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[Drama 2013] Thorn Flower / Spine Flower 가시꽃


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Guest d0137

@Baduy,So true, i did thought of your previous comments on cliffhangers deceptive scenes and sequences but as the series is coming to a close i wondered....but actually you might just be right, from H Min delusions on his man charms and his blind love for Jennifer he could just think that which will set Soo Ji and Ji Mi on "fire"... The trio might get together for further discussions on Jennifer's identity (i mean SooJi, Ji Mi and Evil mum) obviously the later two not knowing Soo Ji knows the whole true already...

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Guest d0137

Tomorrow's preview more a...
Could turn out to be still a dream but looks like H Min confronted Jennifer regarding her identity and she confirmed!!!
Seo Won still wispering on Ji Mi ears about Je Joon
Did Nam Joon mum just found out part of the true about Se Mi & family unfortunate events with the Kang family?
Looks like Je Joon lied to his monster in law as regards to what Ji Min told her (the meeting with his son) but then WHAT??? HE APOLOGISES FOR LIYING TO HER WHILE LOOKING AT THEIR FAMILY PHOTO??? This drives me well crazy, they never even apologise to him after he found the truth and he what???? does he really love Ji Mi? or is this just for the sake of the daughter??? MORON!! REAL ONE!! She wouldn't blink if she had to lie and cheat on him but he after knowing it all what????
Writer what kind of MAN have you created in this drama???The ultimate LOOSER. If he is suposed to be a rightful type of man, he certainly does not tick the boxes, perhaps if a looser then most boxes will be ticked off...still figuring out why they want to harm his family hum???? ....He does resemble annoying ex lover from Glass mask (this one was above all super total coward)...

Soo Ji did she ask H Min if he really did what she was told he did??? Is she another MORON? honestly???... These two characters make no sense to me....

Buff exhausting!!!

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@do137 I've got to totally agree with you...the writers and producers have turned out some truly asinine characters. Je Joon is 1000% a total loser and coward. I've felt that way since he left her in hospital...what a loser, it was only a couple of weeks at the most when he left. He didn't even go back to check on her and who was taking care of her after her mom was killed, so I have NO sympathy for him at all. He deserves a little revenge too. And don't get me started on Soo Ji...she's been told what HM and his family did to Se Mi, and that he got away with it because of the phony alibi you gave him, but you still want to save him??? She is just a nutcase loser...Jennifer should nail her a ss to the wall also.

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Guest d0137

@Kdramafan469 Thank you,... precisely...he loved her so much that he never bother to go back there to check even once, above all, contrary to everyone's expectations he became even closer to that family/JiMi after finding out they lied to him all along and always treated him as a looser that he actually is... When i think many of us saw him as a victim errrrrr very wrong...he is plainly A LOOSER!
Have no expectations on what writers have coming for his character when he finds out what happened to SeMi ... he now even reports to his monster in law lol! Let us hope nothing ridiculous...

Soo Ji also can't mention her without getting an headache!!! ..... she should go to the asylum together with the rest of them... Yes like your idea, Jennifer should nail ".......""

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As with the previous day, the action of today's episode (111) runs straight on from its prededessor.

The meeting of Je Joon and Eun Seok is observed from a distance by Ji Min. Jennifer spots her, and warns Je Joon that his wife has seen everything. Ji Min asks herself why Jennifer was present at the meeting (she knows Jennifer arranged it with Seon Yeong on Je Joon's behalf, and she's pretty sure the child is Se Mi's, not Seon Yeong's but despite her insistence when Jennifer first came on the scene that she could tell she was really Se Mi, Ji Min seems to have long since accepted her mother's and brother's line that Jennifer can't possibly be Se Mi, maybe because she fears producing yet more "evidence" in her family's eyes that she's going insane. But near the end of today's episode, Seo Won will help shift her right back to her initial opinion).

A little later, Jennifer phones Je Joon so they can agree on a line to take when Ji Min inevitably tells her mother what she just saw. She says she can think of no other alternative but for them both to deny the meeting ever happened, so it will be their combined word against Ji Min's. Je Joon accepts that for Eu Seok's sake he has to go along with that plan, though he feels guilty towards his wife, not merely for lying to her, but for lying in a way that will inevitably make others even more inclined to think she's going insane and indeed may actually drive her further in that direction.

Seon Yeong is wondering why Jennifer suddenly allowed Je Hoon so meet Eun Seok. She explains that it was part of the deal she made with Seo Won to get Je Joon to drop the assault and harrassment charges against him if he agreed to go back on his promise to lend money to the Kangs. But she adds that in any case she'd been toying with the idea of allowing such a meeting for some time previously, reflecting that if seven years ago Je Joon had known she was pregnant, things might have all worked out differently. Seon Yeong agrees. Je Joon would probably have devoted himself to caring for Eun Seok and never have agreed to marry Ji Min, she says, and Jennifer accepts that may well be so. In effect, she's conceding that her earlier judgment, that Je Joon had forfeited all right to call himself a father --  a judgment he himself is ready to accept his just deserts -- had been over harsh.

Nam Joon has summoned Je Joon to indicate that he intends to keep him in his marketing post and is relying in him to come up with ideas for overcoming the unfavorable image of the Taekang brand that its widely-publicized financial troubles have created. But before they can take the topic further, Hyeok Min comes barging in as if this were still his office, in a very different mood from the one in which he left the previous day. The discovery that Soo Ji's mother has decided to give him the VP's position has restored all his old arrogance, and he's come to tell Nam Joon not to get too comforable in that seat, because he'll soon be booting him out of it again. And on seeing his brother-in-law conferring with Nam Joon, he warns him that his loyalities must always lie with the Kang family and that he shouldn't cosy up to this upstart interloper who has temporarily gained the  upper hand.

Ji Min arrives home breathless with her shocking news, only to encounter outright disbelief from her mother, who demands that she should ring her husband. Evil Mom takes the phone from her and asks him outright does he have a secret son. He claims to be at a loss to know what to say, because he doesn't want to make Ji Min out to be lying or delusional...  But surely his mother-in-law knows he's not the kind of man to be involved in anything like that? She takes his point, apologizes and hangs up. That makes Ji Min even more frantic. "He denies it? I saw him with my own eyes, but he denies it? It's enough to drive anyone crazy!" A remark that fits in only too well with her mother's growing fears that she's gone crazy already. "You say Jennifer was there as well?" her mother asks and Ji Min says yes, indeed she was. In that case, her mother says, they'll wait till Jennifer gets home and see whose story she backs. Ji Min's retort that Jennifer will lie just like her husband only reinforces the apparent evidence of her paranoia.

Jennifer, still at Seon Yeong's house, gets an angry phone call from Seo Won. He did as she told him over the loan, he says, so how come she hasn't got his ex-assistant off her back? She protests that she kept her side of the bargain and got Je Joon to drop the charges, but his ex-assistant has his own grievances against Seo Won and she can't guarantee to take care of them. However, she agrees to come over and meet him to talk about the problem.

But before that, Nam Joon's mother says there's something preying on her mind. For all her detestation of the Kang family, she can see that Seong Min is feeling very upset about having the stocks and shares his father gave him while his elder brother and his family are in such a financial plight. She can see why he feels he has to help them out and can't help admiring his filial loyalty. So is it right to try to dissuade him from parting with his money?  It would be wrong to encourage him to do that, Jennifer insists, and Seon Yeong backs her up. She reveals to her sister in law for the first time the story of how Evil Mom treated Seong Min's birth mother, forcing her to hand over her baby, then reneging on the promise that she could meet him again when he reached the age of 18. Yang Hee, not wanting to embitter Seong Min, had never told him the full story, and Seon Yeong has respected her wishes in that respect, but she's sure that if Seong Min knew the full truth about how his mother had been treated, he wouldn't even consider handing what his father had given him in an effort to make amends back to the very people who had treated his mother so cruelly. Nam Hee's mother is appalled and clearly changes her mind about agreeing with Seong Min's idea of handing the money over.

Seo Won complains to Jennifer that although he's met all his ex-assistant's conditions, the guy won't leave him alone and keeps coming up with extra demands, backed up by renewed threats to go public with his dossier on Seo Won. This time, he's demanding to be shown the full police records on the events at the vacation villa on the night of the party. Jennifer again says that she can't speak for his assistant, but asks why would handing over that information be such a  big deal for Seo Won if it was going to be used to damage Hyeok Min, which is what he, too, wants to happen? Could it be, she asks, fixing him with a sinister eye, that he has something to hide about his own involvement in those events. In particular, she's heard that in those mysterious phone calls, the voice of Kim Baek Choon was heard accusing Seo Won of being directly responsible for the death of Se Mi's father.  Is that true? she demands to know (and at this moment at the very latest we see that Seo Won grasps that he really is dealing here with Se Mi herself).

Seo Won protests that Kim Baek Choon, as a Kang family lackey, was just trying to hide the fact that everything that happened that night was down to Hyeok Min alone. No sooner has he claimed that than Hyeok Min himself comes in and is puzzled to find Jennifer there. She explains that Seo Won was concerned that his ex-assistant appeared to be looking for information that would damage Hyeok Min. Hyeok Min says that in that case, he's the one Seo Won should be talking to, and he tells Jennifer to go home.

