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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

Yay ...JIS visited the set of Hye Kyo drama....are there any photos??? ok ..I can settle for this...much love pic...

All praises for Hye Kyo in The Crossing1 movie.Brilliant acting. No wonder John Woo believed that she deserved to be on this film..She delivered the lines in Mandarin. HXM give it all in the romantic

@On Life said: I haven't seen JIS & KMH together since their dating news was out.
So I believe it's just a cover or something like that.

I have a strong feeling it's just a cover :)

@On Life said: Haha, all your meme photos are super funny and awesome. Kamsahamnida

thanks, I enjoy making them :)

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@blim0523, you are amazing!! Thanks for making me smile and endlessly wishing it was true :) :)

@crazywindblower, great to hear from you again :) :)

hello there, @hclover96, @On Life, @Yonna Reyes, @Jocelyn Chow, @meryxsi, @Rendianil and the rest :) :) :)

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@blim0523, love all your fan arts.  They're hilarious and awesome :-bd

@wbhkis, hi there :-h

@crazywindblower, I also wish TWTWB poster shots had more skinship between the leads like the posters for IOTL, but I think it's because of the different genre of the two dramas.  IOTL is more of an adult type rom-com while TWTWB is a melodrama.

As for why JIS didn't attend the VIP premiere for KMH's movie, I don't think JIS usually attends these VIP premieres or maybe he was busy filming IOTL.  But like @Øn'Łìfĕ has mentioned, since Dispatch revealed their relationship, they haven't been seen together since.  I find that a little weird, especially since JIS has been seen by fans hanging out with his friends quite often.

I'm curious to see if JIS would attend the VIP premiere for MPL since both SHK and KDW are his good friends ;;)

JIS is as handsome as ever :D  Screenshots from the teaser for IOTL:


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@wbhkis, Kyo's skin is no joke.  It is flawless :x  Actually both JIS and SHK have flawless skin :D  Kyo must be giving out skincare secrets to those close around her because even Ms. Park's skin is pretty good :P

She's in Istanbul, Turkey now.  Hope filming will go smoothly and she can have some time to relax and enjoy herself.


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Since I have more time today, hope you all don't mind my constant posting.  Trying to help this thread reach at least 450 pages before JIS' birthday :P

I found more translations (cr to khxy for the translations) for the 3/14 mini press conference.  These 2 can't stop complimenting each other 8-}

Hye Kyo said that she often looked at the monitor to watch her performance, and at that moment she's also an audience and is fascinated by Oh Soo too.  She also develops "Oh Soo" sickness now and understands why so many audience fell head over heels towards JIS.  She added that she is so grateful that many love and praises this series, even though she's tired but she is happy.  She said that she's infected by JIS' energy and enthusiasm and he can always act out the response that you want him to have.

JIS praise SHK saying that "there's no time to edit our faces and looks and Hye Kyo is so beautiful thus it will also appear so on screen".  He added that "as we filmed, I was so stunned by Hye Kyo's amazing acting skills.  If I do not want to be embarrassed, I better work harder".  "There was once whereby I heard the director was full of praise of Hye Kyo's acting while monitoring her performance and I found myself doing the same while watching her performance too. Hye Kyo will be even more outstanding in the future but now that I get to work with her, I feel honoured and happy.  That's why I feel happy everytime I came to the filming set, I can be more focus when I act with Hye Kyo.  Many praise my acting but for me, it's because Hye Kyo's superb acting skills".

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@wbhkis said: @blim0523 you are amazing!! Thanks for making me smile and endlessly wishing it was true

thanks too, I'm happy to know I'm able to make you smile..let's just continue to wish, both are not yet married who knows it just might happen. O2 couple has a different chemistry both in and out of the screen. I can see the difference on how JIS is acting around GHJ, it's evident that whatever they have is just a friendly relation..thank you for the pic of our porcelain-skinned princess, she undeniably beautiful even without make-up 

@hclover96, thank you for always appreciating my work..thanks too for posting that GIF, I consider it as one of TWTWB's unforgettable scene, there was no dialogue but I can feel both their pains, JIS and SHK are really excellent actors. Thanks too for translating their interview, isn't it obvious that they have special feelings for each other.

