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[Drama 2013] Thorn Flower / Spine Flower 가시꽃


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Guest d0137

Hummm smells like the drama is taking a fishy turn for some characters..now most relevant people know Se Mi is alive and what happened to her and parents but still nothing is happening to the villains.. 

Soo Ji is now looking after H Min and looks like these two might get back together or something??? Looks like he feels cozy in her room being looked after , she definitely is a lost case ... Je Joon as no one of us expected, after finding out everything by now was only apparently only shocked for a moment and then went into his dead man mode, doing nothing but to stick to the family (what did we all think initially: the biggest victim? will take his own revenge? will be soo shocked and leave Ji Mi?? Well we now know that he is the BIGGEST LOOSER AND A******...Evil mum confronted the idiot and he looks more worried they will chuck him out and don't trust him than anything else...Would be nice if Evil mum gave him the task to get rid of Jennifer/SeMi whatever the method and see what he would do then ... Hope he just dies with the rest of them...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DRAMA???
Seo Won got to know Jennifer revenge headquarters i guess through the helper he abducted or something and got her to loose her senses while she came in...lets see how our lead will get out of this one...
H Min  can't see him dying but I hope that at least he gets a life sentence..., from the developments i think Jennifer and Seo Won might be the only ones to eventually die...

The end looks to be scheduled on the 1rst August which means 120 + episodes, hopefully not to forgive and forget.

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Most of what happens in today's episode (115) is obvious enough (and in parts also obviously silly enough) not to need much explanation.
The thugs Seo Won hired to kill Jennifer report that she got away, but that they placed a tracking device on her car. He tells them to get rid of Hyeok Min instead. Quite how dumping him by the river with his cellphone within relatively easy reach counts as getting rid of him is another thing we have to try to puzzle out for ourselves.

Anyway, it suits Jennifer that Hyeok Min escapes with his life. When ex detective Seo calls her to ask has she any idea where Hyeok Min is, because he followed her up to Seo Won's apartment but is now nowhere to be found, Jennifer is very worried that Seo Won may indeed finish Hyeok Min off before he has been induced to confess his crimes etc etc. so she asks his ex-assistant to meet him and try to use the threat of going public on his misdeeds yet again to get him to reveal where Hyeok Min is. She stresses it's vital that they deal with Seo Won before Hyeok Min.

Soo Ji has gone to the company in the hope of meeting Jennifer, but on finding she isn't there she's gone to Nam Joon's office instead to reveal what she's decided to do. After thinking everything through, she's decided that there is no independent evidence that Jennifer's story is true, and rather than believe Hyeok Min capable of what Jennifer accuses him of she prefers to conclude that Jennifer's quest for vengeance stems from the resentment of a domestic's daughter against her rich employers, and that her claims of attempted rape and the murder of her parents are just a cover up for her own guilt in stealing Ji Min's necklace and seeking her father's help to escape with it. She says that she's realized she still loves Hyeok Min and wants to get back with him. Nam Joon warns her she'll live to regret it, but she says she doesn't care if she does, right now all she's concerned about it offering Hyeok Min whatever help she can to break free of Jennifer. In fact, she proposes to ring him right away and ask if he'll accept that help. The answer is a spluttery-choking sound that she correctly takes to be a "yes", so off she dashes.

Seo Won and his chief thug have traced the tracker attached to Jennifer's limo to the basement parking lot below her vengeance HQ and observe her leaving. At that moment, Seo gets the call from his ex-assistant asking to meet and he tells him to come to his apartment, reflecting to himself that his stupid enemies apparently can't wait to walk into death traps.

Ex detective Seo reports to Evil Mom that Hyeok Min was seen entering Seo Won's apartment but hasn't been sighted since and can't be contacted. When asked how he came to observe that, Seo reveals that he was obeying Hyeok Mins orders to protect Jennifer against Seo Won and had followed her to the apartment. Evil Mom realizes that Hyeok Min must have deliberately been trying to thwart Seo Won's plans to kill Jennifer on her own instructions, and decided it's time to let ex-detective Seo know who Jennifer really is, since Hyeok Min hasn't done so. She orders Seo to find Hyeok Min at once.

Ji Min is remembering her mother saying that Je Joon must have known from the start about Jennifer's true identity, so that far from her trapping him into marriage, he actually used marriage to her as a way of plotting with Se Mi to destroy the Kang family. At that moment, Je Joon calls to ask how she's feeling. She tells him that she's decided to do him a good turn: she's going to assert parental rights over Eun Seok on his behalf and make the child live with them. In fact, she's off to fetch him right now. In horror, Je Joon rushes off to get to the bakery house too.

