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[Drama 2013] Thorn Flower / Spine Flower 가시꽃


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Most of today's episode (119) was a mix of very obvious visible action, interspersed with long rants whose gist should pretty easy to guess. So I'll just point out a few things that may not be so obvious without knowledge of Korean.

Although Evil Mom tells Hyeok Min in the opening sequence that Jennifer has gone to present her evidence to the prosecutor, and that Eun Seok is Se Mi's son, he doesn't believe either of those things. However, mention of Eun Seok reminds him that the bakery house is the most likely place to find Jennifer, and he goes off to do just that, still convinced she must be secretly attached to him and can be talked out of laying charges.

Evil Mom rings ex-detective Seo, who's clearing the last of Hyeok Min's things from the Taekang CEO's office, and tells him to come to the mansion right away, because they're in big trouble. As he leaves, Nam Joon says this is the last time he'll be visiting the Kangs at the mansion, since they're about to be evicted.

When Hyeok Min arrives at the bakery house, he attacks Seon Yeong because he thinks she's deliberately concealing knowledge of where Jennifer is, and the reason he grabs Eun Seok and tries to carry him off isn't because he thinks he's Jennifer's child but, on the contrary, because he's convinced he is indeed Seon Yeong's son, so he can use the boy to force her to reveal Jennifer's whereabouts (yup, experience hasn't made this guy any smarter, but he gets dimmer still as he reaches the end of the road). It's only when Nam Hee's mother reveals that Eun Soek is indeed Jennifer's child that the shock of finding that there's something else he didn't know about Jennifer strikes home, soon followed up by Seong Min's fists (summoned from Nam Hee's cellphone, who has also called the police) as his half brother tells him that whatever the truth about past events, his brother's behavior as he's witnessing it now is nothing short of brutish, and he's lost all respect for him. The police are on their way, so he'd better clear off, and he must never come any where near Nam Hee's house again or Seong Min won't be answerable for what he'll do to him.

Se Mi is in the Prosecutor's office, handing over her evidence to a prosecutor, who has what must be the bitt-iest bit part in the whole history of Kdrama. Three three-second shots of him looking -- well, sort of worried, maybe about whether he'll forget the lines he doesn't have anyway. Meanwhile, ex-detective Seo is breaking the news that she has to move out of the mansion to Evil Mom.

Seo Won arrives outside the mansion with murderous intentions towards Jennifer, but as he is getting out of his car to put them into effect, ex-detective Seo, on his way out, spots him lurking. Seo Won drives off with ex-detective Seo in pursuit.  

Time for Je Joon, still carrying his I'm a Really Silly Man Briefcase, to come home early to check up on Ji Min. Oops! What was in that bottle?

Ex-detective Seo lets himself into Seo Won's apartment and gets a knife below the ribs. Seo Won decides it's time to leave again.

Jennifer gets back from the prosecutors to find Evil Mom pretty drunk, and still unable to believe what's happening to her. Not only is she about to lose her home, but Ji Min has taken an overdose and is fighting for her life in hospital. Surely Jennifer couldn't be so cruel as to have actually added to her burdens by filing charges against her son?  Jennifer very much enjoys telling her that she has indeed done that, and that justice will now take its course because the Kang family has now no power, wealth or influence to intervene. Evil Mom will have to watch her son stand trial and be sentenced, and Jennifer looks forward as much to watching Evil Mom at close quarters as she suffers that ordeal as she does to seeing Hyeok Min and Seo Won get their deserts, after which it will be Evil Mom's turn to face charges.

Evil Mom takes that rather badly. She sends a text to Hyeok Min warning him not to come home, because Jennifer has filed charges against him, and the police will be coming to arrest him. She tells him to find a safe hiding place, then contact her so she can come to him, since they're about to lose their home. However, Hyeok Min responds by taking a cab straight back to the mansion. As he gets close, he realizes Evil Mom's warning was bang on, because there outside the front gate is an Obvious Policeman made all the more obvious by his studied attempts not to look like an Obvious Policeman. But this is a Kdrama Obvious Policeman, so he hasn't bothered to check out other entrances and exits, and in particular is oblivious of the garage door, open a good couple of feet, just around the corner from where he's being Obviously Not Obvious.

