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[Drama 2013] Thorn Flower / Spine Flower 가시꽃


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JTBC are very funny about soundtracks. Some dramas on that channel never have an OST release at all, even when they have original musical material.. For ones that have licensed ther music from existing tracks (such as Wife's Credentials) that's understandable, because the tracks are already available elsewhere. And when they have licensed an already-released  track from a recording company, they list it in the closing credits. But when the music has been commissioned by JTBC, they often don't give any credits for the artist or composer either in the closing credits or on their website.

In Beloved, for example, there was one song in particular which drove people crazy because everybody wanted it, but no-one could identify it. Countless people asked about it on JTBC's own discussion pages for the drama, but never got any response.

You can see what desperate lengths I was driven to (involving some rather complicated musical score notation software and a toy-sized midi keyboard) here

And no, the original isn't in C major, but it's the easiest key to notate in,,,   But heck, just looking at that posting has got the thing going round and round in my head again.

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How annoying. If I actually could write Korean I would just complain to them all the time until they do something about it! What is this? When companies have long melodramas and they're lot of soundtracks, they only release soundtracks that have voices in 'em with a famous Korean singer, but when it's a melody, a really good one, they don't give a rat. This is so annoying, it's not my first time countering this either. A melodrama is not a melodrama without a beautiful melody playing in the background and to not give credit to the wonderful people who make it? I can just imagine how it would feel if I were one of those composers that were making a beautiful melody and to not earn money or some credit. I am also a bit offended as audience to not experience this to the full extent, you know. Beautiful melodrama-melodies are really my favorite. 

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Today's episode (62) was pretty straightforward until the last few moments, when it got very strange indeed, although in a way already anticipated by an aspect of  yesterday's teaser which I mentioned in an earlier post. But I'll come back to that later.
It soon becomes apparent that The President hasn't told Hyeok Min about Jennifer's identity. He presumably told his son what we hear him telling his wife in the second sequence: that the housekeeper, far from being on leave of absence to cope with a problem in her own family, has been dismissed, because she had been working on behalf of Nam Joon as part of his vengeance plot.

So Hyeok's anger when he comes into Jennifer's room isn't directed towards her (as the end of the previous episode tried to get us to think), but towards Nam Joon, and when he hears that it's Nam Joon who has called Jennifer, he assumes that he is still hoping to steal Jennifer away from him as the woman he loves, a repeat performance of his interrupting the wedding ceremony. He says he will go out and settle Nam Joon's hash once and for all, but Jennifer persuades him not to, and taking back her phone, with Seo Yeong on the line in the meantime, puts on an act of rebuking her for not restraining her nephew and says that of course she won't be leaving the house. Apart from anything else, she explains, she has a hard night ahead preparing Hyeok Min's birthday meal the next day. She asks Seo Yeong to go away and tell her nephew not come back bothering her again.

Seo Yeong knows full well that Jennifer is speaking under constraint, but she manages to persuade Nam Joon that, whatever Jennifer's real predicament may be, she is signalling that she doesn't want them to try to come in and rescue her by force right away, and so doesn't think herself in any immediate danger. Seo Yeong thinks the housekeeper may not have revealed everything after all, in which case they'd only be getting in Jennifer's way by trying to rescue her when no rescue was needed. Reluctantly, Nam Joon agrees that they should leave.

As indicated in the preview, Nam Joon explains to his mother and granny that Jennifer married Hyeok Min as part of a plan to take vengeance on his family and associates, and hence hasn't really deserted him or them. On the contrary, her assures them, after losing all her family thanks to the villainy of the Kang clan and their cronies, she really valued the new family she found in them and deeply regrets that she had to alienate his mother and granny and disappoint Nam Hee. He doesn't however, actually tell them that Jennifer is the Se Mi whose fate was a headline story all those years ago, though they presumably guess that, and he of course also stays silent about the fact that, unbeknown to her, Eun Seok is Se Mi's son. Granny and mother reproach themselves for misjudging Jennifer and assure Nam Joon that she is welcome to come back to them an any time.

Next day, Seo Won shows up univited at the mansion for Hyeok Min's birthday celebration, and brazenly ingnores the cold shouldering he gets on all sides, with Ji Min in particular making him anything but welcome. They go into the dining room, where Jennifer is said to have spent most of the night preparing the birthday breakfast. ("Soo Ji is able to present you with a baby", she remarked to him in her best slyly saccharine manner the previous evening, "so for my part I'll present you with a meal I've put my whole heart into preparing"). But it's not the seaweed soup and japchae she'd been told to prepare following Soo Ji's coaching, but a lavish gourmet spread of Western upmarket cuisine (although it's dished up like an array of Korean-style side dishes, and any Westerner with a normal digestive system and appetite would retch at the thought of eating that lot  and washing it down with red wine first thing in the morning.) 

