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[OFFICIAL] ♥O2 / Oxygen Couple♥ ~ *Jo In Sung & Song Hye Gyo* Heart-Warming Shippers

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Hi @nataliakay, welcome to the O2 thread   Here is the TWTWB commentary video with just JIS and SHK (many thanks to zuizui).  Unfortunately there are no English subs on this video, but I did translate

Yay ...JIS visited the set of Hye Kyo drama....are there any photos??? ok ..I can settle for this...much love pic...

All praises for Hye Kyo in The Crossing1 movie.Brilliant acting. No wonder John Woo believed that she deserved to be on this film..She delivered the lines in Mandarin. HXM give it all in the romantic

Guest o2fanatics

why is it so quiet here, where are my co o2 shippers.............. please comeback don't loose hope maybe one day our o2 couple will be in the same event. sometimes it happens in the most unexpected way. besides they are both endorser of amore pacific if i'm not mistaken.

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Guest Yonna Reyes

no amount of tsunami can loosen my hope on our o2 couple :x :x I still believe that in the innermost core of their heart lies jis and shk love for each other.I'll always ship this two ..

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@zuizui, @Yonna_Reyes, welcome back chinggus :)

@zuizui, thanks for the lovely PS pics.  Once I saw the pics of SHK with HXM, I was hoping you'll do your magic again.  At least poor Mr. Leung gets a break from having his face taken over by JIS' face :))  (We seem to have lots of things in common.  I too lurk at our neighbor thread and I also like Joe Cheng :P)

@o2fanatics, yes, they are/were both endorsers for Amore Pacific, SHK for Laneige and JIS for Hera Homme.  Although I'm not sure if JIS is still endorsing Hera.  I haven't seen any recent Hera ads with JIS.  I think he's the spokesperson for Missha now.

@Jocelyn_Chow, JIS has been in an official, public relationship with KMH since Dispatch revealed it last April.  But since the news broke, there has not been one specific mention of KMH from JIS nor has there been pics nor fan accounts of them being seen together.  The only news of them I've seen is when there are articles about which couples are dating.  Since they are officially in a relationship and there are no news of them breaking up, their names would come up in these types of articles.
o2fanatics said: @Jocelyn Chow oh no not again, another tsunami will strike our ship,,,,,where did you read those news regarding JIS and KMH?

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Even though O2 are not doing projects together for this year, their individual projects are definitely noteworthy.  I'm really looking forward to watching JIS' new drama and SHK's 3 movies.  Hoping and praying for them to work together on a project for next year though [-O<

I've seen the 4 teasers for JIS' new drama and they are hilarious :))  The drama looks way more comical than I expected :P  JIS and GHJ are showing good chemistry already and I'm getting more excited to see it now :D

I'm pretty sure most of us here have seen it already, but it case you haven't, here are the 4 teasers for "IOTL"



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Guest crazywindblower

hi chinggus! :-h i miss you all! >:D< i'm excited for jis new drama and shk new movies. i can't wait for jis new drama to start..it seems to be fun, a rom-com drama indeed.. :) love the teasers! jis is so playful and cute! his dancing skills are way too cute, maybe kwang soo taught him how to do those dance moves.. :D:))

i agree with you @hclover96 that it seems that jis and ghj is showing some chemistry too. but jis and shk chemistry and visuals are still the best for me! :) :x 8-> i miss them both so much! :( hoping and still praying that jis and shk will do a romcom movie for sure it will be fun to watch. i want to see them together again! [-O< :(:((

until now i don't believe kmh as jis "gf",it is just a cover up..kekeke.. :\"> :P:D jis is only for shk and shk is only for jis! [-O< :x [-O< ;):D

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Guest Jocelyn Chow

Hey..!! My dearest chinggus @hclover,@yonna Reyes,@wbhkis,@o2fanatic..so sorry to let u all worried about these news regarding Jis and kmh..I was saw these news are came from Jis's tread,it was unaccidentally saw these new last two day.,I have no idea and I didn't to check the date when its came out these terrible news.. :-t :-SS Orr maybe it was a mistake, and my eyesight saw wrong news.I also don't. Believe Jis relationship with kmh.. [-( [-X :) ..so sorry, mian.. ^:)^

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Guest Jocelyn Chow

Hi,!! :-h 8-> :x @crazywindblower, so miss u come back again, I think our dearest O2 chinggus will be happy u are here.. :x 8->

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@ zuizui, thanks for the cute PS :x

@ hclover96, thanks for those wonderful TWTWB vids really miss O2 couple :(

@ Jocelyn Chow, o2fanatics, Yonna Reyes, wbhkis and crazywindblower, let's all just keep the faith alive. isn't it amazing that after more than a year we are still here rooting for them :\">

Just a thought why was JIS not present during the premiere of KMH's latest movie???
might be correct after all, it's just a cover up LOL! =))

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@insung143hyekyo, thanks for the awesome pics again.  Always look forward to more of them :x

@blim0523, thanks also for the pics.  They are adorable and hilarious :))  Hope you will continue to make more :)

@Øn'Łìfĕ, @meryxsi, I'm pleasantly surprised we have a couple of male fans here with us.  Hehe, it'll be nice to hear from a guy's perspective :D

Some old, but nice edits from okuny.  I think these are all bts shots.

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