So Hyeok Min enters the Mansion unseen, though not without first peering over the wall to make certain that the Obvious Policeman really is as Obvious a Policeman as he looks, and confirming that he hasn't even the sense to look up a bit, let alone check round the corner.   He comes upon Evil Mom stuffing gold bullion and large-denomination bank bills into a holdall to see her over the next few days. He astonishes her by saying he's come back, in spite of her warnings, because there's something he absolutely has to clear up with Jennifer, and he goes to see her, just as she's tearing up her marriage certificate. [We notice that she's used the last of her dope supplies to knock out Teddy so he'll go quietly in her suitcase, though he was very reluctant to desert the Squirrel, especially now all obstacles to cuddly toys doing what cuddly toys gotta do have departed for the emergency room].

Hyeok Min's massive brain creaks into its usual mighty motions: "What are you doing?  It looks like you're ... packing your bag!". Jennifer says that her task here is finally finished, so she is indeed about to leave. But, Hyeok Min protests, what about their Hat Pin Ting?  (A Hat Pin Ting is possibly what's known as a Happy Ending in English, but of course you won't hear any recognisable English in a Kdrama) Jennifer draws on her years of stateside language practice to ask how they could possibly have a Hay Pen Jing. How can she possibly wonder about that that [or whatever she meant to wonder about] Hyeok Min responds in bewilderment, seeing how after they met again they had so many good times together until something or other [!!] went wrong between them. But she assures him she has no happy memories with him whatsover, quite the opposite. In particular, she reveals what really happened the night they supposedly slept together, and caps off the revelations by unceremoniously removing her fake baby bump and handing it to him to inspect. He's so upset by this that it looks for one horrible moment as though he's going to blow his tear-blocked nose on the item in question.

She warns him that it's all over for him, and the best thing he can do is turn himself into the police before they come to get him. Tears roll down his cheeks as he still finds that impossible to take in. Surely it can't all have been a lie from the start, he protests. But then he starts to laugh grimly as he reflects that Se Mi was a prize-winning actress, so it makes sense that she could put on such a convincing act for so long, and he advances on her menacingly. But Jennifer says that he can't scare her now, because he already killed her eight years ago. Which not surprisingly encourages him to attempt to kill her again. He declares that they'll die together (he knows that if he kills her now it will mean an almost certain death penalty, whereas he's likely to get off with a prison term for the things he's done so far) and he is well on the way to strangling her when his nerve fails him. [Or maybe he realizes they are both pulling such funny faces that unless he backs off they're both going to die of a fit of giggles, which wouldn't be a very dignified end to 120 episodes of anguish] Still not getting the message, Hyeok Min hollers that sure, he killed Se Mi, but he really loved Jennifer, and he doesn't deserve to be treated this way. She looks as though she thinks he may just have a point there. I suppose we have to allow for the fact that she's just suffered a considerable interruption to her cerebral oxygen supply and so may have seriously impaired judgement.

Hyeok Min goes out to Evil Mom again, who is worried in case he may have made his position worse by murdering Jennifer, but he assures her he hasn't, so that's one less thing for her to be worried about. She urges him to leave before the police arrive, but to be sure to let her know where he's hiding so she can come to him.

Jennifer, in her room, packing not yet resumed, is still looking very upset about something. It would be nice to think she's wondering why she didn't clock him one with an Eiffel tower while she had the chance, but I fear that in fact she's suffering Pangs of Sympathy. I said stupidity was infectious in that house, didn't I? She stayed just a bit too long.

Hyeok Min, slipping out the garage way again falls flat on his face and sits in the street having a Big Loud Weep, but the Obvious Policeman still hears and spots nothing, and Hyeok Min apparently has time to recover, sit around under a few photogenic bridges until nightfall, then show up, late that same night, at Soo Ji's house. She assures him her mother is safely asleep and seems touched when he tells her the he came because he couldn't think of anyone else who'd hide him. He did the right thing coming to her, she says, and he'll be safe there. Time for the inevitable question "Did you eat?", the inevitable reply, "I'm fine thanks" and the equally inevitable "But you've got to eat something" and she tiptoes off to the kitchen to do her womanly duty thing, leaving him to look mournfully at the picture of the once happy couple the infuriating female keeps on her vanity table.