Evil Mom and Ji Min are outraged at this blatant failure to fuilfil the senior daughter-in-law's job in proper Korean fashion, but Hyeok Min claims to be delighted at the trouble his wife has gone to on his behalf, and the other menfolk are prepared to give this new culinary experience a try. But Ji Min not only refuses to eat, she does her tripping up trick yet again, and the younger family members are close to coming to blows. The party is well and truly pooped.

Seong Min and Nam Hee find Yang Hee waiting outside the bakery.  Nam Hee's clearly wondering who this woman can be who bestows a doting gaze not unlike her own on Seong Min, but he asks her to go on ahead into the house, promising to explain who his visitor is some other time. Mother and son go sit on a park bench. We get a sense that Yang Hee may have decided to give in to Hyeok Min's threats and disappear from her son's life again, content to know that they have met and shown their fondness for each other and not wanting to draw Seong Min into a conflict of loyalties that could only make him suffer, so this may well be her farewell visit.  Seong Min has no inkling of that, but Yang Hee is visibly consoled when he tells her that he is resolved to do the right thing by his birth mother and by the mother who raised him. He's enormously grateful to them both and won't do anything to hurt either of them.

Evil Mom takes the birthday meal disaster as a pretext to try to persuade Jennifer that she will never be fit to be Hyeok Min's wife (and ignores Jennifer's cheerful response that she plans to solve that problem by taking Korean cooking lessons), and that if she really cares for Hyeok Min she should leave the family voluntarily to make way for Hyeok Min to marry Soo Ji and secure Taekang's future by the business alliance with Jinkung. As well as putting this to Jennifer, she makes her position clear to Soo Ji and assures her that she'll very soon have Jennifer out of the house and away from Hyoek Min.

In between those two scenes, we witness, again as the preview foretold, Seo Won asking Ji Min to leave her husband and go live with him in the States. He hints that his father's current supposed brief stay there is in fact likely to turn into a permanent move abroad, and that Seo Won envisages himself never coming back to Korea either. We get the impression that Seo Won and his father have inside information that Taekang is a sinking ship and they don't want to be in Korea when if finally goes down, in case their own misdeeds come to light as well and they lose their positions of power. Seo Won warns Ji Min that if she stays behind, she may see her father sent back to jail more permanently this time round. So he suggests they should go to America and start again from scratch. He appears to be referring to his career path as well as their relationship. But she is not tempted. She tells him all her feelings for him are gone and he is of no further concern to her.

After Evil Mom's visit to Soo Ji, we are back at the mansion, with Jennifer is still in a nerve-wracking quandary, unsure of who knows just what about her. She knows Je Joon has always seen through her, and that the previous evening, he was giving her a warning by telling her what his father-in-law had asked him, but now Jennifer also recalls how, after she made her determination to marry Hyeok Min plain, Je Joon told her that he was now himself a member of the family she wanted to marry into, and though he would respect her obvious determination to hide her true identity for now, if she ever made any move to damage the Kang family he would not hesitate to expose her.

In search of some clue as to what his true attitude to her is, and how far he might be willing to protect her if everything blows up, she creeps up to his room and opens up his computer. Finding a folder named with her initials "jsm" and full of encrypted zip file, she manages to work out on the third go that the zip password is her birthday [GROAN] and finds herself watching one of Je Joon's home videos of them frolicking by the ocean, evidence that he has not put her entirely behind him, as he claimed he had done. But she's so absorbed in this discovery and its implications that she doesn't notice the President creeping up on her and seeing what she's watching.

The President, seeing that she thinks the images on the screen are what has given her away, tells her he already knew who she is, "Jeon Se Mi, the daughter of the housekeeper at our vacation house" as her puts it. She realizes there's no point in pretending any further and admits who she is, taking up his turn of phrase and expanding it to identify herself as "the daughter of the housekeeper you and your cronies wickedly murdered".  But when the President hears her say that  something very strange happens.