Seo Won tells Hyeok Min what his ex-assistant was trying to extort from him were the original police records of the investigation into what happened at the vacation villa, apparently hoping to find in them evidence to use against Hyeok Min. But how would he know there was anything especially compromising to be found in those records, Hyeok Min wonders. (We should remember that the documents the assistant is trying to extract are ex-detective Seo's original investigation records, indicating that Seo Won fell from the balcony and her father was pushed down the stairs, and were then bundled unconscious or already dead into Se Mi's father's car with the the allegedly stolen necklace being planted on Se Mi before the car was pushed over the cliff to simulate an accident. But all that was wiped from the official record, so that officially speaking nothing at all happened that night at the villa, apart from Ji Min allegedly catching Se Mi in the act of stealing her jewels and father and daughter attempting to make their escape with the stolen property. So Seo Won's assistant shouldn't even know there was anything to be exposed. So that's indeed the question, Seo Won agrees. Where did his assistant get that information from? Obviously for someone who was in the know. Hyeok Min takes this to mean that Seo Min has an idea of who was reponsible, and demands to be told who "that fellow" was. "That fellow?" asks Seo Won slyly. "How do you know it was a man? It could just as well have been a woman." "A woman?" Hyeok Min gasps, but all he gets from Seo Won is a knowing look, expressing the insight that came to him a little earlier.

The fraught silence is broken by Hyeok Min's phone ringing. It's Soo Ji, saying she wants to meet him right away, because she has something vital to tell him. [There seems to have been a strange edit here, because yesterday there was a considerable build up towards Soo Ji coming first to the mansion the next day to tell Ji Min what she knew and get her views on what to do about it, a visit being anticipated with very different feelings by both Ji Min and Jennifer. But that incident seems to have been cut entirely.] As a parting shot to Hyeok Min before he leaves, Seo Won says that much as he Hyeok Min may understandably loathe remembering what happened that night, it looks as though such memories are going to be forced upon him. He has a feeling that in the near future, Hyeok Min is going to be having to hear a whole lot about of talk about the vacation villa events.

Jennifer gets back to the mansion and is subjected to a grilling on her recent movements by her mother in law. She explains that she's just come from seeing someone in an attempt to ward off trouble for the family. "You mean you've been meeting Je Joon?", mother-in-law asks, but Jennifer smiles and says of course not,she hasn't even been into the company today. Mother-in-law says she wasn't referring to routine meetings in the course of company business, she meant meeting up with her brother-in-law outside somewhere. But she's done no such thing, Jennifer protests. At which her mother in law says Ji Min saw with her very own eyes Jennifer with Je Joon and Seon Yeong's son.  Jennifer is pretending to be speechless at the very idea when Seong Min comes in and overhears his stepmother repeating her question, followed by Jennifer denying that Ji Min could have seen any such thing, and suggesting that if that's what she claims to have seen her mental health must have grown even worse than when she was convinced Jennifer and Je Joon were trying to murder her. Seong Min goes up to his room without saying anything, but he's clearly thinking his own thoughts and garnering more evidence for his growing suspicions of Jennifer.

Jennifer meanwhile is explaining that she's been round at Seo Won's apartment the whole time, as Hyeok Min will be able to confirm. Her mother-in-law wants to know what business she had with Seo Won, and Jennifer explains that she was trying to ward off a new danger to Hyeok Min posed by Seo Won's ex assistant trying to extort potentially damaging information fro him about Hyoek Min. "What? Seo Won's been threating Hyeok Min again?" her mother-in-law asks indignantly. That goes to show how right she was to tell ex-detective Seo to ...  But then she pulls herself up, realizing she almost admitted complicity in  a crime that's yet to be actually committed. Just then, Ji Min comes downstairs and greets Jennifer sarcastically, but her mother ignores her for the moment and continues her interrogation of Jennifer. When Jennifer tells her she warned Seo Won to keep his mouth shut about anything to to with Hyeok Min, her mother-in-law praises for doing the right thing and again almost gives herself away by saying she'll have to tell ex-detective Seo to get a move on. "Get a move on with what?" Jennifer asks with mock innocence, but is told to mind her own business.

In the meantime, Seong Min, obviously still bothered about what he overhead about Eun Soek, has come part way back downstairs, and is hesitating in the background, where he witnesses Ji Min attempting to confront Jennifer in her mother's presence about what she witnessed in the park, but being brushed aside and told she can come out with her fantasies later, there are more important matters at the moment. Ji Min goes back towards her room in fury, bumping into the lurking Seong Min on the stairs, and he turns and follows her up, while Jennifer is telling her mother-in-law that, after warning Seo Won to keep silent despite his assistant's threats, her next move will be to go see his ex-assistant and buy him off. "After all, nobody says no to money, do they?" she asks sagely.

Seong Min follows Ji Min into her room, wanting to know what the mention of Eun Seok being Je Joon's son was all about. Though she has normally little time for her half-brother, Ji Min now welcomes the chance to have someone who actually wants to listens to her, especially since, as she now recalls, Seong Min knows Eun Seok. "Eun Seok is your brother-in-law's son" she tells him. Seong Min can't hold back his laughter at the very thought. "But that's nonsense! Eu Seok is Nam Hee's cousin, her aunt's son." But Ji Min asks whether, in all his many visits to Nam Hee's house, he ever saw any sign of there ever having been a man in Seon Yeong's life? He has to admit that he hasn't, whereupon Ji Mi assures him that that very same day she saw in broad daylight Eun Seok "with your brother-in-law ... and with Jennifer, your sister-in-law". And yet, she says, Jennifer claimed that she couldn't have seen any such thing, because Eun Soek was away from home, visiting country realtives with his granny. Actually, that's quite true, Seong Min confirms. Granny has indeed taken Eun Soek away on an extended visit out of town. But he can easily check that out... He calls Nam Hee who is at that very moment at home, playing with Eun Seok, and says so straight away. Granny brought him back earlier that day.  Seong Min claims he was just calling to check they were still on to meet up later, and hangs up.

"So, is he there?" Ji Min demands to know. When Seong Min hesistantly admits he is indeed, Ji Min is triumphant. "What did I tell you? I was right, you see!" Seong Min is now understandably even more anxious to know the answer to his original question, but Ji Min says it's too complicated and walks out on him.

Of course, we know where Ji Min's gone to. And, equally inevitably, Seo Won shows up there too. Ji Min tells him what, and who, she saw in the park earlier that day, now laying special emphasis on Jennifer being present with Je Joon and Eun Seok, an emphasis which seems to reinforce a train of thought in Seo Won. "What do you think about that?" she asks him. "Do you think I'm a lunatic seeing things?"  Of course he doesn't think that he assures her. But what he does think, he continues, is that she's being set up to doubt her own sanity by someone who already managed to get her father sent off to an asylum and is now intent on doing the same thing to her: her husband, who is obviously in cahoots with Jennifer. And he's doing it to get revenge on her. He's claimed that once before, but now he's more specific about the root cause of the vengeance. "You remember it, too, don't you (though she would have no idea of what the "too" here was about, because in his mind Seo Won is joining on to the words he already spoke to Hyeok Min which she didn't witness) that night at the vacation villa and what happened there. That's why I said that Je Hoon married you to get vengeance."  She screams at him to be quiet, and they carry on drinking in silence but her words have clearly struck home, just as we see that Seo Won is also now strengthened in his conviction that the true source of their troubles is a woman, and that woman is none other than Jennifer, who is so uncannilly well informed about what happened to Se Mi.

We cut to Hyeok Min and Ji Soo in a café. She says that she's been through agonies of indecision but now she's made up her mind to tell him everything she knows. "It's definite that Choi Seo Hyeon is Cheon Se Mi." Hyeok Min furiously denies the two women are in any way connected. Cheon Se Mi died seven years ago after stealing Ji Min's necklace from the vacation villa while cleaning up after all the guests had left and having a road accident while trying to escape with her father. She spent a year in a coma, then died in a fire. "Yes," Ji Soo replies, "that's what I believed too, till now". When he asks, in an even greater rage, why she's talking such nonsense then, she hands over the envelope. He is taken aback by the fingerprint records, but then asks how she knows they are genuine. That's very simple, she says. She confronted Jennifer with them and she admitted to her face that she is indeed Se Mi.

But Soo Ji continues that, though  she's had this evidence for some time, she hesitated to tell him about it, and she wants him to be very clear why she hesitated. It's because she's been told about what  happened that night at the villa.  "What were you told?" Hyeok Min hisses with a fearsome glare. She answers that she was told that he committed unspeakable atrocities against a woman which led his victim to dedicate herself to an understandably fearsome revenge. Stuggling to speak and sweating hard, Hyeok Min demands to know who told him that. Jennifer herself did, Soo Ji replies. She also told her how she married Hyeok Min to get revenge, but then when she conceived his child, found herself forgiving him, despite herself, for her baby's sake. But Soo Ji confesses she doesn't know what to make of that. Whether that woman still is Se Mi living for vengeance, or whether she truly has become Jennifer, a devoted wife who has come to love the man who treated her so despicably, she simply can't decide.

But what she's here for now is to ask Hyoek Min one simple question. Is what Se Mi says he did true? Could he really be such a vile monster? She begs him to tell her that it isn't true, that he doesn't deserve what Se Mi has inflicted on him, that it's an invention of Jennifer's sick mind. Please, please won't he tell her that. But (and this may be the one thing in all we've so far seen of him in these 110+ episodes that weighs, even if only in a tiny degree, on the positive side of the scales) he can't tell her that, and he doesn't try to. Instead, he goes back to confront Jennifer, leaving Soo Ji alone with her tears, and so also, clearer and starker than any words could convey it, with her answer.

He asks himself in a sinister undertone was his first thought about her right all along and demands to know what her name is. She answers first Choi Seo Hyeon, then when he dismisses that answer, Jennifer Dyer. "Not that name either!" he screams. After a long silence, she responds "Cheon Se Mi. Is that what you want to hear?" "You're saying you're Cheon Se Mi?"  "Yes, I am Cheon Se Mi."