Next morning, and the breakfast TV news is carrying the story of the warrants issued for the arrest of Hyeok Min and Seo Won and the charges of murder laid against them. The same news is also on the front page of the newspaper that Evil Mom flings at Jennifer's feet when she emerges from her room to tell her that she has to vacate the house immediately, but graciously says she can take temporary refuge at the vacation villa. Nam Joon arrives to take possession of the mansion on behalf of Jinkung and suggests that Jennifer should go to his mother's house where everyone is waiting for her. But she refuses, saying she is going to go along with Evil Mom to the vacation villa. Nam Hoon says that will put her in extreme danger. Seo Won and Hyeok Min are still at liberty. Seo Won is out for her blood and will go looking for her there, and Hyeok Min will inevitably show up at the villa to join his mother, and she will be at risk from all three of them. She knows that, Jennifer replies, and that's precisely why she's going there. "All this started at the villa. And so that's where it all will end".

Text preview for episode 120

Since ownership of their mansion has passed into the hands of Jinkung, the Kang family have no place to go.  Jennifer says that for the time being they can go to the vacation villa.

Learning of Ji Min's suicide attempts, reporters attempt to visit her in her hospital room. Je Joon tries but fails to block their way.

Hyeong Min writes a handwritten confession of his crimes and heads for the Yangpeung vacation villa. There he finds Seo Won in the act of strangling Jennifer, stops him by pushing him off his feet, and Seo Won tumbles down the stairs.

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Guest d0137

@BaduyLove the obvious police man that "made the it more obvious by his studied attempts not to look like an Obvious Policeman" =)) soo true and typical...and H Min's brain capacity to think ...as we are close to an end i can help but find it funny that he wasn't that bright all along...Seo Won was more of the brain between them  =))

Looks they are all living a reverse recap from 7 years ago
Seo Won and H Min are now the ones being wanted by the law and it could be that ironically Seo Won will die in same fashion Se Mi dad's died, this time with no cover up for H Min ...Evil Mum should be next to go down ASAPDetective Seo...well hope he dies from his wound lol!! >:)
Je Joon is now going through what he did with Se Mi only this time with his mentally unstable childish wife, only this time he is determined to stick around to prove to himself he is a man... hope she DOES NOT become famous with the scandal and go totally INSANE as to pay for her lies and selfishness (police should eventually come to her as she testified that Se Mi & Dad stole the neckless) but they might claim her insanity so Je Joon will just have to babysit her and the fake daughter for the rest of his life ... HIS CHARACTER AND RESOLUTION MADE NO SENSE AND WERE USELESS ALL ALONG THE DRAMA...
Soo Ji (ANOTHER USELESS CHARACTER ) i wonder if she will just sit and wait for H Min or appeal for his bail or something...SHE IS JUST ANNOYING AND HOPELESSLY LIVING HER ONE SIDE LOVE
Jennifer we all know by the end she would have sympathy for everyone and either do something or have inner thoughts towards all of them or perhaps send the letters (A LA YELLOW BOOTS) with few friendly and forgiving words to close her REVENGE schedule lol
We are almost through the frustrations, thinking, guessing, supposing and cursing i look forward to Baduy's 120th episode recap to then see if worth watching at least and last the final episode...

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AAAAGGHHH!! Or, to quote what Se Mi finally screams from the rooftop, looking down at Evil Mom cradling her son's corpse, 안 돼!!~~~~~

Plus points. 
1. Seo Won dead (broken neck, last words: request to Hyeok Min to look after Ji Min)
2. Hyeok Min dead (unspecified fatal injuries after jumping off  roof: last words to Se Mi "Goodbye. I love you.") He never did take off that wedding ring.
3. Se Mi, Eun Seok, Seong Min and Nam Hee fly off to USA together as one new happy family. Bye bye at the airport to Nam Joon and Seon Yeong.