It's as though the President can't believe what he's just heard when he actually hears Se Mi say it.  As if some invisible assailant has struck him a sudden silent blow. He looks badly taken aback and almost at a loss for words, as though it was she who had just sprung a deadly surprise on him, rather than the other way around. In hushed and halting tones, sounding more like disbelief than anger, he asks her "Are you ... really ... Jeon Se Mi?" "Yes I am," she says, in a near whisper herself, but defiantly all the same. "So what now? Since I've all my wits about me, you've no choice but to try to kill me, have you? One way or another, that's what you'll do." 

The President seems to be shocked, horrified even, that she should think that of him. "No, you're quite wrong," he replies. And then comes that suprising address to her with the familiar vocative particle I commented on re yesterday's preview of this scene. It would go way too far to translate it as "Se Mi, dear", but the connotations, when spoken in the tone of voice the President uses here, are more in that general direction than merely translating it simply as "Se Mi" could convey. [Of course, the standard fansubber "solution" to such a problem by "translating" it as "Se Mi-ya" won't do at all. That's not a translation, it's a cop-out. English just doesn't have a familiar vocative particle, and it's no use wishing or pretending that it does]" He carries on in the same tone of breathless shock. "I could never do anything like that to you." He swallows hard.  "You ..."   But Luke Skywalker isn't in any mood to hear what Darth Vader is trying to confess, [oops! getting my character names mixed up there, though not, I believe, my basic archetypal plot-lines] and even if she did hear it, the notion that it might be true would be more than she could possibly bear.

Before he has chance to get any further with his halting sentence, she screams at him to get out of the way because the very sight of him revolts her. She pushes past him, but he follows her, shouting himself now, but the shouts sound more like desperate pleas than threats "Se Mi!" [again with that familiar vocative] "You've got to listen to me. Don't be afraid!" But then he loses his balance as he tries to hold on to her, slips and falls and has no chance to say whatever it was he was so keen for her to hear...

Episode 63 text preview

After President Kang, trying to grab hold of Jennifer, tumbles downstairs from the second floor and lies unconscious, Jennifer gets away from the scene as fast as she can. The President's wife and Ji Mi find him unconscious and take him to hospital.

Ji Min says she saw Jennifer leaving the house about the time the President collapsed and her mother instructs ex-detective Seo to discreetly find out the truth of what happened.

Nam Joon, concerned about Jennifer, goes to the President's hospital room and tells Jennifer she's safe for as long as the President hasn't woken up. She urges him to leave before anyone else comes along, but at that moment Hyeok Min comes in.

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thanks baduy. Had a feeling that someone would fall and I had guessed it would be the president. So I thought the President raped Jennifer's mother? Why is he trying to act like a concerned person for? He is spineless and cowardly like the rest of the family.

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I think all the really essential things in today's episode (63)  should be clear enough without much knowledge of Korean, but, as ever with this writer, there are a lot of details in the dialogue that make the dramatic experience a lot richer if you know them, so here we go again...
Jennifer calls Seo Yeong and tells her the President is dead after falling downstairs. After hearing that there was nobody else in the house at the time, Seo Yeong tells Jennifer to make a run for it fast. But Jennifer is too shocked to follow her advice immediately and goes to lock herself in her room. But she tells herself she has to get a grip otherwise everything will be over, and she calls her driver, telling him she needs his services right away to go somewhere. Evil Mom and Ji Min arrive just as Jennifer's car is leaving, and Ji Min catches a glimpse of her before going into the house and discovering her father.
Nam Joon calls his Aunt to find out what's happening, but there's no more she can tell him, since Jennifer isn't answering her phone. We see her in a supermarket, anxiously checking her watch, and then taking the call she knows will be comimg. It's Hyeok Min, telling her his father collapsed and fell and is now having surgery. He tells her to go home rather than joining him at the hospital: he'll call her later when there's more news. 