So I was mistaken about what the teaser clip of the revelation sequences implied, but it's worth noting that in her account, Soo Ji told Hyeok Min that Jennifer claimed she started out to get revenge, but then ended up falling in love. So if she decides to float that line with him in order to play for a little more time, Soo Ji will have unwittingly helped her lay the groundwork. But we shall soon see.

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Guest d0137

Thanks baduy...Let us see what she will come up with... It will be the 112 episode so perhaps she will get away with it temporarily with H Min while the fierce Kang ladies might take the news differently ...
Seong Min involvement might well become a spoiler to the plot ...hope they tell him more about his step mother, although i think he will still interfere considering the producers and writers take to the forgiving and strong heart characters that make no sense  most times in dramas and are in reality surreal...
Soo Ji... i am not even mentioning her... another LOOSER ... .LOVE IS REALLY BLIND i guess...
As we can understand from Baduy's great inside Se Mi is starting to think she was to hard on Je Joon (i thought it was too good to be true and they started slowly changing her thinking errrrr), but honestly do they think he would have escaped the wedding?? They would have pulled  A LA SEONG MIN MOTHER  situation since their spoiled daughter wanted her "toy"-Je Joo so badly even if he didn't love her and by now Eunk Seok would be calling Ji Mi mum like SEONG MIN is calling EVIL MUM
This would really not please Jennifer (then we would have the"come to Jesus" because of the son for sure).... so it would have really been for the worse if this had happened and more difficult for Se Mi to even take the kid legally as IDIOT would protest for "sake of the kid" for sure and the "love for the new family" bla bla..
I start feeling that if this goes on with Se Mi change of heart Je Joo will be the one to get it all in the end including getting Ji Mi forgiven ~X(

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Guest d0137

=)) hummm this is a critical problem can't remember ever seeing her/any of the ladies in flat shoes let alone Joggers, unless she runs away in her home slippers ....she will need someone's help to get the hell out of that house since the tower shoes do not help whoever wants to do the runner....
 ... she is now a bird in a vipers nest... H Min in denial but apparently he trows the wedding ring on the usual K drama river side spot, near the bridge we are all familiar with (where they always break up, make up, think of life, scream, cry, smile or..... GET DUMPED)...
Ok now is getting closer and closer... i just want to see her leaving that damn house but i guess she wants to lead them to the Villa somehow ????!!!@$@$%£*
Our not so loved IDIOT apparently lost a bit of his dead man walking posture when speaking in today's episode ..
can't wait for Baduy's insights on Seon Won conversation with Evil mum (we already know he is always up for no good and same goes to the person he came to see)

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why didn't she leave the house??? Why would she stay in that house when 3 out of 5 would and could kill her at any moment?  I know that everything began at the villa so it is where it will probably also end. But Crazy-evil mom knows now also, and frankly she is more dangerous than HM or SW!  And that loser Je Joon still proves to be useless! I don't know what he said but I know he apologized to that nutcase for lying to her. And something about her not believing him about Seo Won. He's some sort of masochist...he just loves being mistreated I guess. He can't seem to get enough of the way they yell and scream, look down on him, disregard, and discount him. Good lord I wonder if that little girl is really his! Total glutton for punishment LOSER! pfff!

And Seong Min..he is starting to show the Kang blood in him. Jennifer needs to nip that in the bud right away. Let his dumb a ss know all about his loving family!

Oh Jennifer what are you going to do? What have you got up your sleeve for a true finale?

Holy flying radar Batman! It's time to head back to the bat cave and figure this one out! lol

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you know we are at the end...the bad guys know the secret identity...I'm thinking HM is going to die and his mother is going to go crazy...Soo Ji thinks she has an upper hand, but in reality she's just as pathetic as the Kangs...still hate the character and the actress...like Ha Joon from glass mask...can't stand either! :P

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Today's episode (112) was an interesting example of how even events with causes and implications that everyone who's watched earlier episodes will be very clear about can still end up being mighty puzzling without clues from the dialogue. Before anyone gets too excited, though, I can't shed much light on the major enigma of this episode, namely why Jennifer doesn't make a run for it while she still can, because the writer is very careful to offer only a smattering of vague hints. Presumably they'll be less vague after tomorrow, if only because in the teaser we hear Soo Ji asking Jennifer to her face the selfsame question that we're all asking as we gawp at our screens. But, teasers being teasers, we don't get to hear what answer she gets, if any.

Yet again, we carry straight on with the action across the cliffhanger, with Se Mi admitting her true identity and Hyeok Min taking it like a hammer blow. What we don't get, mercifully, is any attempt on her part to spin the yarn she tried to foist on Soo Ji about having initially married Hyeok Min out of vengeance but then fallen in love with him. However, near the end of the episode, we get to see what the writer was really up to in introducing that notion.

Hyeok Min demands to know what Se Mi's aim was in returning as Jennifer, and she doesn't mince her words. "My aim? My aim is to kill you. And to wreck your entire family, who murdered my parents and ruined my life." He struggles to take this in, then comes out with what for his miniscule brain is a Huge Insight: "You mean, it was to get vengeance?" "Yes indeed, she confirms, I did it all for the sake of vengeance." "So," he says almost speechlessly, still wrestling with the huge intellectual challenge, "you never ever loved me?" "You think I'm crazy?" she mocks him. "You killed my parents! How could I love you?" "But you even conceived my child!" he retorts, but she says that was a slip-up on her part, and that gives him his voice back to yell "A slip-up? You call conceiving my child a slip-up?" "That's right," she replies with equal ferocity, "a slip-up I bitterly regret." So why didn't she kill him already, he demands to know. There were so many times she could have easily poisoned his drink. She smiles. While he still had the company, while he'd not yet choose death over what was left of his life, why would she move too soon? He jolts her backwards accross the room and pushes her on to the bed in an obvious reprise of the rape scene and says he's about to show her what he's truly capable of.  "Sure," she says, "if you want your baby to die, go right ahead."  That quite literally floors him, and she observes his tormented self-pity with great relish.

Soo Ji is staggering into her room and collapsing exhausted on to her bed while her mother follows on behind demanding to know where she's been all this time with her phone off. "I told Hyeok Min everything," she says wearily. We cut to Nam Joon getting a call from her, obviously a few minutes later, and asking in disbelief "You're actually saying you told Hyeok Min that?" "Yes I did," she replies "and I feel a whole lot better inside for saying it," though her voice and manner indicates she's feeling anything but good, as her watching mother plainly realizes. "You do know what you've done, don't you?" Nam Joon reproaches her. "Can't you imagine what will happen?" "Why should I worry about things like that?" she says defiantly, "after all that I've been made to suffer?". Nam Joon, not feeling able to argue that point and desperately worried about Jennifer, says he'll call back later and hangs up.

We see that he's asked Nam Hee to phone Seong Min and ask is there any trouble over the the mansion. Not so far as he knows, he says, but why is she asking. Ignoring that question, Nam Hee asks is Jennifer at home and where exactly is she. Seong Min replies that he guesses shes with Hyeok Min in their room. At which Nam Hee says her mother wanted to talk to her about something, but hasn't been able to get through, so could Seong Min maybe go ask her to call her mother back. He cheerfully agrees to run this errand, but immediately senses the poisonous atmosphere in the room where the couple are sitting some distance apart in fraught silence. He conveys his message, which Jennifer acknowledges merely with an distracted grunt, and he beats a retreat. Eventually, Hyeok Min breaks the silence, saying, without looking at Jennifer, that he's going out for a walk. When he gets back, he wants to find her gone. If he ever sets eyes on her again, there's no knowing what he'll do to her. Without showing any reaction, Jennifer sits impassively as he walks away.  

Hyeok Min commits an offense far worse than any Jennifer is seeking revenge for by daring to leave the house without seeking his mother's permission or telling her where he's going. Since it's an uncontestable Korean mother-in-law principle that a son's misbehavior must be down to something his wife has done, she goes to scold the obviously guilty party. Did Jennifer and Hyeok Min fight over something, she demands to know. When Jennifer is unwilling to reply with more than a half-spoken "yes", she is admonished that she owes it to her unborn baby to avoid such fights, and that its a disgrace if a wife rows with her husband and leaves him in such a state that he leaves his own house at nighttime.

Left to herself again, Jennifer goes over to he vanity table and slowly removes her fake baby bump, although it's such a slender one we wonder why she even bothered wearing it in the first place. Though when we consider that her fake pregnancy just saved her life. we also wonder whether it's wise to abandon the pretense just yet, and from the way the episode progresses, it's not quite clear whether she sticks with this decision. After we've seen Hyeok Min on his flashback-strewn walk, we come back to the mansion to find Jennifer packing her suitcase, apparently planning to heed his warning about disappearing befor he gets back. In goes Teddy Bear II (Teddy Bear I, a childhood present from Ji Min, was left to burn down with the house, with Se Mi going back into the burning building to chuck Je Joon's ring alongside the doomed bear, though the ring of course didn't perish in the flames as she'd planned. Teddy Bear II was a present from Eun Seok, which is why it's always had pride of place in each room she's inhabited. We notice to our relief that the two (!!) models of the Eiffel Tower are obviously part of the fixed inventory which she's leaving behind. But the next item she's thinking of packing is her framed marriage certificate. She looks at it long and hard, and we get a close-up that seems to indicate she's just Had A Thought. Presumably it's that thought that accounts for why, next time we go back to that room, the case has been unpacked, and Teddy is sitting under the Eiffel Towers once again, indicating that she's not moving out, after all. But her silent, voiced-over-thoughts-free contemplation of the certificate is the only clue we're offered as to what changed her mind. For what it's worth, we may perhaps recall that on various earlier occasions she responded to Evil Mom's various orders to disappear by reminding her that she was Hyeok Min's "lawful wedded wife". Is she planning somehow to play up that legal standing?