Jennifer arrives at Nam Joon's office, to be told about Soo Ji deciding to stick by Hyeok Min. He tells her she'd come wanting to speak to Jennifer, but then she called Hyeok Min and suddenly dashed off. Jennifer explains that it's Hyeok Min's whereabouts and next move she's more worried about: he's disappeared and she thinks Seo Won is responsible. But before she can explain, she gets a call from Evil Mom summoning her home at once.

Ji Min has arrived at the bakery house and is demanding they produce Eun Seok so she can take him away with her. When she tells Seon Yeong she knows full well she isn't Eun Seok's mother, she replies that she doesn't claim he is. What she does claim and can prove is that he's her legally adopted son whom she's brought up all these years. Any attempt to take him away would be abduction. And in any case, does Ji Min really know what sort of family she's proposing to take the child to? In particular does she realize that her own mother was responsible for the injuries that disabled Eun Seok? This accusation sets Ji Min grabbing Seon Yeong by the hair and it takes Je Joon's arrival and intervention to separate the two women and drag his wife away.

Seo Won in his apartment gets a call from his ex-assistant saying he's at the door. Seo Won says the door's not locked, so he can come right in, only to be surprised that his visitor isn't his ex-assistant, or indeed anyone he's seen before (though we recognise him as Jennifer's other helper). His visitor demands to know where Hyeok Min is. Unless Seo Won reveals that immediately, the ex-assistant is sitting in an Internet café ready to upload the revelations about Seo Won without further delay. But Seo Won merely says it's touching to see how concerned Jennifer is about Hyeok Min's welfare, and it's a pity he's probably already dead by now. This is the cue for the thug lying in wait for the ex-assistant to overpower his helper instead.
Jennifer, realizing that Evil Mom is on to her, drops all pretense and admits who she is and how it has filled her with revulsion to have to live under the same roof and had to cozy up to the woman who killed her mother. She says she knows how much she must want to kill her too, but before she tries, she should realize that if anything happens to her the police and media will receive not only the recording of Kim Baek Chun's confessions, but a tape of Hyeok Min and Seo Won arranging with Kim Baek Chun to have Se Mi killed in her country hiding place. That's assuming her son stays alive. Currently he's proabably in Seo Won's hands and she is the only person who has a means of saving him. So before she takes and rash actions against Jennifer, she should think of the consequences for her darling son.

Hyeok Min wakes up in Soo Ji's room, where she's transported him by similar magical means to the ones Seo Won used to get him out of his apartment. She declares her intention of taking care of him and vows she won't give up until she's got "that woman" to go away and made him forget her.

Ji Min reveals to Jennifer that she knows her identity and gloatingly asks does she know where she's just been. Just as Seong Min arrives within eavesdropping distance, she tells her that she's been to take the first steps towards taking her son away. Seon Yeong may not agree, but since Je Joon is his father and he has declared he will never desert her or Je Jin, he will have no problems winning custody since he can give the boy a stable home. So Se Mi should not only leave the house right away, but forget about seeing her son again. Se Mi warns her not to lay a finger on Eun Soek, and reminds her that she is still the mother-to-be of her brother's child, but Ji Min says that with a richard simmons like her, who knows who the father of her unborn baby may be. That of course allows Se Mi to say she's a fine one to talk, and maybe it's time the truth about the father of her own child was brought to light. This time it's Seong Min who intervenes to stop the resulting catfight.

Evil Mom is just pondering the problem of the consequences Se Mi just threatened her with if she attempts to have her killed, when Hyeok Min calls to say he's alright and is staying at Soo Ji's house for the time being. She can't get any more out of him, but she's left wondering whether this doesn't signal a sudden turn for the better in her son's and the whole family's fortunes. She summons Je Joon and asks him straight out how long he's known Jennifer's true identity, and without waiting for an answer accuses him of having married Je Min then helped bring Jennifer into the family to as part of a long-standing plan to gain vengeance for what happened to Se Mi. He admits that he recognised Jennifer's true identity at once, but his insists that he abandoned Se Mi eight years ago and that he had no ulterior motives in marrying Ji Min. Though he didn't betray Jennifer's identity, he had always made it clear that he would stop any attempt she might make to damage the family, and it's with that family that his loyalty still lies now and always will. When Evil Mom asks how and why she should believe that, he begs her to try, because he's the only person who can save Ji Min from losing her mind. If only for Ye Jin's sake, she should let him try to do that rather than driving him away and leaving both Ji Min and Ye Jin with no-one to turn to.

The ex-assistant, checking up at what's happened in Seo Won's apartment, finds the other helper unconscious and Seo Won nowhere to be found. He alerts Jennifer, who goes at once to her vengeance HQ, presumably to check the recordings from that listening device under Seo Won's table. She recognizes signs that the door has been forced, but since it's cliffhanger time she ignores that pretty blatant warning and the even more ominous fact that the power has been cut and so she is easily overpowered by the lurking Seo Won.

