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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Guest crazywindblower

ola chinggu!! :D its been a long time since i last visited this thread..i still miss our O2 couple! :(  hope in the future they'll have a movie or dram together..or i better hope one of this days JiS and ShK will reveal that they are dating, hahahaha.. 

i hope jis will visit the set of shk drama with sjk since sjk is close too jis, and i hope we see some mphotos if that will happen, hahaha..

any news or idea about their current whereabouts??? 

fighting o2 couplee!!!! :wub:

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

I still don't like this new format, but I'm slowly getting use to it JIS looks really good with this new hair cut

Guys, after numerous times watching this unforgettable drama, here I am again, shedding tubs of tears! On episode 7 now! Can't believe it still affects me the way it did the very first time I watched

It does not make me unhappy if the Ohs do not end up together, but what makes me support them both

is their genius in acting! They apparently enjoy each other's company, respect each other's ability, and

are really genuine friends! muah. I love to see them together again!imwaiting

BTW, I never tire of TWTWB! One of the best! thumbup

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Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIS aka Oh Soo!

Many happy returns of the day! I wish you happiness and peace of mind!


I bet you already received a big sweet smack on the face from one of your dearest and closest friends!Wink

Who could that be? Your guess is as good as mine!nod


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@hclover96, those gifs made me miss them more :tears:

@esophageal14, that was a cute greeting :)

seeming them so much that i just contend myself to stalking the IG, here are some finds of their recent activities. what makes me happy is their both in SK :)

SHK with Taewon Park, she looks so sweet and innocent :)



JIS caught by a fan's cam walking at Kyungridan Road, Itaewon near his brother's cafe :)



cr: IG owners on pic


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@ hanna3188: cute (on the getting married), like the way you said it                                                                                                                                                                                                 

There was an episode in IOIL where JJY (JIS) told JHS (GHJ) ..."if you are not thinking marriage, you are the weird one.  We are already no longer kids.  We are already over 30 years of age."   Should be telling himself (as in JJY telling JIS)

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Hi O2 shippers,

I'm new here. i thought i saw some write up and pics in this thread of both JIS  and SHK doing some sort of an audio commetaries on the TWTWB. Know where I can watch it? Or any interview with them



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@ynette_stv   I only want him to marry The one and only Girl

with oh soo cute bangs

amazing skin

loves to wear cap and casual shorts

pet lover

figure skater

and soo amiable everytime she flashes that billion won smile:)

you know who that is....

shhhhhh. dont say it out loud...its just wishful thinking...peace..t9mIZbe.png

Im not surprised after two years there are still  lurkers and newbies on this thread. 

hello @nataliakay , you can do some back reading on this thread, for the details of the O2 couple commentaries.

welcome. :)

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Hi @nataliakay welcome to this thread. try searching You Tube, though the commentary still has no English translation.

@hanna3188, your post just nailed everybody's wish. I miss clicking the AWESOME button :)

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Thank you everyone. i just finished watching twtwb recently and when i came into this thread i was surprised and amazed that this forum is still going on strong even after 2 years since the series ended. Normally the hype over an OTP is only during the period of the drama. But this! Wow. For our sakes i hope we get more sightings of these 2 beautiful people together :)

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Hi O2 shippers,

I'm new here. i thought i saw some write up and pics in this thread of both JIS  and SHK doing some sort of an audio commetaries on the TWTWB. Know where I can watch it? Or any interview with them



Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread :)  Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate most of it.  Since this was translated from Chinese translations and not directly from Korean, please excuse any errors for the translations :)

Here are some of the translations:

They both said this scene is really good.  JIS: this line is really classic.  SHK: I have many good lines.  JIS agreed.  SHK: when I was filming this scene, I was thinking why does Oh Soo have so many good lines.  JIS: really?  I was thinking of the opposite.  SHK: really?  JIS: yes.  JIS: it's weird that whenever I think of classic lines, I can only think of Oh Young's lines.  Just like that line you said in the scene we saw before.  SHK: I think of Oh Soo's lines, not my own.  JIS: I can only think of Oh Young's.  SHK: that's why we are good partners.  JIS: partnership is not easy.  SHK: really terrific/amazing.  She laughed.  JIS: ah, it's true.  JIS: this scene is important.  Filmed it a few times, but was not satisfactory so have to start over again.  SHK: yes, Oh Young has to talk a lot (has lots of lines).  JIS:  filmed it just like a goddess.  SHK: really?  JIS: When calling Writer Noh on the phone, have said that if there's an angel from heaven that came down to earth, its face must have looked like Oh Young's.  SHK: thank you.

They said Shin Dong Yup and Lee Young Ja imitated this scene and turned it into a comedy .  JIS: this scene took a long time to film.  SHK: filmed until 4 in the morning.  JIS: Director always shoots for a long time for this kind of scene.  SHK: in the end, even my throat can't take it when saying the lines.  JIS: since we can't even say our lines fast anymore, I don't know why filming still lasted so long.  SHK: in between, In Sung, you treated us to fried chicken.  JIS: I felt if we don't take a break, the staff would all go home.  SHK: after eating, felt even sleepier.  She laughed.