She gets back to the deserted house and sits thinking that she doesn't want the President to die like this, because that would rob her of the kind of vengeance she wants, where he's forced to admit his evil deeds to the world and watch all his family pay the price of their misdeeds before he dies himself.
Soo Ji, on her way to a scheduled meeting between the Taekang and Jinkung principals, catches Hyeok Min just as he was leaving for the hospital, and she's obviously phoned her mother, whom we then see telling Nam Joon that the  meeting has been postponed because President Kang is in hospital in a serious condition. "You mean he isn't dead?" Nam Joon asks her, and realizes from her puzzled reaction that he came close to giving himself, and Jennifer, away by that remark.
Je Joon gets back to the house after fetching Ye Ji from kindergarten, and tells Jennifer in passing that the surgery is completed, and the President seems to be out of danger. She holds him back to ask whether the President is definitely going to come round, but Je Joon replies tersely that they will have to wait and see.
At the hospital, the family are being told the President has suffered a stroke, which may well have been the cause rather than the consequence of his fall, and is likely to remain in a coma for a considerable period. But the signs are that he will eventually come round with no long-term impairment. Hyeok Min follows the doctor out of the room, giving Evil Mom a chance to talk to ex-detective Seo out of her son't earshot. She tells him that, though she saw nothing herself, Ji Min is quite certain that she saw Jennifer being driven away from the house as they themselves arrived, suggesting she was in the house at the time the President collapsed. She asks him to investigate but without letting Hyeok Min know Jennifer is under any suspicion.
Seo leaves them and her mother asks Ji Min is she sure she wasn't imagining things. When her daughter replies that she's quite certain what she saw, her mother rather disbelievingly says that would mean the Jennifer witnessed the President's collapse, but then went away and callously left him. She can't for the life of her think why she'd do that, so Ji Min must surely be wrong. Ji Min counters that she's sure Jennifer did far worse than, and that she deliberately caused the President's collapse before leaving him for dead. Her mother is initially horrified at that idea, but then visibly starts to wonder whether there may not be some truth in it.
Back at the mansion Je Joon goes to his room, opens his laptop and finds the video of Se Mi still running, showing someone input the correct password. Jennifer gets a call from Hyeok Min, suggesting she gets Je Joon to bring her along to join him at the hospital. As they drive along Je Joon tells her the President is lucky to have survived, since he lay unconscious and untreated for a dangerously long period of time considering his condition. He wonders why Jennifer wasn't there and she explains that she had gone to her cookery class. In that case, Je Joon says, he finds one thing very puzzling. Someome had been into his computer and accessed his videos of Se Mi, even though that folder was password protected. And only one other person on earth besides himself would know that password, since it was Se Mi's birthdate. He's letting her know, not only that he's still certain she is Se Mi, but that he's equally certain she was present in the house at the time of the President's collapse. Unlike Ji Min, he doesn't suspect her of actually causing what happened, but he's sure she was at least responsible for abandoning the President instead of getting him the medical help he urgently needed. She pretends not to know what he's getting at, and says that he's  been married to another woman for seven years now, so isn't it time he put thoughts of Jeon Se Mi entirely behind him once and for all? He grimly agrees that she's right about that. What he's now experienced (namely that though this woman in the car with him may indeed by Se Mi, she's behaving in a way that shows she's changed beyond recognition from the woman he once loved) has made him determined, not only to erase all those files from his computer, but to eradicate every trace of Se Mi from his memory.  After that, they drive in in complete silence.
Nam Joon and Seo Yeong are debating what their next move should be. Nam Joon says they simply have to get Jennifer away from that family before the President recovers consciousness and reveals what he knows and what happened. Seo Yeong tries to check him, saying that they haven't yet heard again from Jennifer, and she may not want them to intervene right now. She advises him to trust Jennifer's judgement and wait till they hear from her before taking any further steps.
While Granny and Nam Joon's mother are wondering what the two are discussing so earnestly, Nam Hee announces that she's going out to meet some friends. Granny at once suspects she has a date with Seong Min, but she cheerfully fibs her way out of that. She is indeed meeting Seong Mi, who tells her that the stranger they encountered the previous day outside the bakery was his birth mother, and that the mother who raised him is not his real mother at all, But he says he's equally fond of both mothers, and intends to make sure he's able to make both of them happy and he'll never abandon one of them in favor of the other. Joon Hee responds that she expected nothing less, seeing what a thoroughly good guy he is, and she thanks him for telling her the truth so plainly.