Nam Hee senses that the "grown ups" want to talk about something that's not for her tender only-24-year-old-(if somewhat undemurely auricle-pierced)-ears and tactfully makes herself scarce so her mother and brother can speak more freely. Just as she's left, her mother's cellphone rings. Recognising Jennifer's number, she passes the phone straight to Nam Joon. He asks does she realize that Soo Ji has spilled the beans to Hyeok Min and that she needs to get out of that house as fast as possible. She calmly replies that she's aware Hyeok Min knows everything, but she's not proposing to run for safety. "There are still things to be done. Until everything's been brought to completion, I won't leave this house". But there's no telling what Hyeok Min will do, Nam Joon warns her. She's in great danger. "In that case," she says, "I guess he and I will die together." After which she hangs up.

Ji Soo, still looking a whole lot less "inwardly relieved" than she claimed, has risen from her bed and is sitting up drinking alone. She gets a call from Seo Won inviting her to join him at the BM, since there's something he wants to talk to her about. But she curtly tells him she's through with talking to him. Taken aback, he asks what that means and she tells him she's told Hyeok Min everything. Seo Won reacts with dismay and indignation, protesting that she promised him she wouldn't make any moves against Jennifer without consulting him first. "Why should I go along with your crimes?" is all she'll say. Realising how badly he's misread her, Seo Won bitterly says he should have known better than to trust her in the first place, and hangs up. He reflects that now Soo Ji has broken their agreement and made a solo move against Jennifer, he's lost all his bargaining power with Jennifer, so there'll be nothing to hold back his ex-assistant from going public with all he knows.

Coming back to his apartment block, Seo Won realizes he's being followed, and no sooner is he in the relative safety of his apartment than he sees ex-detective Seo lurking outside his door. He calls Evil Mom and says there's something they have to talk about ugently. But, unwittingly echoing Soo Ji's brush- off a little earlier, says there's nothing more for them to talk about after he let her down so badly over the loan. But he insists Hyeok Min's neck is at stake.  When she accuses him of talking nonsense to scare her he adds that it's not just Hyeok Min's neck that's in danger, but hers as well. He asks whether Hyeok Min has said anything to her, and then wants to know where he is, and if Jennifer is there. As Evil Mom grows still more impatient with what she thinks is a late-night nuisance call, he says he can't tell her what the matter is over the phone, but it can't wait either, so he needs to come over to the mansion to talk to her right away, despite the very late hour. And before he can do that, she needs to call off ex-detective Seo, who's lying in wait for him. She calls Seo and tells him to pull back while Seo Won comes so tell her whatever he has to say, but she tells him to be ready to grab Seo Won once he leaves the mansion again.

Heading up to bed, Ji Min has a sudden bright idea. Her car is fitted with a "black box" event recorder, and it will have captured the meeting she witnessed between Je Hoon, Eun Seok and Jennifer. [Well, we're used to Kdrama black boxes, which have many special dramatically useful properties. Apparently all Kdrama black boxes, unlike their real-life counterparts, record all the time, not just when the car is in motion, even when the vehicle is sitting unused for weeks in a parking garage. But few of them have such extraordinary qualities as the one Ji Min has at her disposal. It's obviously the outcome of a visiting Google Streetview Supercamera spending a night on the tiles with a gullible young Korean black box from a humble backstreet garage before the Korean government declared Google StreetView an intolerable invasion of national privacy, unlike the Daum Maps rip-off version which was thus able to put its strangely privacy-preserving images on-line without foreign competition. Anyway, Ji Min's black box records in high definition at a broadcast quality frame rate events situated many yards over to the right-hand side of her vehicle, which obviously comes in very handy here.] She confronts her husband with the evidence of the event he and Jennifer so strenously denied and demands to know why he told lies which made her look "like some kind of crazy woman". He says he did it to protect her as well as Eun Seok. He thought that if she knew the truth about Eun Soek she'd be continually plagued by groundless suspicions of him as well as wanting to intrude on Eun Seok's life. But he insists there'll be nothing more to hide in future, since he has promised that after being allowed this one meeting, he will never ask or attempt to see the boy ever again. Ji Min responds that everything he tells her sounds to her like a lie. She can't believe anything he says from now on. But for once, he answers back and says that's exactly the position she's placed him in ever since starting her affair with Seo Won. She needn't tell him what it's like to have a spouse who repeatedly and remorselessly lies, no matter how hard he tries to do the right thing by her. So if she feels badly done to, how does she think he feels? Can't they call it quits and stop suspecting each other from now on? She's far from convinced, but it's plain she realizes there's sense in what he's saying.

After more anguished flashing-back and ritual primal screaming, Hyoek Min adds yet another item to the horde of precious jewelry steadily accumulating from drama to drama on the bed of the Han River. [Look out for a forthcoming rock musical adaptation of Wagner's Rheingold in which the Rhine Maidens guarding the sunken treasure are played by SNSD. That could explain why their Asian tour concert featured a number where they were wearing dirndls, garments rather better suited to the upper bodily proportions of Bavarian milkmaids than Kpop group girlies.]

Jennifer and Teddy II are still sitting in identical postures, silently awaiting the decrees of Fate, when she gets a text from her never-sleeping and omniscient helper telling her that Seo Won has just arrived outside the mansion. She leaps into action and fetches a voice-recording pen from her gadget drawer, then heads for the study to plant it on Evil Mom's desk. But she's met half way and headed off by Evil Mom herself, who's alarmed to see her out of her room and so liable to witness a visit she wants no-one to know about (if for no other reason than that she's still planning to have her visitor bumped off as soon as he's out the door, and being seen hobnobbing with him moments before his planned demise would not be good for deniability). While Jennifer is anguishing over what Seo Won may be up to, he is telling Evil Mom the simple truth about who Jennifer really is. She reacts scornfully at first, but changes her attitude when he tells her about the fingerprint evidence. Jennifer has decided to fall back on her tried and trusted eavesdropping methods, but she's thwarted again when Ji Min comes up behind her and indulges in a gloat over how she's been able to prove Jennifer a liar. In the meantime, Evil Mom is now all ears as Seo Won explains that Se Mi is in league with his ex-assistant who has such damning evidence against both Hyeok Min and Seo Won himself, which he won't hesitate to make public unless they are very careful about how they deal with Se Mi. But deal with her they must, because, as he explains in detail, she has been responsible for all the calamities that have befallen the family since her appearance among them, motivated by vengeance and driven by full knowledge, not only of what Hyeok Min and Seo won did, but of the fact that Evil Mom ordered the murder of Se Mi's mother (something she never suspected even Seo Won, let alone Jennifer, knew about until this moment).

Jennifer has just got rid of Ji Min and is heading back to eavesdropping position when Seong Min now comes along and insists he has to talk to her. So she misses Seo Won arguing that they can't rely on Hyeok Min to deal with Jennifer in the drastic way she needs to be dealt with, in view of what Soo Ji told him. Jennifer spun Soo Ji a yarn about having initally wanted vengeance but then coming to fall in love with Hyeok Min. Knowing how infatuated Hyeok Min was with Jennifer, they can't rule out the possibility that she may be able to get him to believe in her so-called change of heart long enough for her to complete her plans. So it's vital that the job of disposing of Se Mi should be left in the hands of Seo Won himself, and not left to Hyeok Min or entrusted to ex-detective Seo. That's the only way they can all be safe, but obviously that requires Seo Won's own safety to be guaranteed, so that means no more attempts to bump him off.

While Evil Mom is agreeing to this, Jennifer is still stuck in the soundproof zone, where Seong Min is demanding to know why he was kept in the dark about Eun Seok. Jennifer says that simply not something she's free to tell him about, so Seong Min says in that case he's going to ask his brother-in-law directly. All Jennifer gets to overhear after that is Evil Mom saying goodbye to Seo Won. She probably doesn't hear his whispered parting words that she must take extreme care, because Se Mi is "no ordinary woman", but then she already knows that herself, and so do we.

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Guest d0137

Humm really hope she doesn't die in vain but i suppose she might be safer staying there than if she leaves. Detective Seo (more like assassin SEO) lurking everywhere occasionally with his man in black, she would be in greater danger... 
1/2 point to Je Joon for finally opening his mouth to say something pleasant to the views hears, surely some people must have clapped their hands in amusement (...by the way does he still think he slept with her while drunk or did he get to know that she spiked his drink purposely ?...think he always thought he betrayed Se Mi by sleeping with Ji Mi ..
Soo Ji really no comments really dislike her character as we come closer to the end , she is sooooo   annoyiiiiiiiiinnnnng!!!! She can later live in remorse in Jennifer ends up dead...
Seong Min i also think he is becoming annoying trying to snoop around and interfere on Jennifer's business... if he carries on in next 3 episodes i wish him to loose Nam Hee and stick to his family...they all care about their families but they should know what they do and did to others families...
Love Baduys comments on H Min brain capacity hahah, totaly right!!and the ...."precious jewelry steadily accumulating from drama to drama on the bed of the Han River." so true hahahLets not forget the black box comments, hilarious =))  loved it! such great amusing points
I can't think of what the producers and writers have in mind anymore because of the sudden changes make me have no hopes or expectations...
Back into catching up with SHARK, Crazy Love (she is annoyingly too nice and sometimes even i want to punch her...) and Cruel Palace....Cruel city want to watch from the start now that has more episodes to be able to get into it without waiting for next week's episode kind of thing 

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It's obviously the outcome of a visiting Google Streetview Supercamera spending a night on the tiles with a gullible young Korean black box from a humble backstreet garage before the Korean government declared Google StreetView an intolerable invasion of national privacy = 41 words.