Lol, onto the cotton candy scene.  JIS said "this cotton candy scene.  Not long ago, I went to Malaysia and Singapore.  There were many people who imitated this scene."  SHK said "We were protestingly asking why do we need to shoot this".  Then both JIS and SHK together said "Why do we need to shoot this?" and SHK laughed .  JIS said "have to even shoot it twice.  Have not imagine that the audience would like it this much".

When this part was playing, JIS said "I felt this scene was really hard".  SHK said "all the audience and fans who have seen this scene have said this looks like a CF shot".  JIS said "At that time, I was thinking I can't make this scene cringe-inducing.  I kept on thinking what to do."  SHK said "it was not cringe-inducing at all".  JIS whispered "Thank you".  SHK then said "after really watching this again, I think these 2 are good to watch". (I don't know if the Chinese translation for this part is off because I think SHK is trying to say they look good?)  JIS said "Yes".  JIS said "would not come across a drama like this for a while".  SHK said "it's really hard to come across something like this.  Really".

SHK:  this scene was very hard.  Can't get into the emotions at that time.
JIS:  most of Hye Kyo's emotional scenes are hard.  It is not simple acting.
SHK:  really was hard...this scene...you already know
JIS:  I really like this scene.
SHK:  at the time our clothes are similar.

SHK:  this scene, your tears came right on the dot
JIS:  it's really like heaven is helping me
SHK:  I have collaborated with many male actors, but each time the crying scenes would have different feelings.  I have said many times in interviews, In Sung is number one (meaning he's the best). 
JIS:  it's because of being spanked as a child until grown up.  Maybe that's the reason why. 
SHK:  acted really well.  Your performance and facial expressions are different.  That's why the feeling is amazing
JIS:  I have 100 kinds of materials.  For this scene, used approximately 28 tries.  SHK laughed.

I've combined the commentaries from both videos for this scene.
He said she filmed this scene really beautifully (meaning both her looks and her acting).  Looking at her gives him the feeling of looking at a teenager (meaning she looks young).  SHK modestly said it's thanks to the Director, Writer and the staff.  JIS then said "you look at me, compare me to how you look" (meaning he thinks he looks old compared to SHK).  Everyone cracked up at what JIS said .

The following are commentaries from the 6-person video (4 leads plus director and writer):

This part is funny.  Writer Noh was saying how this scene came out beautifully.  JIS said  "really beautiful in it.  This face...really...." SHK was saying something (no subtitles for this), but Writer Noh interrupted and said "the director's cellular phone's screen is this".  Director was mumbling "yeah, yeah" and laughed.  SHK laughed also.  Writer Noh continued "But it doesn't have Oh Soo's part, just Oh Young's part".  Everyone cracked up after that

Here is the translation for the commentaries on the sofa kiss scene.  Director Kim started to say "for these 2 actors, this scene is the hardest".  SHK said "after this scene ended, my scenes in the drama have finished except for the cherry blossom ending scene".  Writer Noh said "I've heard that after you finished filming this scene, you fainted, right?"  SHK replied "yes, on the floor.  After this important scene has ended, I can relax".  JIS immediately said "that day Hye Kyo was drinking".  SHK added "Drank a lot".  Everyone started laughing at what SHK said .  JIS then said "when I was filming, I heard she drank a bottle or two.  So envious".  SHK laughed at that.  JIS continued with "I still have the stabbing scene and the gambling scene to film".  SHK said "right, at that time you still have lots of scenes".  KB then said "when we were filming, we talked about it.  Noona is somewhere drinking now".  Everyone laughed at that.  When Oh Soo and Oh Young started kissing on the screen, Writer Noh said "finally there's a kiss scene in 16 episodes".  Director Kim then said "filming for the last episode was hard.  When filming this scene, both actors said they have reached their limits".  JIS said "I said I may not be able to continue filming".  Both the director and writer said this scene was acted out really well.  Writer Noh said "when Oh Young said 'don't cry, I love you', I thought 'she is really an angel'

JIS said when filming was completed and they gave flowers to Director Kim, DK was all choked up when he was giving his speech.  Seeing DK like that made him sad.  Director Kim said "during that time, my heart was really heavy and tears just came out.  It was funny".  JIS said "that's why I started crying too.  In the beginning I didn't cry, but seeing Director cry made me cry too".  Writer Noh said "that day, my heart was really heavy too.  Wanted to cry so I went to the car to cry".  SHK said "that time I wanted to cry also so I went to the back for a moment"  JIS immediately said "that time you weren't crying".  SHK interrupted him and said "went to the back for a moment.  When I went home, I cried for a long time".  JIS then said "hmmm, what's there in the back?  Why did you go to the back?"  Everyone cracked up after that.  SHK then said "went to a place where there's no one.  Felt like tears would come out fast.  Seeing Director Kim all choked up and In Sung all choked, I felt all choked up too".