Jennifer and Je Joon join the other family members at the President's bedside, though there's one notable absentee, namely Seong Min. We realize that he's been left in complete ignorance of what's happened to his father, and neither his stepmother nor his step-siblings have even thought of informing him. He will draw his own bitter conclusions about this before long. Je Joon reminds Ji Min that he's had to leave Ye Jin alone in the house, and that they should both go back now. But Ji Min says there's something she wants to ask Jennifer in everyone's presence before they leave. She plainly saw Jennifer leaving the house just as she and her mother arrived, so she was obviously in the house at the time her father collapsed. Is she claiming she didn't notice anything amiss? But Jennifer denies she was in the house at the time, insisting she was at her cookery lesson. Evil Mom says they'd better verify that with the cookery school, but Hyeok Min rebukes his mother for doubting Jennifer's words and asks his sister is she actually accusing Jennifer of being responsible for what happened to their father. She replies that she saw what she saw, and even if nobody believes her now, everything will be revealed when her father regains consciousness.
Left alone to start the round-the-clock caregiving duties that are also part of the senior daughter-in-law's lot, Jennifer tells the Chairman (no doubt hoping he can hear her despite his helpless state, as she once heard what was going on around her while in her own coma) that his life is in her hands right now and that if she were so minded, she could make sure he'd never wake up again. But instead, she's going to give him the best of care, because she wants him to recover so he can witness the painful downfall of all his family and helpers before being destroyed himself.
Anxious that her favorite son may be wasting away in the absence of either a wife or a housekeeper to cook for him, Evil Mom has taken Hyeok Min to eat in the private dining room of a restaurant. She lets slip that she won't be eating much herself, because she had a large meal earlier on with Soo Ji, but refuses to say what she met Soo Ji for, so Hyeok Min changes the subject and says he proposes to send his parents off on a cruise as soon as his father is back on her feet. She's had such a hard time, with his father's misfortune coming on top of all the upset Jin Yang Hee has caused her. He hints that he has taken steps to ensure his mother need have no further worries about Yang Hee showing up again.
Jennifer is still talking to the President, reminiscing bitterly about her childhood memories of the way the President's family repeatedly patronized and humiliated her and her family, rubbing in their dependence on their employers' favor. She's alarmed when Nam Joon comes in and she urges him to leave again right away, because Hyeok Min will be back any moment. He says it's time she made her escape while she still can, but she insists that she's safe unit the President comes round, because she's sure now nobody else knows her secret (she seems to take Je Joon's words about erasing her totally from his mind and heart to mean he won't betray her). Maybe, he says, but what about if and when the President does come round? She has no answer to that, except to say that if she'd been scared of such eventualities, she wouldn't have set off down this path in the first place.
At this point Hyoek Min comes in, and Jennifer swiftly pretends that she's furious with Nam Joon for ignoring the orders she gave him to stay out her life and stop harrassing her, accompanying the rebuke with a slap across the face that seems to convince Hyeok Min that that was indeed what Nam Joon's visit was about. As Nam Joon leaves, Hyeok Min warns him that if he ever shows up in front of Jennifer again, he'll kill him.
Evil Mom has retired to bed after her harrowing day, but Seong Min is determined to talk to her before the night's out, because he has two questions he says he needs her to answer. "Don't I belong to this family?" and "Aren't I your son?" He's asking because nobody so much as though to tell him what had happened to his father, till he just found out on returning home. The apology he gets sounds more likely to confirm his disappointment rather than console  him. "I'm so sorry" she says. "I was so shocked, I wasn't thinking straight". He says nothing, but he shows by his expression that her reaction has confirmed his point. She tries to smooth things out by saying that he shouldn't think anything of the kind. "No matter what anyone else may say, you're my son."  
We cut to the Blue Moon, where his Seong Min's real mother is telling Nam Joon and Seo Yeong of the threat Hyeok Min made to her that if she didn't want the person she most loved to get badly hurt, she had to disappear from the scene. Nam Joon urges her not to yield to those threats, asking how she can possibly let her son live among with such appalling people. And Seo Yeong adds that she shouldn't take that threat so seriously: evil as Hyeok Min may be, Seong Min is still his younger sibling, and he wouldn't do anying to seriously harm him. But Nam Joon disagrees. Hyeok Min spares no-one when his own interests are at stake, and he's capable of doing anything to Seong Min to spite Yang Hee. So, Nam Joon says, what Yang Hee has to do is get Seong Min out of that house as soon as possible and run off with him somewhere far away where they can live together in hiding. But Yang Hee doesn't want to thwart her son's wish to do the right thing by both his mothers, and she's also sensed that he's now met someone he wouldn't want to leave behind.
Evil Mom gets another late-night visit, from Ji Min this time who tucks her in and promises she'll talk Seong Min round. Back in their room, she notices a button on the floor, recognises it, and goes to rummage through Jennifer's clothes till she finds the cardigan from which the button was torn during the struggle with the President. "Now you're really done for!" she says, meaning, of course, Jennifer.  Hyeok Min and Jennifer are at the President's bedside when Hyeok Min takes Ji Min's call, telling him she has clear evidence that it was Jennifer who was responsible for their father's collapse.

