who has an innocent image, is playing a femme fatale who tries to seduce a king in an attempt to obtain power. provided by JTBC
A cruel battle among concubines during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) is the theme for legendary screenwriter Kim Soo-hyun’s new JTBC’s weekend drama “Cruel Palace - War of Flowers.”

This fictional period piece will succeed Kim’s latest drama “Best Life is Without Children” and centers around a royal concubine Jo So-yong (Kim Hyun-joo) as she tries to gain the attention of King Injo (Lee Duk-hwa) with her beauty and wit. When she succeeds, there is a bloody battle over the power she receives.

On Tuesday, the first episode of the drama was revealed at a press conference. Reporters had their eyes glued to the screen as King Injo admits a humiliating defeat to the new dynasty of Qing in the Manchu War.

The re-enactment is based on the legendary tale of King Injo bowing three times and bashing his head into the ground to admit his defeat to Huang Taiji.

And true to its title, “Cruel Palace” is not for the faint-hearted.

“I’ve focused a lot on the artistic side of the drama such as by showing each character’s inner conflict with clashing colors,” said producer Noh Jong-chan. “I’m also planning to take the audience to the very deepest depths of the scenes in the king’s bedroom as well as the scenes that show the relationships between the concubines.”

Actress Kim said during the press conference that this is her first time playing a femme fatale. She often evokes an innocent image in drama fans’ minds, but Kim said that this kind of typecasting doesn’t really bother her.

She explained that she is simply looking forward to a new experience and is “more than delighted to have been given the opportunity to try something new.”


From left, Song Sun-mi, Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Duk-hwa play leading roles in the new JTBC drama "Cruel Palace-War of Flowers."
“Jo is like a beautiful red rose with a large thorn. This role will be a new life story for my acting career. I personally think it will be more interesting for an actress with an innocent image like myself to take up this wicked role,” Kim said.

Kim will also have to shoot love scenes with veteran actor Lee, who is 25 years her senior, as well as with Jun Tae-soo who plays Nam Hyuck, Jo’s first love in the television series.

“I am quite worried about the level of body exposure as well as the deep expressions that I have to display during the love scenes,” said Kim. “I’ve been taking Korean dance classes to prepare for the scene in which So-yong seduces the king. I hope viewers take note of how we portray the world inside the royal palace.”

According to the production team, Kim will be “seeking to show the different sides of So-yong as she transitions from a naive young girl into an imposing royal concubine. Her numerous transformations will captivate the hearts of viewers.”

Meanwhile, Lee, who’s taking up the role of the king, said during the press conference, “Injo is a king who acceded to the throne due to a revolutionary force. He had no philosophy of his own and was just a puppet king.”

“It is more interesting for me to portray a king that we are unfamiliar with,” he added. “Like the line that goes ‘He is an incompetent king’ in the drama, Injo doesn’t really know what a king does. When I was shooting the scene where I admit defeat, I was really humiliated.”

By Yang Sung-hee [sharon@joongang.co.kr]

link: http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=2968936
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