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[Drama 2013] Nine: Nine Times Time Travel 나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행


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Guest jjsweeter0211

Then, I… shouldn’t have let go of your hand.
Then, I… should’ve held your hand.
If I have the chance to go back…

cr to amatteroftiming.

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Wow.... another time travel drama! I love Fantasy dramas... look likes it will be a more serious drama. It will replace FBND. Can't wait for this drama to begin, it looks so interesting. I'm QIHM fan and I promised to myself to watch the next dramas from this director and writers. I hope it will be good just as QIHM or even better.

@arch00: thank you for posting those beautiful pictures! It's really lovely.

And I see familiar faces here, @myphim and @cikamoi... how are you? Are you waiting for this drama like I am?

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@rrmski thanx \m/ I am totally looking forward to this drama. I watched the QIHM too late but this one I want to be with from the beginning - ;;)

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