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Go Seung Ji

Lee Joon 이준 - Enlisted in Military [October 24, 2017 - July 23, 2019]

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So proud of Lee Chang Sun. It's almost the end of the 5 weeks training! We're only a month or so in, but every day feels like an accomplishment. Let's cheer him on until the end. *fighting*


@Go Seung Ji I look forward to your countdown every day. It helps me a lot. 땡큐! :heart:

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Joon with rifle, it's just like a scene from a movie but the cooler thing is it's real not just an acting,.oh my god I'm charmed by this man more and more. Hopefully he'll stay healthy and happy in another less than 20 months there :)

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Always proud of Lee Chang Sun. :heart:



I'm very happy for Manager-nim to reunite with Joon, the person he's missed so much. Manager-nim is right. He looks healthy and with broader shoulders. ㅋㅋ Ah, I love it. Beautiful Joon... what a feeling to see his face again..!! ㅠㅠ 

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he did lose a bit of weight there ㅠㅠ  but he looks even manlier now with his broad shoulder :wub: it's just a month he's in military, imagine for the next 20 months I bet he'll become much bulkier and manlier <3

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Soompi K-Pop

Lee Joon Receives Military Assignment + Commendation For First Place Results


Lee Joon has finished his five weeks of basic military training with high honors!

On November 1, a source from his agency stated, “Lee Joon completed his basic military training as of November 30, and has been assigned to the 8th Battalion.”


Addressing earlier reports, the source continued, “It is true that he has received commendation from his division commander for being first place in results.” Lee Joon completed basic training with 183 other people, and achieved the highest results out of all of them.

Lee Joon will be carrying out the rest of his 21 months of military service, before being discharged on July 23, 2019.

Source (1) (2)



Lee Joon places first among 184 training soldiers during basic military training

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Actor Lee Joon has finished his 5-week basic military training in 1st place, among 184 training soliders!


SEE ALSO: 24K members discuss participating in 'Mix Nine' and chances of the group disbanding


His label Prain TPC stated on December 1, "Lee Joon finished his basic training on November 30. He received an honorary recognition for earning the top scores among 184 new training soldiers." 


Lee Joon, who enlisted back on October 24, will be assigned to the ROK Army's 8th division, where he will carry out the rest of his mandatory duties until his discharge on July 23, 2019. 


Check out a photo of soldier Lee Joon from the 8th division's official website below!



so proud of him

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