They both said this is an unforgettable production for them, even when they have new work, they will always remember this drama.  After filming ended, they really felt like they're Oh Soo and Oh Young.  SHK said she hopes to work with JIS again on another production in the future.  JIS said if there's a chance, they will work together again.  Hope everyone will wait for it.

The almost-kiss scene

SHK said "this is the first love scene".  JIS said "I was pondering if I should really kiss or not".  SHK laughed.  JIS said "Sounds were coming out from my neck".  SHK said "at that time I felt your arm was shaking.  JIS said "My arm was shaking because I was so nervous".  SHK was laughing most of the time.  She said "Ah, so funny".

SHK:  after I fell down, I got scared.
JIS:  wanted to run over to help you.  SHK laughed at that.
SHK:  many people have said for this scene, a stunt double was used. 
JIS:  it was very real then.  I was really scared.

SHK:  the sun is setting.  This is my first time making eye contact.
JIS:  very nervous.
SHK:  I was really nervous.  It's wonderful.
JIS:  at that time I can only remember one act.  Yes, this is it! (the screen was showing SHK turning to look at him for the first time, as shown in the pic below)
SHK:  yes, there is absolutely no acting involved.  The moment of eye contact, the feeling is wonderful.
JIS:  this scene's filming is the same as the sun (I don't know what he meant by that, lol)
SHK:  later, I heard there are some audience who, after watching this shot, thought Oh Young couldn't see.
SHK:  seeing it, is really handsome, really lucky
JIS:  there are some netizens who said Oh Young got shocked two times.  Got shocked by her own appearance and got shocked by Oh Soo's appearance.
SHK:  right.

SHK:  After drama has completed, there was a lot of time to rest and travel.
JIS:  This production was very heavy/serious.  Didn't think it would be like that.  The weird thing is even after this drama has concluded for a long time...now still can't seem to forget it (SHK nods her head in agreement).  It stays in my memory the whole time.
SHK:  I felt that the period of time filming TWTWB was like a dream.
JIS:  Can say this production has left a deep memory.  No matter what new production is in the future, would still have a fresh memory of this drama.

JIS and SHK both said it was hard.  They were very nervous.

SHK:  When we were filming, there were lots of planes that flew by.  It was so hard.
JIS:  I'll always remember it.
SHK:  It's very hard to forget.  Till the day I die, I will not forget it.
JIS:  We are filming a love scene.
SHK:  After filming this scene, we became more familiar with each other.  JIS agreed.
JIS:  We really became familiar with each other.  SHK laughed and agreed. 
JIS:  My heart really hurts and SHK agreed. 
JIS:  In the beginning, it was hard to get into the feelings for the scene, but after hearing Hye Kyo speak her lines, I can get into the emotions/feelings.

JIS:  I think being able to stroke the other person's hand is really good.  If my acting partner has worries, then I will not be able to act it out.  I would worry if it's okay to act this way.  You were able to accept and trust me, allowing me to act out my emotions to the fullest (he said this part directly to SHK).
SHK:  Me too (meaning she feels the same way).
JIS:  Really thankful.

SHK:  When filming this scene, I thought I would die (maybe from laughing too much?)
JIS:  I personally like this scene.  Originally wanted to tuck the jeans inside the socks, but because Hye Kyo was laughing...
SHK:  When I was little, my mom dressed me like this.
JIS:  Yes, this is what I was thinking of, like what a father would do.
SHK:  I almost die laughing.
JIS:  Because SHK refused, the scarf wants to be wrapped around a few times (Haha, I think he mistakenly said the scarf wants to be wrapped.  He should have said he wants to wrap the scarf a few times around SHK)
SHK:  Why would the scarf wants to be wrapped?  (They both laugh at this)
JIS:  Was curious and wanted to try it once to see how it would turn out.
SHK:  Ah, when I think back to filming this...
JIS:  Filmed it very naturally.

JIS:  After shooting this scene, both of us were emotionally drained.  I think this scene was the hardest.
SHK:  After shooting this scene, I got ulcers (I'm not too sure if this is the correct term in English)
JIS:  It was really stressful.  This is the scene where Hye Kyo's acting comes alive (he's complimenting her acting)
SHK:  It is really because the editing was very good (she's being modest about JIS' compliment)
JIS:  Ah, yes, Director's editing was really good (they both laugh at this)
JIS:  Editing was very good, the screen was also really nice to look at.

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@hclover96 thank you so much!you're a gem. again,  these 2 are so nice to look at. I think what is nice about watching these two is that they are both naturally beautiful. Their face is 'original' so to speak unlike some other korean actors and actresses face who somehow look so common and similar to  faces of other korean actors and actresses out that (probably due to plastic surgery). Sigh...when can we ever see them again. 

Why is it that Korean dramas never pair the same OTP in another drama?

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