1 Se Mi pleads with Hyeok Min not to jump, but to turn himself in instead. He doesn't like that offer, but lets Se Mi think for a moment he'll consider it provided she agrees to forgive his mother. She does. Whereupon he jumps after uttering last words just quoted. So Evil Mom gets away with it. I suppose we're supposed to think that loss of her lovely son is a blow that will blight the rest of her life, rather than something she should throw another big villa party to celebrate.
2. Both Se Mi and Soo Ji show up tearfully at Hyeok Min's memorial in the Remembrance Hall
3. In his final written confession, which he hands to Se Mi before he jumps, Hyeok Min tells the truth about himself and Seo Won, but lies that he set up the murder of Se Mi's mother and the attempt to kill Seon Yeong which left Eun Seok disabled and that his mother knew absolutely nothing about either of these crimes. Presumably, Se Mi, true to her promise, doesn't contest this, because Evil Mom gets to live on at the villa, Se Mi apparently having relented on her earlier decision that she had to live in the housekeeper's house and be haunted by her mother's ghost. [Mind you, I can't really see why Evil Mom was so put out at the idea of getting the housekeeper's residence instead of the main villa. At least it looks like a house, whereas the villa has the exterior of the runner-up  in a competition to design a nuclear power station,and the interior of a Swedish art gallery c 1960]
4. Ji Min escapes the fate I was hoping was in store for her, namely being smothered in her hospital bed by the ghosts of the cruelly expoded cushions. In fact, Je Joon, Je Min and Ye Jin leave us with a Group Hug signifying all is blissful  between them from now on. Whether Je Joon finally gets a briefcase that doesn't proclaim what a total dork he is from a distance of 100 yards is not made plain.

Another 75 hours of my life wasted. Not really what someone like me, pushing 67 by the Korean calendar, should be doing with that's left of their days.  Maybe I should stick with Idol-starring rom coms from now on. At least you know they're garbage from the start.

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I think Je Joon must have some kind of brain tumor or not....in everything I've seen ranging from kdramas to cdramas....when the wife lies about the paternity of a child regardless of the number of years they've been together....they never get together! His character and the writer for this point needs to simply give up this occupation. Though I prefer this show over glass mask tremendously and will have a positive opinion of this show compared to GM. Still Je Joon's character is one that is weak and decadent in my opinion. Je Min should have died to pay for her sins.

I believe the EMIL got what she deserves after all she made her son be the reason the sun rises and sets each day and the fact that he jumped to his doom will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Though a plus point I think should be added.....she gets to take care of a daughter who has mental problems! HAHA

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Guest d0137

After reading Baduy's  short recap i decided i won't bother to watch the final episode , perhaps only if to see Se Mi and Eun Seok leaving (still leaving few trash cans behind which did not surprise me).
Je Joon and Ji Mi i also expected them to get a different ending, one with more suffering, but we saw the result: He  REALLY DID NOT BOTHER ABOUT SE MI AND HIS SON AT ALL WAS A LOOSER TO THE END... and agree with Triton823  i also did not get the use of his character in the drama, it was maybe just to support Ji Mi childish tantruns, writer should have revised his thoughts on what he has done and what kind of end to give him what he found out and what he did after i just can't get around to accept his character at all!!.... 
In the end writer should have revised at least the last 4 episodes of the script in order to fix some of the "holes" he made along the way with some characters including Soo Ji ...
Evil mum although she possibly spent the rest of her live suffering for the lost of her beloved son i think she should have lost her mind since the son took the blame for her and she didn't protest  (assume she never found out) ... In the end she got away with crime and actually she still has her looney annoying daughter, her Evil grand daughter and of course her LOYAL useless son in law to keep her company, so not totally a punishment ...
@baduyI feel the same that i waisted time of my live expecting for a better ending than the "FAMOUS" female revenge dramas we all know.The idea was quite good and the episodes were made so that we were kept wanting to know what would happen next  unknowingly there was little in store and finally giving us a semi-blow in the end with the "UNFINISHED BUSINESS"... 

Next time writer, please take  a full week to write a better end than this one although their deaths was ok we might have expected a bit more punishment for the remaining......

My reactions: For Se Mi, Seong Min and Nam Hee end :)>-
Seo Won and H Min death  =D>
Rest of the characters endings :-O [-( :-/ X_X :-? (:|

QUESTION:1 - Anyone can tell what happened to secretary SEO also got away with his crimes???" or like i hoped died from bleeding caused by the stabbing from Seo Won?? if the first don't bother telling me, will only put me further off this end!
2 - Also just a comment Nam Joon, looks like most of us were right he did not win Se Mi over lol!