Jennifer looks greatly alarmed, but then she hasn't seen tomorrow's preview, which now follows...
Episode 64 text preview.
Ji Min produces the button from Jennifer's cardigan and says it proves she caused the President to fall downstairs. but Hyeok Min takes no notice.
While Jennifer alone is present, Jin Yang Hee visits the President in his hospital room and says that their ill-starred relationship is finally at an end. Ex-detective Seo observes this and reports it to the President's wife.
Finding out that Jennifer and Je Joon have been seen in tears together,
[EDIT: Thus the preview. But what actually happens in the episode is that Seo observes Jennifer in tears after emerging from Je Joon's Office, whereupon Ji Min fantasizes a vision of them in a tearful embrace, very different, externally at least, from what we saw actually happen, and it's that fantasy which sends her crazy] Ji Min cannot restrain her rage. She finds a suspicious bag in Je Joon's study, with Je Joon's momentoes of Se Mi inside it.

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In conjunction with the preview from yesterday that I translated, the main lines of today's episode (64) should be pretty plain sailing, even without much Korean. But as ever, there are quite a lot of details that is likely to be lost on anyone who doesn't understand the original language.
As predicted in the preview, Hyoek Min refuses to believe Ji Min about finding Jennifer's button, implying that she made this evidence up as part of her irrational hatred of his wife. But back home. Ji Min has more success with her mother, advancing the theory that not only was Jennifer present when the President fell, but that she most likely deliberately pushed him downstairs. Initially shocked at the idea, her mother reflects that this accusation should be enough to have Jennifer thrown out of the house, if nothing else, so it suits her to back it up.  But Ji Min points out that, as long as her father remains unconscious, Hyeok Min is head of the family, and he won't hear a bad word spoken of Jennifer. Added to which, as her mother adds, Ji Min's recent hysterical outbursts undermine her credibility as a witness against Jennifer, and not only in Hyeok Min's eyes.

Ji Min discovers how true that is when she tries to persuade her husband of Jennifer's guilt. We know that he's aware Jennifer was present when the President fell, but while keeping his knowledge of that fact secret from his wife, he tells her that the notion that Jennifer deliberately pushed the President downstairs is absurd and insists she has no grounds for slandering Jennifer like that. Ji Min retorts that he too has obviously fallen for Jennifer's wiles just as her brother has, but she insists that she sees right through Jennifer, and she's determined to bring out the truth, even if she has to do that all alone.
Jennifer finds Hyeok Min asleep in his chair at his father's bedside and persuades him to go home and get some sleep. After he leaves, she addresses the President again "So... it's just the two of us alone here again".
Recalling what Jennifer said to him the previous day in the car, Je Joon decides to delete all the files in his "Se Mi" folder. Then he turns to the cookie tin that once served as their drop box. He has obviously retrieved it from its old spot hidden under a rock in the park (where Jennifer still found it after her return to Korea and saw that, even after her supposed death, Je Min had kept his promise to buy her a pearl necklace as soon as ever he could afford it, and had placed it in the box alongside the other things). Hoewever, he can't yet bring himself to destroy its contents and he puts them back in the bag he presumably used to fetch them from the park. He'll be sorry...
That seme evening in the hospital, Jennifer and the comatose President are no longer alone: they've been joined, doubtless at Jennifer's invitation, by Yang Hee, who tells the President that this is the last time they will ever meet. Now she has met her son and seen that he is living well, she has no further interest in the President or his family.
Ex detective Seo reports Yang Hee's presence at the hospital to Evil Mom, who is duly outraged. While she's fuming at this news, Seong Min is telling Hyeok Min what he told his stepmother the previous evening, that he feels seriously hurt that no-one thought to tell him what had happened to his father, neither when he was first found, nor later when he was undergoing emergency surgery. Like his mother, Hyoek Min has only meaningless assurances to offer, because he can't deny that nobody thought about informing Seong Min at all when the crisis was at its height. He says Seong Min is just overwrought through the worry and strain, and says that they both need a good night's sleep, after which they can go together to see their father.