Is that a record of some sort? =))

@Baduy:  Even if I don't watch a drama, I would still read your comments because you never fail to give me a good, snarky laugh. =D>

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This drama has now reached the stage where it's probably a good idea to keep a sheet of notepaper with "Exactly who knows precisely what" details on it, because what characters know, and what they know or think others know or don't know, is starting to be a major driver  in the plot.

This time the plotline takes an overnight breather and we start today's episode (113) with early morning arriving at the mansion, where Jennifer, still dressed in her clothes from the previous evening, is asleep on the chaise longue in her room. She wakes up and picks up her cellphone, obviously expecting to see either messages or missed calls, but there's nothing.

Down by the river, Hyeok Min is asleep too, with an array of empty beer cans and soju bottles lying around. He wakes up and rubs his eyes, and we notice immediately that he's still wearing his wedding ring. He notices it too, and that seems to confuse him, because he's initially as sure as we are that he chucked it into the river. His delusion is explicable since he was so wasted, but there's less excuse for ours, since we let ourselves be fooled once again by a fantasy sequence. But there's a parallel between his deciding, not only to keep the ring, but to carry on wearing it, and Se Mi's equally unexpected reversal of her decision to pack and leave after conteplating her marriage certificate. A further parallel, in this drama where there's been no shortage of voiced over Significant Thoughts in earlier episodes, is that in both scenes we are left to try to puzzle out what's going on behind the character's Meaningful Looks without any help. We soon become even more aware of how odd this is when, a little later in this episode, characters suddenly start to talk aloud to themselves, voicing their solitary inmost thoughts as if addressing a public meeting with no faffing around with voiceovers. But there's a plot-technical reason for that, as we'll before the episode is over.

[The bridge, BTW, is one of the less often featured ones in Kdrama land, the Wonhyo Bridge.  Wonhyo (원효 元曉) unlike most of the bridge names in Seoul, isn't the name of the locality where it stands: it's named after probably the most influential and important figure in the history of Korean Buddhism, who lived from 617–686 CE. Wonhyo  actually featured once in a Saeguk, although alas his main achievement according to that script was the invention of radish kimchi. Needless to say, that particular accomplishment is not one recognized by historians of Buddhism -- or cookery, for that matter. If you want to see more of that bridge, a whole lot more, this site has no less than 84 photos of it.


Now we know how Ji Min's black box fills in its time while she's canoodling with Seo Won. You may notice that the mosaic tiles covering the lower part of the concrete pillars on the river walkway aren't visible in some of the older shots in that collection. That's because they are, like the majority of the other photogenic river features so familiar to Kdrama viewers, the product of the massive Han River Regeneration Scheme undertaken in the first decade of this century. This created the cycleways and riverside gardens, the elaborate bridge illumination schemes, and the Life-Changing-Conversation Parking Lots without which no Kdrama would be complete.]

We eventually get a bit of dialogue, as Soo Ji shows up at the Kang mansion and somewhat miffs Ji Min by saying she's come for a private talk with Jennifer. The much-used high-visibility but soundproof central space comes into play yet again, meaning that the obviously intense conversation between Jennifer and her visitor is provokingly visible but frustratingly inaudible to Evil Mom, watching intently from the study.

Soo Ji is still fixated on finding out what makes Jennifer tick. The destruction of the Taekang company, the dispatch of her father-in-law first to an asylum then to jail, the exposure of the scandal that brought down Seo Won and Ji Min... all those things were undertaken for the sake of vengeance, weren't they, she asks, plainly now expecting to hear the answer "Yes". Then, getting no answer at all first time round, she tries again. "The truth is, you did all that to avenge all the suffering inflicted on you, didn't you?" So she takes the continued silence for the answer she's expecting and goes on to say that she fully understands that reaction to such utterly unforgivable offenses, even though she can't approve of it, believing as her mother does that recourse to the law is the way to right such wrongs.  But she just can't see why Jennifer is persisting in her solitary campaign, especially now that her cover's been blown and she's in great danger, as she surely must realize.

Then Jennifer finally speaks, reminding Soo Ji that she already explained her key motive for staying where she is, namely that she came to love Hyeok Min, and still does. Soo Ji refuses point blank to believe her. Even if that were true, she surely wouldn't be so foolish as to hope that the love she still claims to feel for Hyeok Min would protect her from the  wrath of his mother. So why isn't she taking the  opportunity to run away while she still can?  (We need to remember, though, that Soo Ji isn't yet aware that anyone else in the mansion knows what she told Hyeok Min. She has no idea that Seo Won, immediately after she told him what she'd done late the previous evening, rushed out to enlighten Evil Mom. The revelation that Evil Mom has known all about it since the night before will come as a shock, and an eye opener, to Soo Ji later in the episode, as we'll see in moment.) Jennifer replies that she's not the sort of person  who runs away from anything. And she's especially not intending to run away when she's carrying Hyeok Min's child (so we realize the fake baby bump indeed went back on to her tummy just like Teddy went back on his shelf)  "I will give birth to our child, Hyeong Min's and mine, in this house." So," Soo Ji says, "is that part of your vengeance too?" Jennifer's only reply is a long silent look, which Soo Ji returns unflinchingly, but without gaining the understanding she hoped this visit would bring.

While Evil Mom is suffering agonies of curiosity and trepidation about what the two are so visibly yet so inaudibly talking about, interspersed with flashbacks of what with hindsight she now recognises as clear signs of Se Mi carrying out her plans, she gets a call from Hyeok Min (who also, we should bear in mind, has at the moment no idea that Seo Won revealed all to his mother the previous evening). He explains that he had a blazing row with Jennifer and went out and got too drunk to make his way home. His mother realizes that he isn't going to reveal what lay behind the fight, and is talking as though it was nothing really serious. She recalls Seo Won's warning that Hyeok Min may still be under Jennifer's spell even after discovering her identity, and she decides to test the waters, and her son's intentions, by pretending not to be in the know and observing what line he takes. He asks did anything special happen after he left, expecting of course to be told that Jennifer packed her bags and left, and is alarmed to hear that not only is she still in the house, but is right that moment talking to Soo Ji, who has come over so early in the morning insisting for some mysterious reason on a private conversation with Jennifer. Hyeok Min swallows his confusion and tells his mother he'll be home shortly, after he's had a chance to talk to ex-detective Seo.

We go back to Soo Ji and Jennifer in time to hear Jennifer making a quiet but plainly heartfelt request. "Soo Ji, you aren't Hyeok Min's fianceé any more, and this is now purely a matter for this family. Please stay out of it and let things be." "You mean, you want me to give up and get out of your way?" Soo Ji asks. "This isn't about taking a burden off my mind," Jennifer insists,  "it's your feelings I'm concerned about." "So I was right about what you want," Soo Ji replies, ignoring that last claim. "But I'm not going to let you have it that easy." "Why not?" Jennifer asks, and Soo Ji admits she doesn't rightly know the answer to that one herself. Except, maybe, to say it seems she's like Jennifer, in that once she's sunk her teeth into something, she won't let go till the very end.

Ji Min comes downstairs, startling her lurking mother, and also wonders what those two are finding so much to talk about (though in fact for some time they've just been trying to our-glare each other). She's told to stand on guard while her mother goes to rifle Jennifer's room, which she does in a fairly clueless sequence until she hits the same obstacle as her son in the shape of the lock on the top drawer. Ji Min, seeing Soo Ji and Jennifer coming  back inside, tries to detain Jennifer by a tea-making mission, but her diversionary tactics are as transparent to Jennifer as they are to the watching Soo Ji, and Jennifer duly catches her mother-in-law struggling in vain with the lock. When Jennifer says she's no special reason for keeping that drawer locked, and there's nothing worth seeing inside it, Evil Mom says in that case, she won't mind handing over the key so she can check that out for herself. Jennifer duly complies, and of course she's stashed those incriminating cellphones somewhere else by now. But Evil Mom isn't quite ready to give up yet, saying that there must be some reason for keeping something in that drawer hidden. But Jennifer repeats that it's just a habit she got into from college days, when all the girls used to keep potentially embarrassing items they didn't want their male fellow students to come across locked up (this was in her supposed co-ed college days in the US, a form of life that Koreans tend to have rather lurid fantasies about). Evil Mom's inability to shut the drawer again was presumably not in the script, but not worth burdening the budget with a retake either.

Meanwhile, Soo Ji is doing a little dry-land fishing in the dining room, asking Ji Min where Hyeok Min is, then inquiring whether anything out of the ordinary happened the previous evening. All Ji Min can supply is that Hyeok Min left the house, stayed out all night, and still hasn't come back, so she assumes he and Jennifer had a big fight over something. The temporary ban on voiceovers is well and truly lifted by now, so we are allowed to share Soo Ji's perplexity about what could have happened. But she refuses to share her thoughts with Ji Min, who senses that here's someone else who refuses to level with her.

And now, back to Jennifer's room where not only are voiceovers allowed, but full blown talking to oneself in finest Hamlet fashion has suddenly become the norm. The writer was clearly worried that without such explicit audio aids we might not cotton on how correctly and fully Jennifer has pieced together what took place the previous evening despite not having managed to get her bugging pen into position. I suppose it could have been made a little more explicit. Maybe she should have sat Teddy in front of her laptop and taken him through a few bullet points on PowerPoint slides. Bullet #1. Soo Ji revealed to Hyoek Min that I am Se Mi  Bullet #2 That meant Soo Ji had broken her promise to Seo Won not to make any moves against Jennifer without consulting him first  Bullet #3 That means Seo Won will now be running scared in case his ex assistant now dishes all the dirt on him and Hyeok Min, since doing so can't make Jennifer's situation any worse and it would get her two main adversaries locked up and out of the way. Bullet #4 As a pre-emptive strike, Seo Won came round let Evil Mom in on the secret and will have got her approval to get Jennifer out of the way ASAP, stressing that Hyeok Min is a loose canon who can't be relied on to do the necessary.