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Re what lies ahead...

This drama was originally scheduled to finish with ep 120 this coming Friday. Then one day was lost thanks to showbiz awards and it was said that it would be edited down to 119 episodes in all so as to finish this week anyway.

But as those annoying flashes on the bottom of the screen informed us today, there will be no episode on Wednesday because of  a soccer match. So it's ep 116 tomorrow, then ep 117 on THURSDAY, followed by 118 on Friday. That much is confirmed by the final daily schedules for the week now on-line.

But what then? Are they going to lose another episode so as to keep within the original span by making Friday the final one? Or will ep 119 air on Monday and even a rescued 120 on Tuesday? Frustratingly, jtbc don't publish their final schedule for the week ahead until the preceding weekend, so the table for next Monday is still blank. Actually, there's more suspense in this than in the plot itself by now. Pehaps that's the idea.

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Guest d0137

Baduy says:The thugs Seo Won hired to kill Jennifer report that she got away, but that they placed a tracking device on her car. He tells them to get rid of Hyeok Min instead. Quite how dumping him by the river with his cellphone within relatively easy reach counts as getting rid of him is another thing we have to try to puzzle out for ourselves. 
=))  quite true and funny..they pressed skip, no one noticed and in fews seconds Seo Won must have become ignorant (when he is usually sharp) and left H Min take the phone with him and no one saw them leaving the garage...
If the drama will finish on episode 119 i hope they don't brush off things the way they are already doing...Hope they get rid of the villains quickly and fairly two per episode or something to speed up the process ...
Seong Min should get smart, he can now put pieces together and we hope he will not be like Soo Ji and Je Joon... but of course he will be... ANOTHER NON SENSE CHARACTER ...

Ji Mi WHAT??? wants to take custody of E.S?? well she is officially insane...luckily IDIOT knows better... Just the fact that he is sticking to the family and said all that to Evil mum just makes me sick (was he ever a nice person??? is questionable - if he care to whom they can turn to, did he ever though about whom Se Mi could rely/turn to when he abandoned her in hospital after her parents deaths??) hope Jennifer brings the fake daughter father back and he looses everything...crazy or not hope Ji Mi also ends up in misery... 
@Trinton823:)>-  SooJi as we already knew was always obsessed by H Min ...Also hopes she suffers the consequences of her resolution  

Lets just hope that  producer and writer are not making a mix and match "quilt" where pieces are put together but don't "match" at all for all the reasons we know...
I actually do not feel pitty for any of the Evil or Silly characters on this drama .....On this drama they seam to explore selfishness and shameless of people to the full... i mean they are all selfish and only care about their own and their family interests, no one else pain and suffering counts ... I PITTY NONE OF THEM even if Ji Mi has a child i skip that fact (which i usually wouldn't in other dramas but on this drama the kid got no sympathy from me) SORRY NO MERCY!
Je Joon actions are ones to make me speechless
if 119 episodes only 4 episodes left... as BADYUY says after reading the comment above this has in fact become more of a suspense than the plot itself...  =)) 

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Forget the chart figuring out who knows what, etc.  The thugs that they hired must be mightily confused and scratching their already not-so-smart heads trying to keep track of who they are bumping off this hour.  :))

oops, you let your victim escape?  No matter, just kill a substitute. One is as good as the next.  Com si, com sa.  =))

I think the most suspense is in which person will the goons finally do away with first.  At this point, the going-ons reminds me to a kids game of tag . . . you're it!  :))

Perhaps, the goons will get so frustrated and angry that they just kill off everybody.  THE END. :P

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Guest d0137

@Auntie Mame=)) yes they are usually a little (my modesty) ignorant... and bumping off is best way to put it as this seams to be the interpretation they make from when Seo Won says: finish them off...they also thought the apparent dead H Min might need to call someone for help, so let us leave the phone at easy reach lol!
Jennifer assistant/Driver was not killed or put to sleep, this time they locked him in the boot o the car lol! they must have though he would die on his own or something... I-)

Following Shark now and someone  just commented/asked something like the following to the writer: for once let the bad guy/s get what they deserve or NOT get away with it, if not it only means "you" don't have any faith in the justice system...I actually agree, specially when it comes to women revenge dramas ...man revenge dramas outcomes are usually more satisfactory or sad or dramatic to the end...  
Out of the DRAMA context have you seen "Marrying the Mafia" Movies??, they are funny, some more than the others... not so clever thugs/mafia guys each with one or more of those stereotype typical traits ... I loved the ones with Kim Soo Mi (she can be scary but i think she is also hilarious, she is a great lady actress!!)