HOPE TO "SEE YOU" AROUND AGAIN but certainly not in a revenge drama for me... WARNING:Stay away from this genre!! When you read rich or poor women, betrayed by her lover/husband, parents and family killed that seeks revenge for 120 episodes it means she will FORGIVE HIM/HER OR THEM in the last 5 episodes for some strange or miraculous reason .... STAY AWAY if you don't want to nearly die from frustration...) If it is a Male there is more chances he might achieve a better revenge!ex. SHARK & Bad Guy (was it the same lead actor?? if so writers like to see him die and not say what he could have wanted, both dramas with a shot gun lol!
Currently watching an American series (Pretty little liars) for a break on K drama. American series are mostly about the big revelations towards the end and many might die and suffer along the way sometimes no one is spared (which can be more satisfactory at times)...

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I agree with the comments from both @d0137 & @baduy about this drama..though it had some problems it didn't suck as the ending of Glass mask...overall I enjoyed Se Min actually kept up with her plan and not decided to change and forgive everyone per say.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Baduy's input into the things we don't see for which I am grateful. Enjoyed meeting you and looking forward to seeing you all in other forums because apparently most of us has the same interests in the same dramas!

@d0137 I just noticed your signature and all I can do is ROFL.

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Ah yes, ex-detective Seo...

Well, having changed his suit, but apparently still with an unhealed wound underneath it  (a bit like the stab wound in more or less the same place that the anti-heroine got in Queen of Ambition got, and which we are told in the final epsode re-opened when the Car of Vengeance hit her, hastening her demise) he goes back yet again to Seo Won's apartment, ferociously muttering that he's going to get him this time while all the while doing exactly what he did on the previous occasion, namely keep his back turned to the alcove from which Seo Won emerged with his knife. Except that this time in that same alcove are lurking two Elite Detectives waiting to arrest Seo Won. They leap out and floor the ex-detective, who clutches painfully at his wound as he writhes on the ground, whereupon they show their Elite Training by asking him "Are you Baek Seo Won?"  He somewhat emphatically denies it (though in all fairness they did get one bit of his name right), but they cuff him and take him away regardless, presumably to charge him with bleeding on the floor without a license, thus leaving Seo Won's apartment unguarded again. And that's the last we see of him.

What really got me about the ending was the sentimental claptrap of having Se Mi feel sorry for Hyeok Min (and indeed for Seo Won). I mean, she needn't have done a war dance and let off celebration fireworks at their demise, but I find her willingness to empathize with their supposed predicaments actually pretty offensive, especially since I get the feeling it was meant to show that she was a "real woman", i.e. a soft-brained and unconditionally tender-hearted doormat, in the end.

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Guest d0137

@Triton823Nice 'meeting you' here!I wondered about Your woman but i tried to check it out but couldn't find episodes anywhere (is that about women's 'cat fight?' the evil and the nice one?? just curious but also sounds like a long one to watch ....
'See you 'around' in perhaps one of the K mystery/thriller dramas coming soon, they are a better catch for me...

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Guest d0137

@Baduy, Thank you, at least he didn't quite get away ...  but still with the rush  we don't really get to know if he was charged or not (these little things they always rush in the ends ...

Se Mi predictable (women always emotional and forgiving in K dramas when they are about to achieve what they spend 100 + episodes trying to set right (i  can only think there is definitely a Drama rule book that is why quite few scenes and endings are predictable and similar or same from DRAMA TO DRAMA, with no much to expect than the obvious disappointment ...this is like IN MOST DRAMAS OR ALL THE TIME lol!)
Anyone watching CRAZY LOVE ??? SORRY isn't she annoyingly nice (i don't sympathise with her character at all) so annoying from start till last time i watched  ~X(

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I am just reading recaps of Crazy Love  because it has given me a very bad case of indigestion! I'm sorry the main lead acts like she is mental....thinking it's ok to have an affair with a married man and everyone be ok with it...mind you her husband had an affair with her best friend and she was hurt...and yet she has one and she thinks it's ok!? So you see where the indigestion comes in at!? LOL