Over to the study, and it's hardly a surprise that Evil Mom as now taken to talking to herself too, telling herself and us that she's living, eating and sleeping under the same roof as Se Mi, which means she has to be fearful of being poisoned or murdered in her bed.

But things start to get really ridiculous as we keep on switching back and forth between the two women nattering away to themselves and mainly restating the painfully obvious. Hamlet meets a tennis singles final at match point. I guess the writer and PD thought that anyone who's stuck with this drama for so long must be really, really stupid, so they're going to need all the help they can get to figure out the closing complications. Whereas in fact, we Thorny Florists are still here because we're really, really smart: smart enough, anyway, to recognize that the rival dramas in this timeslot are even bigger heaps of trash plotwise, and not nearly so well acted or photographed. Anyway, the bits that really matter come at the end of the rally, as Jennifer ponders what Evil Mom's first move against her is likely to be and Evil Mom concludes that Jennifer must be hanging on in search of some piece of evidence that would finally finish of the entire family at a single stroke.

That sets things up nicely for the game they immediately start to play, each pretending that she doesn't know that the other one knows, and on top of that both pretending not to even know that there is indeed something to be known that she supposedly doesn't know. [No, I don't understand that last sentence either, come to think of it, even though I just wrote it. But that's what dramas like this do to people. Every Kdrama old hand knows the feeling once a daily passes the 100 marker.]

Jennifer brings Evil Mom a cup of tea and expresses concern that she's not looking at all well. Is something bothering her? (She surmises to herself that she's actually bothered by the thought that the tea might be poisoned, and this is indeed what Evil Mom thinks, as she pushes the teacup aside as soon as Jennifer has left.) But Evil Mom claims to be just fine, apart from an understandable concern about where her son's gone to.  Jennifer says he'll have got drunk and be sleeping it off in a hotel somewhere, and Evil Mom promptly tells her that's her fault for fighting with him. But then she asks is the baby coming along well, and Jennifer assures her its fine. Evil Mom says she's noticed that her belly started to swell nicely now and fake smiles are exchanged between fake-mother-to-be and deluded granny-to-be, as each secretly half marvels, half recoils at the sheer nerve of the other, although Evil Mom would be even more bothered by Jennifer's formidable acting skills if she knew that Se Mi knew that Evil Mom was in the know about her, which, as  yet, she doesn't.

Hyeok Min is meeting ex-detective Seo is a café. He reminds Seo that he is no longer CEO of Taekang and asks whether he has transferred his loyalty to his successor, Nam Joon. Seo assures him that he hasn't and never will. He has always been and will always be a Kang person, come what may. (We know from his rejection of Nam Joon's offer to jump ship that he's sincere about this, more sincere and loyal indeed than his employers deserve). Assured by this, Hyeok Min asks Seo whether his mother has entrusted him with any special assignment lately. After looking carefully around (but not under the table, though for once there's no listening device concealed there) he admits that he's been told to get rid of Seo Won, but that he was instructed to stay his hand for a while after Seo Won paid a late-night visit to the mansion the previous evening. Seo says that he had the distinct impression that Seo Won conveyed some very important information to Hyeok Min's mother, but he hasn't yet been able to find out what it was. "That bastard!", Hyeok Min murmurs, well aware of what that information must have been, but not letting Seo in on the secret. He impresses on Seo that he must keep him informed immediately and in detail of any orders his mother gives him in future, and on no account must he carry out any such orders without running them by Hyeok Min first, though without telling his mother he's going to to that.  Hyeok Min then calls Seo Won and says his coming right over to his apartment to talk to him. Seo Won replies that he's be expecting him, but that he hopes he isn't planning to try anything funny. He talked to Hyeok Min's mother yesterday and she promised she wouldn't make any moves against him.

After Hyeok Min finishes the call, Seo says he thinks he ought to warn him that he's been told various people with connections to Seo Won have been probing into the events of seven years ago at the vacation villa and trying to find out what happened to the file concerned. He says he finds that worrying, but hasn't been able to work out what's going on. Hyeok Min says he knows what the reason will be, but doesn't expand on that. When Seo asks him should he carry on and eliminate Seo Won later that day as he'd been ordered to, Hyeok Min tells him certainly not. He wants to meet him first and see what he has to say.

[so...  if you've got that piece of notepaper handy, the most important bits you should have at this point are:
Hyeok Min knows about Se Mi. Hyeok Min knows his mother knows about Se Mi, but he doesn't want her to know he knows, and he thinks she doesn't know he knows.
His mother knows about Se Mi. She knows he knows about Se Mi. But she doesn't want Hyeok Min to know she knows, and she thinks he doesn't know she knows.

You might want to take a 20 minute recess now, than come back and review that bit again before reading any further. I wish I could promise things are going to get simpler from now on, but honesty and pessimism, in roughly equal doses, prevent me from doing that.]

Soo Ji, looking even more depressed than ever, gets a call from Evil Mom and apologizes for leaving the mansion earlier on without saying goodbye, but she says that she noticed her hostess was looking rather pre-occupied about something, so decided to just quietly leave. Evil Mom asks her does she know what it is that's so pre-occupying her, and reveals that she knows what Soo Ji told Hyeok Min. Soo Ji can't believe her ears. Not because she didn't expect Hyeok Min's mother to find out before long, but because she can't figure out how she could have been so apparently collected and lucid that morning, instead of chasing after Se Mi with a kitchen knife, if she did indeed know it at the time of Soo Ji's visit. Yes, she does indeed know everything, Evil Mom repeats, but the reason she's calling is to make it very clear that she doesn't want Hyeok Min to know that she knows yet, and above all, Jennifer must on no account find out that she knows. [Those of you who didn't take that 20 minute recess will be regretting it already. And anyone who doesn't know how Korean sentences are built up, in a way that doesn't use chains of clauses linked to each other by "that", may well be wondering whether this is as confusing in the original Korean. It isn't actually. For instance, one typical sentence spoken by Evil Mom in this sequence would translate literally as "Indeed [i do know]. But the to me  that child's [= Se Mi's] identity being known thing, from that child to be kept hidden I wish." That may not strike people as all that clear, but at least it doesn't get bogged down in those "know that I now that she knows" chain constructions, which just aren't possible in Korean grammar.]  "Why?" Soo Ji asks, with a forthrightness that shows little concern for the "don't question your elders" ethos. "And what's the point of doing that?" Evil Mom says Soo Ji can't have failed to notice how Jennifer is capable of wrapping Hyeok Min round her little finger. To rule out any possibility of Jennifer wheedling her way out of this situation by manipulating her son, she wants Jennifer and Hyeok Min both to be unaware that she's in the know. That way, they'll more readily give themselves away if Jennifer plays the "vengeance turned to love" line and Hyeok Min falls for it.

At this point we get a close-up of the pen pot on Evil Mom's desk. There's the pen-recorder that Jennifer failed to get into place the previous evening, but now it's preserving all this for Jennifer's benefit. [but what?? No flashing red light?  Does the production team really trust viewers to get the point? This is what comes of stuffing dramas with wholly unmotivated closeups purely for product placement purposes. Not long ago, we knew that a sudden closeup of an apparently random object was somehow plot-significant. Now we tend just to assume it's another attempt to sell stuff, which, alas,  it generally is. ] Evil Mom continues that she also doesn't want to put Jennifer on her guard and cause her to be even more devious that she is already. As things are, Evil Mom knows she could be poisoned at any mealtime or murdered in her bed, and she'd need to be even more nerve-wrackingly vigilant if Jennifer knew she'd been rumbled and her doom was close at hand unless she moved very fast.

Soo Ji tries to assure her that whatever Se Mi may have done or be plotting, she isn't a poisoner or a mad knifewoman. But Evil Mom says Soo Ji doesn't know what she's talking about there. And now she shoots herself in the foot with both barrels, by going on to remind Soo Ji how Se Mi stole Ji Min's diamond necklace and had her accident while trying to escape with her ill-gotten gains, and she won't even mention the disgusting things Se Mi's mother got up to with her husband... It's a fine piece of directing, typical of this production at its best, that as this rant continues, Soo Ji moves her phone a fraction of an inch further away from her ear. But that tiny physical distancing action signals Soo Ji's sudden awareness of the vast moral gulf that separates her from the Kang ethos of boundless falsehood and ruthless assertion of power. Soo Ji draws breath and opens her mouth to interject something, but then she thinks better of it. All she says when the tirade is over is "Very well, I understand where you're coming from", and the ambiguity of that expression (which I've translated rather freely because a more verbally accurate translation would mask the ambiguity that's in the Korean as well, although in a grammaically different way). "So you won't betray me to Se Mi, will you?" asks Evil Mom, closing the call. "No" says Soo Ji, but with a tone and facial expression that suggests she may feel no more bound by that undertaking than she felt obliged to keep the promise to Seo Won which she described as tantamount to "going along with his crimes".