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We carry on into today's episode (116) with Jennifer unconscious in her vengeance office while Seo Won discovers all her recordings made by the bug under his table, followed by her collection of forged financial documents, but he can't find any of the documents exposing his misdeeds that his ex-assistant is threatening to make public, so he knows he's still vulnerable and daren't risk killing Jennifer. Hyeok Min angrily calls ex-detective Seo and orders him to find where Seo Won has taken Jennifer. Evil Mom gets a progress report from Seo, wonders how come Hyeok Min isn't home yet and is alarmed to learn that he was badly hurt by Seo Won's hired thugs and needs to rest at Soo Ji's house.

When Jennifer starts to come round, Seo Won congratulates her on her successes so far, including getting Kim Baek Choon killed, Seo Won and Hyeok Min's fathers both on their way to jail, Taekang ruined, his own career as a prosecutor destroyed. But what did she still have planned for him, he wants to know.  She tells him she intends to see him tried for the murder of her father, but he says she's no chance of seeing that happen because in the absence of other witnesses, he could only be convicted if Hyeok Min testified against him, which he'll never do. First because it would reveal his own guilt, but also because Seo Won intends to kill him anyway. Jennifer says it's more likely Hyeok Min will kill him first, but either way, he's finished. However, Seo Won says she's reckoning without the hold he has over Hyeok Min's mother through his readiness to take Ji Min off her hands and at the same time get Je Joon out of the family. Jennifer says Ji Min will never leave with him, but he replies that in the end she'll be forced to since that suits her mother and brother best.

Hyeok Min is getting ready to go look for Seo Won and Jennifer, despite Soo Ji's pleas for her to stay there with him. He thanks her and says he'll never forget what she just did for him, but Jennifer is in danger and he's got to go find her. Soo Ji reminds him that Jennifer is Se Mi who was and is out for nothing but vengeance. She protests that she knows all about what he did seven years ago, but she's managed to bring herself to forgive him, both for that and for how he subsequently treated her. Doesn't he appreciate how hard it was for her to do that? He replies that he knows how cruel he's been to her, and that he doesn't want to risk hurting her all over again by making her promises he knows he won't keep. But she insists that that doesn't matter. All she wants is for him to forget about Jennifer and stay with her. He insists though that he can't do that. Jennifer is still his wife who's pregnant with his child, and he's got to find her.

At the Blue Moon Seon Yeong is desperate with worry that all her clientele are now either on the run, behind bars, stir-crazy or in the morgue about Jennifer. She wants to call in the police, but Nam Joon reminds her that they promised Jennifer they would do nothing to "rescue" her unless she explicitly asked for their help, and if they bring in outside help without such a request they may be thwarting her plans. He agrees to phone Je Joon to see if he has any information as to Jennifer's whereabouts [presumably on the basis that Je Joon is such a totally useless waste of space that nothing he could do could interfere with Jennifer's plans, so involving him doesn't break their non-intervention promises].

Nam Hoon asks Je Joon is anybody listening [though in that House of the Big-Eared Lurkers it might have been more sensible to ask "is anyone NOT listening?"] and Je Joon looks over at his sleeping wife who is currently as insensible as her cuddly toy, which we now see is indeed a monster pink squirrel. [How do we know it isn't a monster pink beaver with an outsize tail? Because it's holding a HUGE NUT in its paws. Symbolic, eh? And what's that between the cuddly toy and the cushions? A baby's rattle for Ji Min to chuck out of her cot next time she has a tantrum??  Or is it a Kindergarten Safety Board approved pair of kiddy scissors? At least these are more interesting questions than the conversation which now ensues, with Nam Joon asking is Jennifer there, and Je Hoon replying, no she isn't, they're all wondering where she is too, and Nam Joon asking him to call him if there's any news, and Je Joon saying he'll do that. You can see why that exchange had to be kept confidential, since anyone overhearing it might have a sudden attack of life-threatening boredom. You can hear more compelling dramatic dialogue from idiots chatting into their cellphones on city buses.]

Ji Min wakes up, says she's going to get a drink of water and refuses Je Joon's offer to go get it for her, claiming he's just looking for an excuse to slip off to see his son again. She pleads with him to bring Eun Seok to live with them instead and promises she'll look after him lovingly as she does her own child [AHEM!!] and that her mother would think the world of him [AHEM AHEM!]. When Je Joon dismisses that idea, Ji Min screams that she can see now that his plan is to get her confined to a mental hospital so he can be with Se Mi and she jumps back into bed to practice playing a demented patient in a third-rate drama.

