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[Drama 2013] Wonderful Mama 원더풀 마마

Guest reijaye

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Guest Littlezaznangel

 Well i think it would of been the first in kdramas if HN aka Min Soo actually tried to stop the 3 kids from knowing the secret but the monk kind of ruined it for him...
well if bh dies tommorrow her will is probably the same which was 50% will be divided to her 3 kids and 50% will go to MS. Unless HN/MS tells the kids not to look for it and gives up that inheritance then yes they will never know about MS. But seeing how curious the 3 kids are now that they sort of know they were adopted i think that they'll look further into who MS is. If somehow HN/MS stops then that other chairman woman would probably drop the bomb... but seems like she has her own problems to resolve. So i think she's to busy to deal with someone else's problem...
btw: Young Chae's wedding dress and hair was soo pretty..

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The episode is kind of hard to write a summary for, but here are my thoughts on the final episode.

The episode starts with the three kids reading a letter they wrote for BH. Though each of them finally realized what is important in life, its like the final nail in the coffin was struck.

YC is pregnant with HN baby and the business is a success.

It was hard watchin the BH moments after the two years. It just looked like the life was sucked out of her and the memories as well. Watching her try to put on that watch was kind of painful.

EO breaking down and still trying to be prideful was kind of amazing. I love how BH just stood there and still took it all in.

JH looked like he finally had a smile. YS and DJ look like a happy couple.

I do agree that YJ and GE couple was kind of shortened. YJ conned GE into giving him a kiss by telling her guys have better luck if they have a girlfriend kiss them before they go to the army.

HN had the hardest role, watching his mother fall apart and not be able to rush to her whereas his wife could.

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Guest mcromance

Booo... My favourite "couple", YJ & GE were ripped off of good ending in my opinion. In the end, I have absolutely no idea, if they are or are not together...
Two other couples are sound and clear for me, but "my couple" is not :((

I hate rushed endings or "we can't wrap everything up" situations, cause almost always it's my favourite pair that suffers from it... Looks like now, after WM, I will need to find a "make me feel better" drama, just great 8-|

Btw. thanks @lj3k99 for recaps - appreciate it a lot :)>-

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Guest mcromance

annmasae said: I totally agree with you.  I had wanted more from YJ/GE story.  Big dissapointment!!!  I thought GE was somehow going to help YJ mature but that didn't happen.  Glad that YC and HN ended up happy though and that secretary Kim got what she deserved.  Also love that DJ finally found happiness with YS.

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I had to take a break from this drama for the last couple of episodes because of all the insane Min-Soo back and forth, is he, isn't he stuff, but I will watch it through when it gets subbed.

In the mean time, I just watched  "Accidental Couple / That Fool" and if anyone wants to watch a feel good, absolutely wonderful drama, watch that one!  The actor, Hwang Jung Min was outstanding and the story was wonderfully done and a great ending too!  I highly  recommend!


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Guest Littlezaznangel

i think this is like the first time ever in kdramas that actually kept a secret a secret.
i wish like everyone else we had more scenes from the secondary couple / supporting characters

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Guest tookie18


said: The episode starts off with the three kids reading their mom's Alzheimer diary...

BH realizes that she does not have that much time anymore. BH says she wanted to see the child between HN and YC before she goes. BS goes what are you saying, BH asks if BS could help her move or disappear. She does not want to be a burden to her children.

The story starts off with BH narrating on how YC called BH mommy and how she took the children in....YC was always sick. She mentions things about the two other boys as well. She also mentions how YJ took the place of minsoo and how she was able to gain a mother's confidence again.

BH kind of strong arms BS into helping her even though he goes are you sure your not going to regret your decision. DJ tells BH that the three kids saw the album and DJ is crying while she is telling BH. BH comes into the room and the kids start crying. They ask her if she is lying, but YS states it does not matter what the album says, you are my mother. What a very awesome family moment, but YS also states why did not you keep the secret til you die. She makes herself look like the bad guy and states she wants to disappear. She asks them not to bother her and let her live her life.

KN and his wife are wondering if YC came home yet. They are just talking about how much would BH reveal and such. HN is outside waiting for YC. HN tells YC that nothing changes and it is all okay. YC tells HN that BH may leave and HN is kind of shocked. I guess both of them wanted to treat BH well.

EO is looking at the picture and it shows a flashback where she is sputtering in front of the ex husband of the secretary. Somehow she is wondering how this has occurred and she comes to the conclusion that is is BH's fault as well. This woman is unbelievable sometimes.

