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[variety] Super Junior Reality Survival Drama 대결! 슈퍼주니

Guest aymei

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Guest sarangie

ahhh~~~ super junior again~!!

can't wait~!!!

love horror stuff

^ yeah hankyung's VISA (and no, VISA isn't a credit card) isn't going through so he isn't able to be in the drama.

so he's in china now?

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omg.. i can`t wait for this.

i wanna watch it. =]

it looks so interesting.. i haven`t watched mystery 6 so i don`t know how that is..

but it looks pretty scary. i got freaked out by that girl.. and what was it.. that arm

with like worms and stuff. ewww.. but that couple moment with jungsu & kangin

was wow. can`t wait.. it sucks though how hankyung can`t be in it.. =/

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Guest funkydiva6

wow, cant believe theres already a thread about this, and the drama hasnt even started. go suju, yay! im so gonna watch this. hahaha, shindong looks hilarious

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Guest x kisekiboshi

YouTube is working for me right now so I can't watch the preview. :(

But I was looking at the pics and it looks really scary. >.<

I thought it was gonna be all happy and funny from the group pictures they did.

Well, hopefully...it's not too scary like Mystery 6. Too bad HanKyung won't be in it cause of his VISA problems. :(

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not again a horro show!!!!

i died during the preview..... +__+

i can't watch this even if super junior members are in this show

*really afraid of this things*

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Guest Storytime

I actually went to watch the preview today. It's unbelievable how scared I got in 25 seconds. I can't believe SuJu directed such a scary mini-drama! I bet Heechul thought of it!

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I finally had the guts to watch the previews today! =D

But...of course...my brother and sister were in the room too! =P

Interesting...I was also amazed how I got scared in only 25 seconds as well!

Hehe! Super Junior's directing? That's good...hehe...they're good!

YAY!! Ryeowook's finally in something! Hehe! I <3 RYEOWOOK!! He's so cute!

I'm sad that Hankyung won't be in it though...=(

He totally grew on me ever since Full House!

Hope Donghae's okay...HWAI TING!

And I hope this drama will be good! Hehe!


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