She's soon wanted elsewhere in the house, though, after Hyeok Min comes home, brushes off his mother's fussing about getting hospital treatment, and learns from ex-detective Seo that there's still no trace of Seo Won and Jennifer. Hyeok Min says the only sure-fire way to lure Seo Won into the open is to use Ji Min as bait. If she calls him and says she needs to see him urgently, he'll come running, then they can grab him and force him to reveal what he's done with Jennifer. Evil Mom objects at first, not because she's averse to using a low-ranking offspring to serve the needs of her one and only son, but because she can't see why Hyeok Min should be bothered whether Se Mi is alive or dead. If Seo Won really has killed her, or is about to, they should all think it's good riddance, though without their gratitude going so far as to think again about bumping Seo Won off in turn at the earliest opportunity. But Hyeok Min repeats what he said earlier to Soo Ji about Jennifer still being his wife, pregnant with his child.

Je Joon makes a typically feeble ludicrous non-attempt to stop Hyeo Min bothering Ji Min, but she gets out of bed again of her own accord and shows herself amenable to Hyeok Min's plan. [We notice that the cuddly toy, the rattle/scissors AND the matching cushions have all got fed up with this drama and have gone off to another more interesting set]. All Hyeok Min asks is for her to make a phone call asking to meet Seo Won at his apartment, then to let Hyeok Min and Seo lie in wait for him there, but she insists on actually providing the trap with live bait by going along herself.

Meanwhile, Seo Won has drugged Jennifer again and is making a maximally inefficient search of her open-access filing cupboards, but still can't find the incriminating documents. He doesn't seem to realize that not only may they not be there, but that since his ex-assistant was supposedly sitting in an Internet café about to upload them, they are actually in machine-readable form. Or does he think his ex-assistant was going to type them all in there and then?] He's still not found what he's looking for when he gets Ji Min's call and has to suspend his search while he rushes back to his apartment to meet her, leaving Jennifer bound and gagged to await his further inquiries on his return.

At the Blue Moon, the second helper has recovered from his dose of chloroform and has come to report to Nam Joon that by the time he came round, neither Seo Won nor Jennifer was anywhere to be seen. They ponder the matter deeply, then reach consensus that "something must have happened." [At this point, the cushions, the scissors/rattle and the cuddly squirrel, who were thinking of moving to this set even though they don't exactly suit the decor, decide things are even more boring in here than at the mansion, so they move on without showing themselves.] The two intellectual giants then decide to go check out the vengeance HQ.

Arriving at Seo Won's apartment, Ji Min sits herself on the sofa while Hyeok Min and ex-detective Seo adopt jump-out-and-grab-'em positions. [The cushions, rattle/scissors and cuddly squirrel, who were just about to hide in the same spots in the hope of seeing some action at last, are deeply annoyed, but take their search elsewhere.]

Je Joon is expostulating with Evil Mom about allowing her psychologically vulnerable daughter to be exposed to such a potentially traumatic experience, but she  unrepentantly says that, unlike Je Joon, who has never understood what it means to be a Kang, Ji Min understands that she has to make sacifices for the greater good of the family. Seong Min overhears this and thus gets yet another lesson in Family Values, Kang Style. However, infected by the lunacy virus endemic in the mansion, he goes to try to cheer his his stepmother up and assures her she needn't worry. His brother will soon bring Jennifer back safe and sound. He appears to think that she's pleased to hear this. [since he's wearing a shirt that's a good match with the cushion crowd, it's a pity he couldn't be induced to go walkabout with them and spare us any more of his would-be heart-warming naivety]  

Reaching the parking garage at vengeance HQ, the eagle eyed Nam Joon not only spots Jennifer's car, but also notices how it's wobbling on its suspension in a way that usually alerts bored highway patrol officers to dating teenagers parked up in remote spots and using Daddy's car for purposes Daddy did not quite have in mind when he handed over the keys. They release Jennifer's helper from the trunk, then spot Seo Won leaving in a big hurry, alone. Then Nam Joon goes to the apartment and spots exactly the same oddities that Jennifer herself noticed -- the forced door, the cut-off power -- and reveals that they really are soulmates, because he behaves with mirror-image stupidity. Whereas she barged in despite all the warning signs, he hangs about being cautious despite these obvious indications that Jennifer must be in there needing help. Still, no harm done in the end. He even thinks, eventually, to take her gag off before asking can she hear him.