But Seong Min says no, he's going to the hospital right now, on his own. That horrifies his step-mother, who explains that Yang Hee is there, doubtless thanks to Jennifer's machinations. She tries to get Seong Hee to call off his visiting plans by implying that would be tantamount to opting for his birth mother and discarding her, but he refuses to be manipulated and insists on going straight to the hospital regardless.
Hyeok Min tries to calm his mother down, saying they have to admit that Seong Min slipped their minds and he's understandably hurt at that proof that, for all their protestations, they don't really regard him as one of the family. And if it's true that Jennifer summoned Yang Hee to the hospital, she must have had a good reason for doing so, and he'll find out fron her what it was in due course. But he repeats his assurance to his mother that he will get Yang Hee out of the way. If he didn't make himself clear enough to her last time, he'll tell her again.
Yang Hee is about to leave the hospital room when Seong Min gets there. He tells her that this is the first time he's gotten to see his father since his collapse, and he also tells her how upset he still is that nobody bothered to tell him what had happened. Yang Hee apologetically says that was because of her, but she won't come between him and the family that raised him any longer because she's determined never to see the President again, if only for Seong Min's sake. If concern for his happiness is indeed her reason, Seong Min responds, then she mustn't go into hiding. He wants them to be able to meet whenever they wish. Will she make sure that remains possible? She agrees that she will. Jennifer follows Yang Hee out of the room, leaving Seong Min sitting silently alone with his father and shedding a tear.
Nam Joon's mother asks him is she right in her intuition that the reason he is so worried about Jennifer is that he's in love with her. He admits that's true. His mother sympathizes but reminds him that Jennifer is now married and beyond his reach and he must forget about her. He replies that he's trying hard to do that, but he won't be able to succeed until he's managed somehow to get her away from that house and family. He'll never rest as long as she's in that situation. This alarms his mother, who asks how can he possibly plan to get a woman away from the family she's married into. That can only lead to more pain and misery all round. She begs him to accept that destiny plainly does not mean Jennifer and him to be together "in this world" a phrase commonly heard in Kdramas which is not to be understood in a Christian sense of holding out hope of an eventual meeting in the afterlife, but rather in the (vaguely) Buddhist meaning of meeting in a further cycle of earthly existence in which destiny would allow their next reincarnations to love each other without the obstacles that separate them in their current existence. His mother then shares her anxieties with granny, and an extensive exchange of aigoo's follows.
It's next morning at the hospital, and Jennifer has fallen asleep on the sofa. She wakes to find Seong Min, who has obviously been there all night, gently spongeing his father's face before leaving for college. She apologizes for having slept while he performs what should be her duties, but he replies that he welcomed the opportunity for time alone with his father, adding that in the course of the night hours he's been able to tell his father many things he'd long been wanting to talk to him about.
Hyeok Min phones Jennifer and suggests she meets him at the company for lunch. But as she enters the building, Je Joon intercepts her and asks her to come to his office for a moment because there's something very important he wants to say. Ex-detective Seo spots her hesitantly following Je Joom and hangs around just outside his office door. Je Hoon says he knows that all will be revealed when the President regains consciousness, but he can't wait that long to be sure about one thing, so he's going to ask her straight out. He knows she was present when the President collapsed, but he needs to hear her say that she didn't deliberately do anything to harm him. Can she give him that assurance? She does so with an unembroidered "yes" and he says in that case he won't probe any further. He knows very well that she's not the sort of person who would do what Ji Min is accusing her of. She returns his gaze silently and with no visible reaction as he continues that, as he promised he would yesterday, he has erased all the photos and videos of her on his computer,.. But when he goes on to say that he has will soon be destroying the contents of the secret place where he and Se Mi kept the tokens of their love, she has to look away, her eyes moistening, and when he says that absolutely nothing will remain of Se Mi, either in his heart or among his treasured possessions, she has to has to start blinking rapidly. She says she's no more time to spare and hastily leaves. But after going a little way along the corridor, she leans against the wall and silently weeps. Observed, of course, by Seo. Then she pulls herself together and continues on to Hyeok Min's office, where she finds Soo Ji on the point of leaving in disgust, having been given the contemptuous cold shoulder treatment once again, but she asks Jennifer to stop by her office later to discuss a business matter.