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Guest d0137

Yes she is a total annoying women and when she pulls her sad face i wanted to punch her every time i watched...
Shouldn't she wait for him to divorce if she is that innocent?? (ok is a rather mission impossible for him with the Psycho wife and all but still..she is just assuming the claims she had a lover by doing what she is doing right now because now she is dating a MARRIED MAN KNOWINGLY! WRONG MOVE...I don't like or sympathised with her character even being the lead, enough with weak silly forgiving women (what is that all about??) Not saying her husband is innocent (he is just an idiot in the drama) he did love her and think still does but SUCH A USELESS MAN ONCE AGAIN FOR AN HUSBAND/EX...
Errrr I stopped watching after few episodes...
She will certainly FORGIVE EVERYONE THAT WRONGED HER IN THE END  FOR SURE:Like:Poor her/him/them they have issues with this and that bla bla (always justifying)... like her former  never really friend from the orphanage (another psycho) "ohhh she had a bad upbringing and suffered a lot so she has the right to try to kill me and ruin my life every time errrrrrrrrrr  FREAKING ANNOYING WOMAN AND same with the COMMENTS SHE DOES WITH THE USUAL FACE"... ~X(
Enough of these WOMEN characters that are pushed, nearly killed and stepped around only to forgive everyone in the end ... ~X(   
I will end up bold if i watch these women dramas so really will be changing themes...
Cruel Palace is different story (based on real life facts and records to portrait what  did go on inside the Palaces between women (none very innocent which is more realistic in a way), i am taking a break from watching it but can still go back into it and watch more episodes without having to wait another week kind of thing..
I watched few Historical dramas and although sometimes the end is sad or not so good we know that it sort of happened that way only with a bit of dramatisation in between and we get to learn something about the history of some  People and what they did, achieved or not back then. So i always recommend to check some of this genre dramas..
Of course there is the Historical dramas that are more fantasy but i love the acting and costumes in most of them.

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@Baduy:  Hah!  As always, thank you for all your insights, tidbits and humor, both witty and snarky.  It would never have been as much fun without you.

As we finish another 'turkey', I still wonder how we got hooked by this drama, when we had foresworn never again multiple times.  LOL  =))

I have rationalized the viewing of K-drama as a form of exercise. They are good fodder to quicken my reaction time, heart rate, build stamina, etc.  Further, my volunteering on Viki is my mental exercise in keeping my brain sharp with the spelling and grammar exercises.  (And, if anyone believes this, I've got a bridge to sell you.) =))

I wanted a bad-richard simmons ending, but only got an insipid one.  Thank you to everyone for the fun.  I'll see you all somewhere on soompi.  Until then, TA! :-h

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Actually, I don't think this one was a total turkey in its essentials. It was incurably turkefied mainly by a small handful of motifs in the last  few episodes.

I see three problems, with only the third one being a real downer.

1) Je Hoon was meant to be a "thoroughly good guy" (Ji Min's first and last description of him). In fact he was an insufferable wimp.  The character was poorly imagined rather than badly acted. I don't see how this role could have been played differently, given the situations and the dialogue the writer came up with for it.
2) Soo Ji. A real puzzle. Looking at the character outline for her again, which I translated here a while back, the writer seemed to have a rather interesting idea. To make Se Mi's most formidable antagonist someone who shared her own basic integrity and whom she would have preferred not to have to fight against. But the writer turned her into a very different kind of character, and a totally implausible one. She was supposedly smart but repeatedly showed herself incredibly dim-witted. Her degree of devotion to Hyeok Min, surviving, indeed apparently re-inforced by, the revelation of all that he'd done, was maybe meant to be noble, but it just became unforgivably foolish. Again, with a concept and lines as contradictory and implausible as these, there's not much an actress can make of the part.
3) Se Mi's response to Hyeok Min in the closing episodes. Why oh why did she have to be made to go all soft on him and us? To my mind, this ruined the entire drama because all the fire and fury she that had driven her so far suddenly fizzled out, and it looked like she really couldn't face the reality of what she'd been planning to do all along.  There's an utterly grotesque moment in the final episode where Hyeok Min, about to throw himself off the roof, says just supposing they hadn't met in those particualar circumstances eight years ago, couldn't things have maybe turned out differently between them? Instead of that inspiring her to send him on his way with a hearty shove at the sheer outrageousness of that suggestion, she gives him a fleeting  "who knows" kind of look. 

The weaknesses of the Je Hoon and Soo Ji characters wouldn't necessarily be completely damning. Despite defects in the writing and character conception, the acting was uniformly fine, the direction and editing were polished and nicely paced, and the photography was about as good as the budget allowed. A rewrite of key parts of the closing episodes would produce a vastly better drama overall. Lose Se Mi turning all soft and weepy, and let her destroy that handwritten confession designed to exonerate Evil Mom, so that the evidence she had handed to the prosecutors already would have let the law take its course against all the guilty parties. Apart from anything else, even if Se Mi felt like forgiving Evil Mom for killing her mother, it's bizarre to have Se Mi forget all about what that woman caused to happen to her child.  And all, presumably, because the writer thought that sustaining righteous ferocity through to the end was somehow too "unladylike" for Korean tastes and would cause viewers to turn from Se Min in revulsion.