Seo Won is over the moon to find Ji Min really waiting for him on his sofa. But it doesn't last long. She says she wanted to take his opportunity to talk to him one last time (rather belatedly, he glances over his shoulder at this little hint, but all the same remains intent on what she has to say). It wipes the grin of his face, though, because her final message to him is that she's always hated the very sight of him ever since she first encountered him as a tiny tot and he's never awaked in her anything but revulsion, which she only briefly suppressed when it was in the apparent interests of her career. He may be right about her husband's motives, but that doesn't alter the fact that she'd rather die than have anything more to do with him. That's the cue for Hyeok Min and ex-detective Seo to come out of hiding and start on the rough stuff. Ignored by everyone, Ji Min staggers out of the apartment down to the parking garage, where Je Joon has just arrived in search of her. She assures him that it really is now all over with Seo Won, and he clasps her in her arms, congratulates her on her "choice" and apologizes for his treatment of her, promising that from now on he'll look after her properly. But she remains zombie-like, not returning his embrace or even giving much sign of hearing anything he's saying. [Will the poor man have to prove the strength of his devotion by setting out an an arduous nation-wide quest to find and return her fugitive cushions, her stuffed squirrel and her scissors-rattle? Will he "One Year Later" arrive trail-weary and bedraggled, but clutching those precious items, and deposit them outside the door of her padded cell?

Seo Won gains a reprieve by promising to lead Hyeok Min to Jennifer's hideway, promising that there he'll find abundant evidence of Jennifer's fakery [which Seo Won, or was it the writer, seems to have forgotten that Hyeok Min knows about already, apart from the fake pregnancy of course, which wasn't one of the things Seo Won's search uncovered anyway] as well as Jennifer herself. So off they go and of course they find just an empty apartment, with no sign of Jennifer, or indeed of her ever having been there. Time for more rough stuff, until ex-detective Seo gets a call from his spies to say that Se Mi is at the bakery house. Hyeok Min tells ex-detective Seo to dispose of Seo Won and makes to go fetch Jennifer, but Seo Won grovels again until Hyeok Min relents to the extent of saying he can go, but if he ever crosses his path again he'll kill him.

Jennifer wakes up at the bakery house, and Nam Hee and her mother assure her she's safe now, but then Hyeok Min's voice is heard as he pushes her helper out of the way and tries to force his way past Nam Joon. But Jennifer comes out to him of her own accord, flabbergasting everyone but Hyeok Min himself by saying that he's her husband, so of course she must go back home with him. Which she does.
Seo Won staggers back into his apartment and takes out his frustration on his golf clubs and jacket. But he's no sooner collapsed on his sofa than his ex-assistant pops up again, this time demanding that Seo Won reveals the truth about all the events seven years earlier at the vacation villa.

Hyeok Min comes back to the mansion bringing Jennifer, who is greeted by his mother with typical words of welcome: "What? You're still alive?!"

Soccer tomorrow, remember. The agony resumes on Thursday.

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@Baduy:  I forgot that I shouldn't be drinking anything whenever I read your writings.  What a mistake!  I must have looked like a blathering idiot with coffee running out the side of mouth and down onto my shirt, which I'm throwing away because the coffee stains will never come out. 

And, with the pillow, rattle, etc., I immediately thought of:

Hey diddle diddle,
The Cat and the fiddle,
The Cow jumped over the moon.
The little Dog laughed,
To see such craft,
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

Perhaps, they'll all join up at the Blue Moon.  =))

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jtbc has now put up a text preview for ep 117 for those who are so badly addicted to this drama that they don't find today's soccer final S. Korea vs China a welcome relief.

Hyeok Min, bringing Jennifer back home, tells her that he's doing so because of her baby. She in turn tells him that she came back with him to complete the remaining parts of her task.

Seo Won's ex-assistant is held captive in Seo Won's apartment. Hyeok Min and Seo Won beat him up viciously, show him a picture of his younger sister, and tell him to wipe all traces of anyone called Kang Hyeok Min from his memory.

Ji Min confesses all her wrongdoings to Jennifer, and begs her forgiveness. Jennifer then makes use of Ji Min to obtain from Seo Won a full statement of Hyeok Min's actions at the vacation villa eight years earlier.

So... today in our usual slot it will be EAFF sense #1 (= East Asian Football Federation). But tomorrow there's a promise of the first green shoots of EAFF sense #2 (= Extremely Annoying Final Forgiveness)

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Guest d0137

@BADUYThanks Baduy like many i am grateful at you insights and great sense on humor in between...=))
Seong Ming  hummm definitely "infected by the lunacy virus endemic in the mansion" and hopefully will not spoil the plot further by begging for Se Mi to forgive his step mum and family, sorry assassination and murder does not make begging for forgiveness enough to wash away the pain and suffering, just take the punishment this is the only way for them to pay for those sins
Ji Mi always behaving like a spoiled crazy, annoying child always "curling and hugging her cuddly toy, the rattle/scissors AND the matching cushions)".. WHAT adopt Eon Seuk?? Why would her character do that, we all thought she would want to get rid of him... writer please don't try to make her into a good person or something like that all of the sudden ... She was always rather self centred and selfish whilst doing what she did all along..
Also having her "practice playing a demented patient in a third-rate drama" as BADUY puts it and i TOTALLY agree does not entitle her to forgiveness and Pitty. Hope Jennifer uses her and still gives her a deserved punishment.