Hyeok Min disconcerts Jennifer by asking her about the time of her cookery classes. She says what a pity it is that she had her class just at that time, because had she been home she would have been able to get her father-in-law rushed to hospital the moment he had his stroke and fell downstairs, but... She breaks off, pretending to be horror-struck by a sudden suspicion that Hyeok Min is doubting her story. She couldn't bear it if he suspected her as nearly everyone else does, she says. Because of her love for him, everybody in his family and her own old friends have all turned against her. If he, too lost faith in her, she couldn't cope, she says with a show of despairing distress which takes Hyeok Min in completely. He could never doubt her, he says. They are a couple Heaven-made for each other.
At the hospital, Ji Min and her mother are astonished to be told by Seo on the telephone that Jennifer's alibi indeed checks out. Reliable witnesses all report that she was in her cookery class at the time the President collapsed. so Ji Min must have been mistaken when she thought she saw her being driven away from the house. But though he drew a blank there, Seo has something else to report, namely his observations of  Jennifer spending some time with Je Joons in his office and then being overcome with tears after she left. That gets Ji Min frantically trying to phone her husband, and when she gets no answer, she sets off to track him down, calling Hyeok Min on the way to tell her what she's just discovered, but hanging up on him before he has chance to ask her more.
Jennifer has arrived at Soo Ji's office to discuss the supposed business matter, but it turns out that Soo Ji has called her to give her judgement on the potential market appeal of one particular item, namely a pair of baby booties, apparently the ones we saw her admiring at a babywear store some time ago, while she really was still pregnant. (Alas, in Korean, such items, like all other knitwear foot-coverings, are rather prosaically called 양말 -- "socks" which rather detracts from the visual cuteness.) Soo Ji rapidly drops the pretense that she's wondering about the saleability of such items, saying that when she sees these pretty little "socks" she can't help wondering what sort of a life the baby who will wear them will have. Will it, for instance, have to suffer growing up without a father, because he has abandoned its mother for another woman? Jennifer says nothing and gets up to go, but Soo Ji wants to drive home her point. Is Jennifer maybe upset by thoughts like that? In that case, she should give Soo Ji's baby its father back. "I'm sorry" is all Jennifer can say, and carries on trying to leave. Soo Ji grabs her arm to hold her back, asking does she realize that for Soo Ji, this could be a matter of life and death? She should think twice before deciding that, Jennifer warns her. Maybe her child would be better off without its father. So, Soo Ji, replies, is Jennifer saying that even if it risked driving her to suicide, she still wouldn't relent? "That's right", Jennifer replies. "But why? Soo Ji almost screams. Jennifer gives her answer in her thoughts alone: she has no choice but to stick with those vile creatures to the bitter end. She pulls herself free from Soo Ji's grip and leaves.
Back home, Ji Min is fantasizing about what passed between Je Joon and Jennifer in his office, and the image she conjures up sets her frantically wrecking Je Joon's study room. At first, she doesn't notice that a bag she dislodged from a shelf has shed its contents, but when she pauses for breath she spots the photographs of Se Min that have fallen out. They refresh her memory of what Se Mi actually looked like, and she is convinced that her initial impressions were right. No matter what proofs there may be of Se Mi's death and Jennifer's identity, she tells herself, and no matter what anyone else may say, she is now absolutely certain that Se Mi and Jennifer are one and the same. She has repacked the old cookie tin and carries it downstairs just as Je Joon is coming home with Ye Ji. She sends the child up to her room, but at the moment Ji Min is alone with her husband, Jennifer comes in as well. Ji Min scatters the contents of the cookie tin at her husband's and Jennifer's feet, demanding to know what these things mean.
Episode 65 text preview
 After finding the photographs in Je Joon's bag, Ji Min is now absolutely certain that Jennifer is Se Mi.

Though she can trust no-one, that only makes Jennifer all the more determined not to be ejected from the house, and she quietly carries on as before.
Jennifer tells her mother-in-law, who is annoyed about problems with the family's finances, to sell some Taekang stocks or draw on the funds the President has secretly stashed away abroad, but that just makes her angrier still
Seo Won comes to pay the President a visit in hospital, and cynically says to the unconscious President that he's not sure whether it might not be best if he never woke up. After which, Jennifer and Seo Won go off together, leaving the President unattended.
[Actually, the Korean says 병실을 비우고 (= vacate the ward) but I think the intended meaning is that they leave the patient unguarded].

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@Baduy:  Your tidbits and recaps are always awesome.  But, it is the little 'extras' that you put in that really makes my day. 

Example:  His mother then shares her anxieties with granny, and an extensive exchange of aigoo's follows.  =))

Thank you!

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Guest atomickitty

samara34 said: Thanks Baduy for your amazing recaps, it gives me a little patience since Im still stuck at episode 19.Still waiting for the subs...

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