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Guest d0137

@Auntie MameNice having you around on this forum ..i guess we were kept here with high expectations only to receive the usual "insipid end" as you put it.... we never know when the copy of the REVENGE DRAMA rule BOOK gets lost we might just get the endings we always hope for


This is it! I will see some of you on soompi again:
Might 'meet' few of you @ Cruel Palace discussions when i get back into it after catching up with some episodes i accumulated and definitely see you on some of the new dramas coming up that look interesting ...
Nice 'meeting' you all! bye bye! :-h

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Just to show it could have been worse -- a lot worse -- I dipped into Your Woman, which is also about to expire, but which I stopped following when the move to summer time put the live stream past my bedtime.

And there we find our heroine in frantic anguish because the arch-villain responsible for ruining her life and protecting his arch-villainess sister (though being a woman, the evil sister is forgiven everything because she feels slightly sentimental towards her otherwise despised and neglected little girl) has just been splatted by a truck while attempting to run away from the law.

"I never wanted this!!!" She's yelling in todays episode. "I never wanted this!!!"

Oh but millions of other people did, dear. And they wanted it around 100 episodes earlier than it finally happened.

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d0137 said: @Baduy, Thank you, at least he didn't quite get away ...  but still with the rush  we don't really get to know if he was charged or not (these little things they always rush in the ends ...

Se Mi predictable (women always emotional and forgiving in K dramas when they are about to achieve what they spend 100 + episodes trying to set right (i  can only think there is definitely a Drama rule book that is why quite few scenes and endings are predictable and similar or same from DRAMA TO DRAMA, with no much to expect than the obvious disappointment ...this is like IN MOST DRAMAS OR ALL THE TIME lol!)
Anyone watching CRAZY LOVE ??? SORRY isn't she annoyingly nice (i don't sympathise with her character at all) so annoying from start till last time i watched  ~X(

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Since it wasn't a priority, I finally found time to watch the finale.  Since Baduy had said it all, the only thing I can say is that I really like the haunting song sung at the end of the episode.

BTW, is the father still in the mental hospital?  Or, did he die?  I don't remember.  Oh, well, not a big deal.

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Guest d0137

@NewKDramaAddictExactly so i stopped watching far before 60th episode having the same thoughts about both characters ... weak links...
We are suppose to support the leads but since it was not happening with CRAZY LOVE so no point, i find them both annoying  ...I wonder what the viewing rates are in South Korea considering they always go by the book with the finales and the characters and always decide to make this and that crime or behaviour OK  in the end or when it suits the characters and then they make them waver and forgive the most cruel crimes ...
We can picture the end for this drama no need to speculate and watch, i might check the final episode recap ....

@BaduyCould be worse but was bad enough for so many expectations ...I just realised i got something right in THORN FLOWER... one of the villains did jump off the Villa roof lol!, i was hoping all of them would have =))

Thanks for the info. will stay away from my curiosity on Your Woman... sounds like another wimping women drama (suffer and fight for 100 + episodes and then Forgives them in the end) .... why are these dramas so long? to keep the audience suffering and wanting to help the leads, only for these to waver and get soft in the end  ??

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Guest atomickitty

Well.. That's all she wrote..
It's funny to me that I always say this at the end of pretty much every revenge themed daily Korean drama I've seen. This website says that phrase means "An articulation of a sudden and unforeseen end to one's hopes or plans", and that pretty much expresses my feelings. I am not a fan of death/suicide endings. JAIL TIME. That's what I want to see.

I enjoyed the drama overall. The ending was... meh.. but it wasn't as bad as say.. cough, ahem.. Glass Mask. ahem.

Thanks to everyone that provided insight into the drama. My grasp on the Korean language is at a 1.5 year old level so you all helped me so very much. A very special thank you to @baduy. Your summaries manage to both educate and entertain. I've LOLed quite a few times at some of your commentary. I will be silently stalking you to the next drama thread you post on.

Anyone have ideas on what daily drama to watch next? Two in my rotation (this and Your Woman) ended so I've got empty slots.

See you all around the forum.

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