IDIOT...WHAT ELSE TO SAY ... HE TURNED INTO SOMEONE pretty much all of us DISLIKES (USELESS LOOSER, FEEBLE to the CORE and EXTREMELY ANNOYING) really not all that good of a person, no normal person that loved someone so much would have had the resolutions he had to stick to he family after finding out what had really happened to his and her life thanks to those same people he is sticking to , whether is for the fake daughter or not his character JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!... His punishment should be ending up alone with not even the fake daughter and visiting Ji Mi in the ASYLUM BADUY i like your idea : "One Year Later" arrive trail-weary and bedraggled, butclutching those precious items of hers, and deposit them outside the door of her padded cell? =))
SEO WON will go down for sure or die since he doesn't give up easily...and looks like he might take  H Min with him...UNLESS THIS IS THE POINT WHERE THE WRITER FINALLY GIVES US THE FINALE NON SENSE BLOW AND MAKES SE MI SUDDENLY FORGIVE HIM and his lunatic sister and stick to punishing only Seon Won and Evil mum errrrrrrrrrr
With so many "holes" in the drama already i would not be surprised or shocked ... 
Secretary/detective turned Assassin Seo should by now get some kind of punishment for being everything but a person that once worked for Justice...
Nam Joom and Jennifer,  Baduy's comments in the fact that he must be Jennifer's soul mate from his actions in the apartment lol, true, that is another rush brush from writer to get them both together at the end ...you can sense that coming...
Well 3 more episodes to go and a lot of trash for Jennifer to clean in such short time, hope she can clean it all with no forgiveness ...
We can only hope for a satisfactory REVENGE drama end!oh i forgot FEMALE Revenge drama which leave us with little less hope...

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Guest d0137

@Trinton823I agree Jennifer should put them all in the Villa where it all started and torch the place down with them left to repent for their wrongdoings and mistakes inc. Secretary Seo and Je Joon... 
ok i will be a little nice this time and save the evil fake daughter (her father can come and take her away taken she had lost her memory and will not plan revenge by seducing Eun Seok on the next female revenge drama by the same writer, then Se Mi is safe)....
The end

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That villa business is another mystery which may remain unsolved, the way things are going.

Soon after her arrival in the guise of Jennifer, Se Mi declared that the vacation villa was where it all started and that was where she planned for it all to end. She arranged for Kim Baek Choon to meet his doom there, and the impression was that the same would apply to Hyeok Min and Seo Won. And I can't see why on earth she would want to buy the villa, using Nam Joon's mother as a front person, if she didn't intend to make some use of it. After all, the additional purpose of humiliating the Kangs by revealing their financial desperation would have been equally well served by letting Soo Ji''s mother buy it and flaunt her possessin of it in the same way she showed off her ownership of Evil Mom's former jewelry. Added to which, on at least three separate occasions we saw Jennifer was studying detailed plans of the villa and its grounds on her computers and pinned to her notice board. It can hardly have been just meant to show that she is a well rounded person with a wide spread of interests.

Anyway, on other mysteries, just as showboom.com dropped the jtbc live stream without any notice or explanation (though they'd made a big thing of it when they first added jtbc to their authorized streams a few months earlier) so today they have restored it. They have also put back Cruel City alongside this drama in their list of available VOD streams (they never actually took it away, but they stopped listing it and prevented searches from finding it after they had their sudden purge of jtbc material not long ago).

That's good for people who can follow the Korean, especially since jtbc runs 24/7 and fills in the wee small hours of Korean local time with reruns of the immediately preceding episodes of its dramas, so an episode of Thorn Flower gets shown first in the main slot, then four times more in repeat slots over the following 24 hours.

Less good, indeed pretty awful, is the recent behavior of mvibo.com which trumpets that it is the only legal outlet for streams of this drama with English subs and actively pursues anyone who tries to release softsubs, let alone put up unauthorized streams. They are notoriously slow at coming out with English subs: they have been stuck on ep 31 of this drama for over two weeks now. But they did use to be a reliable source of a good quality legal stream of the latest episode. But no more. They haven't updated their VOD streams of this drama for nearly five weeks now, and have nothing after episode 91. This must raise serious doubts as to whether they have any intention of making the complete set of raws available, let alone completing the English subs.  I find the fact that they don't furnish their subscribers with what they are actually paying for, yet spare no effort to hinder people from watching it elsewhere, scandalous. It's an ominous indication of what will happen if the rights holders, or rather their US-based agents,  ever get the complete stranglehold over the availability of Kdramas that they are so determined to achieve.

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Hmmm.  As sometimes happens with less popular dramas, the uploaders, legal and otherwise, seem to have concluded that since there was no show yesterday, the drama has finished. It's past midnight in Korea now, so I don't expect anything to emerge, if at all, till tomorrow.

