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Go Seung Ji

Lee Joon 이준 - Enlisted in Military [October 24, 2017 - July 23, 2019]

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Lee Joon Moves From Active Duty To Public Service Due To Panic Disorder


Lee Joon will finish the remainder of his mandatory service as a public service worker.

On March 30, his agency Prain TPC released an official statement to announce that the actor will be transferred to reservist duty on March 23.

They wrote, “Under the instructions of the Military Manpower Administration, Lee Joon will complete his mandatory military service as a public service worker.

“Lee Joon, who enlisted as an active-duty soldier back in October, consistently received treatment for his panic disorder while carrying out his military duties. However, because his condition was not improving, he went through legal screening procedures in the military and was deemed unfit for active duty.

“Lee Joon is currently waiting for a draft notice from the Military Manpower Administration. We apologize that he’s not able to show his healthy side. He will do his best with his remaining military service.”

It was previously revealed that the actor had panic disorder symptoms during his acting career, but he voluntarily enlisted due to his strong personal will to overcome it.

We wish him good health for the remaining of his service!

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