Hyeok Min has arrived at Seo Won's apartment. With ominous calm he says he wants a straight answer to a simple question: what did he talk to his mother about the previous evening? "What do you think I talked about? About Se Mi's true identity, of course," Seo Won replies in an 'ask-a-silly question' sort of tone. So what was his mother's reaction? Hyeok Min demands to know.  "Oh just that she told me to deal with Se Mi and I said don't worry, I would," Seo Won replies in an off-hand tone that's vastly at odds with Hyeok Min's barely contained fury. Hyeok Min demands to know how long Seo Won has known the truth, and he says not much longer than Hyeok Min himself has, but he kept quiet about it because he knew how infatuated Hyeok Min is with Jennifer and was afraid he might shoot the messenger in his initial rage. And what does Seo Won propose they should do about it, Hyeok Min asks. Isn't that obvious? Seo Won replies. They killed Se Mi twice over already, or thought they did. And they killed her father and her mother. They at least stayed dead, but Se Mi didn't, so it's plain the next step his to kill her again, for good this time. They slipped up in various ways previously, but this time round, with all his experience as a prosecutor to draw on, there'll be no incriminating evidence to haunt them. We see that in her vengeance HQ, Jennifer is listening to a live transmission of all  this and recording it to add to her evidence stockpile. But Hyeok leans across and grabs Seo Won menacingly. "You say you're planning to kill my wife?" "But she's isn't really your wife," Seo Won replies as if explaining something to a slow-witted infant. "She's Cheon Se Mi." But that cuts no ice with Hyeok Min. "You touch so much as one hair of Choi Seo Hyeon's head (he uses Jennifer's Korean false name) and I'll kill you." Seo Won falls silent at this, and Hyeok Min leaves, though not before warning Seo Won that he's minded to kill him anyway for ruining his sister's life, so he'd better make himself scarce while he still can.

And now we finally get to see why the writer shifted everyone into talking-aloud-to themselves mode in this episode, because without that practice this scene wouldn't work. After Hyeok Min has left, Seo Won tells himself that Hyeok Min is a hopeless case. After all that Se Mi did to him and his family, he still wants to shield her. So there's only one thing for it. As well as killing Se Mi, Seo Won is going to have to kill Hyeok Min as well. And of course, Jennifer hears him make that resolve, and is mightily gratified by it. But plainly a voiceover of his thoughts just wouldn't cut it here. Having saved that recording to her PC, she heads back to the mansion and retrieves the pen recorder from the study, plugs it into her laptop and hears herself the words that so appalled Soo Ji when Evil Mom first spoke them a little while earlier.

Seon Yeong is revealing to her sister-in-law that Soo Ji has revealed Se Mi's identity to Hyeok Min. Nam Hee's mother is deeply alarmed at the danger that must have placed her in and says they've got to get her out of there right away. When she thinks of what those brutes did to Eun Seok, they won't hesitate to kill Se Mi.  Seon Yeong explains that that's what she and Nam Joon also think, but Se Mi is refusing to budge, saying her scheme isn't complete yet.

Seon Yeong pays an admiring visit to her nephew in his new office, but their talk rapidly turns to their anxieties about Se Mi's situation. Nam Joon says that the evidence Seo Won's ex-assistant has ready to publish could still be used as a weapon to defend her, but in the face of her determination not to run away, there's little else they can do but stay on hand to help her in any way they can, as and when they can, in so far as she'll let them.

Evil Mom finds Jennifer unpacking her grocery shopping and explaining that since she's pretty sure Hyeok Min will have a ravenous appetite when he does eventually come home, she's bought in a lot of food that she's about to start cooking. But Evil Mom is alarmed at that thought and says that from now on, she wants Jennifer to stay out of the kitchen: she'll see to all the food buying, preparation and cooking herself from now on, at least until the baby's born. Jennifer should just take things easy from now on. [sadly, we are offered two consecutive voice-overs with Jennifer asking "Are you scared I'm trying to poison you?" and Evil Mom thinking "I'm not going to eat anything you've handled in case it's poisoned".  Well yes, I think we might just have got that without the extra help.]

Jennifer is just about to obediently go and start "resting" when she hears the house door open, and Hyeok Min comes in. He stares at her in disbelief, while she looks away with that Meditating Teddy Bear look we saw the previous evening. "You're still here?!" Hyeok Min manages to gasp. At which she slowly turns her head and gaze towards him with a "You bet I am, buster. Wottcha plan doin' about it?" sort of look.

Looks like an exciting Friday and a humdinger of a closing week lie ahead.

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@Baduy:  I exceeded my 20 minutes.  It was more like 2 hours cooking and eating dinner.  The break didn't really help.

I think it was so convoluted that my brain push out everything that I had already read because I couldn't remember any part of the 'web' that I had already spun in my brain.  So, I had to start reading your entire post, from the beginning.   I wonder what will happen when I go to sleep tonight.  Perhaps, there will be a miracle where I wake up and has completely made sense of who know, who doesn't  . . . and who cares! 8-|

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Once again, today's episode (114) carries on the cliffhanger sequence from the previous day.

Staggered to find Jennifer still in the house and giving no signs of planning to leave, Hyeok Min again orders her to get out while she she still can, but she faces him down and says that if he can't stand to see her in the house, then he's the one who'll have to go, adding that she'll die rather than leave before she's given birth to her baby in this house. This rather invites Hyeok Min's response that in that case she really will die, because he'll kill her.

But she reacts with a patronizing smile, though that provokes him to new heights of anger as he demands to know what there is to smile about, and warns her that he won't be answerable for what he may do if she doesn't leave right away. We realize that she knows that her supposed pregnancy is her trump card which will stop Hyeok Min, at least, from harming her, no matter how ferociously he may bluster, and she rubs his vulnerability in by sarcastically pretending to be touched that he's so worried about her safety but repeating that she's absolutely no intention of leaving. "I already died seven years ago, and I came into this house as a dead person".

But why did she do that, he demands to know. (He's not asking why she wants vengeance, he admits he can see that well enough: what he can't understand is why she chose to enter the lions' den by marrying into the family, which is basically the same question that perplexed Nam Joon.) She replies that she did it so she could gather uncontestible concrete evidence of all his family's crimes by spying on them from the inside. "And you even went to the lengths of conceiving my child, just to do that?" he asks in disbelief. "It's been the one goal of my whole life" she replies. He struggles to take that in, then asks what is it she expects to happen now. Does she expect him to go down on his knees to her? To hand over what's left of the company to her? Just what does she want?

She wants three things, she replies. First, she indeed does want to see him down on his knees, begging her forgiveness. But after that, she wants him to make a full public confession of all his crimes and to reveal to the world all the wrongdoing his family has committed. And finally, she says he must stand trial for those crimes and accept the full force of legal punishment for them. "So," he says, "you want my life to be over now?" "It should have been over seven years ago," she retorts.

Again, he pauses to take that in, but he's still finding it hard to believe how far Se Mi was prepared to go. "Fine, you wanted vengeance. But there are hundreds of ways you could have done that. Why did you marry me, come into this house as my wife, and even conceive my child? Why that?" She looks at him quizzically, sensing that behind this question is the ghost of the notion she herself had tried to foist on Soo Ji, namely that she just might have done all that because she found the man she initially hated so irresistibly attractive. "What do you expect me to answer?" she replies with bitter scorn in her voice. "Are you hoping I'll say I did it out of love?" His reaction shows what a raw nerve she's hit with that one as he goes into full spoiled brat ranting mode, yelling how much she meant to him, what he went through to be able to marry her, how happy he was with her, how he'd been looking forward to a long life together with her. But now he knows she's Se Mi, he points out, her chances of completing her vengeance plans are all over. What, she's waiting for him to go down on his knees and beg her forgiveness? In that case she can wait as long as she likes: it's never ever going to happen.

Hyeok Min has gone to talk to his mother, though he doesn't get much chance to do any actual talking, because she's intent to seize on this situation (pretending to know no more than that the couple have had a serious fight of some sort) to get him to agree to throw Jennifer out. But she gets so carried away when her son seems so reluctant to follow her advice that she reveals she knows Jennifer's true identity, though she pretends that it was Hyeok Min himself who gave that secret away to her.

But once she realizes that particular game of hers is up, she is all the more insistent that it's obvious that Jennifer has to be not only thrown out, but silenced altogether, and she's astounded and furious when Hyeok Min says Jennifer has to remain unharmed in the house while they think of what to do next. "She's pregnant with my child" he reminds her, and dismisses his mother's claim that that's all the more reason to dispose of her and her baby, because that child may grow up to wanting to kill him and their whole family. Fortunately, she adds, Seo Won has undertaken to deal with Jennifer. And once he's done that, they will see to dealing with Seo Won, too. But Hyeok Min says she must on no account make any moves against Jennifer if she really loves her son. He'll find some way of dealing with this himself, he insists, and urges his mother not to make any moves against Jennifer on her own initiative.

It's been a good two days since Seong Min walked out on Jennifer, angry at her refusal to answer his questions about Eun Seok, saying he was going to ask his brother-in-law directly. He obviously got seriously distracted en route because he's only now showing up at Je Hoon's office in the company to ask is it really true that he is Eun Seok's father. Je Joon, once he knows that it was Ji Min herself who told her brother about it, admits that it's true. Seong Min has to swallow another disillusionment about someone he's previously looked up to. So, he asks, did Je Joon have a long-standing relationship with Nam Hee's auntie?  Of course, not, Je Joon assures him, Seon Yeong isn't the boy's birth mother. Is this something Je Joon has been keeping secret from his family for all these years? Seong Min wants to know next. Je Joon replies that he only learned very recently that Eun Soek was his son. He's always regarded Ye Jin as his one and only child (Seong Min isn't of course in on the secret of Ye Jin's paternity, so Je Joon doesn't allude to it) and nothing's going to change about that, or in his loyalty to Ji Min, so Seong Min need have no worries on that score. But Seong Min has a further question: who was Eun Seok's birth mother, then? But Je Joon says he's sorry, but he's not at liberty to tell him that.
Hyeok Min has gone into the soundproof zone (though, nitwit that he is, he's left the door wide open) to make a call to ex-detective Seo. Plainly, Hyeok Min doesn't trust his mother, so he warns Seo that Seo Won is likely to attempt to harm Jennifer, and so he asks him to make sure he doesn't succeed.

