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Go Seung Ji

Lee Joon 이준 - SBS Radio DJ "Lee Joon's Young Street"

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There is a new video from a Mnet program talking about Lee Joon's relationship. In the video (at 2:15), the host says that Lee Joon was already discharged from the military on 23rd of July. :blink:


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Lee Joon starts 1st episode as DJ of 'Lee Joon's Young Street' following girlfriend Jung So Min


Lee Joon has taken the DJ torch from his girlfriend Jung So Min

On the December 20th premiere episode of his radio show 'Lee Joon's Young Street', the new DJ responded to listeners questions about whether he still ate kimchi fried rice. He expressed, "That was so long ago."

Longtime fans know the former MBLAQ member previously complained about how tired he was of eating kimchi fried rice all the time. He expressed, "[The company] buys us kimchee fried rice every single day. It's like 'Old Boy'. They buy us the same thing to eat everyday." It became a bit of a hot topic as Dispatch later spotted Lee Joon and his manager eating beef fried rice instead of kimchi fried rice.

Lee Joon continued on his new show, "To be honest, the reason I ate kimchi fried rice back in the day is because from then until now, I don't really have much of an appetite. I just ate, so I wouldn't be hungry. I don't think I can taste that much. I don't eat kimchi fried rice lately."

The 'Young Street' radio show was previously hosted by Jung So Min, and following Lee Joon's military discharge, he's taken over as DJ.  


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Joonie's doing really good as dj. It's a great happiness to see him having fun, to listen to his voice everyday, to watch him live 4 times a week and to have new pics of him everyday:wub: He is still as childish as he was before:)







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