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[variety] Super Junior Reality Survival Drama 대결! 슈퍼주니

Guest aymei

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I saw the preview but I'm really scared of scary stuff haha....I almost died when I saw the preview...scared teh crap out of me...

hopefully i can get over my fear and watch this series if it's subbed...well I can't really translate but if you need english editors! =] PM me

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Guest peanuts

it's almost TOMORRROWWWWWWWWWW....ekkk...can't wait....but then...it'll be a LONG LONG LONG time before the subs hit the fans(pun) hahahaha..okayyyy...

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Here is next week's episiode preveiw uploaded on youtube by me.

It looks WAY FUNNY & hilarious. Btw, ryeowook & sungmin kiss and EUNHAE moments, and someone strips! *GASP!!*

Source; chibikko @ sjfullhouse.com + aymei @ youtube


Those who want to dl this weeks episode, you can dl it from prettysyuju clubbox.


060816.M.NET.슈퍼주니어의자작극.슈퍼주니어.11시4분[640x480][Parfait].avi [598.2 MB]

-This one is the HQ full episode part 2?


- Part 1?


-Part 3?

All I know is, there are three parts to the HQ version, and those three up there I BELIEVE is the 3 parts to the HQ full episode of this weeks drama.

060816 슈퍼주니어의자작극.part1[320x240][별아이]- 슈주네집참조

060816 슈퍼주니어의자작극.part2[320x240][별아이]- 슈주네집참조

060816 슈퍼주니어의자작극.part3[320x240][별아이] - 슈주네집참조

-This one is LQ version of this weeks episode split into 3 parts

p.s this is not my clubbox so i'm not the one who is uploading. =X

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Guest babietinhyeu

I can't wait to see this, especially after watching the preview. it looks so scary and gross! Thanks aymei for the clubbox link! Can't wait till it is done!

I have a question:


is this just the game part? because the files is only 20 something mb long.

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Guest babietinhyeu

nmv I tried to dl the 26.8 mb one with that title but for some reason i can't open the file at all. I'll just wait for the hd version of the game and show. Thanks again

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Guest cheryl1988


Those who want to dl this weeks episode, you can dl it from prettysyuju clubbox.


-This one is the HQ full episode INCLUDED with the game. (currently being uploaded)


-This one is this weeks HQ WITHOUT the game.

thank you so much. I am wondering what the difference between these 2 files ^^

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Guest jaeners

Hyuk Jae and that stupid mask scared the crap out of me when I watched it live. Ahah. x_x But asdfghjkl hopefully there will be subs for this drama. :D <3

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Guest __JBM*

ack its out its out! i cant wait to d/l and watch <3 <3.

thanks for uploading :).

edit;; i made the 5th page! but i have nothing special to post TT_TT

sorry :/.

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Guest boballay

Yikes, it's out XD

Thanks so much for uploading =]


wow, that sure was pretty scary :sweatingbullets: i got scared most of the time yet other times i didn't. haha the games were cuuute! I found it scary when GyuHyun was singing then all of a sudden he saw the creepy lady O___O omg. I would've screaaamed. hahaha Aww SungMin got so scared itw as cute though~ x) ah poor KangIn got bullied by DongHae, RyeoWook & EunHyuk. Eee, those were some scary stuff XD ah i can't wait for next week's episode~

there's part 1 and part 2 of episode one

and part 1, part 2 and part 3 of episode one

located at Super Junior's CB


if you want, I can upload onto sendspace or YSI or megaupload or something

but it'll take a while since I DL'd 3 parts of the episode.


Okay I uploaded it onto Bigupload:

Part 1 of episode 1


Part 2 of episode 1


Part 3 of episode 1


credits; Super Junior Clubbox

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