Je Joon goes to Nam Joon's office and admits that he's know all along that Jennifer was Se Mi, but he had respected her wish not to make herself known to him and had kept her secret from the family. But now he senses that matters are coming to a head, and he feels he has to know the full story of what happened to Se Mi seven years ago so he can decide what he personally should do. Nam Joon hands him the the recording of the confession Jennifer tricked out of Kim Baek Choon. Je Joon replays the recording in his office and is distraught.

Evil Mom is recalling the stages by which Jennifer tricked her way into the family and steered them towards their present plight. She resolves that no matter what Seok Min wants, she is going see that Jennifer is punished as she deserves. She's interrupted by Ji Min who is still pitying herself for the way her husband deceived her. "Don't forget how you tricked him into marriage in the first place" her mother tartly reminds her, but Ji Min protests she only did that because she loved him so much. "Anyhow," her mother says brutally, "it's all over between you two." She tells Ji Min about the unmasking of Se Mi, and adds that this shows that Seo Won was right about one thing. As he suspected, Je Joon has been out for vengeance from the very start, and since it's inconceivable he wouldn't have recognized Se Mi, it's plain that Je Joon's professed love for his wife and daughter were no more genuine than Jennifer's claims to love Hyeok Min. Ji Min's marriage has always been a sham, for the same reasons Hyeok Min's and Jennifer's has proved to be. Hearing this, Ji Min collapses.

In a panic, Evil Mom is just telling Seong Mi to go get help when Je Joon comes in, obviously having decided to return home after recovering from his shock at the recording. He tries to comfort Ji Min, but she pushes him away.

Nam Joon has invited Seo Won's ex-assistant and Jennifer's US helper round for a  meal at the bakery house to celebrate the demise of the old Taekang. Je Hoon asks the ex-assistant when he's going to deliver the final blow against Seo Won and he says he's not sure. The final decision about the timing is down to Jennifer, so he's waiting to hear from her. At that moment, Jennifer calls and assures Nam Joon that she's still alright. She's planning to go see Seo Won the following day to make sure he realizes that she still has to power to ruin him simply by giving his ex-assistant the word to go public. Nam Joon tells her that he's eating with the the ex-assistant and her other helper right that moment, and Jennifer says she hopes all four of them will be able to meet up to celebrate their successes. Nam Joon urges her not to forget that the three of them are willing to back her all the way however and whenever they can.

Jennifer has just finished that call when she's grimly amused to see she has an incoming call from Seo Wo before she's had chance to ring him. They agree to meet the next day. We see that Seo Won is ringing from the parking garage of his apartment block, where he's about to hand over a briefcase full of cash to a hitman via a black-suited intermediary. The intermediary tells the hitman that as soon as he's "done the job" tomorrow, he must leave immediately for the Philippines. [i'd love to know what this writer has against the Perlas ng Silanganan. I don't think it's just because he likes (or hates) the shirts]

It's breakfast next day at the mansion, and there's a new poison-preventing ajumma to serve up the food in Jennifer's stead.  [it also appears that all that anguished gazing at Ye Jin's photo has reminded Je Joon that she's been stashed in that closet for a couple of weeks, and they've let her out for a bit, though it looks like during her absence she's forgotten how to sit down on a chair, a manoeuvre which is clearly causing her mechanical difficulties like her grandma's drawer-closing problems. But it's Seong Min who brings her downstairs. Her mother doesn't feel like getting up and her father has left for work without eating.] Jennifer comes in to say she's skipping breakfast too to go into work early (though we know she's actually going to meet Seo Won)

Whilst Jennifer's omniscient 24-four-hour-vigilant super-helper is letting himself be overpowered with childish ease, she is warning Seo Won that he was cutting it a bit fine by giving her identity away and reminding him that she still has it in her power to ruin him. He asks won't she give him one more chance. So what is he offering in return for that chance? she wants to know. "I'll get Kang Hyeok Min out of the way for you" he says. "So you're offering to kill my husband?" she asks. Isn't that exactly what she needs doing? he inquires.

Hyeok Min gets a call from ex-detective Seo, who is also staking out the parking garage at Seo Won's apartment, warning him that Jennifer has arrived there and it looks like someone is laying a trap for her. Hyeok Min leaps to his feet to get over there.

Seo Won is expressing his puzzlement that Jennifer doesn't seem interested in his offer to dispose of Hyeok Min, seeing what a threat to her he represents now he knows her identity. Does she realize, he asks, that he himself had been told to kill her that very same day?... So, now he's told her that that, can he still expect that compromising material about him to be uploaded soon? he asks. Maybe, she says. But maybe there'll be no need, because Hyeok Min may kill him first, she says with a smile. As she's leaving he warns her he's not finished yet, and that seems to put her on her guard. As she's on her way towards the trap he's set for her, he sarcastically apologizes for having to kill her twice over in the same life. But then he puzzles over her saying Hyeok Min was likely to kill him very soon. In that case, he says, we'll see who kills whom first.

Time for the usual Kdrama silly chase sequence. I wonder why these chases in Kdramas of all levels are always so utterly ridiculous. The person being chased always gains or keeps an implausible lead, but then throws it away by heading up a blind alley or, in this case, dashing up several flights of stairs to a dead-end rooftop (just as well that for the first time in the show, Jennifer isn't wearing killer heels while out of doors). Still, nothing that a squirt of the trusty pepper spray (with second-line backup from Seo's anti-thugs, of course) can't handle.

In the meantime, Hyeok Min has arrived to tough up Seo Won, who pretends that he thought Hyeok Min would have wanted Jennifer done away with, and apologizes for his "mistake", while his mother has gone to see Soo Ji's mother intent on inflicting some verbal rough stuff, but failing miserably. She accuses Soo Ji's mother of having been in league with Se Mi all along. After all, it was she who introduced Jennifer and vouched for her US background, fostering the tie-up with the Mason Group whose subsequent collapse tipped Taekang into ruin. Soo Ji's mother scoffs at that suggestion. Has Evil Mom forgotten that it was the arrival of Jennifer on the scene that caused her daughter so much torment, and indeed led to her miscarriage? But Evil Mom says that was all just a put-up job. Se Mi must have told Soo Ji and her mother all about what happened that night at the vacation villa right from the start, and mother and daughter had agreed to help her achieve her vengeance plans, probably because Soo Ji's mother was envious of the superior wealth and prestige.of the Taekang President's wife. Soo Ji's mother finds that idea so preposterous that she can't even be bothered to feel outraged at the accusation.

Seo Won is pretending to call off the hitman (though he's actually deliberately dialled an unobtainable number) and assures Hyoek Min that there's nothing to worry about now. There'd better not be, or you're dead, he warns him, and attempts to phone ex-detective Seo to check that Seo Won wasn't bluffing. But before he gets through, Seo Won has smashed him over the head with a bottle and followed up with a few vicious kicks, before going over to select a suitable golf club to complete his handiwork.

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=)) =)) :)) 8-|  That was the cheesiest kicking and smashing a wine bottle on the head scene!  The director and editor of this drama must be summer interns.  I don't even know if the bottle hit HM's head.  Although the wine label did fly off when the bottle supposedly hit the head. 

I think everyone in this production is quite tired and just wants this drama to end . . . so they can all go home.  :))

Thank you so much for the recap, Baduy.  This wouldn't be fun without you! =D>

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Guest d0137

@Baduyhummm yes a lot to take in in one go but got the points...also thank you for the info and link regarding the Bridge and needn't to say for the fab recap

Things are moving and Jennifer is all prepared for it even if she dies... and as Auntie Mame says hope they don't rush the end and make it silly non sense one like some of the scenes..
Soo Ji seams to have got a clear picture of the real character of the family she almost married into but keeps interfering...and IDIOT Jee Joon, i still don't have much faith in his character even tough he knows now what really had happened to Se Mi and family thanks to the people he calls family...sounds like he went home as always and aided his so called wife as if nothing was in his mind and still tried to comfort her?? he really turn into a Kang, no matter how i just can't get over how a man can be like that????...really don't get how they did his character to be so annoyingly SILLY and USELESS AFTER ALL he found out ... that compose image he puts up is the most irritating ever...
He will be going again to Nam Joom a probably try to play the saviour of his family...hope if he does Nam Joon tells him few words he needs to hear ...even with all this i think he will still act indifferent....I WANT TO PUCH HIM HARD EVERY TIME I SEE HIS EMOTIONLESS FACE in previews.
From the way they are shifting the fake's daughter care to Seong Mi discretely because he found about Eun Seok's i guess soon he will be taking her to Nam Joon family house out of the blue to play wit Eun Seok  because she is left home alone in the cupboard or something... ALIEN ABDUCTION FOR HER PLEASE!!  Ji Mi, as always acting like a real spoiled brat that she actually is "still pittiyng herself" after all she has orchetered to get her current husband and now thinks she can faint with the news lol! She is really selfish and self centred, never mind the others pain but she can't be lied to, cheated or forced to nothing ...Please writer have her killed, if she ends up happy with Je Joon it will be rather disappointing whatever morals or such are concerned...
From the preview looks like H Min apparently barely escapes death..Hope Jennifer's assistant only fainted ...poor guy.
The preview for monday shows that Jennifer stands up to Evil mum, can't wait to watch that one episode after skipping the last 20 +
Thanks Baduy to keep us posted on the happenings, with them i don't really need to  watch so if the end is a bad one i save myself from more frustration

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