@hclover96 said: Since I have more time today, hope you all don't mind my constant posting.  Trying to help this thread reach at least 450 pages before JIS' birthday

You are so sweet my dear. Keep on posting I love all your posts :))

With regards to JIS and KMH, don't you find it weird that he has the time to hang out with friends yet he is never seen going out with KMH? I would understand that they are hiding their dates if they haven't publicly admitted that they are a couple. This gives more rise to my suspicion that it's just a cover-up

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I have seen tons of Kyo's pictures. I have heard so many people complimenting Kyo's flawless skin. However, I couldn't visualize it still, until I came across her latest picture (with Ms. Park). That pic says it all -- so so natural!  Even with less make up (or no makeup at all), her skin just continues to glow :) :) More so, even skin tone from head to toe! Whew  ^:)^  =D>

I agree with you, @hclover 96, her skin is no joke indeed :) :) Thank you for the translation and please keep posting ( I so love that gif too) :) So we are not giving up the hope of reaching 500 pages.....okay then, at least, 450 :) :) :)

@blim0523, there you go again...hahaha. Will there be part 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.....50?? :)) :)) :)) Give us more =)) =))

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Our thread used to have so many members, but it's so quite now.
I think this is because JIS's dating news was out. I wanted to give up on O2 because of this news so I know clearly. :\"> 
In my eyes, JIS and SHK really love each other and they're the most beautiful couple. On 2nd thought, I thought this dating news is just a cover or something like that. This is the reason why I'm still here :)

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Guest crazywindblower

why is jis is getting more handsome?!!!! =P~ :x =P~ :) i can't wait to watch his new drama, solely because of him and kwangsoo.. :D and i like his style in his new drama, laid back and casual..i soooo love him! :xi find him so cute every time he wears a cap and he wears it backward..it make him look younger! :) 8->  =P~ sorry chinggus, i can't contain it, his handsomeness make me smile and giggle.. :D :x

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Guest crazywindblower

i really hope that in really jis and shk are still communicating with each other, despite their busy schedules. [-O< i really have a strong feeling that they developed special feelings while filming twtwb and maybe decided to slow down and give each other time and space to sort out their feelings (call me delusional, i don't mind, kekekeke). and maybe that dispatch photos and revelation, made them more careful on their actions and feelings. :-? :-/

i remember a friend of mine who know i'm a fan of twtwb, she asked me if jis and shk are dating in real life because when she read articles or saw videos about jis and shk during twtwb was airing, she noticed that jis and shk are full of praise towards each other and they seem to shy towards each other as well. my friend was not a fan of both, but she noticed the chemistry between them and that sensed that it seems they are dating in real life. :)

i really miss our O2 couple! :( :( :( hope will see them both together soon.
[-O< 8->

i hope as well that jis will attend the premiere of MPL of shk and kdw, if that will happen..oh my, it will make my O2 shipping heart beat fast! :):D and i hope shk will have time to watch jis new drama, since she is a friend of ghj and writer nim as well, so that she will see how adorable jis is in his new drama and how he acts in a romcom. :) [-O< 8->

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Annyeong chinggus! Thanks for making this thread still alive. You’re daebak :-bd

Yes me too missing O2 so much. Really hope JIS and SHK will meet again in the very near future. Yes I’m really excited too for JIS new drama. It seems a romcom yay! I thought it was another heavy romantic melodrama from writer Noh. About JIS-GHJ couple, I think GHJ is better with SJS lol yep I ship SJS-GHJ :D her chemistry with SJS on and off screen are the best! 

I wanna tell you chinggus, since JIS has witty and carefree personality and GHJ has bright, easygoing, and carefree personality too like JIS…so I won’t be surprised if later we will see their close and funny interaction in BTS footage of IOTL or off screen moments. Also I think JIS and GHJ already know each other or maybe friends (?) before met in IOTL..because KMH is GHJ’s bff and Kim C is GHJ’s friend too. Oh talking about KMH..I wonder if they’re still dating or not. Lol I was worried JIS would come up in vip premiere of KMH’s latest movie with a bouquet of flowers and cheered up for KMH in the photo zone..but thank God he didn’t :P:))

Once again thank you chinggus for your contributions in this thread. Hope we will see JIS and SHK together again soon! :)

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Glad to have you back, @Cara :) )

Yes, the thought of giving up has crossed my mind many times, @On Life. But for some strange reason, I find myself coming back to this thread hoping to find some wonderful news about this couple :) :)

@blim0523, 4 pages to go =D>

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@blim0523 : Yeah, don't give up our hope . Fighting :) 
@Cara : Oh. Long time no see. Welcome back !! <:-P
@wbhkiss : Whatever the reason is, we have a common ground : we all love O2 couple, right? :) 

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