I did watch the live stream, but I can't do a decent recap without either a stream or a download that I can stop after each section while I type it up.

For now, suffice it to say that, aside from what was correctly enough anticipated in the text preview I translated yesterday, there isn't much you'd want to know about. As feared, Jennifer utters the edifying words "I'll forgive you, Ji Min" after finally convincing herself that Je Joon really does love Ji Min, and to earn that forgiveness, Ji Min tricks Seo Won into videoing a full confession, though one that says Hyeok Min's drunkenness was the root cause of everything that happened. The really exciting thing about this episode is that the Cuddly Pink Squirrel is back, though we aren't shown how or why it returns. I have a theory though, which I'll reveal if I ever get to do a proper recap...

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Guest d0137

From today's clips i can only think Jennifer will use Seo Won confession on H Mi to get this one to confess against Seo Won...but the Villa purchase remains a puzzle to the revenge matter...i would have though she hates that place so why buy it???

Also looks like IDIOT made a request (he really is shameless after all he thinks he is entitled to ask something from her in her family-Ji Mi behalf?? is he aware of what he and his so called family did and is doing?) WRITER PLEASE KILL HIM NOW!!!! 
She didn't seam to agree to his request however when she watched him with his fake daughter and then later went to speak to Ji Mi and this one confessed and begged for forgiveness and apparently agreed to "help" with Seo Won I CAN SEE/FEEL SHE will be LETTING THEM OFF later on...  i still  can't think of forgiveness for any of them...she could have been well dead and they would not have cared a inch like they did not care before...

Seo Won Former assistant got pretty badly beaten up and wonder if he gave anything away because of his sister...hope not!
Seong Min finally knows or heard something that will open his eyes (still wonder here if he will) to what his step mom is able to do "for the sake of the Kang family"

H Min tells his mum that he loves Se Mi to her sock and disapproval,i think this i understood well lol!
Baduy we look forward for your clear explanation on the events... 
After today's explanation and some understanding on tomorrows cliffhanger i might watch the final of a REVENGE DRAMA or give up on watching the final of A FEMALE FAMILY DRAMA (this looks more of the category the drama should be under) 
They kept us watching and interested to the end and hoping and then the plot changes in the last 2 episodes to what it seams to be the typical ending of all female "revenge" drama (they always forgive and forget and understand and waver and cry and make up WHEN NO ONE else understood, wavered, cried, felt pitty BUT ONLY DID FORGOT THE WRONG THEY DID to her until she obviously had to remind them of it all and make them pay for it)... then they all beg, cry and try to use idiotic "arguments" and excuses to get forgiveness etc etc... really everything that would not be all that possible to happen in real life, i would want them all behind bars to pay for their crimes only then i would perhaps not even consider forgiving them...

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@baduy try dramastyle.com they seem to be the only site that loaded today.

 @d0137 je joon should just go kill himself...I'd consider that being more useful. His character is such a waste of film. NamJoon gave him a audio clip so he could hear what they did to Se Mi and he still went back to that crazy woman. I don't know why he is still alive.If he is so in love with that family then he can sit there with his FAKE A SS daughter and wait for them to get out of prison.

 I think Seong Min heard Jennifer talking about what the mother did to his real mother. He was starting to act like a Kang so I hope that woke him up. Frankly I don't want Se Mi to let anyone off the hook. In fact she needs to add that pathetic excuse for a woman (Soo ji) to the list!

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Guest d0137

Like my comments above i couldn't agree more with you...He was just a waist of space a lover i would never want to meet in live or death
Smells like they will give us the FORGIVE AND FORGET FINALE they give us in most Female revenge DRAMAS with weak and vulnerable leads that turn avengers... they always do the same thing, become good again and forgive everyone some of which with conditions ...
For sure IDIOT and Ji Mi She might say she will never forgive them two but for the sake of the child or something... i DON'T THINK HE CARED MUCH AFTER HE FOUND WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ... I am hopping Jennifer does find he knows all now but still.... I try not to swear at his character in writing... i don't think he loved SE MI as we thought he did, if writer had put it that way we would have not expected much of him ...
Seo Won, H Min and Evil mum might go to jail but H Min i am not liking the way things are starting to go in last episodes  (:|
Honestly is becoming LIKE GLASS FREAKING MASK WITH NO liver transplant ...         A come to Jesus/Buddha Jennifer let us all hold our hands and "be a family" or something and surpass the resentment and hate AMEN... 
Apart from SEO WON downfall to the black hole which is so far the most certain i am not so sure on the other characters punishments apart from them loosing it all (but then Jennifer might give them the house back or something out of PITY) that kind of end ...

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