JH is watching the secretary sleep and she tells him she is embarrassed. JH tells her that he does not want the secretary to have everything that she could not have and she tells him she is happy to be by his side. They exchange vows they love each other. EO calls JH and wants him in the office now. JH tells his mom that he knows everything and wants to still live with the secretary. EO tells him that the secretary is not worth having and she is conning you. JH runs out after saying if you can't understand this, I won't live with you.

DJ and YS are chatting about the bomb BH dropped on them. YS is complaining about how BH is leaving and saying that how could his mother leave without giving him a chance to make it up to BH. YS gets mad they don't have anymore dishwashing soap and the scene shifts to BH having another Alzheimer's moment. BH did not remember she had bought up plenty of dish soap when it was on sale. DJ and YS notice the moment and realize something is going on. From the angry scene, BH gives DJ a ring saying she is sorry, but she won't be there for them. She tells DJ that DJ is her daughter-in-law and says to live with YS together very well.

EO and JH are in a restaurant. EO has called the secretary to come over. She tells JH that she will accept her son's marriage, but something has to happen. JH is not in the room, but EO is there. The secretary comes in and tells EO that she is going through hormone treatments to have her husband's child. EO states she does not believe in anything the secretary says. EO states that both of them have to live without any support from EO. The secretary tells EO to reconsider, and EO takes out an envelope. The secretary mentioned how she came to be here and blah blah. EO states the envelope may reflect that climb that you may have had. The envelope contains 1 billion won (about 922,000 USD currently) The secretary changes her face and states she is leaving. EO tells her not to worry about her son. EO goes to the other room and tells JH you saw what woman you had. JH tells EO why do you have to ruin my life, was ruining SJ's life not enough. He states he will still live alone now because he can't live with EO. EO grabs him and states how can you still run to her. JH states all EO knows how to do is divide people with money and is a very hateful person. JH states he knows she loves him and will try to change her mind. JH tells her that he will get work and take care of her. The secretary has a super cold face and tells him to go back. She is afraid of what EO did to BH. The secretary also states like in the preview that she did not love JH, but the CEO JH. He looks like he is going to slap her, but he grabs her purse and takes out the money note and rips it to bits.

HN calls BH and asks to meet her. He also gives YC a massage and that YC is all grown up now.

BH is telling BS to grab a date to leave. BS tells her does she really have to do this. BH goes if you don't help me, I will leave and you won't ever know. HN comes into the apartment and tells them that her heard from YC that they are leaving. HN asks if there is another reason and starts going on about if it is his fault. HN tells them that he is strong and won't mind them being around. BH states you grew up well, but I can't stay even if you want me too. She states she might mess up if she stays.

HN and YC are in bed together. It flashes back to a moment when the three kids got in trouble and the only rule of the house is shown. The rule is always listen to what mom says.

The two kids are so cute. The boy kid states that the girl kid is super cute. YJ mentions something about a rival to GE. GE goes the person she met with had a super bald head.

The three kids want to interview BS and want to know more about him. BS laughs at them and thinks this moment is hilarious. YC states she does not want to let BH go, but because they want her to be happy. BS states that BH must have had such a great life after hearing the love the three kids have for BH. The three kids seem to be planning a wedding. The planning ends with them at a mansion looking Italian restaurant. They are marrying BH and BS together.

The preview shows JH being rushed to a hospital. EO is screaming at the doctors to save her son. BH says she is afraid of forgetting everyone and starts naming her children's names.

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Guest annmasae

@Wdlands TX - thanks for your explanation about MS.  After reading your post, I'm finally able to accept who MS is.

@lj3k99 - thanks for your recaps.  it got me through the week before dramafever posted the episodes on friday.

I'm glad i continued to watch this series despite the whole MS fiasco.  The last 2 episodes were well-done and very touching. Many scenes brought me to tears.  I loved how BH's children finally appreciated what she had done for them.  The actress playing BH did a great job with her forceful personality.  Too bad not many people got to appreciate her acting skills.

I am so glad that EO stayed evil to the end.  I get so upset when the bad people in a series do evil for many episodes and then suddenly change and repent their evil ways.  EO stayed true to herself to the last.  It's too bad she didn't get punished but she ended up being a lonely person because of all her anger and resentment.  Guess being alone and unhappy is her punishment.

thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts for this series.  i've enjoyed all your interesting comments.

I recommend this series to anyone in the future. It was a fun and interesting ride despite some bumps along the way.

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Did someone recognize the actress who plays the young Yoon Bok-Hee (20 years old)?
She isn't listed in the official cast... I think the role was too small. Despite that I would like to know her name..so if someone can help me, I would appreciate that. ;)

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